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  1. Anyways, took it for a cruise tonight.
  2. Lol no chill pete. Let me at least update my own thread haha
  3. I think the body kit belongs exclusively on Street Comanches to preserve the value and not dilute what they are. But i do think a new version will be showing up in the near future. Stay tuned...
  4. I love when they go out of the country. Because they drive the value up, and i can sleep well knowing its going to someone who will love the heck out of it.
  5. Yup thats mine. Up for sale to help pay for my Newborn son. Amazing truck. Someone is interested in Shipping it to France for a private collection.
  6. Someone come take my tools away. I can't stop
  7. Got over to my friends shop and fabbed up a roll pan today.
  8. Brand new cat with a hand built straight pipe to a resonator tip. Gurgles nicely
  9. Got around to building a custom exhaust for it. It will make alot more sense when the rear end is finished up. But hot damn it sounds good.
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