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  1. JMO413


    *X8 Cloth Low-Back Bucket Seats -SA Charcoal ADL Skid Plate Group AGJ Driver Assistance Group AHL Heavy Duty Insulation Group APA Monotone Paint BCQ 750 Amp Maintenance Free Battery CAC Low Back Bucket Seats CGW Next Generation Front Air Bags** CUF Full Length Floor Console DDQ 5-Speed Manual Transmission ERB 3.6L V6 24V VVT Engine GAC Tinted Glass Windows GFD Rear Sliding Window GTZ Manual Remote Mirrors HAA Air Conditioning JFH Tachometer JGB Digital Clock JHA Var Intermittent Windshield Wipers JJA Cigar Lighter K60 STRIPE/BADGE/MOLDING LAP Shift Indicator Warning Lamp LMA Halogen Headlamps MBJ Black Powder Coated Front Bumper MDA Front License Plate Bracket NAA Federal Emissions NHM Speed Control NHQ Transmission Heater PX6 DESCRIPTION NOT AVAILABLE QX6 DESCRIPTION NOT AVAILABLE RAF AM/FM Cassette Radio SBA Power Rack and Pinion Steering SCE Alcantara Wrapped Steering Wheel SUA Tilt Steering Column TBB Full Size Spare Tire WJN 15 Aluminum Wheels
  2. I've never seen a challenge with the tow package.
  3. Got a new flywheel today. I believe it looks correct with the CPS ring. I was really worried after reading about all the problems with AM flex plates but that might just be flex plates not flywheeflywheels. The pretty new one. The old nasty. I did try to clean it up just to see what I was working with. I measured the teeth on the reluctor wheel for the CPS. The teeth measure the same on the new as the old and the 3 large slots measure the same. I believe it should work perfect. Glad I own a digital micrometer. Now just to get a few more parts and back together.
  4. JMO413

    Rear fog lights

    You are correct I did remove the spare tire carrier. It was locked up. I welded a flat bar across the x in the frame to mount them.
  5. JMO413

    Rear fog lights

    Mine are mounted under the bed. They were on the roll bar when I got the truck. It makes backing up really nice at my mom's in the country. To Bright for in town though.
  6. The clutch had always felt a little weird. The PO said his son didn't like the truck beacuse shifting was to much to do. I believe he didn't like the truck beacuse he couldn't drive a stick. Pulled the tranny out today. Was really glad I had read about the E12 bolts. The pressure plate, flywheel and clutch disc are very glazed. Not sure what to do with the flywheel yet. Transmission and transfer case out of the way. You can see how glazed the friction plate is. The pressure plate is just as nasty. My pile of parts in the bed. The destroyed cab. I love that the console is just a XJ console. Thethe ashtray back there sets it off.
  7. The more I listen to the video the more I think you could be right. I guess if I ever get the clutch and tranny back in is time for a cam and lifters.
  8. That is what confuses me. The noise is no louder along the cam/lifter area of the block with a stethoscope. If I was sure it was a cam/lifter noise I would replace it/them. That is truly my guess from all the reading I have done. I'm still confused you can't hear it through the block with a stethoscope.
  9. It is part of the Jeep addiction for sure.
  10. After seeing eaglescouts air cleaner I decided mine needed done. Taped off. Done. Really like the silver. Now to do the hold downs. I also repainted the black on the hood emblem. Not sure who out the emblem on but it sure is cricked. Looks better though. Got all my parts ready to do the clutch next. I have already replaced the clutch master cylinder. I bought a Luk clutch and a Centric slave cylinder. The Luk kit came with a slave cylinder but I have only read bad things about their slave cylinders. The Centric slave cylinder is metal hoping it lasts better than the Luk plastic ones. Got a new pressure line also. Now just to put it all in. Also found a couple NOS CPS sensors also. Kind of surprised how many dealers have these sitting on the shelf still. The old box shows a build date of 2001 and a ship date of 2001 also. That's 18 years on a dealership shelf.
  11. I was kind of thinking that. I had 10/30 in it before the last oil change. The 15/40 didn't seem to change anything. I think I will just drive it until the inside parts find their way out. After pricing machine shop fees and rebuild parts a reman isn't really much more. Thanks for the input. Was just wondering if there was something I was overlooking.
  12. I should also add, rocker arms are all torqued to spec and all getting a good amount of oil from pushrods.
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