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  1. So, what are the brackets worth? They are available if I buy the bumper. Going to see it sometime this weekend.
  2. BeatCJ

    Spot the issue

    Funny how your experiences shape your thinking. In my mind, the issue is them standing in the road, about to get hit by the next car that drives by rubbernecking.
  3. Searching the used wheel sites. So, if that is accurate, then I wonder what is happening? Curiouser and Curiouser.
  4. I second Vaseline, or any other petroleum jelly. They do make special o-ring lube, but I don't know that it's of value for this application.
  5. I can't tell you if Cummins93 and KSuspension are the same place. I have purchased from K Suspension, the product I purchased was well made, their customer service was pretty good and the price was reasonable. I did replace my original injectors with some 4 hole injectors from Ebay. It worked out OK, but I need another set for my son's Cherokee, so I have private messaged @Cummins93. I will feel better about spending my money that a member that is well thought of here has vouched for. I had some fuel leaks from my injectors, I am pretty sure my truck sat for several yea
  6. The centerbore of the wheel, is my thought. I can get a pic tonight, can't get away from the office today. Since the wheels fit on my rear axle, I wonder if a Liberty unit bearing would work on the D30? Is the 2002 to 2004 Libby IFS? Still, that part COULD interchange with a solid axle.
  7. BeatCJ

    wood stoves

    My fire habits will be different than yours, my woodstove is in my living room, I have a very open Livingroom, dining area/kitchen. But, assuming I'm starting from cold, I put in two wedge shaped splits in the bottom. I put one good handful of pencil split kindling at the base of the valley. Then another of larger, finger or thumb sized splits on that. Then a couple of bigger pieces on top of that. Then I fire up a propane torch, and use that to light my fire. If I set it up so the torch flames shoot out the back, the heat column goes right up my flue, and it builds a good draw pretty quickly.
  8. So, after Extensive use of my GoogleFu, it looks like the 2002 to 2004 Liberty that these wheels were available on used a 67 mm centerbore, as opposed to the Comanche 71.5 mm centerbore. Seems almost AMC like in practice. FWIW, it also appears design offset was different than what the wheels are, so I have that going for me. 4 mm isn't much, and I bet I could accept reaming that out. They would probably work fine stud piloted...
  9. Are yours the XJ version, or the Liberty version? My digital caliper died, so I can't check centerbores on the wheels. I am going to bet the wheels I have are smaller than standard Comanche/Cherokee wheels.
  10. They are 16x7, 5 on 4.5 bolt pattern. They fit over the wheel studs, but don't seat all the way on the wheel mounting surface on my Comanche or on my XJ Dana 30. The rear axle is is from a 2003 4 cylinder disc brake Liberty. The wheels DO mount up correctly on the Liberty axle. The front axle is from an early 4 cylinder XJ.
  11. I was looking at poor photos on my phone, it looked textured. Horrible paint job was what I saw, just guessed.
  12. According to the Members Map, looks like @coolwind57 and @Big Dan may be close. My thought is the body is far rougher than the photos indicate, and i would be suspicious of the engine, looks like the radiator may have erupted, so it probably overheated and died. it's probably not really worth much more than scrap value.
  13. BeatCJ

    wood stoves

    Don't worry, it happens to all of us. I can remember it happening to my grandfather, too.
  14. On a vehicle this old, I don't think a salvage title matters too much. For me, the 46 hour round trip is a much bigger deal. And the Bedliner paint. Yuck.
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