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  1. My 88's been my DD for the past 3 years.
  2. A disassembled piano. Heavy, heavy, HEAVY!
  3. This a is textbook example of "seemed like a good idea the time" huh? They get hot for sure. Mine stopped steaming after I replaced the cap on the overflow bottle. And, I don't lean on the hood after a long drive.
  4. Boy ol' boy! That's a can of worms! I love mine and earned them through a work trade. So, no cash, just did some work for guy. Some folks get them for free too. And some folks trade for parts. The tire looks good, so that's a plus.
  5. Sweet! I have an oldschool Rockford Fosgate Punch 45 amp, but I'm intimidated by the wiring. Guess I'm not man enough for it!
  6. My add to this topic is to start with a quality amp. A good, clean amp can make even cheap speakers sound good. Just be sure any aftermarket speakers are a good match. While most of you may know this, speakers are "blown" due to being under powered more than overpowered.
  7. Sure, upstairs anywhere, no AC, at 95 degrees is bad news.
  8. Sorry. I understand the confusion now after rereading the topic head. It's been my experience that most folks aren't happy with the height difference with rocker-style seats and, as a result, many MJ owners don't attempt an install. My post was just add to the discussion that you can add the rocker seats without the major height addition by removing all the rocker mechanimeses.
  9. I didn't know that either, but explains why I couldn't find them.
  10. That looks like it! No way in heck I can restore at this point. Thanks!
  11. Not really. You have to add holes or find some other way to reattach the seat to the sliders. I placed the seat back on the slider in the position I wanted, marked it and drilled new holes to bolt the seat down.
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