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  1. Yup thats my truck, if anyone has any questions let me know. Its a badass ride for the $ and ill take reasonable offers. Its ready to rip, i don't buy them to look at them i buy them to drive them :)
  2. Ill take some this weekend for you
  3. Happy Halloween Everyone, Just made this video today and thought you would enjoy! Like and subscribe for the burnout at the end, i will be doing a walk around on the Street comanche soon as well. Cheers!
  4. They are "Custom Fabbed" lol
  5. I gotta clean it up, but its a wire tucked bay for the most part. And its just dirty.
  6. I hear ya , Ive had like 30 Comanches. This is my first Ls swapped one. NO shortage on fun! Reliable good on fuel and just GOBS of power.
  7. Just wanted to share a video i threw up on youtube of me whipping my LS swap Comanche and beautiful sunset here in Las vegas.
  8. Everything on the truck is factory except the rear bumper and grill. But It was 235/75 tires on it which give it a tall appearance. I am going to throw from 235 65 white letter tires on it soon.
  9. don't worry, its getting everything. Its going to be a show truck. You will be able to eat out of the engine bay.
  10. Well i plugged back in the C303 Connection and it must love me because it fired right up. New fluids and tires and it will be road ready.
  11. Hey there friends. I've been on Comanche club as mostly a lurker since 2011. I've got my first comanche in 2008. Ive had way over 10 since then. I have always searched for my own Street comanche. And this year I was fortunate enough to scoop up Number 12 from a loving family who have had it since about 1993. The truck was sitting about 3 years when I got it. C303 connection was unplugged and the clutch and brakes need to be bled. When I saw it for sale I immediately called and put money down sight unseen. Best decision ever. I dropped everything and drove 8 hours from vegas to northern California and picked it up. The family was very happy it went to a true comanche enthusiast who plans to restore it. Its absolutely rust free. Like brand new underneath. Has 15x,xxx miles. It's missing the 1 rear piece of body kit and the bumper was swapped for one that would tow decades ago. Grill is different and the interior needs to be redone but it's all there. So anyways here it is in all of its glory. STREET COMANCHE #12
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