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  1. Making a run south to West Palm to pick up these bars this weekend.
  2. Recently upgraded my cluster lights to LEDs. While in there I figured out why my gear tree wasn't working. Got the front trim piece switched for a black one. Got the interior "courtesy lights" installed, pulled the bench seat and ripped up the old vinyl floor. The driver's side looks so good but the passenger side is rough. Deciding now if I should buy the equipment and try to learn to do it myself or if I should take it somewhere that knows what they're doing. It definitely could be worse. Got the new windshield installed 2 weeks ago and they said the pinch welds looked clean. I've got no lea
  3. Sorry I've been MIA. I was just going to wire them up to come on with the reverse lights. (My husband was I mean, he's the electrician.)
  4. I haven't gotten a chance to mess with it much yet. I did the bumper yesterday, and worked all night so I'm catching up on other things today. But I'll check it out some time this week. You're not the only one to tell me that, so hopefully it's as simple as a fuse *fingers crossed*
  5. And then this happened. Ughhhhhh 20210116_104643_1.mp4
  6. So I don't know if this means anything but it stays where you put it while the truck is off. But once you crank it, it always returns to empty? Thanks for the help you guys!
  7. Thank you! The grounds have been preformed. I've got some time today so I'll start getting it apart. Attached some pictures of my cluster.
  8. So I took my comanche to get a diagnostic when I first got it. My gas gauge doesn't work and the shop said I needed a new fuel pump sending unit assembly. (Among other things) I did everything else they recommended on my own but I recently had the oil leak fixed. I wasn't comfortable doing it, so I sent it in, and had them do the fuel pump sending unit assembly while it was there and in the air. That didn't fix the gauge. It isn't just stuck, and it isn't even working backwards like I was warned about on here. So they said I should start checking wires etc. Or get myself a new clus
  9. Finally got my dirtbound rear bumper in. Got it painted today, will hopefully get it installed next weekend. I love it! VID_73640608_230725_164.mp4
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