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  1. Be extra sure that the tabs are aligned straight when you're done adjusting, they need to lock into place the same way they came out. If you're not careful, you can be off by 100,000 miles and have to take everything apart again and readjust. Ask me how I know.
  2. I ended up replacing the old spring connected to the release handle, and found that the teeth are very worn, but the pedal seems to hold now! We'll see if it's still having problems in a week haha @ghetdjc320 I might hit you up on that if I'm still having problems!
  3. Do you mean the spring connected to the release handle? That's still working fine it seems, am I missing another spring?
  4. Hey all, My parking brake pedal won't stay engaged, almost like the release won't disengage completely (I can hear the teeth catch, but then it almost immediately slips along the teeth with a CLACK-CLACK-CLACK sound and the pedal releases completely). Any ideas? The brake itself works, I've tested it multiple times, it's just that the pedal won't hold, so if I want the brake to be engaged full time, I have to hold the pedal down myself, which, for obvious reasons, defeats the purpose of a parking brake to begin with
  5. Here's a kit that comes with all necessary trim for the windows. I'm not sure how they're different exactly, but looks like there are ones for most years. https://www.ocautocarpets.com/wn-product/door-kit-10pcs-58522/ Should be a video on YouTube somewhere of a guy replacing the window trim... Does that help?
  6. I'm about to replace the floor pans in my '92, but I noticed that one side of the driver's side seat bracket is so rusted it might have to be cut out, and it more than likely can't be salvaged. Anybody with a similar experience, what did you do to replace them? Or, does anyone know where I can find replacement Brackets? I feel like I've looked all over and can't find any that don't come attached to another bench seat Would it be easier to fab my own?
  7. ktmall07


    This sounds bizarrely like a movie.... good luck!! 👍
  8. This isn't a Club specific tee, but check out this shirt! This ad is such a classic, and I found the shirt on sale, so I had to pick one up!
  9. I assume you're referring to these? seems like it would be pretty easy make your own I bet. You can buy cheap pinstripes in different sizes, all you'd need is the font for the word Pioneer, and someone to create the decal the right size and color.
  10. I've always been a sucker for the '86 4x4 decals too! If anybody is looking for some, I found this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1986-Jeep-Comanche-MJ-Sport-Pickup-Truck-Decals-Stripes-Graphics-NOS-type/383456287786?hash=item5947c69c2a:m:mMTow-gzRiET3W_knvaYbkA
  11. I'm also very interested. Seems like if you can't find a factory original and want the same shape you have to fab it yourself anyways, so I wouldn't mind some big steel Legos!
  12. @scaleless, do you know if JPSU-6P4.0 will work in my 92? I'm not sure it will, because I know the ohm range on the renix senders if different than the HO, but I might as well ask haha
  13. Okay so, Got the new cluster installed, filled up the tank, and the same exact thing happened. Guage moved from empty (with the light on) to just under halfway, and it's stayed there today. The only time it has moved is when I've started the truck. It seems likely that even though the guage only moves when the truck has first started, I do indeed have a bad float, or something else wrong with the sender itself. I know it might not even be worth it right now, since the guage half works, but has anyone repaired their sender/float, or swapped in a new one? What's the process like?
  14. Awesome. I'll post updates in this thread when I get the dash swapped!
  15. I really appreciate the help! I'll be honest, this truck is my first experience with any kind of electrical work, so all I know about it I've learned from other threads and videos. I know this is a tangent from the original thread, but if I'm going to swap the whole cluster, do I need to do anything special to get the tach itself working? I know the oil pressure and temp senders are easy to replace, but is there anything else to keep an eye out for?
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