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  1. I wonder how freaky that feeling has to be when you're sticking out over the drop and just still going forward instead of down, then just dive bombing!
  2. So stoked to see this go, my brother worked on the capsule program in Hawthorne and we got to see this stuff in person on a tour and its crazy just how massive these rockets are. Then seeing it land itself on a drone ship just blows my mind, it's like watching a SciFi movie.
  3. This is awesome, I have been wanting to do this while redoing my interior. Where did you move the compass to when you chopped it down? Is it just hidden inside the console itself?
  4. Ive lived in LA county my whole life and it really sent shockwaves around here. Not much of a sports person myself but Kobe was definitely an icon for the sport, and it was all really tragic.
  5. My experience is that people in JKs / JLs don’t wave unless they have some modifications done and that’s probably because more and more “normal” people are buying Jeeps today. It’ll probably be the same with the Gladiator but I’ll continue to Jeep wave.
  6. That’s neat, wish it had an answer sheet too.
  7. Received this fuel tank with my tuck when I bought it, I have the larger tank installed already so I have no need for this one. Brand new, never installed, asking $50. Might be willing to ship if costs are covered.

    Veterans Day

    That was pretty much the same with my grandpa, as a kid I'd always ask him to tell me stories about the war but he refused. He would rather talk about his horses and wood working haha. The only thing he was proud of was that he claimed to be the first person to drive a Jeep across the first floating bailey bridge at the Rhine River! Other than that, he just told me that the war was "something that had to be done, but nothing to be proud of".

    Veterans Day

    Found some photos recently of my grandpa who served in WWII, thank you to all who served!
  10. @Maveric Yeah these ^ are the ones I used in black, however I had to shave off some aplastic for them to fit as they were slightly bigger than OEM, just a heads up.
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