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  1. Right on! Let me know how the brake booster goes that’s something I’ve been looking into. Which one do you plan on using? I got my remix TB from mean lemons and it worked perfectly!
  2. Looks night and day different from when I bought the bed liner from yah, good work! Glad to know I’ll be able to order some rock sliders when my long bed mj shows up!
  3. Our most Cali trucks not well optioned?
  4. 1991 Jeep Comanche LWB - metric ton package 4.0 HO AW4 NP231 HP Dana 30 LP Dana 44 Washington Daily Driven 159,000 miles
  5. Thanks! I’ll add it to the vin registry. Eagles scout, if you could look it up for me I’d greatly appreciate it. How can you tell if you have the metric ton springs? It doesn’t have the badge but I think these are.
  6. I swear that I’ve seen somewhere on CC where you can plug in your VIN to give you info on your MJ. Any guidance / help would be appreciated. Thanks! 1j7gj26s7ml566898
  7. Sold already . Was trying to convince my friend to buy it but too late. Sold within an hour of being posted!
  8. That’s who I got mine from. Good quality product!
  9. Installed tool box I got from Jeep Driver.
  10. Thanks I’ll check it out tonight after work the transfer case has the same red fluid dripping off of it in various places.
  11. Yea i checked bracket by the brake booster and didn’t see any leaks. I’m going to look into this it’s the only thing that makes sense. I have a short shifter and the shop made a custom breather for the transmission. Thank you!
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