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  1. Looks good. Should be fun to drive!!
  2. JMO413

    Ratricha the 88 Pioneer

    Had a couple days off and took full advantage. Changed the leaking clutch master cylinder. Would like to thank whoever's question on how to bleed that fine unit. My bleeder is just a huge chunk of rust. I read somewhere on here to just pump it fifty times or so and let it sit. Wouldn't you know that worked like a charm. Best clutch pedal feel she has ever had! I took the seat out so I could reach everything easier. While I had it out I replaced the parking brake cable. I was thrilled the back two cables are good and I have a working parking brake. Very nice to have with a manual no more wheel chocks. While I was under there I noticed the rubber fuel lines looked wet. So replaced both of them with new hose and the correct high pressure hose clamps. I also decided while I was under the truck to add the extra fuel pump ground. I believe I have finally got all the grounds refreshed and added. Changed the spark plugs and oil. I went with a Centric master cylinder. I will update how it holds up. Not sure who I need to thank. Shortly after joining the club I read about putting a sponge over the fuse block so when the master cylinder leaked it could catch it. Well that works! The proof is in the sponge. Almost looks like it's supposed to be there.
  3. JMO413

    Spray nozels?

    OEM parts number is 56001601
  4. JMO413

    Ratricha the 88 Pioneer

    I replaced the IAC today. She has had a wondering idle almost the whole time I have owned it. The new IAC helped a little. I ordered it from Rock Auto and was thrilled that it turned out to be NGK when I got it. It was only $14. Part #2H1141.´┐╝Thought about taking a picture after I had started to remove the old one. The new one installed. It did help the idle some. Still wanders a little.
  5. JMO413

    Ratricha the 88 Pioneer

    Replaced the windshield with the newer style and rubber gasket. Old windshield with the metal trim. I was amazed with the amount of dirt under the metal trim. No windshield. Very happy no rust to be found in the windshield frame!! New windshield with the rubber gasket.
  6. JMO413

    Ratricha the 88 Pioneer

    No they are long gone.
  7. JMO413

    Black Friday score

    All factory. It's a loaded limited.
  8. JMO413

    Black Friday score

    Make sure you have the Jeep running when your programming the home link. Just speaking from experience. My WK owner's manual says nothing about it but is only way it will program.
  9. JMO413

    Ratricha the 88 Pioneer

    Well we definitely got some snow in Iowa today. They say between 8" and 12". The old girl plowed right through and sure is fun in 2wd. Glad I got most of the issues worked out before today!
  10. You are not the only one happy to not see angry eyes!
  11. JMO413

    Ratricha the 88 Pioneer

    Had to find a picture of when I bought it. And it was in correct then. I must have put it in upside down when I added the headlight harness. I can't believe they made it so it could be installed upsidedown.
  12. JMO413

    Performance upgrades

    I can say the bored throttle body seemed to have the most noticable gain. I know mine is a Renix but just thinking and typing. It might be in part to already having updated the injectors and later ECM.
  13. JMO413

    Ratricha the 88 Pioneer

    Pulled the grill gaurd of today so I could put my grill in right side up. I also pulled the wiper transmission out and rebuilt it today. Best $4 I have spent in along time!!! Thinking I should get newer style arms my springs are not very tight anymore.
  14. JMO413

    Ratricha the 88 Pioneer

    Just installed my bored throttle body from meanlemons and wow. I am overly happy and impressed with this upgrade. There is definitely better throttle response. My butt dyno is happy! Taping the MAP sensor hole. Neal does great work! I believe this is one of the best upgrades you can do!