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  1. I sold a comanche Dana 44 for $500 a few months ago. All the axles previously mentioned are good candidates for a rear end swap. A lot of guys also run Ford 8.8 rear ends. They have the same bolt pattern, disc brakes and about the same WMS to WMS. Lot of options out there just depends on your budget and how much fabrication your willing to do. Good luck!
  2. Sounds good! Thanks! I only need a driver's side window at this point. I hear yah with the A/C mine isn’t working and I’d imagine the vent windows would help a lot in the summer months.
  3. Yeah I have 2 sets now that I’ve pulled and between both still don’t have a good pair. I have a passenger side that looks good. Mainly just need the driver’s side now. That’s an idea! I’ve heard of putting a coin between the latch and the window as a “fix” for the leaky windows.
  4. I just tried to pay, and it said, “error the invoice had already been paid for...” any updates on this from you guys that were successful in having your purchase go through?
  5. That’d be awesome, thanks! I’m trying to replace all the chrome trim. I’ll send you a pm
  6. Nice find!! What junkyard was it at? Is the windshield trim black?
  7. Looking good! I’ve been following your build since you picked up the canopy. I swapped mine as well because there was too much of a blind spot with the older style.
  8. Thanks! Any chance you have the part number for those snap nuts? I wired them straight to the battery and have an aux switch in the dash to turn them on/off.
  9. I just installed some tail lights that I got from @Gjeep. After I removed my old tail lights and was installing the new set, I noticed that the screws that go into the tabs were binding after a couple turns. Not wanting to crack the tabs by putting too much torque on them I compared the new lights to the ones I just removed. It appears that different size holes were used for them or mine were just worn in. I went to Home Depot and picked up some stainless screws that were smaller and they threaded in without any binding. Not sure if this contributes to a lot of broken tabs, but thought it would be worth sharing.
  10. Here’s an article that might help you narrow down your options. Good luck! https://www.offroadxtreme.com/news/dana-35-vs-dana-44-whats-the-difference/
  11. Thanks, I’m going to order a couple 👍
  12. Gotcha, did putting a penny between the latch and the window help at all? I really want vent windows, but having a water leak isn’t something I want to deal with. I guess I could swap them out during the rainy season, but that might get old after a while.
  13. Where were they leaking from exactly? Like the front base of the window or towards the back base portion? My AC isn’t working either... the PO was an HVAC worker and put some custom AC it in it so might be a while till I get to trying to figure it out.
  14. Right on.... hopefully the ones I picked up don’t leak 🤞. It does rain quite a bit here.
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