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  1. gogmorgo

    heater fan woes

    That's a '95 so things may look a little different in you MJ, but it's in the same place. Passenger side of firewall, just above the frame near the starter. That little nub it's pointing at is a hose barb of sorts that'll have a little rubber tube over the end, a short elbow of hose pointing downwards. Pop the tube off with a tug and you'll know it's plugged if water pours out. I just shoved a screwdriver through the tube to clear it out, and it's been fine ever since.
  2. gogmorgo

    heater fan woes

    You might want to check the a/c drain tube to make sure it's not clogged
  3. Has it been checked for codes? Clean up battery connections and get it tested, sure. I'd be looking at regular hard starting culprits myself, like spark plugs and wires, cap/rotor, etc. I'd especially be looking at ignition issues if it's not keen to start on starting fluid. And just cause I'm curious, how cold is "when it's cold out"?
  4. gogmorgo


    Well that's one way to clear snow.
  5. I don't know that it definitely was translated. But it's also a suspicious combination of old MJ specs and waffle about modern wranglers. Apparently the 2021 MJ will have a selection of engines, notably an AMXX 150 2.5L 4-cyl, a 150 CID 14, an LR2 2.8 V6. Plus there's a turbo-diesel power generator accessibility that they claim will be a very good engine. Hogswash. Just someone slapping a webpage together with key words to attract clicks and generate ad revenue. The rest of the website is similar "articles" about future releases of Jeep models, with added irrelevant Jeep concept photos tossed in for good measure.
  6. gogmorgo

    Radesigns Rail Controller

    Eagle's not really talking about a specific shifter, just a standard rotary switch. The AW4 is controlled by three solenoids, one for the torque converter lockup, and the other two are gear selection, which select 1-4 depending on how they're energized. So all you'd need is a rotary dial switch set up to energize the solenoids in proper combination to hit each gear. It's basically what the TCM does, just without the pre-programmed shift logic.
  7. gogmorgo

    Issue with the hazards

    My guess is they chose to do it that way because the MJ doesn't have a high-mount third brake light, so there wouldn't really be any way to distinguish between lit brake lights and flashing hazards.
  8. What tcase are you using? Can you not just reuse your 2-wire sensor? The wires for the trans run up the firewall to the passenger side of the head, where they connect to the main engine bay harness, IIRC.
  9. gogmorgo


    Looks like it's shaping up to be a pretty dry winter here. We've had a couple small dumps, but mostly it's gone. Even the mountains don't have much on them. I haven't been up to the ski hill yet, word is it's pretty rough still. But at least it makes for decent skating.
  10. gogmorgo

    FUNNY, but I have an addiction.

    Buy why walk if you can drive your MJ?
  11. The concept I want to see more of: Just with a longer bed. 7'. Jeep wants their truck to be more capable than others in its class; none of the competition has a 7' bed. Maybe even bump up the payload with a regular cab to 2200lbs. Seems like a decent formula to me for some reason? Can't quite put a finger on where I came up with it though...
  12. Not really enough to affect anything. I've got the same diameter bulk line on both sides of mine.
  13. gogmorgo

    bad starter over night...

    X2 on poor connections. Starters do slow down over time, but usually they either work or they don't. I've had bad connections "out of the blue" pretty frequently. Recently about an hour into a road trip I pulled over to take a photo and then couldn't start it. Everything looked mostly fine, but all I got was a whirr-clunck then just the relay clicking. Someone else pulled off and I asked for a boost but it didn't help. We ended up bump starting it on a tow strap. I figured it was the starter so I drove straight to a parts store, but first I picked up one of the penci-sharpener style terminal cleaners, and went to town. The problem hasn't recurred. I also once had a no-crank no-boost in a hotel parking caused by a loose starter cable. Somehow the nut that held it onto the solenoid had backed halfway off. It had worked fine the rest of the trip and wasn't loose like it had just jiggled itself off, and didn't look recent either, so I don't know what's up with that.
  14. gogmorgo

    Axle plate

    Pop the drums off and inspect. You can make sure everything's moving nicely by hand, and then see what happens when a helper steps on the brakes. It likely won't hurt to bleed the stale fluid out of them, either. With the valve dangling, the rear brakes aren't doing much more while the truck's moving than while its parked, and I'm guessing you don't have much idea of how long the rod's been gone.