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  1. If I was to regear a ford 8.8 to 4.56, would I have to look for gears specific to an explorer 8.8? I know ford 8.8s are in everything and spline count isn't the same across all the vehicles they use.
  2. Wow those look good! Almost worth buying a backup pair!
  3. Thanks, Eagle. I looked at that when deciding between 4.10 and 4.56. As of now this will still be a DD so I probably won't go higher for now. The goal is to make the perfect "go anywhere" truck.
  4. Unfortunately, Eaton doesn't make a locker for the Chrysler 8.25. It seems like the only place I can find that does is OX, does anyone have any experience with them? They cost hardly anything more than a TrueTrac, so if they work well, I'll just get one for front and rear since they make one for a D30 as well. Thanks for all the help guys. @Jesse J For sure man! All major projects will have to wait until the semester ends, but hopefully I'll have most of this done in time for summer. We'll have to go then! How goes your build? I've been trying to catch up on it and it's giving me so many ideas haha
  5. My reasoning for an Air Locker as opposed to an e locker is that (at least with Eaton's e locker, it takes a quarter or half rotation of wheel in order to engage fully, which is fine when you're moving, not so good when you stop and start in really technical spots. As for which is more reliable, I'd just like the locker to engage and disengage right when I press a button, not have it disengage every time I stop, leaving me with the potential of getting stuck. Maybe my worries are unfounded, and I'm sure that someone who knows more than me has the right answer, but that's just my thought process!
  6. I'd need to do that with a ford 8.8 as well I think. KJ 8.25 with 4.56s it is! Last question, LSD or Air Locker? For the type of wheeling I'll do with this (easier trails/crawling in Moab, plus washed out Colorado/Utah trails), is it worth having an air locker? Or would an LSD be sufficient? Only reason I ask is because one of those is significantly cheaper than the other, but both are still expensive, so I would hate to buy an LSD and then realize I need to upgrade to a full locker later.
  7. What are the differences between a liberty and a cherokee 8.25 (other than brakes and width)? Will a gearset for an XJ 8.25 fit correctly in a KJ 8.25?
  8. I originally thought of getting an 8.8 because of the disk brakes in a 95+ (?) model, but correct me if I'm wrong, Explorer 8.8s never came with 4.56s did they? If they did they were extremely rare?
  9. This summer I'm planning on swapping my D35 for a ford 8.8 from the JY. At the same time I'll lift the truck (SOA rear, undetermined lift front). This will all happen with the hopes that I can run 32~33" tires, but no bigger. I have a few questions about regearing. There are so many explorers at the JY, I'm almost sure I can find one with 4.10 gearing. I recognize I'll have to regear the front axle as well, so I'm wondering if 4.10 will still be too tall for 33" tires, and if I should not worry about the gearing currently in the 8.8 and just regear both to 4.56? If 4.10s is good enough for mild wheeling, then it would be mighty convenient to only have to regear 1 axle. Also, I found regearing kits containing all the gears needed for a swap for D30/Chrysler 8.25 combo D30/D44 combo, but not one for the D30/Ford 8.8 combo. Is there any significant difference in strength between the Ford 8.8 and Chrysler 8.25? I thought there was, but now I'm wondering if the difference is small enough to not worry about it, and settle for the convenience of regearing from a kit that contains both sets. Any advice would be appreciated!
  10. I second Matt's Off Road Recovery and Fab Rats. Those guys are just down to earth, good guys. Paul especially from Fab Rats is really fun to watch, and I've learned more about fabrication from his channel than any class or project I've ever done! And I know he works on Toyota's mainly, but Dirt Garage does some awesome stuff in his build videos, plus the wheeling is great when he hasn't broken something the week before
  11. @87Warrior does that mean a 92 MJ D30 is high pinion as well, or is that exclusive to XJ's?
  12. There's a thrift store near me that usually has a small collection, so I stop by and check from time to time. Update: Cleaning the head per the truck user's manual seemed to make a bit of a difference. Now it ejects about 40% of the time immediately! Maybe it just needs some time to clean itself out since it probably hasn't been used in years haha
  13. For Christmas, my wife got me the album 2112 by Rush on cassette, so I could play it in the truck. It plays fine, however it only ejects immediately about 10% of the time. The rest of the time, when eject is pressed, it seems like it gets stuck auto-reversing(?) For an indefinite amount of time before ejecting the cassette. It seems like this happens less when the truck is warm, but that could be councidental. Nothing I've found online is very helpful, and I'm about 20 years too young to have any idea where to start when taking apart a cassette player. Any ideas?
  14. I plugged them back together before replacing the trim, but I never use the radio, so I had no idea to test that
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