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  1. I know of one like that. I've never seen it move however it looks to be in good shape and well maintained. I know it gets driven because in the fall it'll have a bed full of sticks or leaves and then it'll be empty the next time I go by. I've known about this one for quite a few years but haven't talked to the guy.
  2. You could try posting a wanted ad on the Arlington area Craigslist or maybe there's a local facebook swap group for that area. You may get a lead from someone there.
  3. Dzimm


    Thanks to eaglescout526 finding this truck was originally sold from BRIGGS JEEP MANHATTEN, KS. There is still a dealer with this name however it doesn't appear to be a Jeep dealer anymore as of 2021.
  4. Dzimm


    Thanks to eaglescout526 finding this truck was originally sold from UFTRING JEEP EAST PEORIA, IL. This dealer is still around as of 2021.
  5. Thats pretty cool! Thanks for offering to do this.
  6. I would say to just get new ones so you never have to worry about it. If your 8.8 has disk brakes, you'll need new parking brake cables anyway. I'm also not sure if the axle end of the softline is the same for an 8.8. Get yourself some copper/nickel brake line and put it on the axle before installing, then you just have to attach the top end of the softline when you put the axle in. It's much easier to run the new brake lines with the axle out of the truck.
  7. Since Jan 31st is my 26th birthday, I will be offering free shipping to celebrate. The free shipping applies to the continental US on any order of $15 or more for anything I offer here in the vendors section. For those of you outside the continental US, I will pay up to $5 of your shipping charge. There are links to everything I offer below. This offer will run from today (Jan 26th) until I update this post on Jan 31st. Once this post is updated, the free shipping sale is over. This post will be updated to a post of a new part I will be releasing. The new part has been reque
  8. Dzimm

    Help Videos

    How to use the search function would be a good one.
  9. These dang hosting sites. I noticed some of my older pictures hosted on Tapatalk have started to disappear. I have the originals but have no idea what the pictures were that are gone.
  10. It's been over a year since I've updated this thread, dang time flies.. It just came to mind after 89MJ posted videos of jumping his soon to be parts truck. Figured I'd update on it since there has been some work done and as I get projects knocked out, it's getting closer to the top of my priority list so it'll be coming up again soon. Since the last update the brakes have been fixed, turned out to be a rusted brake line along the frame near the rear. I had redone the lines on the rear axle for my buddy when he owned it pre-wrecked a few years back but we didn't touch anything i
  11. Dzimm

    Fly, MJ, Fly

    Lol there ya go, I'd be a little weary doing it with a unibody though, long term it'll get bent up. I bought my 98 Suzuki Sidekick for $200, put $100 in it to fix it, and regularly drive it like you did this truck, wide open and airborne! Best $300 I ever spent!
  12. Dzimm

    Fly, MJ, Fly

    Now you're gonna want an off-road toy you can beat on over and over again and not worry about the frame disintegrating.
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