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  1. JMO413

    some RV awesomeness for ya...

    That makes it even cooler!!!
  2. JMO413

    Sigh of relief

    I have the brown dog rubber mounts in mine and love them. There is a little bit more vibration than the old wore out ones. I found that you don't want to over tighten the bolt that connects the mounts to the engine brackets.
  3. Just got thought reading you build, looks awesome. Can't wait to see a CRD MJ! The flir pictures are awesome. Keep up the good work!
  4. JMO413

    Sigh of relief

    Looking very good. Interior looks super clean!
  5. Wow. That is one awesome rig you have built there. Just got done reading through the whole build. Keep up the awesome work. Can't wait to see it with the stand alone.
  6. JMO413

    Wheel cleaning

    Aluminum doesn't rust. They may be more likely to corrode if they currently have clear coat over the aluminum. I would try spray on wheel cleaner first and a good scrubbing then power wash.
  7. JMO413

    some RV awesomeness for ya...

    A motor home I could enjoy driving. I'm guessing 4 x 6
  8. Looks like a nice truck to start with. Great find for $800!
  9. JMO413

    Budget Wheeler - 87' MJ

    Good find. That a great deal with the locker and 4.10.
  10. JMO413


    Pm replied. That is awesome thank you
  11. JMO413


    What is your pay pal and I will send money tomorrow. Thank you
  12. Sand the paint off and clear coat the whole taillight. Just use fine sand paper. I have a set at work waiting to get clear coated that I bought with paint on them.
  13. JMO413

    junkyard score!

    Awesome score!
  14. Sounds like a good deal to me. That would be one nice trailer!
  15. JMO413

    Project: Scrapyard Save

    Very nice truck you found there. I think behind a barn would still count as a barn find. Jeeps are definitely an addiction, one is never enough.