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  1. I am running 235/75r15. It appears this is the only size available for the Goodyear Wrangler Radials anymore. There are better tires out there but I am specifically going for an OEM look.
  2. What a phenomenal looking truck. Love the red on black and long bed to boot!
  3. This is such a cool build! Looking forward to further progress!
  4. To finish off the wheel refurbishment I added some center cap decals to cover the faded originals. The "Jeep" text is about 30% larger than OEM but I am happy with the look.
  5. Today I was finally able to get to my tire guy and have the original wheels that I refinished mated to some new tires. I went with the Goodyear Wrangler Radial as they were OE and just look great on a stock height Comanche. I am blown away by what a difference they made. This little truck now has a presence! Here she is this morning vs: this evening. No plans for a 4x4 conversion. My main goal with this Comanche is to keep it as close to stock as I can while refurbishing it to be as close to new as possible. There are a-lot of minor body issues that I will be addressing through 2022. If I ever get the cab sealed then I will complete its sound deadening treatment and put in new carpet.
  6. Freshened up the front end this week. Sanded and painted the grill and headlight housings. Added new Sylvania Xtravision headlights, along with new housings for the side markers and turn signals. Now the bumper looks bad lol. I suppose it will get the treatment next.
  7. Thanks for the kind words. Currently there is about a 12" run of wire between the battery post and the fuse for the stereo. The fuse that is located at the hinge of the hood prop is between the PDC and alternator. These pictures are a bit out of order but I changed out the dash lights a while back and what a difference! I also wrapped the grimy steering wheel with a leather wrap I purchased off amazon. Drained and refilled both the diff and transmission. Last but not least I had that rusted exhaust pipe replaced.
  8. Got around to doing a few things this week. Painted the dash bezel, added a dash mat, magnetic cell phone holder, cup holder, B pillar lights, dash lights, NOS passenger door handle, more sound deadening and some component speakers. The cab is turning into a nice place to be!
  9. Received these Jensen tweeters in the mail today. I almost hate to cut them up considering they are brand new. They will be housing new polk tweeters upon my component speaker upgrade.
  10. I may be too late but I am running the MTX TN8MS. I have it mounted to the floor underneath/behind the passenger. Rounds out the bottom end nicely!
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