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  1. Didn't even think about checking the seals themselves for leaking! Thanks for the heads up
  2. Yeah I am pretty confident it is coming from the cowl, my last XJ had the same issue. I was worried it would be the heater core but that looked fine and it never runs low on coolant. I'll be sealing it up eventually, but in the meantime I treated the floor with POR15 and it's kept in our shop in SoCal so I am not too worried about it for the time being.
  3. Thanks! They are 4" overall, I picked them up off Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0014B5TDC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  4. Finally got the ball rolling after some recent life distractions, but with all the free time in quarantine I was able to finally finish the interior revamp. The interior on this truck has bugged me since the day I picked it up. The carpet was wrecked, the trim was beat up, the seat was beyond worn out, none of the courtesy lights worked, the “aftermarket stereo” only played out of 1 speaker, and the overall features were as basic as they come. Took it down to pretty much bare bones and decided to start fresh. There was some rust on the passenger side floor but other than that it was a clean slate to work with. From the ground up I added sound deadening on the floor, rear cab wall, firewall, and on the roof. Then lined it with flame retardant padding under the new carpet in hopes it would help insulate the cab. I picked up an upholstery kit for the bench seat from RayBuck Auto, and while it was apart I added some burlap over the springs and added a little foam on top for some extra support. I also added in some seat heaters and ran the wiring for the switch to the door handle panel. Behind the bench seat I mounted the amp and wrapped the cab cover piece in brown canvas. On either side are 6x9 Kenwood speakers on some custom platforms I made to mount the boxes against the cab wall. Unfortunately I could not get these creases in the carpet out, tried a heat gun, then an iron, then steam. Gave up and figured it would rarely be seen. Most of everything in the dash was swapped out. I added an XJ gauge cluster, a Kenwood head unit that controls the entire Kenwood sound system, swapped the broken cigarette lighter for a dual USB charger, added a clinometer on top of the dash and wired it into the gauge lights, installed a trans temp gauge with a switch plate that swaps out the useless plastic plate next to the gauges, and made a custom switch plate for 2 rocker switches on either side of the steering wheel. I also swapped every bulb for an LED version. All the switches are pre-wired into a custom fuse / relay box under the hood, so I have room for adding accessories as the build continues. You can also see my mini center console converted into cup holders. I was able to find wagoner door panels with crank windows to swap out the old door panels and match the other wood trim features. I also added the triangle flip windows with new window seals. Here is the final before and after comparison, this truck feels completely different now and will be much more enjoyable for long drives. And here is a video showing the new courtesy light setup. LED bulbs in the B pillars, and LED strips in the foot wells and along the bottom of the doors.
  5. I've been surprised no one had done this with a mini console yet, I did a more permanent version recently while redoing my interior. Had to dremel the hole a little bigger to accommodate full size cup holders but it works really well.
  6. I started mountain biking last year and got hooked, most sizing I see for bikes tho is S M L and XL so I am not sure what 18" relates too but, I'm 6'2" on a L sized full suspension and it's alright, I'll go XL for my next bike though. For $425 that's as solid entry level to see if you like it or not
  7. I wonder how freaky that feeling has to be when you're sticking out over the drop and just still going forward instead of down, then just dive bombing!
  8. So stoked to see this go, my brother worked on the capsule program in Hawthorne and we got to see this stuff in person on a tour and its crazy just how massive these rockets are. Then seeing it land itself on a drone ship just blows my mind, it's like watching a SciFi movie.
  9. This is awesome, I have been wanting to do this while redoing my interior. Where did you move the compass to when you chopped it down? Is it just hidden inside the console itself?
  10. Ive lived in LA county my whole life and it really sent shockwaves around here. Not much of a sports person myself but Kobe was definitely an icon for the sport, and it was all really tragic.
  11. My experience is that people in JKs / JLs don’t wave unless they have some modifications done and that’s probably because more and more “normal” people are buying Jeeps today. It’ll probably be the same with the Gladiator but I’ll continue to Jeep wave.
  12. That’s neat, wish it had an answer sheet too.
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