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  1. Are you talking about those popup things you stick in the windshield when it's hot? I think you can get those in a two piece design and overlap them in the middle.
  2. The 97+ visors had a safety label, never seen one on a 96- though.
  3. I think you'll be opening it back up unfortunately.
  4. Since you are using it as a basic off-road capable rig and are wanting to cut the fenders fit the 35s I'd recommend keeping it simple with a 4.5" kit from Rusty's or similar that comes complete with everything. That way you get a pallet of parts and can just start bolting them on. Since you are replacing the axle it's not really anymore work on the axle for spring over since you have to weld on new spring pads to match the MJ regardless if you go SOA or SUA. With SOA you would reuse your leaf springs but need the lift parts for the front to match. Usually this route is a bit o
  5. PMd. If there's more you'd like, just let me know! I only know of the standard flat replacements, I haven't seen any other type but haven't looked too hard.
  6. These are finally available and can be found at the link below.
  7. This is a pair of 3D printed side mirror mounts for the breakaway style mirrors found on the 84-96 Jeep Cherokee XJ and the 86-92 Jeep Comanche MJ. This replaces the always broken and faded plastic mounts. This is both the driver and passenger side so one order will do one vehicle. INSTALLATION - You can either take the entire mirror off the vehicle to work on the bench (three big screws on the inside of the door) or do it with the mirror still mounted to the vehicle. If you are working alone it may be easier to do still being attach
  8. Definitely something big. Looks like the Kind visor may be salvageable as well.
  9. I will definitely be selling them. Keep an eye on the Vendors section this weekend, you should see the thread pop up. I delayed posting the thread a few days because I've been extremely busy this week.
  10. You weren't kidding that bumper is destroyed. It's not a factory one though, not sure if that was custom built or where it came from. You might get a Cherokee one to work but it's a completely different mounting setup so you'd have to fabricate mounts for it. There is an aftermarket step bumper made by FEY that has Comanche specific mounting brackets. Not sure if it would be available at any retailers there but can be bought many places online. The FEY bumper part numbers are 63000 for black bumper, 73000 for chrome bumper, and 97900 for the Comanche mounting brackets. You may
  11. Yeah they fit the hole just fine. You have to use the latch from a 97+ on the b-pillar. Many different ways people have done it such as elongate the hole so it lines up or cutting that area out and welding it in. Lots of trial and error adjusting it to get it to latch properly but not a hard job. Everything else about the door is entirely different though so don't expect to swap door panels and such. Someone took the guts from a 97+ door and put it into a 96- door so it could use the large window. Looked like a lot of work but was doable.
  12. In that case I'd recommend just a basic kit, nothing too fancy. Looks like the Rough Country one you posted is just springs and shocks, the Rusty's comes with springs as well as the u-bolts and rear brake line relocation bracket which is nice. You'll want to make sure your brake lines are lone enough by either relocation brackets or longer hoses. At 3" up front you can move the brake fitting mount lower on the frame to extend them. Your sway bar links will be too short so you'll want either longer links or drop brackets. The stock lower control arms are also on the edge of ac
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