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  1. Ωhm

    Out of the loop

    Just seen some pictures on TV. What a mess. Hang tough.
  2. I would not expect a OPEN circuit between A and B. It is just one wire in/out wrapped around a magnet.
  3. I have to ask. 0.7vdc or 0.7vac? CPS voltage, during CRANK, is taken on the AC scale.
  4. CPS has been known to cause NO SPARK, NO INJECTORS.
  5. Voltage readings are normal. Good time for cruisers tips. Can you hear the fuel pump run for 2-3 seconds when KEY is cycled ON?
  6. Using a voltmeter or testlight (preferred) check for B+ on the following pins (use battery negative terminal for ground): D1_5: B+ (Hot at all times) D2_4: B+ (Hot during KEY ON/CRANKING). D1_6: KEY ON (B+ (For 2-3 seconds)) or CRANKING (B+ (Hot during CRANK)).
  7. Could be the Air Hose between the Air Box and Throttle Body collapsing. Try running the engine with Air Hose disconnected.
  8. Ωhm


    Thanks for the heads up.
  9. By design when the AC clutch is engaged, the radiator cooling fan will energize (engage). Do you still have this function?
  10. If were talking about the 2 pin connector at the ICM then that's timing input from the ECU (timing output). I don't know the values, but its a square wave signal based on dwell/spark triggering for the ICU's coil.
  11. Just one more pin to check. Disconnect C218. KEY OFF. Measure continuity between C218_A and battery negative terminal.
  12. I'll take it you backprobed the MAP sensor b terminal. Check vacuum hose between MAP and manifold for clogging. With the reading you got it could be trapped vacuum between clog and MAP. Take same reading with vacuum hose disconnected.
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