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  1. @#$% i am in Vegas but i want this so bad. Ill pay for shipping.
  2. Thanks brother i had too! i locked it up as soon as i saw it, Ended up buying it not running. Chased down a bunch of electrical gremlins and got her going. Now its time for upgrades :) Keeping it classic looking though.
  3. Thats awesome, in the video i show that it came that way from the factory!
  4. Just wanted to share this New video on my recent comanche purchase! Enjoy! And stay tuned for more street Comanche videos, and My Comanche Dually! Cheers Fellas. Like and subscribe if you enjoy, Much appreciated
  5. https://youtu.be/PQ0iGpgBXl8 video of finally bringing it home
  6. 1987 Jeep Comanche ( Street Comanche #12) VIn: 1JTMW6417HT066446 4.0 / ax15 / 2wd / beam / d35 / shortbed Build date: (its on the driverside door sticker, in the form of month and year) Current Location: Las Vegas Nevada Status: Still on the road and awaiting some serious modifications and restoration. Notes: Full street Comanche Livery , all original including bodykit, wheels, graphics, bucket seats and dash plaque. Clean title 156k and tons and tons of service history and reciepts. 3rd owner. Current owner: I own it, Nathaniel Lanken, my youtube channel is youtube.com/timelessmotors and i have a series of videos on it coming soon. 1st one is posted. https://youtu.be/PQ0iGpgBXl8
  7. Yup thats my truck, if anyone has any questions let me know. Its a badass ride for the $ and ill take reasonable offers. Its ready to rip, i don't buy them to look at them i buy them to drive them :)
  8. Ill take some this weekend for you
  9. Happy Halloween Everyone, Just made this video today and thought you would enjoy! Like and subscribe for the burnout at the end, i will be doing a walk around on the Street comanche soon as well. Cheers!
  10. They are "Custom Fabbed" lol
  11. I gotta clean it up, but its a wire tucked bay for the most part. And its just dirty.
  12. I hear ya , Ive had like 30 Comanches. This is my first Ls swapped one. NO shortage on fun! Reliable good on fuel and just GOBS of power.
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