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  1. True. Seems to be a tough question to answer. Go low and work your way up.
  2. That's fusible link F. Could it be fusible link H?
  3. Isn't that ORG fusible link? Which fusible link was blown?
  4. During engine CRANK (starter relay engaged) the ORN/BLK becomes HOT and bypasses the ballast resistor for straight 12vdc to the fuel pump.
  5. Fuel pressure numbers seem good allowing for a little slop in the gauge. Ideally would be 39psi at KEY ON and 31psi at IDLE. Maybe time for a secondary tune up. Plugs, wires, rotor and distributor cap.
  6. Can this VIN decoder help. Jeep VIN's are on the bottom? https://vehicleidentificationnumber.com/vin-decoder/jeep-truck.html
  7. I keep my music on a stick drive. https://payplay.fm/
  8. KEY ON or KEY ACC. Does the Horn and/or Wipers work?
  9. With fuse installed, does Blower fuse (25A) have B+ on both sides? KEY ON or KEY ACC.
  10. Assuming your not running fan current through the switch, your wiring seems to be correct. NOTE: Ground coming off of the switch is solely for the Fog Lamp ON indicator. Determine if the 'ON indicator' is the source of the heat by disconnecting the ground circuit on the switch.
  11. $32.00 for Tech:906 using toilet paper. That's outrageous.
  12. Home\ Comanche Club Forums MJ Tech:\ DIY Projects and Write-Ups\ Acronyms
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