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  1. I have the stock 1987 Tan, whatever it's called. And I live close to their Clackamas location, if I need to go by and look at something.
  2. Yes, I am. Probably not for a couple of weeks, I'm going yo be out of town until the end of the month. I think I want fabric where you have the patterned vinyl, though. The color in the Master Trims thread.
  3. The larger diameter will move more volume than stock, but build less pressure in the same stroke. If you were changing to brakes with larger slave cylinders, it could be advantageous, but you would really need to know the volumes. You would also need to improve your mechanical advantage or the reduced line pressure could result in less clamping force.
  4. I'm pretty sure the'87 F-350 I had still had all 4 on the cover. I bet they are more common than you think in the junkyard.
  5. I hope you are ready for Snowmageddeon. Models are all statistics, you need an experienced forecaster to interpret them, sometimes. I always prefer to look directly at the National Weather Service information and go from there. The apps on phones are notorious for only using a numeric forecast, and those can miss on some of the influences pretty badly.
  6. Do you know the bore? What @ghetdjc320 said is absolutely fact. If the MC doesn't match the system, performance is poor.
  7. Ok. I don't ever think of that, I like to leave the ventilation on all the time. Thanks, easy fix, just adapt my habits.
  8. Is the fan supposed to run with my switch turned to Auxiliary? Mine does, so if I'm waiting and listening to the radio, I hear it blowing, and it uses more battery.
  9. In my local area, 99.9% of the people drive fine in the rain, or the times when it switches from dry to wet. I suspect it's about the same in larger areas. And when you multiply it out, I have about 5 dum6a$$es on the road every day. In a metro area, you have a 1000 of them, so they are going to become more noticeable.
  10. Will silicone poison the plastic so clear coat won't stick? Silicone and most solvent based finishes don't play well with each other, I would try to avoid it and choose another adhesive.
  11. That is something special, but $150? I see the work that requires that kind of cost, but a little more than I would want to pay for a shift knob.
  12. We had a couple of Dodge Powerwagons at work. The electrical system was a little suspect. More than once we had the headlight switch overheat, and the headlights would just go out. We also had ballast resistor issues. And it always seemed to work OK, but the sound the starter makes is horrible. Ours were 4 speed 4 wheel drive with 4.88 gears. Had one eat the motor driving back from North Central Washington, they weren't meant for Interstate running.
  13. BeatCJ

    Sheesh (#3,247)

    You can get gout in any joint, or all of the joints. I have been having kidney stone issues for the last year. Just recently went to see a urologist. He had me do a more complete urine sample, 48 hour collection. It came back that my uric acid is high, so now that's going to be a problem, too. So I need to make a follow up appointment. From my understanding, gout and kidney stones usually aren't controlled by adding something, more often it's reducing. Protein, oxalate, sugar, sodium, are all offenders for my type of stones. Protein and sodium are also offenders with gout. Ugh. My dad had severe arthritis. After 57 years of meds, his kidneys wore out. They wanted him to stop taking the meds. So he couldn't get out of bed. He decided limiting the pain was more important than extending his life, so he went back to taking the arthritis meds. We talked about it, he told me he had a better, longer life than he had expected, and the doctor warned him when he prescribed them that eventually, he would ruin his kidneys. He figured still being able to walk when he was 83 was worth it. He always said "Getting old ain't for sissies."
  14. BeatCJ

    How old are you?

    Funny, I didn't really notice that until I hit 50. And all of a sudden, I don't bounce back like I used to. Now , with 60 looming, I'm starting to look forward to long term health issues, kidney problems, chest pain. Funny how quickly things change.
  15. @Muncher FWIW, I don't think you paid too much. Very Good Condition, 73k miles, 4.0, 5 speed, $3800 seems reasonable for a salt states truck.
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