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  1. I actually bench bled it on the booster, truck brake lines off and plastic fittings and clear hoses on the MC, those air bubbles seemed endless!
  2. I went through this before and turned out to be air in a new master cylinder, I thought I had bench bled it well but air bubbles kept showing up in the reservoir. I spent about an hour slowly depressing the brake pedal and slowly releasing, until no more bubbles were present, solid pedal after that. New MCs are sometimes defective out of the box...
  3. Got the solid tie rod...well, I reckon I'm good.
  4. Hehe, that was supposed to go on the Tech area...
  5. Say dudes, I will be upgrading the D30 a little bit by removing the CAD system and installing a Yukon Gear axle kit and lunch box locker. Since I'm in there, I am interested in installing some flipserts to get the TREs over the knuckle. I'm not having any bump steer or death wobble at all but I want to ensure I keep the best steering angles, is this worth it? How about a dropped pitman arm? I did a bunch of research on the XJ crews and there's lots of debate on this, not a lot of MJ specific stuff so I ask y'all here, holler...
  6. How much for the steering shaft to 35613?
  7. Axle came off my 86 MJ, located @ 35613, complete drum to drum with brake lines.
  8. Haha! I hear ya man, I have buddies who own trucks with spools (or Lincoln lockers) and daily drive them, and replace tires often without any complaints at all...F that! I am installing lunch box lockers in the 'manche, but it's purpose will be for fun off road use, and for pulling my heavy azz mower out of the mud hole that I always forget about
  9. Thanks for the info on the CV shafts gog, I remember when I had a ZJ equipped with these, I gave that thing hell for years and never had to repair or replace them. Like I mentioned earlier, I've already ordered some moly shafts, not sure if they're the big joint ones or not but supposedly are guaranteed for life, so some peace of mind there I reckon...
  10. Aight, I'm gonna grab some moog ball joints and see how it goes. As far as the CAD delete I was inquiring about, pulled the trigger on the Yukon Gear kit with the moly shafts...doing it right the first time I reckon.
  11. LCAs and UCAs installed are adjustable, but they can only do caster adjustments. I'm just trying to get ahead of the game in case camber needs tweaking...
  12. Also, should I get adjustable ball joints or just go with OEM style?
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