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  1. And another one: https://comancheclub.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=110 points to https://comancheclub.com/topic/95-won't-start/ I've been doing a bit of messing around. The early mismatches between numbers seem to be out from each other by about 16%, so I found another (dead number 486) and attempted to pull up threads by their numbers based off around 16% under... So I was going to start at 410 and work up to 430 in the new link format. Except then I discovered that the thread title is important to the address. As an example this thread is: https://comancheclub.com/topic/58110-got-a-cc-project-for-everyone/ but if you just put in https://comancheclub.com/topic/58110/ it gets you nowhere. Although it's a different sort of nowhere as the "file not found" dead links. Its late and I've been staring at old threads for too long.
  2. That's a good point... Although an extension of the JLU frame could be integrated into a jk8-style kit. Although they still need to come up with the longer beds somehow. I'd be curious to see what the j6 looks like underneath. (Anyone going to EJS?) The more you look at it the clearer it is that the j6 isn't even close to producible as-is, even in kit form. I guess that should've been obvious though from the fact they needed to chop up three JT beds just to extend it by a foot.
  3. Found another one! This is apparently pointing at thread 78. From way back in 2005. https://comancheclub.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=78 I'm noticing the new link puts it at 67. What's the chance they're both just numbered chronologically but some content has been deleted/lost along the way, leading to lower numbers on newer links? Seems to be a trend... if three results is enough to show a trend. Or possibly the later links are numbered chronologically by last post instead of first when shifted? Or not... That wouldn't necessarily make sense because the thread that I found the last one in is 45, and it predates the 78/67, but the last post is in 2006, by Eagle. I've got to say, it's pretty cool going way back and seeing posts by people who are still active 13 years later. That's a passion there, and a hell of an archive of knowledge. This is the thread I found the link in, BTW:
  4. I once had an XJ towed off my lot without a front axle under it. Its funny. 2wd Jeeps previously were undesirable. But now they all seem to be in better shape than the 4x4s. And it makes sense... Less salt because they aren't out being driven in garbage weather, they're not being taken offroad, etc. People are swapping them all to 4x4 because they're in good shape, and soon there won't be many 2wds left that weren't deliberately left 2wd. No one bothers hanging onto the undesirable 2wd components, the people who have a 2wd are going to start struggling to find them. I just went through this trying to find brake parts for my base MJ at Napa. The two rotors came from different places. Inner and outer bearings came from different places. The grease seals were unobtainium through their normal channels and I ended up having to pay shipping to the store for them. Ditto on base-model ZJ stuff. Trim panels without holes for buttons? Nah. 231 shifter bezel? Nah. No one wanted it, it all got tossed, now it's desireable to a select few people, and almost unobtainable. And that's not even considering the manual transmission stuff.
  5. I don't call anyone back who didn't leave a message. If it was important, they would've done so. I've answered too many calls from people who say "who is this why did you call me" when I never did, or gotten calls returned when I realized I mis-dialed and hung up immediately, but not immediately enough I guess.
  6. I can get a duffel bag of basic tools and recovery gear, floor jack, and a couple socket sets behind the seats in my MJ, and I'm 6'2 with the driver's seat all the way back. But even with the bench in my little MJ I can still get quite a bit of stuff back there. I've been on 6000-mile road trips with another person as well, and interior space was never a problem. It's not spacious, no, but there's still more than enough room. I imagine this cab would be more spacious as well. That said, if it went onto the Gladiator frame, you could get a longer bed and more cab space on it for sure. From a production standpoint, it likely wouldn't make sense to have a third (fourth?) frame in between the JLU and JT so that might be why they don't want to split the difference. I don't know what all the difference is between JLU and JT frames. The heavier rear axle could potentially get stuffed under it with the beefier suspension, if the frame is up to the task.
