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  1. Don't recall when it happen, but WOT was replaced with Power Steering Pressure Switch (PSPS).
  2. With fuel line connected, bypass relay and see if engine will start and run.
  3. When you jumper the relay, try starting the vehicle to see if it will run.
  4. Ωhm

    B-Pillar Light Woes

    Went off grid with my visit to The Sunshine State. Voltmeter could still be fooling you (voltage, no current flow). Use a testlight for voltage measurements.
  5. Ωhm

    College Budget 1987 MJ Build

    You should start a new thread under 'MJ Tech: Modification and Repairs' for REM issues. More eyes on the subject.
  6. Ωhm

    B-Pillar Light Woes

    Since you've lost your courtesy lamps, I think your dropping voltage at the fuse (Dome 10A), IP splice C or the wire in between. 88 Electrical Manual Dome lamp fuse/IP splice C: page 63 IP splice C location (C with a circle around it): page 91
  7. Ωhm

    B-Pillar Light Woes

    Voltmeters can show good voltage, but they can't determine if current will flow (voltage drop). Can you test the red (12vdc) wire with a test lamp? This will show current (thru the test lamp) can flow to ground. G102. Bottom of dash, near the steering column, when in the ON position. When in the SW position, ground is provided by each door switch. Also when the headlamp switch is turned to ON will provide a path to ground.
  8. Ωhm

    Misaligned brakes?

    Isn't something suppose to be in that groove on the caliper?
  9. Ωhm

    B-Pillar Light Woes

    So both L/R courtesy lamps don't work either?
  10. CW57, just curious here, is your brake warning switch connector just hanging there? If you jumper the connector or leave the BWS connected, you could at least get bulb check (BRAKE) during CRANK and your parking brakes to light the BRAKE bulb. This is no big deal here, only if your interested.
  11. Ωhm

    Info for Don's funeral this Saturday

    Click here: Mr. Donald "Don" Edwin Hornbrook
  12. Ωhm

    One of our own is down

    Farewell my forum friend.
  13. Ωhm

    Weird starting issue

    Try cleaning the starter relay ground (G104). Both G104 and G105 are located on the engine block. They pigtail out of the engine control harness near the rear of the engine block.
  14. Ωhm


    VIN Decoder: Scroll down for Jeep