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  1. Check that hose for the Fuel Pump Pressure Regulator for fuel. Sure is close enough.
  2. Been a long time and don't think I could ever find the two that I had. But the best one of the two was the one that someone made in metal shop (high school). Somewhat involved but kind of a simple project, if you got access to the machine tools on hand.
  3. Myself, I'd deal with @cruiser54. Wouldn't want no metal filings in my intake manifold unless you remove and steam clean it.
  4. Hot going to the Fuel Pump Relay is RED. The Fuel Pump circuit itself is ORANGE (ORN). Things that splice off of this circuit may have a tracer. FYI MJ_1987_Electrical_Manual_1.pdf
  5. Okay thanks. I'll forget LOW/HIGH. RED usually means BATTERY FEED (Hot at all times).
  6. Took a visit to NickInTimeDesign and sure enough "ECU CODES". No listing for "Fuel Pump Relay", but that could be just Website needs updating. Arrow down might mean LOW whereas arrow up might mean HIGH. Thank for opening up these new headaches for me. When you say "bypassed the relay" do you mean that there's a jumper wire in place of the relay? Also found this under RENIX PARTS SUGGESTION: Intake Manifold Air Temp Sensor (IAT) The stock IAT sensor has been long discontinued so we will need to adapt a similar sensor instead. – GM part 213-190 will
  7. ECU code; interesting. I noticed a down arrow next to the word relay. Are there more ECU codes under that?
  8. I don't get REM "throwing a code". Keep this high on your list. Yes it would be.
  9. Been thinking, you may not be able to hold proper intake manifold VAC if the EGR valve is unseated (leaking) somehow.
  10. ADD A SIGNATURE: When LOGGED-IN. Go to upper right hand corner of screen. Click on Username. Click on Account Settings. Find and click on Signature. Add vehicle information here (YR, ENG, TRANS, etc, etc) then click on SAVE. This helps everyone. This information will be available every time you post.
  11. That air freshener did it use Scratch "N" Sniff technology?
  12. If that's a cube relay being used as a bypass jumper, which could be wired using the NC contacts, then its a very expensive jumper wire.
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