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  1. Nah, wasn’t a man. There’s walls between the rooms.
  2. If you can, find a “recovery” strap, or rope. Similar idea to a snatch strap. They’ve got more stretch to them over a tow strap, which means you can hit them harder with less risk to either vehicle, and the stored energy from the stretch helps to slow-pull on the stuck vehicle after the towing vehicle’s stopped dead. Ideally a kinetic recovery rope is what you want, but they’re $$$ compared to the recovery straps you can get anywhere. It’s also a little bit smoother ride if you end up getting towed out of somewhere on the end of it. And like Pete said, nothing with metal hooks on the e
  3. They just look like regular lug nuts, same chromed finish but they’re solid instead of having a thin chrome cover thing to distort or swell up and make your life miserable. No idea where they came from. The locking nuts are Gorilla brand and look similar to the others in terms of construction and material, but there’s no brand markings on them.
  4. It’s never been an issue up until now because I’ve always just used a socket and breaker bar/impact. I hadn’t actually needed to put a tool on the lug nuts out in the field yet until last week. Locking lug nuts have always been more of an annoyance to me than anything else but I didn’t want to change them out because these are actually solid and don’t have the obnoxious chrome caps.
  5. Haha I figured that was the case. But sometimes you just have to ask.
  6. I haven’t really seen reference to a specific tow package either. The owners manuals refer to a list of required equipment for max towing, class 3 hitch, auto trans, metric ton axle/suspension, and HD cooling and charging systems. The GVWR is reflected in the VIN, above/below certain thresholds, which is a giveaway about metric ton package. But I don’t think much else is reflected in the VIN. What do you mean by “pulling metric tons?” For reasons that escape logic my anxiety and overachieving imagination are suggesting it means they’re somehow gathering them up to withold them fr
  7. You know what I discovered I didn’t have in my daily driver the other day? A tool that fit my lug nuts. The PO had put locking lug nuts on it and fair enough the “key” socket was in the glove box, but it never occurred to me to check that the key socket that was the same size hex as the rest of the lug nuts was also the same as the factory lug nut wrench in the tire changing tools. It wasn’t. But on a more relevant note I’ve got a roll of shop towel. My EDC “emergency” kit and tools have gotten a little scattered after I started driving more than one vehicle on the regular, only ge
  8. Because no one else answered, I’ve got the ZJ CV axles in my ‘91. They’ve been in there a half-dozen years. Fit is just fine although you might want to knock the ABS tone wheels off. In regards to the later shafts with bigger ujoints, I saw a comment on the facepage not long ago about the ujoints themselves being beefier but less material in the yoke to accommodate the bigger caps means it’s easier to damage the yokes if they fail. This was actually the same justification that I used for going to CVs. I’ve had to replace more axle shafts than I have axle ujoints. It’s one thin
  9. Any plans on making another run of these or is this it?
  10. I’ve tossed around the idea of getting a kilt for a while. I’d be looking at a Dewar tartan, but with the history of the clan being what it is (it hasn’t been an official clan unto itself for all too long) the “proper” tartan for you depends on your specific family history, and we simply don’t know ours any more, and I’m three generations removed from anyone actually carrying the name. I’ve mostly been settling for wearing buffalo plaid when and where I can. I’ve also been looking into the utility kilt. Seems like it would be good for ventilation while out hiking... I’
  11. Not exactly the same as everyone else, but I finally re-rebuilt the carb on this thing and got it running decently. It was so nice finally being able to drive it without three-pedalling to keep it going at stop signs, roasting the clutch off to get it rolling without stalling, and simply not having it die randomly and having to roll restart while cruising at basically any speed or throttle position. It actually feels like a useful car now. Don't get me wrong it’s still an unmitigated turd, but it’s at least one that makes me smile instead of just being another nasty headache.
  12. I own three Jeeps and two Ladas. There is ALWAYS something super important to do as an excuse.
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