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  1. There are usually factory ones floating around for sale. Most can be had for cheap and sometimes free but they are almost always bent slightly. If you want something new and affordable, FEY makes a universal step bumper and mounting brackets specific for the MJ. Bumper part numbers are 63000 for black and 73000 for chrome. The MJ mounting brackets are 97900. Search around a bit and you can find a deal usually. I got mine for around $100-$120 on sale. I think O'reillys had it cheapest last time it came up but you can find it at many different retailers and online stores so you
  2. One thing to know about silicone, that nasty vinegar smell you get when it is curing is actually a chemical it's offgassing that can cause heavy rusting. You can get silicone that doesn't have this chemical, typically it's designed for aquariums and also I think GE silicone II. But as Pete mentioned, something automotive grade would be best.
  3. Have no fear, I'm actually at the near end of development for replacement OEM switch faces to replace cracked and broken ones. Keep any and all broken switches because they can be fixed easily!
  4. If the rollbar attaches to the front slope of the wheel well, it's a factory bar. If it attaches to the top of the wheel well it is aftermarket. If it's not on the truck just look at the rear mounting points and you'll be able to tell how it mounts to the wheel well.
  5. I've seen people tuck the wire beneath the rubber windshield gasket and run it down into the fender then into the engine bay but if you have the factory metal trim still that won't work. Best bet in that case would be to drill a hole in the roof for a clean install, just have to seal it up really good. As far as wiring yeah you'd tie it into the running lights.
  6. Dzimm

    Crewmanche VIDEO

    I just came across this video. It's an outsider perspective on offroading but features a Crewmanche. I have never seen a video of one nor have I seen this one in particular before. Its a good watch.
  7. It wasn't terrible to drill, just step the drill bit size up. On page 7 of my build thread near the bottom of the page there are more pictures and info on it. https://comancheclub.com/topic/56220-92-turbo-autocross-mj/page/7/#comments
  8. I welded both sides with a flux core. You'd be fine with doing the same but I'd use the stick welder since you have it. It's also really hard to get the mig gun in there to get a good weld.
  9. Well here's hoping it turns out to not be transmission related. It was running fine all day until that last jump so I figured it has to have broke due to that. I didn't do any real troubleshooting yet, was trying to limit damage and it was the end of the day so we were packing up. I'm going to see about getting it to my house so I can get it cleaned off and spend some time with it. Thanks for the input! I'll try to get out there again soon and do some testing in other gears just to see what it does.
  10. Yes it worked great. I put it on one of the spring plates for the bottom of the shock. I got it tight, then welded it, then had to cut a small notch in the nut to fit the u-bolt through the plate.
  11. Anyone here familiar with the internals of an automatic trans? Specifically for a 98 Suzuki Sidekick or Chevy Tracker. I was at the farm today having a blast with the family on the off-road toys. Went off the ramp for about the 20th time that day and flew real high and far, came down nice and level, felt like all wheels landed together. As I was driving away from the landing I could hear a grinding noise. It still drives normal but once it gets above about 15mph it starts to make a terrible grinding/rubbing noise that you could almost feel as well. It sounds like it's the tran
  12. Dzimm

    Printer #2!!

    I have not yet but it's on the list! My current big project is however taillight related so keep an eye out for that.
  13. Dzimm

    Printer #2!!

    I run into that myself, I think we all do. The way life goes unfortunately.
  14. Dzimm

    Printer #2!!

    Do it! It's not as hard as you think to do some complex modeling, just lots of simple stuff put together. The more of us making parts the better!
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