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  1. One of my new favorite pictures from this year’s 4th of July. My boy ZJ, my DJ5, and my cooler full of rainiers. Life is good.
  2. It’s been in the 90s this week so the tube doors are back on! I’m sure it’ll rain next week now🤷🏼‍♂️
  3. Mounted up some j-racks to my old bed rack setup to haul my cheapie kayak. Can’t wait to hit the water.
  4. I run Steinjager XJ tube doors on mine in the warmer months. Warrior products tube doors are top notch though! Little more spendy but well worth it.
  5. Recently scored a set of five 17” KMC XD Wheels for only $40 a pop. I didn’t originally have a plan for them but couldn’t pass the deal up, figured they’d look nice one of my projects. My main MJ is on 35x13.50x15 Toyo mts wrapped around 15x10s and are great but saving some weight kind of interests me. Did some math and some 37” tires on a aluminum wheels weigh less than or the same as my current 35x13.50 setup. Ha. If anybody is on 35x12.50x17s please share a picture! Not really looking for other sizes.
  6. Haha that’s a great comparison! I still have my long bed pioneer in the garage as well I’ve been slowly working on so this one will probably donate some motor accessories to it for sure but in the long run I would love to bring this one back to stock as much as possible. I’ve owned a lot of Jeeps and a clean stock MJ will always make my heart flutter.
  7. Friends that drop off free Comanches are the best friends! Thank you @thecodemonk! She’s not the prettiest but she has it where it counts. 1989 Jeep Comanche Eliminator with some super custom race stripes that add all the horsepowers.
  8. Still on the hunt in the Washington area if anyone has one.
  9. Hey I'm going to be listing some parts this weekend. Tailgate is $300 if still interested, just wanted to make sure you get first dips if you wanted it. No worries if not!
  10. Will do man! What did you end up paying for your replacement one if you don't mind me asking? Is the going rate still 250-300ish?
  11. It's starting to look like this project might get parted out to fund another one🤷🏼‍♂️ Life is crazy and goes way too fast. I don't want to see it go but it happens. I'm probably better off parting it out over selling it whole so my question is before I part out the bed what is the going price for a clean straight long bed with tail lights, tailgate, and bed? I know what the tail lights and tailgates bring in. Located in Spokane WA by the way. I know prices differ around the states.
  12. Project Leftovers is at the bottom of the list when it comes to receiving attention but it finally got its Dana44 installed with SOA in the rear on 33s. Trying to decide on what setup I want to throw my RE coils on with in the front now.
  13. Gosh darn it I loved that entire post. Those videos and photos are killer!
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