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  1. On the fuse box, are you running a 15A fuse for the radio?
  2. Ωhm

    Is it just me.......

    Most emails at the bottom using the most smallest of print offer unsubscribe link.
  3. .........or have they sent home all the phone telemarketing people? I kinda like that.
  4. Ωhm


    Welcome to the forum. Nice find.
  5. Not sure if that would lower pressure since Fuel Pressure Regulator controls that. Definitely would lower flow rate. That a tough call. Don't know, but STFT and CLOSED LOOP seems to be handling it OK. True. Don't know best practice for this procedure.
  6. Looks more like a scanner keypad. Wonder if vehicle has Extended Idle Switch?
  7. Both BARO ("Hg) and MAP ("Hg) display a absolute scale for their measurement. MAN VAC ("Hg) is displayed on a gauge scale. BARO-MAP=MAN VAC. Your vacuum readings seem to be normal for a running engine. I noticed engine running in CLOSED LOOP mode. This is good. Short Term Fuel Trim (STFT) is low, meaning its cutting back on INJ PW time, but well within its range of authority. Cause is O2S is seeing RICH (engine blowby, poor spray pattern on injector, high fuel line pressure (19psi ??) as some possible causes.
  8. You had to go and find that 1%. Good question. If C119_10 is orange use that. 88 Electrical manual will show C157_F as orange. Fuel pump. C157 should be the correct one.
  9. Ground (G107) is near the left taillight.
  10. Fuel pump wire is orange. C158_F. Fuel pump voltage will time out (2-3 seconds) with KEY ON.
  11. Wood heats you twice, when you cut it and when you burn it.
  12. Only way I know of is to follow the topic (content), but over time, topics can add up. I do save images to my hard drive under a MJ folder. EDIT: Upper right hand side of screen, click on username, click on manage followed content.
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