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  1. Do you have a fan shroud on the mechanical fan?
  2. I can see almost all of the pictures. Great build your attention to detail is awesome! There just something about black Comanches!
  3. Just ordered two of the short sleeve they come in 3x.
  4. JMO413


    Welcome to the addiction!
  5. They both say they fit a Cherokee also.
  6. Yes you can delete the EGR if you're not worried about passing emissions. Doorman part #090-061 plug for the intake. Route66mods.com part#70978 https://www.route66mods.com/product/jeep-egr-delete/ This is both parts installed.
  7. And you would be surprised what the 2008-2009 fiasco did to the parts vendors. Discontinued is now a far to common term. After all that being said XJ or WJ.
  8. Is this what you're looking for? My book was published in 86. I think that link goes to a newer version. I should be able to scan the whole manual when I can get some time at work.
  9. Yes it is a Renix fuel injection manual. It only goes to page 56.
  10. My rear stud was what was broken I'm guessing yours is too the same. I justed welded a nut to it. Came right out.
  11. JMO413

    rustiest MJ

    Yep that's broken!!
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