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  1. Check the battery. My 98 XJ used to do that. Would even die while driving it, tried another battery and it would start.
  2. Bump stops are located on the frame rail to provide the best support as they are the last thing keeping the suspension from crashing through the floor when the truck bottoms out. XJ bump stops seem offset from the spring plate because the leaf springs are mounted on the outside of the frame whereas the MJ leafs are mounted to the underside of the frame. The stock bump stop location on your MJ should be just fine. Unless you flex it out very frequently and rather violently, your bump stops and center pin will be fine.
  3. Dzimm

    Debt Collection Advice

    I'll check out small claims and see what the requirements are. I'm going to try to sit down with her because I haven't had a face to face yet. If that fails, send a demand letter and hope that's the end of it. I'm thinking the same as you guys, it's a learning experience and it will probably remain that way because my time and effort in court probably isn't worth it.
  4. Dzimm

    Debt Collection Advice

    It's sole proprietor and I would assume just an asset sale as it is like 5 employees and the owner of the business in a rented building. Honestly this business is an absolute mess. The sale was very shady as in some credit card debt was hidden, the previous owner decided to make a bunch of personal purchases on the company card right before the sale and didn't disclose the new purchases and wouldn't pay them back to the new owner, and the legal name of the business is different than what it currently has on signage and goes by (they changed it due to confusion with another daycare's name in the same town) and never changed it on the paperwork side. Is that even allowed? Edit: would the new owner verbally saying they would pay the debt to a few different people mean anything?
  5. Dzimm

    Debt Collection Advice

    So I am in a situation where a small dog daycare owes me $500 for labor because I built some 4ft walls to separate the rooms. This work was done about a year ago and so far I have only been paid back for materials cost. The problems I have are that the agreement for payment and work to be done was over text message so not a formal contract but a contract non the less? I'm also not actually a business, my girlfriend used to work there and I agreed to do it because I could use the money and had the knowhow and tools. The other big issue is that the agreement was made with the previous owner of the business, which has now been sold to the groomer. The groomer was and still is aware of this debt. There were a bunch of other debts that the PO didn't tell the groomer about though so they had a shady sale. What I want to know is what are my options for collecting the debt? Send a collection notice? Lawyer?
  6. Anyone notice he says the Jeep wave is for Wranglers? Apparently even Jeep doesn't wave to the other models.
  7. Friend of mine just sent me this. Super cool looking truck.
  8. Dzimm

    who knows copyright law?

    This^^ Any attorney can get one written up real quick and it shouldn't cost much. You may even be able to have it done in a generic way so you can reuse it for any future problems.
  9. Dzimm

    HP "instant ink" program

    I personally haven't used it nor do I know anyone who does. Looking at the plan though, you'd have to figure out how many pages and how many ink cartridges you use in a month then do the math. Just from in my head napkin math it sounds like you could save some money with it but thats completely dependent on what is being printed. I also imagine your printer would have to be monitored by HP in some way so they know how many pages you actually are printing.
  10. Same as the Wrangler. Has to do with some sort of detection system. Lane departure, blind spot monitoring, or something like that I can't remember for sure.
  11. Dzimm

    Going to pick up Comanche this week

    Driver's floor pan was rusted out completely, the passenger floor had surface rust under the carpet, underside had surface rust and the rear wheel wells were rusted out under the flares. Actually looks to be about the same shape the OP's truck is in. Mine was wrecked at some point in its life and the most recent PO left it sitting in a garage completely stripped for a few years. I bought it as a roller and fixed all the rust as I built it. Edit: in case you are wondering, I paid $1000 for it completely stripped. Now have prolly about $6000 total in it.
  12. Dzimm

    Going to pick up Comanche this week

    That's probably one we should ask. The rusty ones need saved too right? We certainly don't want to drag all the rust free ones to the rust belt to destroy them. What you guys yelling avoid the truck don't realize is that when you own a rust free truck up here, it kinda really sucks. Mine sits in the garage for almost 6 months a year because of the salt. I would love to go play in the snow but I can't without getting it salty and I certainly don't want to have to freeze my a$$ off outside trying to wash the thing clean everyday. For the location the truck is for sale in, it's a fair price for a good running truck. Older trucks don't stay for sale very long around here anymore, even if they are rusted out. Obviously if time and money where no object, everybody would buy vehicles from the south or west but unfortunately, it costs a good chunk of time and money to make that happen. The OP has already said he doesn't have the ability to travel and has said the seller is willing to negotiate so let's see what happens.
  13. Dzimm

    Painting the MJ

    Rattle canned my blue truck for a little under $200. Used about 30-35 cans total of primer/paint/clear and a full weekend to disassemble, prep, paint, and reassemble. If you rattle can, definitely grab a cheap trigger attachment for a spray can. Freshly painted in this picture. A year and a half later, it still looks fantastic. For paint I did: - 1 medium-heavy coat of primer sealer (6 cans) Plus the many layers that were already on the truck from my previous repairs. - 1 light coat of automotive primer (5.5 cans) This stuff did not spray or coat well and I didn't want the possibility of "tiger stripes" so I only did 1 coat. - 2 coats of blue (10.5 cans) This sprayed and coated very well. The first coat was light-medium and the second coat was a heavy coat. - 2 coats of clear (9.5 cans) These cans sprayed a little sporadic, which led to a couple small runs but overall it coated well. Both coats were medium coats. Link to page 3 of my build thread explaining the painting with many pictures of the process.
  14. Dzimm

    California Fires

    Very glad you and your family made it out safe. It's very noble of you and your family to help out others in need even under your own terrible circumstances. That says a lot about what kind of people you are. Best of luck to you and everyone else affected by this tragedy.
  15. Dzimm

    Going to pick up Comanche this week

    See for someone without a trailer, that requires renting a trailer to haul it, which cost money. Food, gas, ect also costs money, as well as lodging if you can't make a day trip. All driving the cost up. Potential missed work can be an issue for people as well. Unfortunately most people can't just pick up and make a trip like that, at least only a handful of people I know could but they also aren't the kind of people buying 30 year old trucks. Rust repair can definitely be costly but for floor pans and rockers it's not going to run $1000 unless you pay a shop to do it. Getting into besides, cab corners, frame, ect gets to a point it becomes not worth it. And it can cost less than $100 to do floors if you snag the steel from an old appliance and do it the less than factory way. As for the lift, idk why people bash so hard on budget kits like Rough Country and Rusty's. I've now had both and had no issues with either and will gladly purchase again. Of course I'm sure they don't compare to OME but they cost a whole lot less. Now if I had the money to drop in an OME kit, I'd likely also have the money to travel to or ship a southern truck and believe me, I wish I did. Haha. I can't blame you, I would never buy a northern vehicle if I had the options you do. I feel like we are getting further off topic now. Either way there is pros and cons to either route we take up here and it really comes down to what we can reasonably make work. Research is always a good thing and can make the end result much better but sometimes we have to take what we can get.