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Found 7 results

  1. Here is a list of the projects that I have been involved in since joining here: Now back to your regularly scheduled program. I have been lurking on here for a couple of months now and I decided I should start my build thread. I have an 89 Sportruck with a 4.0, pukegoat, 4x4. It is a southern truck that was brought up north a couple of years ago. I bought it a few months ago. Here are some pics of when I got it:
  2. Updating this first post with updated info and what's been done vs what still needs to be done. Purchased in North GA, but appears to have been driven all over the country. A PO of this traveled all over and camped in the back. That's what I understand a lot of the rust to be from. I had planned on a restomod fairly quickly but I ended up moving cross-country and funds weren't quite as available anymore. So it's been a slow crawl, but progress nonetheless. So let's get what's in this thread out of the way with also mentioning the plan still taking place. Done: Lots of little things I can't even remember with a lot of just cleaning it up a bit and mechanical maintenance 4.5" Rough Country Lift Rough Country Upgraded Steering '98 Cherokee axle w/ 3.55s (Stock was 3.07) Sourced Turbines & 31" Tires 1.5" Spacers in the rear Swapped in an MJ Rear Axle with 3.55s instead of regearing Replaced Driver Floor Converted to Open Cooling 1 Kilmat Layer (Should do another as I have more leftover) Jeep Cables Upgrade AX15 Swap Azzy's Shift Linkage Replaced Topper Seals and Build a Camping Setup 97+ Header Panel WJ Brake Booster To-Do: Complete the 97+ Clip (Eventually a full swap) Bumpers - Front & Rear Re-Gear to 4.10s LOTS of bodywork lol New Leaf Springs I'm happy with driving it as my primary vs my 2012 WK2. Just love the overall experience and the fact that I can take it anywhere. It's still not pretty, but sure is fun!
  3. My latest acquisition. I’ll get it in the registry once I get the interior emptied. It’s an 88 Pioneer, 4.0, 5 speed (AX-15 swapped in), D30 and D35, looks to have a 3 inch lift. The only rust that I’ve found on the truck is in the floors. It needs front fenders, which I have, a header panel, which I have, and doors, one of which I will need to source. It came with most of the needed parts to swap to a grey interior from a tan one (not sure I will), grey MJ bucket seats, and of course, a sportbar, which will find its way into the my blue truck, and a bunch of misc parts. What’s the plan for the truck? I do not know, as of now, the first step is to make it fun and drive, then I will probably start replacing the damaged body panels. This truck is honestly nicer than my blue truck was when I first got it, but pictures make it look nicer than it really is.
  4. 89 MJ


    89 Sportruck 4.0 BA-10/5 (soon to be an AX-15) D30 front D35 rear (soon to be an 8.8) Shortbed Currently being restored Carter T (89 MJ) Currently residing in Holmen, Wisconsin
  5. So, I have had my 1981 CJ-5 torn down forever. The 4.2 was clapped out, so I started 4.0 HO OBD1 swap. Then we bought a house, and what was supposed to be shop got turned into a barn, I brought a tub, started rust repair... Anyway, I have always wanted a Comanche, have had several Cherokees, have a 1990 I am putting back together for my youngest son right now. I have been looking for a while, I saw one quite a ways away go up on Craigslist a couple of months ago. Price was a little high for a 4 hour drive. And it stayed up. It looked really clean, but it didn't run and needs brake work. And it's 2wd, and it's the snowy season. So, the price drops a little, and I need to head that way on a business trip in the next month. So I kept watching. And the week before I'm heading that way, the price drops again. So I set up a meet, agreed to 20 percent less than he was asking so bought it. Scheduled to come back the following weekend with my car trailer. And, one of my employees called in sick, I had to cover for him, so there goes my trip. I had be on call, have to be in my district. So, reschedule. And, then a spring snowstorm shows up, and it just seemed stupid to me to drive in the snow 350 miles round trip. So we rescheduled. Again. Finally, everything lines up, and it made it home last night. I started messing around today. First thing is figuring out if it really is a no fuel issue. When I looked at it, tye PO had a battery set in place, and told me there was a problem with the cables, they were too short. It did crank, sounded just like a RENIX 4.0, no noticeable bad noises. But also, no fuel pump sounds. So this morning, after opening the stuck hood from underneath, I went to put a battery in it, and OOPS! Decided before I tried to chase the fuel issue too much I would replace both battery cables. So, that's where I sit right now.
  6. Starting up my thread for my Comanche build. As it sits today, its a 1992, 4.0L, 5Sp, 2wd, SWB, Dana 35 that runs and drives fine with a few small issues. Overall, looking to make it go anywhere and be able to daily drive if needed. Currently, its being used off and on for quick rides/errands. History: Bought it from @kryptronic last fall Installed 2 new tires, changed oiled and trans fluid to get ready for inspection Passed PA inspection with the addition of license plate lights (the only one i didnt check) Picked up a 99 Donor with a blown engine for the start of the 97+ swap (4wd, 5sp, dana 30 and dana 35) Fixed a power steering leak Bought a (supposedly) XJ Dana 44 rear axle with what the seller thinks were 4.56 gears and no mounts for $100 Sold to a jeep aficionado here just south of Pittsburgh. Current Issues: Damp Floorboard (need to investigate more) Some weather stripping is rough Multiple Dents/Dings (especially in the bed) Windows are rough to roll down Plans: 97+ Conversion (interior and exterior) Onboard Air Air lockers possible axle shaft upgrades Determine gearing (will depend on lift/axles) SOA Rear Front lift (3 Link, 4 Link?) Steering Upgrades Bumpers, rock sliders, bed rack, bed sliders? Lighting upgrade (LED or halogen, adding fogs) Tires/Wheels Paint/body panel fix Frame stiffeners? Engine Rebuild/Stroker/LS Swap TBD Pic Dump (a few from the day i brought it home and of the parts jeep):
  7. My transmission (BA10/5) is going out. I have a 87 Chief 4x4 5spd I6 4.0L I am restoring. If you could help me find a new used transmission to replace it with that would be the $#!&! Preferably the Ax-15 but Ill take anything that works right now.
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