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  1. If you go into the bios does it show up? I imagine it would since you found it recognized in windows but I'm curious if the mobo actually recognizes it as a drive, boot drive, or if it recognizes the full capacity or just a partition. If the HP SATA controller drivers don't work, it's possible either the drive is dead or just won't work with windows 7 for some reason.
  2. Dzimm

    92 Turbo, Autocross MJ

    After thinking my brake issues were fixed I continued driving the truck to work over the last couple weeks and still had some strange things happening. The rotors ended up being warped from the brakes locking up after the first round of brake work. Well at first it only seemed to be affecting braking so I knew I needed new brakes but not necessarily immediately. But the first time I drove it to work I started to get a really bad shimmy in the front end about 10 mins into my drive that would either go away on its own, or go away after I pulled over and took off again. I figured the shimmy had to be due to the warped brakes so I ordered new rotors/hubs, pads, calipers, bearings and seals, and soft lines for the front. When the parts arrived I got the work done over last weekend. Started by tearing everything apart and found the drivers side spindle had some wear in it. This will get replaced eventually but it's gonna have to do for now since I had to do way more brake work than I had anticipated. I also found that rotor to be cracked. First step of install was to swap over to the new calipers and hoses. I attached the hose to the caliper while it was on the bench then attached the hose to the truck. Packed the bearings with grease and got them in the hub and tapped the new outer seal into place. After the rotor/hub has greased bearings and rear seal I slid it onto the spindle, put on the new thrust washer, new nut torqued properly thanks to HOrnbrod and his FSM, new nut retainer, and new cotter pin. Replaced dust cover, installed new pads and retainers, and bolted up the calipers. Bled brakes and reinstalled the wheels and all seemed well. Did a long test drive and everything seemed fine until I drove to work a couple days later... 10 mins into my drive I started to lose speed for seemingly no reason. Down shifted to fourth and I was able to accelerate back up to 70mph and shifted back to 5th and had no issues the rest of the drive. This happened every day after 10 mins of driving down the highway. Fast forward to yesterday when I finally had the ah-ha moment. The booster and master the I used were the ones that came in the blue truck when I bought it. I never took the master off the booster because I assumed it was a matched pair from the factory. I was wrong and found the push rod to be too long and not allowing the master to return completely causing brake drag. Since the push rod is recessed inside the booster it's kind of a pain to adjust but with a small socket and long needle nose pliers it can be done. Grip the shaft with the pliers and use the socket on the end of the push rod. After some trial and error I found that 3 threads shorter than what it was at was perfect. I didn't use any special tools, I just pushed the master on and felt for engagement between the master and push rod. The pedal feels so much nicer now and after a trip to work I had no issues. Finally!!
  3. Don't use windows to update it, use HPs website and download it from there. I don't think I've ever had windows able to update a driver and always had to pull it from the manufacturer website.
  4. Try going to HPs website, put in the laptop model number, and search for a SATA controller driver for the laptop. This may allow Windows to recognize the drive properly. HDDs themselves don't have a dedicated driver to operate, its actually a driver for the SATA controller that does it even tho almost all manufacturers list it as a separate HDD driver. I'm wondering if updating your HP SATA controller may cause it to be recognized properly.
  5. Ok this is making more sense now. Have you tried contacting Toshiba customer support?
  6. Are you putting the hard drive model number into Toshiba's site or the laptop model number?
  7. Do this, windows is dumb when it comes to drivers. If you can easily get the hdd out to see the manufacturer and model numbers do that. You can find this in software as well, right click on the drive, click properties, click hardware id's, and it will display the ID numbers for the manufacturer. Plug the number into a database website like PCI Lookup and it will spit out the manufacturer info.
  8. Wow I'm surprised it boots into windows being that the motherboard is different. Usually they are locked to the board. Older OS use a master/slave system so that hdd may be considered the master. When you boot the computer, hit whatever key it says to get to the boot menu, usually f10 or delete. Then boot your ssd. This will allow the hdd to show up like a flash drive in file explorer. Pull the files you want to keep onto the new ssd temporarily, then format the hdd. After formatting it, it will act like a secondary hdd. Unless the laptop or the old hdd has some weird boot priorities this should work.
  9. Dzimm

    2wd Brake woes

    Yeah that's what I was afraid of.. It's got newer upper and brand new lower ball joints so I was hoping not to have to take it completely apart but I guess I probably should.
  10. Yeah you have to be missing an electrical connection somewhere. A random ground is the easiest to miss so you'll just have to start checking.
  11. Have you started or driven the truck at all yet or is this just the first time you had power going to it? Sounds like you missed a ground somewhere or don't have a plug completely seated. You should have a couple wires grounded under the drivers kick panel, I believe there is 3 that ground to the fender on the drivers side behind the computer, I'm pretty sure there is one under the center console, and then the various grounds to the engine block on the passenger side. My best guess is something under the dash or on the drivers fender since it's both the main computer and trans computer not being read. Other causes to the problem could be plugs not completely seated, various sensors, computers themselves but from all the symptoms you describe in guessing it's a ground or plug somewhere.
  12. Dzimm

    2wd Brake woes

    So I got the brakes finished up last night and everything went well. I am a little concerned however because it looks like someone went crazy with a grinder on the drivers side spindle. There were no metal shavings in the hub when I removed it so it's not the bearings causing it but I don't want the thing to snap off on me. The cuts aren't very deep but I can't imagine it wouldn't affect strength in some way.
  13. Dzimm

    Fuel pump issue?

    Double check the ground behind your driver's side taillight, it's an extremely important ground point. Also do the Cruiser's tips relating to upgrading grounds. Since you say the 12v comes and goes right away, it sounds like the computer might be cutting fuel. Try running 12v directly to the pump under the truck and see if it kicks on. If it does, then you know the pump is good so you can start checking sensors.
  14. Dzimm

    Fab skills?

    Apocalypse Auto on YouTube has some videos of their vehicles going to Wasteland Weekend. Not my cup of tea but quite creative.