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  1. I need to trick the 97 4.0 jeep pcm to think the automatic transmission is still there. Put a ax15 in and took the auto out and changed the flywheel. Its throwing codes for the torque converter circuit and shift cylinoid
  2. 1988 jeep Comanche and I'm converting to 97 dash harness gonna have ax15 instead of aw4 ive gotten all the dash mounts out of the Donner I'm mainly concerned about the harness to the tail lights I'm gonna run the 97 harness as far back as I can and mount the gas tank in bed until I get something different just maybe a link to a detailed way of doin the conversion would be awesome
  3. Hello I'm just looking for the best advice about installing everything into my Comanche i have everything ready to go in just not sure where to start or what to do first any leads to a forum would be awesome thank you have a wonderful day
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