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  1. Never mind. Autozone had the correct sized seal...
  2. Has anyone ever done this job and could tell me what supplier of seals they used? I need to replace the seals where the steering column mates with the steering box. I just got the steering box out along with the old seals and the OMIX ADA kit I purchased came with too large of a seal.
  3. X2 on the pool noodles. I sold a sun visor for an XJ and shipped it by using pool noodles on every side and then a few across the top. Then I used three medium size cardboard boxes, two of them for the sides, then cutting the third for the middle section and taping it all together. I do the same thing for my surfboards when flying. I figured it's fiberglass so it should work. It went from Florida to Pennsylvania in one piece.
  4. Could you point me in the direction of what are you going with as far as replacement rockers? I will be attempting to do the same work here in the next few months. I have floor pans that I am going to make work but have yet to find a decent set of rockers.
  5. Thanks Eagle- Just ordered a new dizzy sensor along with a Mopar CKPS. Going to pick up a new cap & rotor and ignition coil as well. I will start swapping the new parts and seeing which of these fixes it. I will update this when/if I fix the truck.
  6. 1988 Jeep Comanche 4.0 AW4: My truck died abruptly in the middle of traffic yesterday morning and then would not fire no matter how much I cranked it over. After work, I went to Autobone and bought a new crankshaft position sensor (Per my research it appears as though I should have went to the dealership instead and bought an OEM sensor which is what I may end up doing.) After installing the new sensor my truck fired up instantly. I took it once around the block and then figured all was well. Today, I drove my truck to work and it started miss-firing, jerking, sputtering and wanting to die when idling. I had to keep my foot on the gas so it wouldn't conk out. I have a Renix Engine Management unit plugged in and I noticed the ignition timing was sporadic, jumping from 14 to 20 degrees and every number in between when idling at red lights. Does this sound like a bad sensor out of the box? Did I get boned by Autobone?
  7. I have been scouring the forums for a write up on this but can't find anything. Does anyone have pictures on this specifically? I don't see how the floor brackets of my bench seat will mount to the tracks of the 97+ buckets as the brackets are not wide enough. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!
  8. Had the same issue on my 88. The TPS was giving a reading on my REM that the throttle was partially open even when the truck was at idle. I noticed a ground wire that was frayed and exposed. Wrapped it with heat shrink and it fixed it. Also sprayed brake clean on my throttle cable and linkages for good measure. Do cruisers tips before you waste any money. Ask me how I know.....
  9. Just put in the new NTK sensor. On the first start up the truck went into closed loop with no problems! I’m going to monitor it closely going to and from work this week to see if it starts doing what the Bosch did. Thanks guys!
  10. Alright just ordered an NTK sensor. Will report back on Tuesday.
  11. Thanks I’ll mess around after work tomorrow to see if the relay is shot.
  12. I have an REM that’s how I can see it just dumps fuel when it goes into closed loop. Sometimes the o2 voltage doesn’t budge at all.
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