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  1. Awesome car! I love that grill and you can't beat a big block.
  2. This is what ended up with. The last time I had them out mine were nasty. They weren't real cheap but bolts that size and grade are never cheap.
  3. Mine currently will take 12 gallons when it's in empty. I have an 18 gallon tank so it's pretty far off. I would buy it again for sure though.
  4. Mine is working good except the fuel gauge is inaccurate.
  5. There is one left on a dealership shelf. Part number is J4006966. Riedman Motors 1-800-825-4340 Or just replace them all with something different?
  6. Red engine bay just makes it a no. If they skipped doing a real color change what else did the skip on doing right?
  7. If the frame is good I would definitely buy that for that price.
  8. That is one nice looking truck! Price definitely seems fair if the work is as good as it looks like it is.
  9. mj1988electricalmanual_(1).pdfpdf Here's a link to the electrical manual.
  10. JMO413

    J 003073

    Does that seem to be made from steel or aluminum?
  11. JMO413

    J 003073

    Does it have the sticker on the door? Are there any other metal plates? Sorry for all the questions but this had me very intrigued.
  12. 1981 was when the VIN was standardized and required 17 digit. In guessing this was either and import and or a factory test truck. Those are the only reason I know that it wouldn't have a full length VIN. The wired part is even if it was an import the rest of the world adopted the 17 digit VIN in 1981 also. I am very very intrigued by this one!!
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