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  1. The harbor freight tranny jack is well worth it's cost. Mine had lifted trans/tcase combo, gas tank, front and rear differentials. Using studs definitely made mine line up nicely.
  2. The real answer is what ever amount someone is willing to give you. Unless you going to do the paint yourself you'll never get that $ back. IMHO Welcome to the club.
  3. Good to hear you figured it out. So the question still stands, what is the best radiator.
  4. Very happy to be fixing DD problems today. My parking brake pedal pad was in it's way out. So I got luck and found a GM that will work. Looks a little different. Fits like a glove. PN#12338071 readily available from GM.
  5. There are plenty of GM parts on our trucks. Steering column, MAP sensor, the 2.8, etc. In thinking about looking at the S-10 parking brake pedal now. Wonder if it could be a replacement if it had to be?
  6. I found a suitable replacement for the parking brake pedal pad. Mine was dying so I started looking at GM ones that were still available. My old dying one compared to the new GM one. The new one is just slightly bigger. It fits perfect. Part #12338071 readily available from GM. Looks a little different but fits perfectly. Hope this can be of help for others needing a replacement.
  7. That's one heck of a drive. How about a couple pictures along the way.
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