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  1. Ωhm

    Issue with the hazards

    Is the 1988 Jeep Wagoneer (not Grand Wagoneer (SJ)) considered to be an XJ? This vehicle has no amber (separate turn signals) in the taillights. Its wired similar to the MJ.
  2. Ωhm

    Issue with the hazards

    Keep this in mind when wiring up a trailer harness for the vehicle. Trailers have different types of lighting setups.
  3. Pete, two conditions will bypass the fuel pump ballast resistor. 1) Starter relay when engaged. 2) O2S relay will engage (ECU controlled) when under a WOT condition (not much need for O2S during WOT). Check out page 17 in the 88 Elect Manual. 88 Elect Manual
  4. Ωhm

    Debt Collection Advice

    To help get the property owners attention, put a lien against the property. Need to look up your state laws.
  5. Ωhm

    Fuel gauge

    Try posting in the sites Classified section / Wanted.
  6. Ωhm

    Fuel gauge

    Wiring tested good. Don't know of any test for the LFWM. Seems to be either fuel gauge or printed circuit. Look for open circuits on the printed circuit. Maybe it was a bad day to dust.
  7. Ωhm

    Paging MacBook pros

    Google search "macbook pro dvd stuck". Mentions something about Re Starting w/mouse key held down and eject key on keyboard.
  8. Ωhm

    Fuel gauge

    Fuel gauge has three legs. Power, ground, and the fuel sending unit. Sending unit leg seem good from your point of measurement to sending unit. Check power (key on) and ground (key off) at disconnected Instrument Cluster C203. Re--measure fuel sending unit. C203_18 (B+). C203_10 (GND). C203_17 (fuel sending unit Ω). Using the following link for reference: http://www.bteventures.com//mj1988electricalmanual.pdf Page 29, Page 78, Page 95
  9. Ωhm

    Fuel gauge

    Yeah, that will determine which cluster pins will need to be tested for power and ground, but since fuel gauge is your only problem and all other cluster items work, suspect printed circuit or faulty fuel gauge or possible faulty Low Fuel Warning Module, if equipped.
  10. Ωhm

    Fuel gauge

    Is vehicle equipped with Low Fuel Warning Module (LFWM)?
  11. Ωhm

    Fuel gauge

    Need to determine if fuel sending unit is functioning properly. Disconnect connector either at fuel pump (C139) or the flat six pin connector (C157) near parking brake. Using this specification, 0Ω's=Empty and 88Ω's=Full. Connect DVOM to C157_C (fuel pump side) and ground or connect DVOM to C139_A and C139_B (fuel pump side). Measure resistance. Example for good fuel sender would be, if you think you have a half tank of fuel, measurement should be around (non linear) 44Ω's.
  12. Ωhm

    HP "instant ink" program

    Should be a global setting (windows) under control panel / printer devices / Printer Properties.
  13. Ωhm

    HP "instant ink" program

    Check print quality setting. When set to 'Draft', this will extent cartridge life. Just a suggestion.
  14. Tough list of symptoms. Lots of cluster problems. Check connector (C203) on back of instrument cluster, make sure it set and locked in properly.