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  1. Thanks man! I appreciate the help!
  2. Hello to all. So I’m using a 1995 XJ engine in my mj. However, I just acquired a 1996 with some upgrades like power seats, power windows, ETC. I wanna use the seats and windows in my MJ project, but I’m scared to use the harness off the new XJ on the 1995 engine. My main question is can I use the 1996 harness on that 1995 engine? Or is there somethin crazy I don’t know?
  3. hello to all! I'm still relatively new to this place. in case anyone was interested in seeing the progress on JIMA, my 86' manch, I will be posting some pictures with descriptions of things that I'm finding easy, hard, cool ideas I have, and overall how this project is going. I am totally in love with this car and still seem to be the only one amongst my peers to see the value (sentimental of course) and meaning in this car. My very first car I owned was a 91 Xj and now to say the second one is an 86 MJ that I'm building and paying for myself is very rewarding. Ultimately my goal is to get to know some people in the area I live in and hopefully be able to either start or join a jeep club and have fun. I see this as my start to being not only a mechanic, but a proud jeep nerd. Thank you for all the help thus far and ill keep yall updated!!! I hope to post at least one update post by the end of next week. I also wanna leave this as an open topic for some of the struggles I’m having that I'm sure many of you have already experienced. In addition, ill mention some things I'm worried about that i havent gotten to yet: 1. the damn dashboard rebuild 2. painting underneath the car/ removal of the bed 3. cleaning the gas tank 4. re assembling the fuel rail 5. making my own head liner (seen a few threads about this one and i don't know what they use as the base to put the fabric on) 6. re wiring the car (crimping and splicig wires) 7. first tie startup
  4. Hey guys. gonna be buying a stock interiors carpet today and wanted to see if anyone here had any advice as to if thats the way to go or not. they seem very legit and have excellent customer service so far so I'm hoping for the best.
  5. In the middle or removing my old wiring harness off of a bad engine swap someone else did (always fun cleaning up someone else’s mess. Swapping Ta 95 XJ harness back into it and putting the I6 4.0 back into it. All I can say is if you really feel like you need to swap that harness, do it. Don’t focus on trying to salvage what you can until you actually start puttin stuff back together because then you will get all mixed up. See what you can do and then spice connectors if needed. Make sure that you have someone who really understands electrical if you don’t please because you will hate to have a short or something. Good luck!! I’m still in the learning process aswell and I already know this is going to keep kickin my butt
  6. Hey y’all. My comanche needs some parts. Like Lots of parts haha. But one but thing I am trying to do is get the interior lookin nice. I have the b post panels, the kick panels, the side skirt interior panels, and that’s it. (Which leaves me needing the headliner, a post panels, and the back panels behind the seats. I was wondering what people have done to either custom make pieces for the interior, swaps for the interior, or just good places to go to get pieces like that.
  7. Thanks Pete! That’s super awesome that everyone on here has created a place for people who love Comanches and wanna share stories. Can’t wait to throw one of those bad boys on my comanche!
  8. Good morning to all! I was curious as to which transmissions will bolt up to the Jeep 4.0. Right now I believe there is a Chevy trans connected to the vortex swap the previous owner did (haven’t ripped into my MJ for a swap yet). Appreciate the help this far guys! Love the website also quick side note I was told I need to do 10 replies or posts and I was just curious if someone who is a long time user of this forum could clarify that for me
  9. Hey all! I was wondering what the people on think about doing a 95 jeep cherokee swap into my 86 Comanche? Any tips would be helpful as I am new to fixing cars and especially Comanches. Thank you guys!
  10. yeah If you could that would be a major help! You can email me @Aidenmoreno3@gmail
  11. thank you so much. I will definitely be using that website starting today.
  12. Hey y’all! I need a few pieces for my interior if anyone’s selling. Also just a personal opinion I know everyone hates on the burgundy but hey I think it looks kinda cool!
  13. Also long term plan would be to use this as a daily driver as well as be able to take her out and have some fun off-road
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