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  1. Didn't the 231 come out with the XJ? I thought that was in all the XJs and assumed it carried into the MJ.
  2. Dzimm

    Does anyone send parts to England?

    The console krustyballer16 posted is the same dark red color (maroon) as your interior. Not sure if the language is translating properly for you but it's the color you are looking for. The lighting in the picture makes the console look brown but it's going to match the plastic of your steering column.
  3. Commandtrac is the more common part time 4wd (NP231) transfer case. Selectrac is the full time 4wd (NP228/NP242) transfer case. The NP242 came out in 1987 so an 86 MJ with Selectrac would have the older NP228 case.
  4. Rubbing alcohol won't do any damage to them. Just wipe with clean water when you finish. If the paint turns out to be something other than acrylic, sanding with fine sandpaper will take it off and won't damage them.
  5. This is good info to know. I mostly see people just say the kits are bad but never actually say why or what parts are so bad.
  6. Dzimm

    Diesel Cherokee Wagoneer Holy Grail?

    More more we need more! From what I can see in the video, it looks pretty clean. We need to see the rest for sure tho! I say clean it up and keep it stock. I've never seen a diesel wagoneer before and from what you describe this is optioned with, this thing sounds like hens teeth to me.
  7. I'm just curious because I don't understand why everyone bashes the budget kits. Have you actually had first hand experience with failures of these kits, and what failures did you experience? I've run both a Rusty's kit and a Rough Country kit for many miles and never had issues with either. I don't wheel them hard so that may play into my success with them but they do get used regularly enough that I'd say they perform well enough off-road and on-road for a budget build. This is strictly a curiosity thing, we really don't need another thread arguing about these kits.
  8. I'd agree with the above. Definitely try to get it a little cheaper but take it either way. Could make over half your money back on the tailgate and lights alone. Not sure where you are but if parts aren't rusty (cab corners, bed, ECT.), even if they are beat up, will sell to us in the rust belt. I myself would take some cab corners if the price is right.
  9. Same for me, no rubbing with the Rusty's 4.5" kit and included lowers, that are of good quality. I'd imagine it would be the same with a 3" kit.
  10. I looked around when I first found it was leaking a few months back and it seemed to be coming from the top of the tank but on the frame side so I really couldn't see anything. This time, the entire driver's side and rear of the tank was completely soaked and steadily dripping. It had even soaked the frame rail and it was dripping out of the front leaf spring mount. I'm guessing it rusted through somewhere up top because the tank is pretty much covered in rust. I got probably 9 gallons or so out of it so it should only have a couple left in it. It stopped dripping so I'm no longer worried about gallons of gasoline spilling all over my garage. I've got a new tank and straps on the way from Rock Auto, I will drop the tank soon and order any other parts I need.
  11. What do you guys do at 2am on a Saturday?
  12. So I drove my 92 today for the first time in a while. It previously would drip fuel from the top of the tank if I filled it completely. It was by no means bad and I figure do had some time before getting it fixed. I planned on doing it this spring. Today I filled it to about 3/4 tank like I've always done and used it to haul some stuff. It's been sitting in my garage now for about 12 hours and I've got a 2'x2' wet spot under the tank and I can see the fuel dripping. The tank is soaked and I can see the fuel seaping down the side of it and the leaf spring perch is also soaked and dripping. I put a couple foil pans under it to catch as much as possible but what options do I have with a leaking tank with prolly 10-12 gallons of gas in it? I also can't do much as far as driving because we are about to get another good helping of snow over the next few days. Edit: I think I already came up with my solution and feel kinda stupid now but I'm gonna try to syphon some out and fill the other vehicles. Most are pretty full tho so we'll see how much I can get out.
  13. Yeah I only know of one junk yard that is a you pull around here and it's in Des Moines. I've never actually gone there but if you call, they only have a vague idea of what vehicles they have. If they do know they have the vehicle, they couldn't even tell you if it had an engine in it still and forget about them going to check for you. That's been my experience with them anyway. Most yards seem to crush regularly now too, so they don't hold much for inventory. Cheapest I can find an XJ leaf is $65. That means $130 for a set of rusty and sagged springs.. no thanks.
  14. Yeah my old 98 XJ springs were inverted when I changed them out. Those actually fell apart after they were removed so they got junked. That's some good logic I suppose for the 3" going the other way. That's kind of what I was wondering, if there was other vehicles that would lower it that I could keep an eye out for.