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  1. Already done. I just needed to add what wires goes to where. I didn't map it out before I covered the new harness.
  2. Finally got around to building a harness to add trailer wiring. Plug and play trailer wiring harness. Harness installed. Harness to trailer wiring. The one not covered is the one I plan to install into the bumper. Wiring ran to the hitch. Every thing works yay!!
  3. I should add I got information for this from this post.
  4. Finally got this built. It works great.
  5. Added convoluted tubing and a tee for protection. One more wrap of black tape to keep the junk out. This is the junction the new harness goes between. Harness installed. Wired the trailer wiring to the other side of the 4 way connector. Harness to run from the new harness to the trailer wiring. With the additional connector in there the trailer end is easily replaceable. Taller wiring ran to the hitch for now. Bought this little tester for $7 and everything works! Here is a video of the testing. I have now made to if these and both work. I'm going to make one more beacuse I ordered plenty of parts from mouser. I know have trailer wiring and didn't cut the factory harness. If I ever run into problems with my lights I can just remove the harness and go back to stock if needed. The second one ended up much shorter. The last one I make I think will be even shorter.
  6. After purchasing a hitch from Krustyballer I needed to add trailer wiring. My major hold up was I didn't want to cut into the factory wiring. So I started looking for preterminated connectors. I was able to find both sides available from ACDelco among others. PT454 is the male end. PT222 is the ACDelco number, I bought a S1056 from Standard. I bought both on eBay for $15 each. They have now both gone up to about $40 from what I can find. Then Minuit suggested Mouser Electronics. They have both connectors available in individual pieces. This is the page for the female connector. The page for the male connector. The page for the seals you will need for both connectors. If you want to make the harness you will need. 12048074 x 3 12052139 x 2 12059472 x 1 12052486 x 1 12052200 x 1 12052199 x 1 12045773 x 3 12052172 x 2 12048086 x 6 12048443 x 4 had to buy from eBay 12059168 x 4 That shopping list will build both connector ends. For my first one I started with the S1056 and added the Mouser parts to the other end. I then soldered in a 4 way connector. I wanted to be able to switch it the trailer connector ends if it gets mangled or corroded. I also plan on using this end that I will drill a hole in the bumper to mount. It should look like it belongs there. I then coated the solder joints in liquid electrical tape. This stuff works quite well. Wrapped the new harness in electrical tape.
  7. https://comancheclub.com/profile/28952-nickintimefilms/ He has an account on here.
  8. I used the bread trick and it worked great.
  9. I am one of the weird people who actually like the cold. Long underwear and Carhartt bibs and 23 it's perfectly nice weather to work in. I have a cousin who used to own a tree service, I would only help him in the winter beacuse the summer is just to hot.
  10. I would do them emblems and the decals. I just like the pioneer decals. That is a beautiful truck so either way it will still be an amazing truck!
  11. JMO413


    That is a good truck to replicate for sure.
  12. Congratulations on the addition to the family. Truck is looking good!
  13. Looks great! Can't wait to see it all together.
  14. Received my order. These shirts are awesome. I left a review on Amazon also. The black logo looks good!!
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