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  1. You guys see any reason this wouldn’t work?? Dual core too. Maybe some experimenting with yj or tj rad hoses and see what works? It says it cools 4.0 engines and should fit. I haven’t done any measurements yet so I’m hoping the area in front of the engine in the 86 is less than 23” in length https://www.mishimoto.com/jeep-wrangler-yj-tj-radiator-87-06.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIzOWOn5C09AIViB-tBh162QUVEAQYASABEgIAnPD_BwE#features
  2. Been a long time since anyones been here but I have my solution. I was supposed to cut socket sized holes for the middle but I Ended up cutting the top like an idiot and had to patch it, and cut the bottom. So it’s a lot uglier than it already was but successfully holds my trans. I’m hoping it’s a temporary solution till I can pay someone to make me a really solid one.
  3. Did this end up working?? Hopefully finishing my project soon but this is still something that's been stumping me.
  4. I really am new to this comanche restoring thing:/. Appreciate the help forsure. If you think that’s a decent price I will consider it. And I will definitely be looking into this guy. Where about in Cali is he? Also is yours swapped with a different engine or did you use an adapter plate to mount a different trans on yours??
  5. Hey guys! So I’m looking to put a new or factory remanufactured Aw4 onto my build (I6 out of a 1995 Cherokee swap) in order to further my progress on this project. Problem is I can’t find anything close to new (obvious given it’s not 1995 anymore )or even remanufactured. The only luck I seem to have is people trying to sell me ones with over 120k miles on it and I’m not into that. I called a place that will fully build it with a harness, fluid, TC, and fresh paint but they want about $2600!! Can anyone guide me to somewhere they’re a bit cheaper maybe? Any help would be appreciated
  6. Dude I cannot find a 4.5in long arm kit for the mj on rustys anywhere. Where did you find that
  7. Aye so I have a question I haven’t seen yet. I have a Ford 8.8 on my build and I need a rear drive shaft that fits on the axle , hooks up to my transmission (automatic ax15), and is the proper length. Does anyone know a specific one that would work? I have a link to come I think will work https://www.carid.com/dorman/oe-solutions-rear-driveshaft-mpn-976-166.html?singleid=2254745322&url=1069964
  8. Appreciate everyone’s help. I think I feel pretty comfortable as far as the seats and windows now. My biggest issue now is figuring out how to wire the tail lights using the new harness, because the tail lights and harness off the 1996 cherokee are not nearly as long and the fitment in the stock MJ tail lights seems like a nightmare
  9. Hey guys. So i need some advice. I've got an 86 MJ that I put a I6 4.0 into (I know, I know), and the previous owner put a ford explorer 8.8 rear axle into it. The wheel base is super small and I wanna widen it and bring it down about 2 inches. My question is would a Dana 44 be a good rear axle swap, and can I still have disk brakes??
  10. Good afternoon everyone! have you ever messed up while working on your car? Well I have😂. Today I found out the 1986 Jeep Comanches did not come with 4.0L in-line 6 cylinders. In fact, the even re designed the engine bay in 1987 to accommodate them. So now I have to angle grind some good ol firewall out so that I can fit my tranny in there. Wish me luck
  11. tired uploading alot more pics and its buggin;/ nest time!
  12. Hey guys! its been a while since I've been active on here and I wanted to give you guys an update on how mt build was going. So I've finally dropped the engine into the Comanche as of TODAY i have a few pics so ill start with that. ENGINE INSTALL: So I had decided to put the 4.0L I6 back into the car since the previous owner failed at doing a 4.3L v6 swap from a Chevy s10 (failed because he didn't put enough effort into the wiring and thus had several problems such as the entire gauge cluster not working, no high beams, and oh yeah, the thermostat was effed up and the heads blew) so once i finished absolutely gutting it, Ive been cleaning, painting, and buying parts for the new engine ever since. PLANS: I am going to finish up either this weekend or next by putting in the Aisin-Warner AW-4 four-speed automatic. I just need a transmission jack I need to swap the axles and do a whole suspension upgrade starting small with things like bushings and hardware. I plan on working my way up to stuff like shocks, coils, and eventually finding out how to get rid of leaf springs for something better. PROBLEMS: The. Seats. I have been looking up the bench seat to bucket conversion and taking the bench seat brackets seems not safe to me (probably because I'm an idiot lol). If anyone has any suggestions on that plz lmk. I've been looking at the threads as much as i can. The roof has been nothing but stress. I removed a god awful sunroof someone had put in even before the previous owner. I'm at the point now where if I see a Comanche at the junkyard i may just have to bring a generator and an angle grinder and take it.(also open to suggestions on this one please please) the heater core. on the donor xj i bought there was a really nice heater core and I messed it up trying to get it out. The bolts that hold it to the firewall were on too tight and when i began to pull it destroyed the plastic. For this I'm planning on trying out plastic welding it since the actual heater core is in excellent condition. just the plastic is messed up. The list goes on and on (as always). I appreciate all the elp you guys have been so far and I can't wait to keep adding stuff to my portfolio. I will try to post once a week but work and manche time take up most of my days. IMG_2334.HEIC IMG_2336.HEIC IMG_2337.HEIC
  13. Thanks man! I appreciate the help!
  14. Hello to all. So I’m using a 1995 XJ engine in my mj. However, I just acquired a 1996 with some upgrades like power seats, power windows, ETC. I wanna use the seats and windows in my MJ project, but I’m scared to use the harness off the new XJ on the 1995 engine. My main question is can I use the 1996 harness on that 1995 engine? Or is there somethin crazy I don’t know?
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