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  1. Well, in that case, I may not have an issue. I guess I need to fit things together and see what I have. Thanks.
  2. @resurrection_mj Did you pick up a set of Ranger Springs? I am looking at going SOA with an 8.25 also, but I don't want 5.5" of lift. I looked at the specs for springs, and reached the conclusion that the Ranger springs would appear to work for what I want. But like was asked, I was wondering about experience. With a highly arched spring, typically, ride quality suffers when unloaded. If nobody has any experience, I don't mind getting a set of Junkyard Ranger springs and putting together the pack I want. It may take some trial and error to match the RE 4.5 front coils I ordered, but I'm old enough to be patient. Also, I thought I read that 2wd MJ Springs are flatter than 4wd springs. Is that accurate, or has my mind wandered away from the truth?
  3. Now that you made me look, according to General Spring's site, about half. I hadn't caught that they were shorter. Hmmm, disregard that. Thanks.
  4. From what I have read, my interpretation is that spring over but using XJ springs will reduce that by about 1 1/2"? Is that accurate? I have a pair of 4 cylinder XJ springs that came from a 2wd 4 cylinder Cherokee that came with the 8.25 I got to replace my son's hashed D35.
  5. With that Omix-Ada part number they are easy to find, Quadratec is cheapest at $4.99, Summit Racing and Amazon have them, too. Thank, Ollie
  6. Not without some changes. The springs on a Cherokee are a little bit farther apart. There is an excellent diagram, and a photo showing the problem it creates in this post: It is simple to replace the spring perches.
  7. Nothing. It's just after hanging out here for a few month, it was the first thing that caught my eye. I haven't seen a reply either. My son is mildly interested.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/877728146061260/ Ran when parked couple years ago 4.0 strait six, 5 speed AX15 trans, np 232 transfer case, Dana 30 front, Dana 35 rear, have fiberglass color matched canopy for it with tinted glass. Have extra parts for it. New clutch still in box etc. Pioneer Edition Comanche not to many of these left around. 278,xxx miles AND a modified grille... I'm close enough to go kick the tires, if anyone cares. Looking at the condensation in the cab, I'm sure the floors are gone.
  9. You're mixing this place up with Pirate4x4. And while I liked that atmosphere just fine, it's just as good here. But friendlier.
  10. I'm going to be Debbie Downer here, but over some period of time, those will fold down at the bends. I wouldn't be surprised if they lasted less than 10,000 miles. With enough gusseting, they could be made to last longer. But why?
  11. Remember outboarding the springs on a CJ? Same thing, I guess. That was usually because the cast in perch on a waggy 44 couldn't be moved. Mounting a pair of spring perches on an axle is easy peasy. The diagram above is great info. Especially with a unibody, or MJ thin frame, I wouldn't mess with trying to fab 4 mounts, maintain everything parallel and square. You are creating an opportunity for a mistake, when there is already an Occam's Razor solution.
  12. Not perfect, but not bad. There is one up now that shows the floorboards, they will need replaced. There is also a spot under the passenger rear taillight.
  13. Same issue with me. I ordered a US Motorworks from Summit Racing. It worked great, but I suspect it got plugged with the sediment. I highly recommend flushing the tank before you install your new pump. They did replace it under warranty.
  14. Probably not worse than the Toyota version, though.
  15. The silver/gray two door under the red four door is an El Comanchkee, too.
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