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  1. Finally got some new rubber on it. Editing the video now 255/60/15 all the way around
  2. Got it out and moved around yesterday so i snapped some pics for you
  3. Looking for a couple sets of Tails for my Comanche Collection. If anyone has a set ill take them . As long as they arent cracked. I don't care about fade or condition. Please dm me with your options ! Thanks in advance!
  4. Ive got at Least 25 Comanche Videos on my youtube channel. Alot more coming as well including a tour of my Comanche Collection, Build videos for all of my projects. Boosted Street Comanche and other Street comanche videos. 4x4 Builds and more. Cheers and happy watching Here is a Dually Comanche video to get your feet wet! And here is a tail Light Restoration video i did!
  5. Ill hunt anywhere i can get my hands on them! lol And no i don't believe it is. Ill have to add it.
  6. Yessir its lifted on a 20 year old rough country lift, I plan on going to spring over and long arm up front. It has a factory hitch and also a D44 rear end. Definitely solid! Totally rust free. Column shift automatic bench sent 4x4. My favorite.
  7. Now here it sits in my driveway. Awaiting a proper detail, a new alternator, tune up goodies, and new tires. Then on to the fun stuff.
  8. And here is the video where i go through it and get it running! Dang it was wrecked under the hood. But we overcame!
  9. Long story short, I was fortunate to get in touch with a family up in Napa California who wanted to pass on their Sons Comanche to a new passionate owner. It had Been abandoned in their backyard by him 12 years prior and was left untouched under a tree. It had also been infiltrated by a squirrel under the hood. Check the vid for that. I got in contact with the owners and we got to know each other. They loved my background with Jeeps and chose me amoung many people to pass it on too. I feel very fortunate and blessed. And to Pay homage to the family and do them right i am not selling the
  10. Ive had a few 87 with the early Badge. Me too, Its a factory option, On the window sticker its Sport two tone - Olympic white, Medium blue metallic.
  11. This is the most Recent Update on Ol Blue in Its Current State! Might be moving on to a new owner soon so i have more funds for my other trucks. So stay tuned.
  12. We took Ol Blue on an Adventure to The Comanche Takeover 2020 in Moab Utah. We also threw some new bilstein shocks in it and an Additional 1 inch spacer. I also repainted the front end grill bumper and surrounds. We also sell the Comanche Dually in this Vid.
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