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  1. I bought an XJ with all three snapped in the block. Drove it gingerly to Midas and they got them out and replaced on the spot for just under $100 on a Saturday.
  2. Hook the brake proportion rod back up at the rear diff. It's the rod hanging straight down. There should be a little ball on the edge of the diff cover. Brake shop may have already done this but just something I noticed in the pictures.
  3. The front ones will be. Rear springs and shocks will not.
  4. Brown Dog makes mounts that are very good quality and they also sell larger brackets with more attachment points.
  5. Dzimm

    Dust Cap

    If it happens to be there still would you be willing to snag it? What you want for it shipped to 50054?
  6. Dzimm

    Dust Cap

    No it's a little metal dome that covers the axle nut. It's specific to the 2wd axle. Looks like this
  7. Dzimm

    Dust Cap

    Anyone got one laying around they would part with? The ones I'm seeing are $10 plus shipping but nothing for Jeeps.
  8. Check the speaker connections as well. Going in and out sounds like a bad connection somewhere.
  9. Did you try swapping speaker wires? One of the worst things you can do when having an issues is swap parts out willy nilly. Without proper testing, you will throw away good parts and totally confuse yourself. You may try the new amp and unintentionally hook something up different and it works, or give a wire a better connection from swapping it to the new amp. This will then make you think the old amp was bad even though it's not.
  10. Glad the rem wire is sorted. Now your speaker issue, try plugging a non working speaker into the channel from the amp you know is working, basically swap the speaker wires around at the amp. This will tell you if it's the amp side or the speaker side.
  11. My 92 2wd was a different caliper so no they are different if it's the stock axle.
  12. If it's labeled that way and not working, use a voltmeter to check it, should have power at all times no matter what source the audio is from.
  13. Your other amp did the same thing because it's getting power from your power antenna lead not the radio remote wire. Double check the wiring at the radio harness.
  14. You shouldn't have to Fab anything as adjusting the switch is fine, I just wanted to make sure you didn't push the booster rod in to get the hole to line up. At this point I think adjusting the inner rod should solve it.
  15. Just curious if you got this figured out?
  16. Your remote wire is connected to the radio power antenna wire. You must connect it to the proper wire on the radio harness, it should be blue or labled REM. The amp is most certainly not your problem, it's the wiring. Also as stated above, shorten your ground to 2ft or less and use at least a 2gauge wire, if you don't size you ground to be at least the same size as your power wire, you run the risk of burning the truck to the ground. I would also recommend upgrading your positive wire to at least 2ga also. 0ga is best but 2ga is good. Anything with a smaller gauge is not great and can and usually will cause you problems.
  17. That is awesome! If you do make scans or posters let us know!
  18. Yeah that's your problem. On the back of the radio, switch the RCA cables to rear output.
  19. Detailed pics of all sides of these trucks don't exist. I was contemplating the same thing as you but realized having a wrap made with all this on it would be stupid expensive. But yeah I've only been able to find a clear picture of the driver's side of the Craftsman street truck and multiple weird off angle pictures of all the others. Nothing you could pull graphics straight from. Now there does exist enough of those off angle pictures that you could visually see and redesign yourself on the computer and make a render of what you want or pay someone else to do it. Base wraps start around $2k, custom stuff is getting closer to $4k and everything says *unless our graphics designers design the wrap. Meaning it's gonna be probably double that cost. If you want a perfect match, there is a price for it but can be done. I was leaning towards painting the stripe and the big logos and finding stickers for the other companies and slapping those on, even if they are slightly different. You can talk to Spencer at JeepSticker.com and he does custom decal stuff and could help out immensely.
  20. This for sure. In the last few years Facebook built a new shiny complex near Des Moines, well I say shiney but it looks more like a prison, all concrete and 10ft fences with razor wire. The thing is stupid massive and I'm guessing it's almost entirely servers, none of the buildings look like they would house offices. I drive past it everyday and still can't believe how large it is. Keep in mind this is only 2-3years old meaning these are everywhere. The three gray topped buildings are the Facebook data complex. The complex is larger than Adventureland.
  21. Try to be more gentle with it. I seriously think if you repeatedly are breaking them it leans more towards user error than bad cranks. I've got a missing crank knob on the passenger side of the 92. Not my problem though I've gotten a replacement for a 97+ XJ from eBay that was an exact match to factory but was a no name aftermarket one. Might be some similar to the 96-XJ and MJ on there. I believe the auto stores sell generic replacements as well but those won't match factory.
  22. Lucky duck! Nothing but $5 in my circle of friends.
  23. Yeah that's a long bed. Very good looking truck, especially for Wisconsin. Did you leave a CC card under the wiper?
  24. The bolt shouldn't spin so I'd be planning on replacing the track bar. At this point you just want to save the bracket so find a way to get it apart without damaging the bracket. Keep in mind that the bolt is tapered so if you cut it off on the track bar side, it won't come out the castle nut side (ask me how I know). I'd probably try sticking a pickle fork in there and hold as much tension on the track bar bolt as possible and see if you can break it loose, use penetrating oil and heat if you can actually keep it from spinning. If not, cut the nut off. Inspect the bracket afterwards, you mention the nut is digging in so if the hole is wobbled out or has too much damage, you'll need a new bracket too.
  25. "Cheap" route. In the end when they show previews of the next episode he hints the trans rebuild got expensive, which was expected.
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