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  1. I'm guessing they were just stamping numbers. I've found a ton of newer parts that the number stamped in them is crap also. I'm guessing engineering would be the only ones with access to that cross reference.
  2. And that's a one eared alternator now. The good part was the bolt unscrewed with the piece of alternator siezed to it. After that debacle the new one when in nicely. Reused on of the bolts that held the hose bracket on the AC compressor to replace the destroyed one. Got the bypass bracket installed with the new shorter bolts I had to go get. And this is where the redneck in me came out. I took the radiator hose bracket off the old AC compressor and drilled a hole in it. I screwed a piece of allthread in the unused hole in the AC compressor bracket. Then mounted the hose bracket to the allthread. It hold the upper hose in place nicely. This is my first until I can find an upper hose that fits better. Or forever who knows. I just didn't like it flopping around. The best part is cylinder 1 spark plug is all out in the open.
  3. Had today off so the old girl got some more parts put on I've been collecting. Changed the passenger side door handle. I moved my original handle over to a new to me used trim panel. The chrome is much better on the new one. New to me on the right and the original on the left. Now the interior chrome is in pretty decent shape. Someday I hope to find the chrome trim for the upper part of the pull handle. Then it was on to replacing the AC compressor mount. My AC has never worked and the compressor was just sitting there as an idler. I also figured out the compressor bolts are sized in the bracket. I figured this out when I was removing it to replaced the timing chain and reseal the front cover. The bracket will come out with the compressor attached but it sucks! I got a newer style bracket so I could buy the readily available AC delete bracket/idler set up. Thanks again to cruiser54 for the bracket. The old compressor is not too easy to get out siezed to the bracket. A little time and allot of patience. The old renix style is gross. Those extremely long bolt are a horrible idea. The part number on the newer bracket doesn't exist in the Chrysler catalog. The doorman AC bypass pulley. Part # 34171 fits perfect. The bolts that come with it are to long is the only bad part. You do have to install the included bushing so the pulley lines up. I also planned on changing the alternator since I would be able to access it easily. My original had a slight bearing whine and was a 64 amp. Bought a new ACDelco 100 amp. It was like $85 on Amazon. I snapped the head off the bottom bolt on the alternator. Then I snapped the ear off the alternator it was stuck so bad.
  4. Agreed! Love the CJ8 I have a super weak spot for them!
  5. Agreed. AMC =Actually Makes Cents. They just couldn't spell. Lol
  6. Beautiful! Love that grill and the stickers on the for lamps are awesome. That sure is a good looking truck!
  7. Well the old girl left me stranded for the first time. On Wednesday I was driving to work came off the on ramp and the truck started running like crap. When I got to the stop light she died. It would restart but not run for more than a few seconds. Drove it thought the intersection most on the starter. The good part of no clutch safety switch.Luckily one of my coworkers was heading to work also. He pulled me the remaining 1/4 mile to work. When I got to work I borrowed a fuel pressure tester from on of the techs. I had a whole wapping 11 PSI. I bypassed the ballast resistor and that did nothing. Changed the fuel filter in the parking lot. I then had an arm pit full of gas and still wouldn't stay running. Called a friend and he brought his flat bed and hauled her home. I was overly mad by this point. The fuel pump was replaced 3 months as part of the sender from MTS. Got a fuel pump from O'Reilly's so I could change it today. Got the sender and pump out to see the hose between the pump and sender had slid off the outlet on the sender. Installed good high pressure hose clamps and reinstalled. She runs like a champ again with 32 PSI. I will never understand cheap worm gear hose clamps! I did figure out you can pull the fuel pump and sender without removing anything else. After I replaced the fault hose clamp. Changed the other clamp also beacuse worm gear clamps are useless on fuel lines! Good clamps compared to junk worm gear clamps. Good fuel pressure again! No I just need to return the new pump to O'Reilly's.
  8. JMO413

    Amazing Build

    This thing is amazing! Just added him on Instagram to follow.
  9. JMO413


    Beautiful truck
  10. Awesome build! Can't wait to see it with the new tire setup.
  11. I would just use the Azzy's from Amazon. The you just need it.
  12. JMO413

    wake up call

    Glad to hear no damage and that you're still with us.
  13. Mine really helped with that. Mine were factory tint on the sides windows and clear on the hatch. They were all done in 95% and it is almost to dark. But I sure like how it looks.
  14. That seems to be every project I do! Should take an hour and two days later still working on it.
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