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  1. I think weather conditions are for both the launch and the landing of the Falcon 9 somewhere out in the Atlantic.
  2. O2 Heater Relay shown in the schematic is incorrect. Two (2) pins are labeled wrong. Should be as follows: C228_1(30)(ORN) from Fuel Pump Relay C216_4(87). C228_5(86)(YEL) from IGN SW C267_I1. As for O2 Heater Relay function when O2 Heater Relay is OFF (deactivated), O2 Heater element is ON. Now when the ECU see a WOT condition, O2 Heater Relay is turned ON (activated) allowing for full battery voltage to bypass the Fuel Pump Ballast Resistor and supply that voltage directly to the Fuel Pump Motor. Should also mention Fuel Pump Ballast Resistor is bypassed during engine CRANK. Starter Relay C378_BAL.
  3. Thanks. I was wondering if INJ was Duty Cycled instead of a direct ON/OFF pattern. All MS1700 testers I know of are in the dumpster. Well maybe a few members have one.
  4. Does that 2.5L TBI Operation/Diagnosis manual show INJ PW displayed on a screen/oscilloscope pattern anywhere?
  5. Payroll time well spent. Look like BANDED GLASS DRIVER COMP = GDA
  6. @fiatslug87 nice job. I didn't know you hand typed them into EXCEL.
  7. Two (2) descriptions for the same code. Could be true. GCF: BANDED GLASS DRIVER COMP or FULL DOOR
  8. Two (2) codes for the same engine. Could be true. ENG 5.2L 8 CYL 2 BBL GAS: ELA ELD
  9. Error is in the schematic. Can't see your photo, but if its as follows, its correct. 30 - ORN 85 - GRY/YEL 86 - YEL Yes
  10. @eaglescout526 could it be someone else has found another use for the Engine Compartment Lamp connector?
  11. What about the earliest 4.0L
  12. What do they do, run the wires down the A pillar and out to the engine bay?
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