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  1. Could REALLY use one. If anyone can help it would be appreciated.
  2. http://toledo.craigslist.org/cto/5025615465.html Not mine, just sharing.
  3. Where in Michigan? Photos please
  4. Thank you for that!! I do like it, but maybe 4.5in is more the stance I'm looking for after seeing a 3in.
  5. I plan to do light offroading and mostly street. I don't want to go very high to avoid making to many changes to the stock setup. I want to keep him mostly original. So no swapping or re-gearing.
  6. I have a set on my 87 Chief. Any brand recommendations for lift kit?I am looking into BDS and RC. Trying to keep it under 650. I have an 88 Trans am named Smokey. lol
  7. Just wanted to show off a bit. 1992 Elliminator 4.0L 5spd Manual 4x4 I plan on putting a 3in lift on him very soon ( brand recommendations?? anyone?) Brush guard 31's New tonneau
  8. My transmission (BA10/5) is going out. I have a 87 Chief 4x4 5spd I6 4.0L I am restoring. If you could help me find a new used transmission to replace it with that would be the $#!&! Preferably the Ax-15 but Ill take anything that works right now.
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