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  1. The XJ driver space is definitely at an advantage because the seat doesn’t smash into the cab wall before you can get it all the way back. I’ve folded down the seats on a two-door and got an entire brush guard in and still shut the hatch. Without the seats folded cargo space isn’t ideal, but it’s still better than my housemate’s Juke... not saying much there though, the juke is tiny. I’ve sat in the back of a two-door for a couple hours with two other adults. I also once road a few miles home from the bar with five adults in the back seat. Getting in and out is a bit awkward but only an i
  2. I totally just saw someone doing this this weekend. Boggles the mind, really. 3/4 ton Ford with a 1/2 ton chev behind. I wasn’t quick enough on my phone draw when I realized what it was, and oncoming on a divided highway means no chasing it down for photos. There was not a lot of clearance between the brakes and the road.
  3. Used to store riding mowers like this one:
  4. Some from on top of the mountain. The best views unfortunately are looking south, straight into the sun. Impossible to capture on my phone. As was said, it depends on the area. Canada’s a very big country with varying terrain, climate, and policy. Out east where the climate is more mild it’s common practice to have a “bare dry road” maintenance strategy, which means lots of salt. They get a bunch of snow, and temperatures not that far below freezing, it almost makes sense – they’d just end up a slushy disaster – but in my opinion it promotes failure
  5. Yeah, I’ve seen them near the bridge I took that first pic from occasionally. Not long ago this was in the local paper. Apparently there was one moose that got mad if you tried to move away once it started licking your car, and actually stomped a few vehicles, prompting the warning. They’re along the road there year-round. I might even have my own photos... somewhere.
  6. Here’s a two-fer for ya, from the Canadian Rockies. We just had a huge (for us) dump of almost a foot at valley bottom this morning. It’s one of those days that makes me wish I had an actual camera. Also kinda wishing I called in sick and went skiing. It’s been real quiet around the shop because every single piece of equipment is out working so I wouldn’t have been missed. But I did get the opportunity to lay some fresh tracks down the highway coming back north after a field trip so that was alright I guess. This is the view out the shop window just now.
  7. Can’t say I’ve ever seen a half-track that wasn’t.
  8. gogmorgo

    CC cookbook

    A traditional winter recipe I enjoy and a staple at any sort of holiday feast is tourtière. It’s a very French-Canadian meat pie sort of dish, and recipes vary considerably depending on what’s available regionally. For me growing up it’s typically a combination of ground pork and beef, or pork mixed with deer, elk, or moose, whatever’s at hand really. Apparently out on the coast it’s even common to use fish, but I’m not too sure how I feel about that. And it needs savory to taste right, some recipes substitute sage, but a combination is definitely best. My mémère isn’t French so I don’t hav
  9. Stumbled across some footage from a show I was at a couple years back. It was a good show. The Raygun Cowboys were touring with the Real McKenzies. It’ll be nice when we can go back to behaving irresponsibly once again.
  10. Is it squeaking internally to the switch, or is it possibly just rubbing the faceplate? Follow up question being whether the switch or the faceplate could get adjusted so as not to rub?
  11. Definitely don’t see it too often, even online. I think I’ve only ever seen one in person, but then I’ve only been in the ZJ game a couple years and don’t get to junkyards too often anymore. I don’t think I’ve seen too many people in the ZJ groups looking for red interior pieces, and that one looks a bit trashed. No one really seems to care much at all about “rarities”... But then I’m not on an actual ZJ forum, just the facepage bull crap where it seems like no one cares about anything other than “v8 go vroom” or how fast they can spin their bald 37’s.
  12. And yet there are people who think this guy’s got vaccines chipped to track people.
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