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  1. I'm looking for a post 87 Comanche fender emblem.
  2. Ok. Thanks for the information on those Wrangler Radials.
  3. The wheels, tires and center caps are a very nice look on your comanche. Good job! refurbishing those wheels. You have inspired me to do the same on my build. What tire size did you go with?
  4. For sale by owner bill of sale "NO TITLE". 1986 Comanche. 2.8 liter V6, 5 speed manual, 4wd, Long bed. It starts, runs and drives. Has engine oil leaks, clutch master cyl leaks. Rust free Colorado truck. Asking price is $1,700.00. I added it to the registry. JTWL65G3GT100420. Not my stuff. The owner is a friend of mine, so I can get more information if needed.
  5. Blade


    4WD Longbed 2.5 Standard. Starts, runs,drives. Southern Colorado For sale by owner
  6. Thanks, I added front header chrome Jeep emblems to the rear mud flaps. It is a fit, the lettering happens to be the same size and style.
  7. Straitened rear bumper, replaced diamond plate on top, fabricated and added a class 3 receiver hitch. Repaired broken bolts on the rear fender flares and mud flaps. Changed fluids front/rear differential, transfer case, transmission. Upgraded headlight wire harness, H4 ceramic connectors, 30amp relays, 12 guage wire. Started body work, planning on painting original color, PW7 bright white.
  8. It's not my stuff. Belongs to timbukthree4wd.com I do not know the VIN
  9. https://cosprings.craigslist.org/pts/d/westcliffe-parting-out-1987-jeep/7415918637.html
  10. https://cosprings.craigslist.org/pts/d/westcliffe-parting-out-1989-jeep/7410613754.html
  11. Vacant plug located between left front fender and air intake box. Any one know what it's for? 1991/4.0/automatic/4X4/factory AC delete.
  12. Making progress, finished under the hood and front clip. Fixed or replaced all broken and missing parts. Replaced the front header, left front fender, 8 slot grill, front valance, right and left front inner fenders also installed 1996 Cherokee non break-away mirrors both sides. Next I plan on working on the rear bumper, rear flares, mud flaps and changing all of the fluids.
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