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  1. Unplug the trans computer and drive it like a manual. The computer will be located under the dash to the right in the driver's footwell. It's a metal box that says Aisin on it. You'll have 1st, 3rd, and 4th (D). If it drives fine in all gears, then it's an electrical issue. If you still have problems with the computer unplugged, then it's mechanical.
  2. Did you refill the trans fluid afterwards? The radiator holds more trans fluid than you'd think. And if your trans was already low, it could now be low enough it's not working properly.
  3. Dzimm

    Unexpected find

    That's sad to hear. Wonder if he parked them all after his accident. That tarp may be hiding the aftermath of the wreck, it also helps explain the folded frame.
  4. Dzimm

    Get Winter Tires!

    Yeah studs are illegal here too. Are they legal anywhere in the lower 48? Maybe up in the mountains?
  5. Dzimm

    Unexpected find

    It could just be an illusion or my eyes playing tricks on me but is the maroon one sagging in the center? Looks like a banana to me. Cool find for sure, did you ask the tow truck guy about them?
  6. Yeah math and numbers^^^. The taller your springs are, generally the stiffer they will be. Run the Rusty's. You've got them already and they aren't bad. I've had both a 3" rough country lift and currently have a 4.5" Rusty's lift. The Rusty's kit has a slightly better ride quality in my experience and is a little nicer of a kit all around.
  7. Dzimm

    Get Winter Tires!

    When Pete came by to visit in September, we had a discussion about tires and he recommended I get some winter tires for my XJ since it's my winter DD. I have always been skeptical of the claims on what winter tires could do but I took his advice and I am very glad I did! I got a set of Firestone Winterforce 2 UV tires in 225/75R15 for $83/each shipped to my door from Amazon. These are the cheapest name brand winter tire I could find and have been on the XJ since mid October. With shop cost I am in this right around $400 total. This past week we have had a few snow storms come through so I finally got a chance to try them out and these tires have been phenomenal! I've driven these on ice, through a blizzard, and on the typical packed down snow on city streets. The ice was still slick but easier to stop on, on packed snow they just grip and go. I have been driving them pretty hard on the packed snow to get a feel for what they can do. In 2wd they have slid in the rear only when I gave it a lot of throttle but are still very easy to control when sliding. With normal winter driving they didn't slide at all. I feel much more in control when drifting corners and such now as they just seem to go the way you point the nose of the Jeep as long as you stay on the throttle and steering still works while sliding because the front tires have good grip. In 4wd, I mash the pedal and they just grip and take off like it's dry pavement. Even around corners i haven't gotten any understeer while actually trying to get it to slide. Taking corners way too fast it just turns uneventfully. Straight line acceleration is normal and doesn't feel like it slips at all with the pedal to the floor. This was all done on the typical snow packed roads with random spots of ice you find on winter roads in small towns and cities. I AM IN NO WAY saying to go drive like this, this was me just testing out the tires capabilities. It's still very important to drive carefully in winter, but with these tires, you are so much more in control and so much safer on the road. I truly believe now that any winter tire will greatly outperform an all-season. I've never had so much control over a vehicle on slick roads, I kind of felt like I was driving a rally when doing the testing, it was quite fun. I wanted to say thank you to Pete for the recommendation, I will probably always have a set of winter tires going forward and I would recommend everybody look into getting a set if you live in a climate that gets snow. You will not regret it.
  8. The simple way to think of it is 4H is for driving at speed on loose/slippery/offroad type surfaces. 4L is for low speed, high torque type applications such as climbing a rock or getting unstuck. You can shift into 4H "on the fly" without taking your foot off the gas or shifting the transmission. I usually take my foot off the gas at least just to make sure everything shifts into gear smoothly. I recall that Jeep said they can be shifted into 4H at speeds up to 60mph or so. Although I doubt you'd have a need for it at that speed. To shift into 4L you need to come to a complete stop, shift the trans into neutral, then into 4L, then shift the trans back into gear. Like stated above you can do some wizardry and shift into 4L while moving but I can't imagine that's good for it and is only for experienced off-roaders.
  9. Very nice looking truck but I doubt I'd trust anyone (especially a dealer) who claims 33k miles on an MJ unless it's the original owner with some paperwork to give some proof.
  10. That's pretty cool but limits the turbo size. There isn't much room down there and I wouldn't want that much heat next to literally all the brake lines in the Jeep. Hopefully this helps create more of a market for turbo stuff for the 4.0 but I hope the $400 price tag doesn't catch on.
  11. I had a fan with 2 blades bent like that and didn't know it so no idea how long it was that way. When I found it I bent them back and didn't notice any difference in the sound or anything coming from the fan. I suppose it could cause added wear on the water pump over time if not perfectly balanced. Like stated above, get a replacement if you are worried about it. They can be had cheap.
  12. yeah that's exactly what he did, can't really tell until you zoom in.
  13. Wonder if the bag on the center console had anything to do with this wreck.. bummer.
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