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  1. So my temp sensor on the new MJ is broken. I can pull the sensor apart and it doesn't go above 110 on the gauge. I've been searching around and cannot find the proper sender. Mine seems to be the plug type but I can only find a screw on type for gauges. The plug type only shows up for the idiot light. Attached is a picture from RockAuto. Am I missing something or does my sender indeed have threads even though it appears to be a plug?
  2. Dzimm

    Brake caliper bolt

    Find a drill bit that is just too big to slide through the existing hole. Reference the hole size that comes with the tap set to find the appropriate size tap to use. Then get a bolt that is the same size as your tap. Drill the hole out to clean it, tap it, install your bolt. Just make sure to get grade 8.
  3. Dzimm

    92 Turbo, Autocross MJ

    Got some work done on the truck today. Idk if the previous owner had He-Man tighten everything down or what but every bolt and plug were super freakin tight. I was really worried about snapping the oil drain plug off. Started out by installing a headlight harness. This is the first one I've installed that I actually screwed the relays to the fender. I usually just zip tie them to something. I also changed the oil, which smelled really bad, I'm guessing it hadn't been changed in a while, and replaced oil pressure sensor because the gauge was going haywire. When the heater hose valve was leaking, it covered the sensor and I was pretty sure that's what was causing my problems. The new sensor however, only reads between 70-75psi no matter what the engine is doing. I'm hoping the sensor is bad out of the box. I really don't like how the oil filter is vertical on the older Jeeps, how is there not just a giant air pocket in it? I went through and cleaned some of the electrical connectors and grounds under the hood. Before doing the ground on the block, my battery gauge only read 12ish volts while the engine was running. Now it's reading 14. The truck came with a new fuel filter so I went ahead and threw that on. I had to put a zip tie between the bracket and the fuel filter to make it tight in the bracket. The last thing I did was change the fluid in the trans. The trans was grinding while at half throttle in fifth gear. When I pulled the fill plug out, fluid came pouring out the fill hole. It must have been filled through the top of the trans because it had at least 4 quarts in it. There was some metal flakes in the fluid and it was pretty dark and stank as well. I filled it back up with Redline MT-90 and now it shifts like a dream, doesn't grind in fifth, and feels much more responsive. While doing the trans fluid change, I noticed that there was what looks like some kind of sealant around the clutch fluid line where the plastic line meets the metal fitting. Is this normal? I can't imagine a pressurized fluid line would depend on a connection like this.
  4. Dzimm

    92 Turbo, Autocross MJ

    I've been talking with the rules guy of the local group and he said that most trucks he sees just run smaller wheels/tires to fit in the street classes. He saw no reason a Comanche couldn't be run stock with smaller wheels. I measured my truck at 68" track width and 71.5" tall so I'd have to get different offset wheels and shorter tires to run stock since like you said, the rules require equal or greater track width compared to height. There is an event Sunday at the Iowa Events Center I am going to try to make to get to see what it's all about and ask some questions.
  5. Dzimm

    92 Turbo, Autocross MJ

    So I just looked at the rulebook and from my understanding, it doesn't look like adding forced induction is allowed in any of the "street" classes. First mention of it being allowed I see is in section 17 for "Prepared." Even suspension and seat modifications don't seem to be allowed at all in street. For instance, there is a rule that carries through the street classes that you cannot reduce the amount of seats in the vehicle (I'm assuming to negate weight reduction) but since my truck has a bench seat, does that mean I can't put buckets in it because it reduces the number of seats? I even noticed some rules stating you have to use oem replacement parts when available and can only use aftermarket parts if you can prove that oem parts aren't available anymore, not that they would ever know something isn't oem. I didn't realize the rules were so strict on stuff.
  6. Dzimm

    92 Turbo, Autocross MJ

    Hmmm interesting. So if I run like stupid wide wheel spacers I'm good? Lol. What limitations are their on suspension modification?
  7. Dzimm

    Manual Window Regulator

    I am in need of a manual window regulator for the drivers door that works. Need one super cheap tho. Shipped to 50054.
  8. Dzimm

    Tire question

    Tires are almost never exactly the height they are measured at. Some companies run slightly larger than advertised and some slightly smaller. At 34.4" it would either be advertised as 34", 35", or even 34.5" depending on the company that made them.
  9. Dzimm

    92 Turbo, Autocross MJ

    Did the first repair on it today. Removed the heater hose valve because it was leaking really bad. Turns out that one of the connections on it was completely desintegrated. Put some straight connectors on the hoses and plugged the vacuum line.
  10. I had never done it myself either. I just did a bunch of research on proper prep work and took my time. The paint and primer go on super easy, the hardest part was the clear coat because it's so thin that it wants to run on the vertical surfaces. Also if you rattlecan, get a spray can handle, it's an absolute lifesaver.
  11. Fantastic. Just as good as it looked day one. People still give me the, I don't believe you face when I tell them. I have to point out my run on the front fender to convince them. The only problem I've had with it is that I door dinged myself and it took some paint off easier than real auto paint would, but it didn't go through the primer. The nice part is I can easily touch it up with extra paint I've got. I've driven it through pine tree branches and under oak trees and it gets surface scratches like any paint would but nothing through the clear coat. I would definitely do it again, you really can't beat a $100 paint job that is holding up like this. It really is all in the prep work.
  12. I had the same issue with mine. I didnt want to mess with chemicals so I ended up just using a wire wheel and stripped it down to the factory primer or straight to bare steel, then repainted. It worked quite well and the wire wheel won't dig into the metal like a flap disk so you don't have to worry about an uneven surface. You could just use a sander but it would take forever.
  13. Dzimm

    92 Turbo, Autocross MJ

    Yeah from the research I've done it seems that trucks and SUVs fall into a gray area in autocross classes because they really don't want top heavy vehicles out there. Being lowered may change what classes I'd be allowed to run in but like you said, some places could be super strict.
  14. Dzimm

    Los Angeles - 3x grill inserts (91-92)

    Do you happen to have the light bezels that match the glossy gray one?
  15. Dzimm

    8.25 from my MJ $100 SEPA

    I would take it from you if you happened to be coming through central Iowa.. Or could ship for free.. Lol