  7. Here's one that points at itself!! The second link in CWLONGSHOT's sig points at this thread. Erm... I think. http://www.comancheclub.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=17030 Part of why this is difficult is it's tough to be 100% certain you've got the correct thread. What I did was go waaaay back to the beginning of the tech forum and start hunting for the first posts linking back to previous content. I figured it would be easier to confirm what thread it was pointing at when the selection was limited to only a small number of threads prior... but then my challenge became finding links at all. It's been a time consuming task and I haven't come up with many links so far. In fact only that one and the other one Pete used as an example. I stumble on those dead links every so often, but finding what they point at is tough.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if it came as a kit similar to the jk8, but I don't really expect it to happen as a production vehicle. Something like 80% of the midsized truck market is crewcabs with 5' beds (because people are dumb) and while the Gladiator is going to sell in decent numbers, I don't know if it's going to hit a level where it'll be worth producing the 15% or whatever of sales these might make up. Although that said Jeep buyers aren't the typical midsized truck buyers, and an off-road pickup doesn't need to be the minivan most trucks have unfortunately become. So you never know. And if it's just a "JL8" then it likely won't come with the payload and towing the JT does. But that doesn't mean that it's not cool and I don't want one. I'll be at the dealer ordering one whenever the standard cab long bed comes out.
  9. Found this in our forklift's operator's manual today. I guess we're not supposed to lift elephants.
  10. You've got the wrong sending unit in there. HO and Renix applications are backwards compared to each other.
  11. Well 498,400km on the first 4.0 in my first MJ before I pulled it puts me in the 300+ club, by just. I also added one for the ~270,000km that are now on the engine that replaced it (240,000 of which were accumulated by the XJ it came out of). I've also got 172,000km on the other MJ's original 2.5 when it came out, but it's death was due to neglect from the previous owner. Sometimes when your crusty old radiator is leaking, the fact it quit leaking on you doesn't have much to do with the stop-leak you were pouring in the top as quickly as the coolant was coming out, and more to do with there only being a finite amount of coolant in the system...
  12. So how exactly is the MJ not good for 100 miles daily? LOL damn that engine bay is clean.
  13. Is there actual electrical feedback to the regulator? My understanding is it's just a spring and diaphragm setup with vacuum signal from the intake, and that the pump just runs for a couple seconds regardless for priming on key-on. A pump that doesn't shut off would indicate an electrical problem. Usually problems immediately after a fuel pump is changed out are either a new filter that was installed backwards (they typically have check valves) or else the small rubber hose from the pump to the sending unit (inside the tank) failed. But an electrical issue causing it not to turn off if it worked fine before hand... (or did it?) If the fuel gauge wires are a switched ground, is there a chance the harness for the sending unit was damaged during the swap and now the gauge and power wires are shorting against each other? Why was the fuel pump changed in the first place? Was anything else done at the same time that could interfere with a diagnosis?
  14. I've found seatbelts through car-part.com. I don't imagine junkyards would inventory them if it wasn't legal to sell them. When the buckle failed on my MJ I found one yard that wouldn't sell me a seatbelt part due to their own liability policies, but I then turned around and bought a couple at another yard in the same jurisdiction. I am north of the 49th but I doubt that has much to do with it. It's unlikely a junkyard belt is worse off than the one you're replacing, especially ones that retract and don't get much UV exposure. But given the option is usually better to go new on safety gear if you can... you just don't know the history of the old gear. I wouldn't pull belts from a vehicle that shows signs of a front end wreck, for example. Those have clear evidence of thorough use, and while belts aren't necessarily single-use, you just don't know after they've taken collision stresses once. The 2-dr XJ belts attach to the outer side by hoop that slides over a bar. They're way different.
  15. It's worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. I can't imagine there being anything super complex on a 2.8's wiring harness that can't be fixed for well under $400. It's a carb'ed engine.
  16. I mean, this thread isn't just for firewood.
  17. It doesn't happen too often, but on older threads in the waaaay back some of the links to other threads don't work any more. Usually this is stuff that's on the more obscure side because common knowledge gets repeated. But there's been a few occasions where I find a handful of threads asking the question and answers referencing the same thread, but I can't always uncover the original thread the others reference. As an example, the first link in this old thread of Jim's, which I'm 99.99% confident points at the "Official MJs earning their keep" thread: I'm pretty sure the reason is the forum changing formats back in 2012(?) but it would be pretty cool if the old links worked again. Or even if there was some workaround.
