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  1. I don't understand this delay. Seems to me, engine is SHUT OFF when both of those lamps lit. That's what they do with KEY ON, ENGINE OFF, ENGINE STUMBLE maybe.
  2. Good call on NOT listening to me. I learned something today.
  3. No Engineering TB have extra things for instrumentation stuff. Used for development and design. Just a guess.
  4. My bet, its a engineering TB. Good time for a cruiser tip. RENIX THROTTLE BODY BUTTERFLY ADJUSTMENT
  5. What we got, IGN SW (I1) YEL shorted to B+ Hot at all times Fuse Links. Separated Fuse Links and found one with continuity between the two (2) circuits. But this Fuse Link (GRN) has three (3) RED's coming off it and we believe it to be Fuse_Link_H (FL_H). FL_H feeds Engine Compartment Lamp (Engine Harness), Fog Lamp Relay (Engine Harness and Front Lighting Harness)and a busbar on the Fuse Box (Engine Harness and IP Harness). See if you can inspect RED wire for Engine Compartment Lamp for short to YEL. If you can trace the whole thing and prove it good, no need to cut it. Disconnect Front Light Harness (C102). Check if you still have continuity between D2_4 and suspect FL_H. If continuity still exist, can you trace and inspect RED/YEL from suspect FL_H to C102 for RED/YEL short, otherwise, we can eliminate the IP Harness to help determine next steps.
  6. Manuals have been known to get clutch stuff stuck to the tip of the CPS. There's a magnet there. Test for voltage (AC) first.
  7. Trying to figure out way to determine which of the three (3) RED wires are the problem without cutting them. Remember I told you to stop cutting the wires, I might be eating (crow) my words now.
  8. Here's the only information I can find on the Fog Lamp Relay location. Schematic shows Front Lighting Harness.
  9. Here's another view of Fusible Link H. Engine Lamp=Engine Compartment Lamp.
  10. A few months ago, maybe longer, someone asked about that connector. I looked up and down in the schematic and couldn't find it anywhere. Maybe someone knows, if so, can you put a connector number or explanation on it.
  11. When tail lamps are ON, one wire (DR BLUE) feeds B+ to all bulbs. Check for B+ everywhere along this wire.
  12. Larger gauge is always better (over kill). Do both lamps have the same gauge ground wire?
  13. Good call on splitting the Links. Remove the fuses shown in the photo. I doubt you have power door locks. Do you still have continuity? Do you have foglamps?
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