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  1. Someone come take my tools away. I can't stop
  2. Got over to my friends shop and fabbed up a roll pan today.
  3. Brand new cat with a hand built straight pipe to a resonator tip. Gurgles nicely
  4. Got around to building a custom exhaust for it. It will make alot more sense when the rear end is finished up. But hot damn it sounds good.
  5. Thanks for the love fellas
  6. Snapped some higher res shots today. Enjoy
  7. Good tips, I havnt experienced any bad symptoms yet at all though. And ive hooned it pretty well.
  8. Thanks very much brother. Me too. Saving up for it. Everything i do on it has been epxensive. I allready have the turbo kit and i allready have some insane interior goodies. Its adding up fast. Ill be in it heavy when all is said and done. Thanks for watching the video and supporting means alot.
  9. No spring wrap yet. But i also havnt done any ripping burners yet. As for the front i need to look but i did check oil pan clearance and we are good. Driving around havnt had any smacks on the bumpstops yet. But i did remove them. So i just have the shafts in there no pad. Not sure if you did that as well. But so far so good! Ill be adding cal tracs once the turbo kit gets going.
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