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  1. Definitely. Ha yeah that's what I get for being to lazy to clean up the pipes but she'll hold!
  2. More stuff got done today. - exhaust is done - rust hole covered by the intake with a plastic dealer plate - oil changed - fluids topped off - rear seat reinstalled - rearview mirror installed - oil pressure gauge feed line ran into a dash panel to protect it - windshield wiped down, plastic polish will be here in a few days so I can really clean it up - vacuumed it out - beat the passenger side A-pillar out and flatted the roof in that area more so it is more even This is a better shot of how I attached the two halves of the XJ front end together. It's a piece of the center section I cut out, with a two part epoxy and bolts going through it. Did the same to the bottom. It just looks so much better now.
  3. I've been getting a lot of stuff done on it over the last couple weekends. - installed the tie rod sleeve to complete the front suspension/steering - solidly attached the two halves and mounted the front end - got marker lights and light trim piece for the passenger side - remounted the upper core support - installed some hood pins - removed most of the intake tubing so it's now just drawing underhood air, eventually I need to make a proper intake but it has no restrictions or pointless pieces/turns on it now - reinstalled the fenders and flared them out to clear the tires and added plates to fill in the sides of the front end - installed some cheap golf cart side mirrors - got a truck mudflap and cut it in half to make a set - used some angle to make brackets for the mudflaps and painted lower rear end with some bed liner because I had no other black paint Overall it's looking much better and more complete. The front end is a little wider on the passenger side due to it being crushed so bad but still looks better than it did. I wish the mudflaps were closer to the body but still looks decent and is a few steps closer to street legal now. What I have left to do before taking it back to the farm for a while: - fix and install exhaust - make a plate to cover a rust hole right below the intake location - get a new air filter - change the oil - fill the front diff - top off tranny fluid - put the rear seat back in it - glue the passenger rear light lens back on and glue the inner light housing pieces in place so it works correctly - reinstall rearview mirror - make some kind of spacer for the oil pressure gauge feed line so it's not pinched by the windshield - clean and reinstall the windshield - vacuum all the grass and sticks out Ultimately the goal right now is to get the tools I need by next spring and be doing a cage next year. Once it's caged I plan on getting a Wrangler windshield frame to weld into the cage so I can run safety glass and officially it would then pass all requirements to be street legal as far as I can find.
  4. This is on the list yes, I haven't started any design on it yet tho. Gotta find some time 2 of my trucks can be down with the interiors torn apart for measurements. Unless anyone has a 97+ console they'd let me borrow or buy for cheap!
  5. Thanks! I've got a napa here in town so when it's time I'll swing over there.
  6. Yeah that's what I've always seen before. The problem I'm running into with this new style is the plastic is like 12.5mm while the hole and bolt is 12mm. While the plastic is on the bolt it can't collapse enough to fit through the knuckle, it just peels off the bolt at the split. Really dumb design I think, almost like you have to use an undersized bolt for it to work. I ended up just buying regular grade 10.9 bolts for now. I'll find some of the regular style camber bolts at some point and just toss these crap ones on the shelf.
  7. Generally everything from the A-pillar forward is the same as a similar year XJ. About 50% of everything B-pillar to A-pillar is the same between a similar year XJ. The major XJ changeover years were pre86, 90, and 96/97 so for your MJ you'd want to focus on 86-90 for most things. After 90 the engine management system changed so the electronics will be different, mechanically they are identical throughout 84-96 for the most part.
  8. The plan is to find some steel housings from a Suzuki XL7 or Grand Vitara. I've been having trouble locating those because they got both aluminum and steel housings and the junkyards aren't too helpful at checking the material for me.. I also will be more careful about power application when jumping it because I think I had hit the gas right before the front tires hit which aided in the damage. For now I just need it running again so the aluminum will have to do until I can locate steel.
  9. A bunch of parts have shown up, just waiting on a few. I got the new axle assembly from Ohio and turns out they sent the entire assembly with the main housing, inner axle shaft, and mount bushings, I thought I was only getting the carrier/third member. It's nice to have the spare parts. The new carrier is swapped into the old main housing. I took the new one apart to inspect gears and double check the ratio and figured I'd use the old main housing in case it was weakened but the carrier exploding. That way that will hopefully break first and I've already got a spare on hand. The axle assembly is mounted back in the Suzuki and I started assembling the passenger side but ran into an issue with the camber bolts I ordered. They are some kind of new style with a plastic sleeve instead of the integrated metal cam. They don't fit and am trying to decide on making them fit or buying the standard style cam bolts.
  10. I ordered some camber bolts for the Suzuki from Rock Auto and got these.. There is a plastic sleeve instead of the typical integrated cam on the bolt itself. Has anyone used these before? I can't find much info online but what I could find was all saying the old style is better. I can't get the plastic sleeve to go into the knuckle, just a hair too big to fit with the bolt. I'm not sure if there is a trick to using them or they just suck.
  11. Well I finally got the Suzuki moved into the shop and started working on it. I got the front end tore apart and the diff housing removed. Surprisingly everything came out pretty easy, the lower strut bolts had to be hammered out which destroyed the bolts but it came apart so I'm fine with it. As for the diff, the main housing is actually fine, the carrier housing is absolutely destroyed and it chipped a pinion and a ring gear tooth so that carrier is complete junk. I was able to locate a new carrier with proper gears in Ohio, I just talked to them again today and it is being shipped out today so hopefully should have it by this weekend. The Suzuki XL7 and Grand Vitara had the same housings in steel as well as aluminum. Unfortunately no yard lists the material of the housing and calling around they aren't too keen on checking for me. A couple said they would check and then I don't hear back. When I call back I get told they'll have me an answer by EOD but no response. Really frustrating because I could really use the steel housing. Ive got many parts on order that are starting to trickle in so I should have another update soon. I'm hoping to get some work done on it this weekend but my brother in law will be home for the weekend so we are going to do some trail maintenance at the farm. He's finally back home for good at the end of September and is picking up his brand new SxS around the same time so this fall should be a lot of fun out there.
  12. Sounds good, let me know what you come up with.
  13. If I had one I could certainly take a stab at it. Really any connector should be possible as long as every wall of it is at least 1/2mm wide I could probably get a good print.
  14. Any help is GREATLY appreciated! I am in need of help finding some parts. I'm hoping either someone has these parts or has a yard near them that has them for a decent price. I've been looking everywhere and these parts are either listed for stupid prices online or I just can't find them for sale anywhere. Not sure if I am just not using the correct search terms or just nobody is listing them online. Car-Part has been marginally helpful but nothing showing for the steel parts. Ideally I would like to have: - Steel front axle housing from 01-03 Suzuki XL7 - Steel front third member/diff from a 97-05 (I think) Grand Vitara, ideally with 5.125 gears but not likely to have that ratio in a steel housing. Parts I need regardless: - Front third member from a Chevy Tracker, Sidekick, or Grand Vitara with 5.125/5.13 gears. I'm looking for steel ideally but will reuse my aluminum housing with a new aluminum third member if needed. For the GV and XL7 the steel housings are confirmed in manual trans vehicles but only rarely found in autos. As for the Sidekick/Tracker third member, below is a list of the engine/trans combos with gear ratios for easy checking. These will all be aluminum housings. Here are pictures of the parts I'm looking for for reference.
  15. Mystery solved! It's the foot off a friend's Yeti cooler.
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