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    hemi gladiator?

    I'm actually looking into getting a gladiator rubicon also (mainly because it can do something very important that my comanche cannot... fit my family) and I've been scouring the internet to find anything about it getting the 392. Unfortunately, the closest I've read was that Jeep has not given it the green light and doesn't seem like it's happening anytime soon. The wrangler will be getting it though (470hp and 470ftlb torque) sounds like fun. 2021 models give you the option for their 3.0L V6 Ecodiesel (+$4,000 and another +$2,000 for the transmission) with 3.73 gearing. The price is astronomical though and having trouble justifying it over a full size dodge ram. Also, worthy mention... You LOSE towing capacity with the diesel over the 3.6L Pentastar. Diesel Max tow is 6,000 lbs Gas Max tow is 7,000 lbs or I believe close to 7,500lbs with the enhanced tow package. Any experience with this diesel engine? I know it's in a few other vehicles. This would be one of those things that I buy once and keep forever.
  2. It doesn't require cutting. I checked with BDF. Figured I'd ask because every single other bumper out there seems to require cutting.
  3. I'm basically looking to give my truck a factory restoration with a few upgrades (Lift kit, upgraded bumpers with close to stock appearance, upgraded headlights/roll bar lights/bumper lights, custom headliner, and custom hood ornament) Not planning on any heavy offroading with my comanche. I use it as a daily driver for now which is always fun because I don't know if I'm turning heads bc it's a comanche or because people are surprised it's running lol. I know what I'm doing as far as mechanics and install. No welding skills whatsoever so trying to stick with bolt on applications. I'm not fond of the spring over axle idea. And even if I did, I was under the impression that would give me closer to 6" lift in the rear? This rusty's kit looks promising since I'd like new complete leaf springs vs the add a leaf alternative which 99% of the kits offer. I've read mixed reviews in the past about Rusty's but I feel very limited for the MJ. Does anyone know if Motion Offroad still exists?
  4. Lol Yea exactly why I was skeptical about RC. I put a 2.5" pro comp lift in my YJ a long time ago and still don't think I have the steering ironed out. I know a lot changes over 3" of lift. Took your advice on Rusty's and actually found this complete MJ kit. Has anyone run this kit, of so, suggestions on the drop down menues for upgraded/added parts? Also anything else not mentioned on this page? https://www.rustysoffroad.com/rustys-mj-comanche-4-5-spring-pack-kit.html
  5. Hello again everyone, I'm just looking for a little help getting a parts list together. Gonna make a junk yard trip when the weather breaks and need to see what I need to order and what I need to dig through the junk yards for. Looking to put in the Rough Country 4.5" Lift Kit and from what I've read, there are parts outside of this kit that I'm going to need but I've been seen a lot of conflicting information. WJ vs ZJ Track Bar? And will they work with the lift? Or should I go with the Rough Country Track Bar? Drop pitman arm? Steering stabilizer? Anything else I'm missing? This is the kit I was looking at: https://www.roughcountry.com/jeep-suspension-lift-kit-626-20.html?find=1988-jeep-comanche-mj-4wd-735316&sid=UwgLVWkhpL Also looking to put 31" tires, POSSIBLY 33" tires. Curious of the ride difference, loss of power, and any strain on my 1988 MJ, Stock axles, 4.0L, 4x4, Automatic. Thanks!
  6. I see what you're saying. And I agree, the wider bumper protection is the one thing I liked better. I like that the DBO bumper keeps my license plate there. And also allows for their hitch to mount below it (definitely need to tow with my comanche) Also, those side pieces offered by DBO actually solve another problem that I have... The rear corners on my bed are full of rust holes. Figured I could sand down, repair, and paint what I can, then put those guards on. (Unless I can find someone with a short bed for sale that's in better shape than mine... Or even the rear quarters to cut and weld in place. I thought about cutting the bed on my 87 LWB but it's got such a clean body and frame that I can't bear destroying it)
  7. That BDF front mount is exactly my speed. Do you know if the front bumper requires fender cutting? I like those mounts that poke through for D-Rings. And I like the ability to hide a winch behind there.
  8. Wow, you're right. That's a great looking rear bumper. I like it a lot more than the JCR.
  9. Hey everyone, I wanted to make a list of available bumpers (front and rear) for a comanche. I've been looking into this JCR rear bumper but I held off because in their description it says it's not rated for towing. Does anyone have experience with it towing? Safe or not so safe? https://www.jcroffroad.com/product/MJRC.html
  10. That's pretty cool lol. I know when I run my vin it says chief so I wonder if there are little easter eggs like that on mine too. When I start my restoration I'll post any I find.
  11. Thanks man, it led me to this part. I think this might work, it looks almost identical to the piece that's not staying connected. Not sure if it's a 10mm ball head though. I'm going to see if I can figure out the spec.
  12. Let me know if you're willing to part with one if you're able to dig it up.
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