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  1. yep, that the plan its stuck on a little harder than i thought tho, i need some kind of solvent to get it off
  2. Got some more chrome on the truck Friday with the door handles and mirrors. when i took the door handle off on the passenger side i confirmed my suspicion of a new passenger door as under the handles the door was burgundy. The combo really go together with the bumper, toolbox, and wheels. at this rate I'm gonna need to come up with a new thread name, it gets less grandpa by the day. but until i think of a better name it stays.
  3. just added the chrome mirrors and door handles onto the truck
  4. I had messed up the plastic cover for the headlights and couldn't jb weld it back together so my plan ended up making up a piece of sheet metal to cover the lights and make it look less tortured.
  5. jpnjake


    https://www.copart.com/lot/45346291/clean-title-1989-jeep-comanche-pioneer-tn-memphis If anyone is interested in this truck
  6. My Guess is some sort of rock slide/off a mountain. Tree is definitely a really good guess
  7. So I was browsing the interwebs for Comanche's as we all do and I found this blue 89 4.0 manual with a visor, and it is very sad as the condition of the truck now reflects bad events having happened to it. at least the cab corners and rockers look salvageable to save another Comanche but i honestly couldn't imagine this as not a parts truck https://www.copart.com/lot/45346291/clean-title-1989-jeep-comanche-pioneer-tn-memphis
  8. Thanks, I’ll probably end up trying that once I get around to it.
  9. Yes we do, but as of now I’m still very interested in trying to fix the 87 pack as I like the look better, but if I ever decide against it, I’ll dm you
  10. Went through gauge packs a few weeks ago to get a tach. Started with the 3/4 pack w/o tach and tried to put in the 87 only full pack but the gas gauge wasn’t working on that one so I ended up going with the more common red one but I swapped on the black bezel to match the rest. The only thing missing from the pack now is a shift indicator I haven’t cut in yet
  11. they are existent, i was about to swap one into mine but the gas gauge didn't work on it so i had to go with the re cluster. i think mine came out of my dads old 87 xj
  12. The plan is mostly everything, door handles, mirrors, Grille, Grille bezels, and maybe even the elusive chrome bumper/ taillights/ tailgate handle
  13. Thanks man, I’ll continue to post when some more chrome comes my way, I may update with a 3/4 angle or a back angle to show the silver toolbox, and tailgate protector
  14. Got a chrome front bumper for the MJ the other day starting off the journey to chrome
  15. Thanks for the advice Pete I’ll keep that in mind
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