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  1. Yeah that's what it sounds like. Definitely not a permanent fix.
  2. I've seen nothing but good things about that Restore product. I actually picked up a can to try on my XJ before tearing it down. It's more for raising compression than blow by but could help.
  3. Good to know. Guess I never looked enough to realize it only had one sensor and never knew OBD1 Jeeps only had 1. Thanks!
  4. Okay I give up. Anyone know what the part number is for the downstream O2 sensor for a 95 XJ? I can only find upstream everywhere except an occasional super offbrand downstream that doesn't help me. Do they happen to be the same and I just not know that? Preferably I'm looking for an NTK.
  5. Jeep Driver is right. Sold me my blue MJ and a bunch of parts. Last I heard he was getting rid of pretty much all of his Jeeps and parts.
  6. Dzimm

    Parts Liquidation

    Ah thanks for asking me but the door on mine isn't too bad and mostly gone now. Plus I want to keep it 96-. I'm near Des Moines, IA so not far but I can get one from the junkyard yanked for me for $150 so I'm gonna have to pass on it for now. I wish Pete's trip route was the other way so I could ask him so kindly to bring that axle this way. That locked 4.10 D35 could be fun with smaller tires. . Probably break lots of stuff though and have no highway speed.
  7. Dzimm

    Parts Liquidation

    Rust free what? I would absolutely love that C8.25 but I'm guessing you aren't anywhere close to me.
  8. I don't need them but I'll buy just to save them from the trash if nobody else takes them.
  9. Yeah the links I'm going to have to figure out since I'm lowering the truck. May need to make completely new mounts above the shock mounts.
  10. I'm so confused now. I know there was never a factory bar and the SDtruck description has incorrect information but so does about every website on anything Comanche. The 468 bar is listed as MJ on every site and multiple forums say it's the swb MJ bar. The mounting isn't ideal but it's for the MJ so I'm confused why you say it's not for an MJ. Also confused as to why Addco says it only fits up to 91. No difference between 91 and 92 that I'm aware of. HOrnbrod had a WJ Addco on his LWB with taller links for the lift.
  11. It definitely looks more early 80s with the XJ light. Agreed, a plastic insert for mounting and a clear rounded lens over top to smooth the corner up close would make it look original. From this far back it looks like it belongs there.
  12. It does actually look kinda good. If the body lines were square back there it would be perfect. Does it look like the trimmed the lights at all? Can't imagine they'd be the same height. Do you have pictures of further back with more of the truck? Want a feel for what it looks like with more of the truck.
  13. How is it not for an MJ? Kit 468 is listed a rear MJ on all the websites that sell it and I saw it referenced on forums as well. It appears to be a stock image, that image is used for Addco bars all over the place. As for other vehicles, we don't have good junkyards around here at all. You're lucky to find anything older that 2000 and they are usually picked clean. They also pull parts for you meaning they charge stupid amounts for parts. I was pricing piecing it together but would have cost about the same as the kit for me in my area.
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