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  1. I'm going to agree with Cruiser in this one. You want Bosch injectors that end in 746.
  2. JMO413

    GM Vin Search

    GM is simple it either comes up or doesn't exist in their system. In the 20+ years I have been at a GM dealer I've only had a hand full that weren't available.
  3. I can only hope the Jeep line gets something good out of it. When they merged with Daimler they final got a good transmission. When they merged with Fiat they have up on the little car and web gotthe Track Hawk. I can only hope because I don't have a choice I'm just going to have to deal with it everyday!
  4. Just a little rusty. That's the perfect winter beater right there!
  5. Just have to ask. Where did you find those? That had to be about an impossible item.
  6. Those are awesome. I have seen them for/on the new models at the dealership.
  7. JMO413

    I'm a Dad again!

  8. Got mine today and it's installed. Original Old and new New installed. Thanks for making these.
  9. These are awesome!! Perfect addition to the tool box. And one on the garage fridge.
  10. Cheap one from? It's in the cheap plastic red case. It was cheap and it works. LOL
  11. My current Comanche 2wd drive Comanche 4.6 stroker 5 speed black of course Another Comanche Hemi/5 speed/ 1 ton axles and 40's Track Hawk in black 2010 SRT-8 Grand Cherokee Hemi swapped new Gladiator Hemi/ 5 speed/ tons etc 69 Gladiator Dodge Demon Four door wrangler with a hemi 69 AMC Javelin BB Mopar AMC Pacer 401/4 speed
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