  18. Resurrecting this thread from 23 pages deep to post up more pics of hauling firewood. That much was noticeable behind the 2.5, but it definiely wasn't struggling. No idea how much weight it was... I was well into the overloads but nowhere close to the bump stops. I couldn't help but think about how this compares to what you'd be able to get into a JT Gladiator. It would likely handle the weight just as well as my 28-year-old springs, but a five-foot bed... I doubt the volume is there. Definitely not compared to a LWB MJ. And I'm also confident a JT wouldn't have made it so nicely around the corner into my back yard to unload at my woodshed. I unfortunately don't have a fancy hydraulic splitter so I guess you could say I've got my work... chopped out for me.
  19. I remember trying to find one for my dad's '85 Chevy van. They had a drawer up at the front desk of the wrecking yard with an assortment of GM stalks. There were about a half-dozen different versions in it with cruise control, and none of them matched the one in my dad's van. The cruise control didn't work anyway and I found a better match in one without cruise.
  20. This is the well-worn cruise control stalk in my '91 MJ.
  21. Xjjeeps.com has parts manuals. I had to deal with motor mounts when dropping the 2.5L into my '91 MJ, although in my case my exact concern was because my engine/mounts came out of a '92 YJ. But I do remember there being breaks in years in the MJ/XJ mounts that didn't really seem to correspond to any major redesign. I ended up changing the passenger side engine bracket. Part numbers are cast into them.
  22. There are Lemons racers running around on 30+ year old tires. There's one 80's Cadillac out there where the original spare looked good, so they ran it on one of the front wheels more as a joke than anything else, and when it eventually blew apart they were going to replace it, except after hundreds of laps it's still fine. Tire degradation is almost entirely due to prolonged UV exposure. If it's been under a trunk floor or some other sort of cover and hasn't been sitting in daylight then there's likely nothing wrong with it. Even the quoted articles goes on to say there are people running around on old tires that are totally okay, just keep an eye out for cracks or anything and keep them inflated properly, and this straight from the tire distributors whose interest is in selling you new tires. Also, suddenly the guy who refuses to use a torque wrench cares about safety But back on topic. I'm not really a fan of the five-tire rotation. In part it's not very often I have a spare that matches the rest of the set, but that's another issue. Having a tire that isn't as worn down as the others means it's a slightly larger diameter, and this puts more stress on your differentials. Especially if you're incorporating a brand new tire into a rotation of half-worn tires. The more often you rotate tires the less of a problem this could be, more frequent rotations means less change in treadwear. If you're on a tight budget it can make your tires last marginally longer, but if force to put off spending money on tires until it's an absolute necessity, then now you're forced to buy five tires instead of four, or else run around with a crappy worn-out spare. You don't generally get to choose the weather or location to have a flat, so it's better in my mind to have a spare in good condition than to have to trust a craptacular one to get me where I need to go without backup. If I was doing a six-tire rotation, I think I would want to rotate out two tires at a time. Doing just one at a time would mean the sixth tire sits out two full rotation intervals before hitting the road at probably a noticeably larger diameter than the rest. In the heavy duty world there are rules (and laws) for not only tread wear but also matching diameters, not just between a pair of duals where a larger tire will take more load and potentially overload it, but also across an axle which means the axle doesn't sit horizontal and the tires are no longer perpendicular to the road surface, and also between driven axles, where it effectively alters final drive ratios.
  23. Yeah that's a $20 tarp, a spool of twine, and ten minutes in the bush with a hand saw.
  24. gogmorgo

    EJS 2019 Concepts

    The J6 would've looked amazing in the Scrambler trim. From other sources it looks a lot like the two-door is just a chopped JLU, and I suspect if it's ever offered it'll just be a kit like the jk8, meaning it'll have diddly for payload and towing. But that doesn't mean it isn't waaaay for appealing than the minivan-spec Gladiator.
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