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  1. Highly recommend the San Juan mountains in the Uncompahgre National Forest for some of the most awe inspiring trails in the country. Moab has the best technical trails but Colorado definitely has the best views. I'm lucky to have parents who retired to Ouray Colorado (the "jeeping capitol of the world") so I visit often.
  2. Its actually pronounced nearly exactly how it look... it just looks insane the first time you see it. LOL: Un-com-paw-grey or per wikipedia: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/07/En-us-Uncompahgre.ogg Its the National Forest that encompasses Telluride and Ouray Colorado and some of the most iconic 4x4 trails in the country (black bear pass, imogene, engineer, etc.)
  3. Thanks! Quick update from the weekend: I cleaned up the old intake manifold: Then hand painted the coil cover lettering: It took a few coats to cover well. you can still see some red here after 2 coats: In the end it came out looking pretty good! Much better than the red for sure: Checked clearance with the throttle body installed. I'm going to rotate the transmission 4° upward so it'll only get farther from the hood. Just need to clearance the trans tunnel a bit where t
  4. haha, yup... I get excited about the next step every time I get close to completing something. I'm waiting on a few more engine parts so I'll be starting on the interior this weekend. can't wait!
  5. I pulled the facia off to add a modified harness to the back-side for the lights. Here are some radiator pics... this thing is huge! Here's the winch pass-through: All buttoned back up. The wires through the grill will be for driving lights:
  6. Figuring out a throwout bearing was a pain. I should have just ordered a Novak adjustable throwout bearing when I ordered everything but I thought an adjustable pivot ball would be enough. I was wrong. Plus it being the holiday I was unable to get one ordered in time. Luckily I have a Summit local to me and I ran there on Saturday for a McLeod 16505 adjustable GM style bearing. It has stackable discs to adjust the height. Perfect! Next I installed a Novak external slave cylinder: And my factory XJ oil pressure sensor o
  7. XJ harness is complete... let's just hope I didn't cut out anything important! LS1 finally off the pallet: What a mess: All clean! The C5 Corvette oil pan is way too wide so it had to go: Time to start replacing seals. I replaced the valve cover gaskets, timing chain cover gasket, rear cover gasket, front and rear main seals, and of course oil pan gasket along with a new Holley oil pan: ARP 12-point stainless hardware! All back together! New plug
  8. Agreed. I like yours in contrasting color btw! Thanks! hahaha, very true
  9. It turns out PSC is literally down the road from my house... so stopped through their amazing facility to grab a big bore XJ/MJ box: I then plated the x-member with some 3/16" steel: Complete with some 1/2" bolts and tabs welded onto the inner frame rail stiffeners: Just enough room between the PSC box and the opposite frame rail for a winch! Unfortunately Warn was slow with drop shipping me the winch so I moved onto the next project. I decided to do a mesh grill along with a HD front facing ca
  10. PM sent! Thank you! I guess it's finally time to update this thread... its been over a year. Unfortunately the MJ took a back seat while I spent a few months in Europe for work... twice. Covid killed most of the usual fun but I did manage to make a friend somewhere over Spain ! Sometime during the spring I added yet another Jeep to the fleet. I guess I'm a sucker for half truck half Jeeps. I also sold the orange XJ and the Ram. I'm down to a Gladiator, a SRT WK, and the MJ... for now: I took a break from the MJ to build a quick WK f
  11. I plug welded all of the holes then did a 2" stitch around the edges. No instructions with these stiffeners but I think this is probably the strongest option. I seam sealed around the outside to help keep moisture out. Lastly I sprayed everything down with self etching primer to keep the rust away until I can get everything painted. Then I took a break from the welding to clean the garage. Its been a mess since I moved in and it was nice to finally have room for activities! New tool b
  12. The tear-down continues: After the drivetrain was stripped, I pressure-washed everything yet again. Following that I stripped the suspension and axles: Before I could weld in some T&M Metal Fabrication stiffeners, I had to repair the one spot of uni-frame damage at the driver side bumper mount. I cut a section out of the donor XJ and welded into the MJ. Knowing that the stiffeners were going in over the repair, I just did a quick butt-joint instead of overlapping or doing something stronger. With the stiffe
  13. I haven't had a build thread for a few years so I guess its time to start a new one. New on the forum but by no means new to the Jeep community. My most recent builds: Project Poughkeepsie (SOLD) - https://www.jeepforum.com/forum/f177/project-poughkeepsie-2001-anniversary-edition-build-thread-3527642/ Project Daily Driver (290k miles and still kicking) - https://www.jeepforum.com/forum/f177/another-daily-driver-xj-build-98-classic-1375527/ I've been overseas for the last year and have been planning a Comanche build. First things first
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