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  1. Working under the hood now. Deep cleaned the engine compartment, repaired engine oil leaks, valve cover gasket, filter adapter, rear main seal, and oill pan gasket. Removed the snow plow and all of the PO wiring and switches.
  2. I am done with the inside, replaced the headliner material, rebuilt both sun visors with the same material, repaired the left side floor pan, deep cleaned.
  3. Blade


    Thank you for the build sheet eaglescout.
  4. I am growing to like that back bumper. I think with a little work it's a keeper.
  5. I removed the floormat looks like water is leaking in on the driver side of the cab somewhere. I will replace the floor pan and headliner, then put it back together. Should turn out good on the inside.
  6. 1991 Comanche 4.0L automatic column shift, 4X4 long wheelbase, metric ton 36,100 original miles. I have owned six XJ's over the years. This is my first Commanche "I'm so excided!". This Commanchee truck has spent its entire life as a snow plow truck for a school district in Boulder, Colorado. I bought it from an auto dealer here in Southern Colorado with the snow plow still attached. I drove it home it starts, runs and drives good. The body is in rough shape with many dents and scratches, needs lots of cleaning everywhere. I plan on starting on the inside pulling the seat, rubber floor mat, headliner and trim. Fix everything and put it back togather origanal. The glove box was stuffed with 30 years of paperwork including most of the annual emissions reports and origanal window sticker.
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    I have owned six Cherokee XJ's over the years. This is the first Commanche I have owned. Any feedback on the pictures or build sheet would be awesome. It's body is in rough shape, it's pretty solid without much rust.
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    Pictures of a diamond in the rough.
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    1991 Comanche 4.0L Automatic Column Shifter 4WD LWB Bright White Fabric Bench Seat Truck spent its life with a front snow plow attachment in Boulder Colorado. 1 Owner Bought from a dealer in Southern Co,with the snow plow still attached. 36,100 miles VIN 1J7-GJ26S9ML-558642 Runs and drives good, needs body work and cleaning. Fun project, plan on fixing it up at home here in Southern Colorado.
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