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  1. I have been down the path you are on now. If I was doing it again I would pull the fuse box apart clean and check all the wires going to it. There are multiple wires in the fuel pump circuit. I found shorts in 4 or more wires. mj1988electricalmanual_(1).pdf This is the 88 electrical manual. I would save it so it's easily accessible. I even printed it all out. You going to need a decent multimeter, time, and patience. The PO had installed this switch to $#!& of the fuel pump. I drive it that way while I fixed the rats nest of wiring.
  2. The renix was just before it's time with cooling all newer vehicles have a closed system. IMHO Mine is closed and works perfectly with a dorman tank and a Napa cap. I will buy a MAC's soon enough beacuse aluminum is always better than plastic.
  3. I'm all for a V8 just like Mopar in a Mopar but a 6.0 LS definitely packs more punch. Can't wait to see that build thread.
  4. These shirts are awesome!
  5. Nice find! The rare ones make the hunt fun.
  6. Those would be the original options listed. The problem is Chrysler has updated the codes beacuse they are using them on newer models.
  7. Yes they did. I have the original printed paper catalogs. They had more info than the electronic catalog. There was no VIN decode in the good old paper days.
  8. The VIN sure meant allot more back then! I have all the pictures of the books saved for easy reference. It tells all the basics.
  9. Sixth digit is a 6 and it's not a Cherokee sport.
  10. They are all ran on vacuum. The supply line connects in the engine compartment by the heater core lines.
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