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  1. Headliner for a Comanche. $40. Local pick up only. Tacoma, WA
  2. I’ve tried finding seals for mine and haven’t had much luck. Do you know where to order some from?
  3. $100 for the switch and light or just the switch?
  4. Current leaf spring setup with unknown lift.
  5. Awesome thanks for the responses. I’m going to see if they can make a Metric Ton pack with approximately 4” of lift. I bought my mj already lifted so just guessing on the amount of lift. Currently on 33” KM3s. How much of a lift do you guys think it has? It’s not the factory color. Found out when I was hauling an axle and it chipped the bed liner, it was red underneath. Nice MJ! Want to get a factory roll bar too eventually. What is the military wrap? Never heard of it till now.
  6. My leaf springs are starting to sag, plan on getting some new ones in the near future. Does anyone have experience (good/bad) with leaf springs from general springs? https://www.generalspringkc.com/product_p/97-571.htm
  7. Is the Lund visor still for sale? I live in Tacoma and am going to the swap meet in Puyallup March 10th.
  8. Black visors still for sale?
  9. I had one shipped from Kentucky to Washington, it was around $800 (Craters and Freighters) Over time I’ve found that YRC Freight typically has the best prices. Good luck!
  10. I’d prefer to buy the chairs as a set, thanks tho!
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