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    My build

    Lookin good!

    Merry Christmas

    this had me dying

    Parting Out 1990 XJ (Antelope Valley, CA)

    pm sent Also the XJ is gone now for all future people looking for parts. All I have left; - Rear Tire Carrier / Bumper - Rear Power Doors - Front Power Doors (Missing vent windows and door panels) - The Center Console - Power Steering setup - Stock 89 wheels with old KM2 32s on them

    Gladiator vs. Comanche - msn.com

    Link is working for me. I love pre 97 burgundy interiors

    New toy, FLIR:

    That would be so fun to walk around with

    Thanksgiving traditions

    That would be rad! I'm sure if you're cooking enough for everyone the HOA might be into it as well haha

    Thanksgiving traditions

    I know this is late, but my family has a "Trashcan Turkey" tradition... It sounds weird, but we cook 2 turkeys every year, 1 deep fried and 1 one done in a metal trashcan with coals. You want a bowl or something under the turkey as well to catch the juices and keep it humid in the trashcan. We've done brined turkey before but a smoked turkey cooked with the trashcan method has been one of the best tasting turkeys I've had.

    Anybody else have an MJ and and XJ?

    Well I technically have an XJ and MJ, however the XJ is currently being cannibalized into the MJ Here's some photos while it was still running. It threw a rod bearing when the oil pumped failed. Originally I was going to rebuild it and do some other stuff, until I found a pretty good deal on this 2WD LB Comanche. I've always wanted a Comanche and decided to start fresh rather than rebuild.

    About this here now Comanche Club forum thang ...

    Just wanted to jump on the bandwagon and thank Pete and everyone else on the forum so far. I have been a member of CherokeeForum and Naxja for years while I had my Cherokee, but after buying my Comanche this summer I found this forum shortly after and I have really enjoyed reading and seeing other builds and ideas on here. Everyone on this forum has been awesome in my limited experience, and I appreciate the vibe you all seem to have here and I hope to contribute more as my build begins.

    the new Jeep truck. it is what we all thought it would be.

    Saw this concept from Dirt Alliance, I'm already excited to see the race builds based on the Gladiator.
  11. Hey everyone, I have a 1990 XJ Laredo going to the scrap yard in a few weeks. This situation is weird, it is sitting on my parents property and I live an hour or so away so access to pulling stuff is limited. If you see a part in the pictures you need or let me know what you are looking for, I can go pull it later next week. Willing to ship smaller stuff but bigger stuff is obviously local pickup only. The doors are full power, the rear doors are untouched however the front doors are rough. They are missing the panels, the little vent window, window motors work but the driver side motor will probably need replacing. $75 for the front, $150 for the rear OBO The front passenger seat is decent, however the driver side seat is pretty dirty and is torn on the exit side from getting in and out of it over the years. $100 for both? OBO Rear axle is a Dana 35 with 3.55 gears, all in good shape. $250 Gauge cluster works fine, has the lights for the NP242 $50 Center Console is mostly there, missing the arm rest / lid. I also have the gear indicator but its torn. Going to try and clean up the console if I get some time, just mainly dirt and grease on it. $25 I have the cross-member (4.0 /AW4 setup), but there's a nice sized dent in the middle of it. Make me an offer. ECU $50 Rims are stock, have matching 5, tires are dry rotted and need to be replaced Make me an offer

    Anything worth pulling off a Renix XJ?

    I checked the rear awhile back and it's a Dana 35, which is weird because it has all the other options that would come with a tow package. Will the gauge cluster work in a 92? I thought the speedo was driven by something else, otherwise I prefer that cluster over the one with a giant gas gauge in my MJ. I'm also trying to see if the CC will work because this truck will see a lot of highway driving. Sounds good, I'm currently looking at things to swap into my MJ, I have a few friends with XJs that are going to pick the rest apart then scrap what's left. I want to post whats left on here, just depends on how long I can keep it on the property all pulled apart.

    Anything worth pulling off a Renix XJ?

    Good idea! Once I begin to tear it down I'll be posting the left over stuff if anyone is near in SoCal! It's the Laredo, power everything and I believe it might have had the tow package. Forgot to include that! I thought about using the doors but I would prefer manual locks / windows this time around. I'm fer sure using the front axle and T case for a 4WD conversion, but going through interior looking at stuff currently.

    Anything worth pulling off a Renix XJ?

    I have a 1990 Jeep XJ that is going to be scrapped beginning of next year, and I'm trying to decide on what I can pull off it to use on my 92 MJ, current ideas: Steering Column, the one in my XJ has tilt steering, and I was thinking of converting to the floor shifter while the trans is out as well. Cruise Control? Not sure if the renix era is different, it's all there so is it plug and play with a 92? The top dash is a lot cleaner (one in the MJ has a big hole on the top)

    Stock Rear Drive Shaft at 4" of Lift?

    Awesome, at least I can get out in the desert sooner than later!