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  1. This is very true but that's a LOT of work... Plus I don't want to ruin a chrome bar that's in good shape.
  2. Both More accurately I'd spend too much time trying to decide and they would both sell too quickly for me to decide.
  3. Cherokees up to 96 will swap most everything up front. 97 is the changeover year where stuff changed. The 97+ stuff will swap over but you can't just take one fender for instance, you'd have to swap both fenders and front end over so the more rounded style will match. Just about everything is "bolt on" from the front end of the XJs all the way up to 01, it's getting the 97+ stuff to match or work requires swapping more than just one piece usually.
  4. Lol I've got too many projects as it is!
  5. That would be cool to have just as is! Really good price for such a clean car.
  6. Good looking trucks, too bad someone wanted a quick buck selling the important stuff. Definitely still a good deal though.
  7. I can compile the info for the Dakota pump in the 97+ swap. Ive got the info in some paperwork somewhere,just gotta find it.
  8. I can't be for sure exactly as I got the motor as a unit in the truck. I'm pretty sure the block and head are original 90 but the valve cover and intake manifold are off a 00-01 and the exhaust manifold is also the HO style. Electronically it's all 97+ though.
  9. Short bed. I will be able to get you some pictures now. My fuel pump died last night so I'm gonna be pulling the tank.
  10. Since it's only when in 4wd I'd start looking at the transfer case since all drivetrain components spin in 2wd except the tcase. The transfer case is the only thing that changes when 4wd is engaged. The only thing I could think of other than the t-case is if the gear ratio was different front to back but I think you'd have more severe problems than a squeak if that was the problem plus I think you'd know that already.
  11. Ah cool. I didn't look on Etsy but those aren't on his Amazon store.
  12. I'm curious where your original picture came from because it has his logo in the background but he doesn't have anything like this on any of his stores. Did he say anything about it having his watermark?
  13. Long time since I've done anything to this truck but drive it. Unfortunately got off work at 2:45am and made it a mile and the truck died. Cranked and cranked but didn't do anything, let it sit for a minute and it fired right up, went about 10 feet and died. Tried this a few times, even let it idle for about 5 mins but it would always die while moving regardless of throttle input or just moving at idle. Checked everything and determined the fuel pump is dying. After it stalls, the pump won't prime unless it sits for a minute, then it will prime. Everything else checked out okay and I swapped all the relays around to rule that out. It will idle all day but seems like it won't deliver enough fuel pressure to move it more than 10-50ft before dying. Since I work 45mins from home at 3am and strong freezing winds, wife in Indiana, this is what I had to do... Luckily only 1 company had a guy who could do it and he was there in 30mins. $230 for the tow home. At least the guy was cool and easy to have a conversation with. Got home at 5am. I will be doing testing on it this weekend to make sure it is in fact the fuel pump but based on it being a factory 99 Dakota fuel pump, I'm not surprised it finally died. I ordered a new Delfini pump from Amazon for $160 that will be here Monday. Main priority is finish the XJ asap because of the impending winter weather but this will be at the top of the list as well. Not a hard job just a pia. Didn't really want to spend this kind of money but having some extra money yet from the wedding makes it not too bad.
  14. Dzimm

    Leaf springs

    They were too heavy to go USPS. Had to send the UPS. See what your forwarder can do, hopefully it's cheap enough for you.
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