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  1. Ωhm

    wake up call

    Hope that ain't the happyoids making you talk like that. Stay well.
  2. Short read on reusing nuts. Check out the section: Re-use of Fasteners and Torque
  3. Sorry. I meant to the Left (CCW).
  4. Anyone. Doesn’t turning the Headlight Switch to the right, turn the interior lights ON (with dome light)?
  5. Pin_A is B+. Pin_B or Pin_C will ground the dome lamp. Remove wire from Pin_B to see if problem goes away. If not, reinstall wire and remove wire from Pin_C.
  6. Dome light is a three position switch. Center position is OFF.
  7. Back to normal. Problem unknown. Let hope it stays that way.
  8. Start vehicle, let it run, shut it off. Does fuel pump still stay on?
  9. Try one of the other relays in the fuel pump relay slot. Does pump still remain off?
  10. Should look like this. Should being the key word here.
  11. Did the pump shut off with the relay removed?
  12. Pull the relays. Will that shut the pump off?
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