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Found 7 results

  1. I just bought a 1986 2.8l mj from California and my marker lights and running lights don’t work. My headlights come on and there’s a new switch. Does anyone know where to get a wiring diagram for the lights?
  2. I couldn’t find a write up on this and decided to create one. More photos will be added soon and wiring information. This is one of the easiest and fastest upgrades you can do. Here’s information from the owner’s manual on this feature. . Photo Credit cruiser54.com List of Parts Needed 25 amp fuse Timer relay part #56000636 or 56009324 located under the steering column mounted to the dash. Photo of relay Connector for the relay if your truck doesn’t have it already. The Install Step 1: Look under your dash and there should be a plug in place already
  3. I have a 89 and when I turn on the blinker it doesn’t blink the light just stays solid. The bulb and the blinker work but do not blink. However when I turn on my headlights they do not turn on at all and I also have both indicators in the dash lit up.
  4. This is a writeup that can be used with any MJ front clip, but should only be used on MJs that have gone through the Cherokee (XJ) Wagoneer front clip conversion. As some of you may already know, while rare, this is a pretty popular front clip swap for us and cherokee owners alike. This is my 1990 with the factory front clip. This is her after the swap. This is a 100% direct bolt on conversion for 87-92 MJs, the 1986 year model may look the same as all the rest, but it is NOT. While it is possible to put later front clips onto an 86, including the wagon
  5. Ok so if you own an XJ Wagoneer, or have an XJ Wagoneer grill on your XJ or MJ like I do, you probably know that the top 2 lights are your low beams, and the bottom 2 are your high beams. This will tell you how to make only the top 2 low beams come on with low beams, but all 4 come on with high beams. Low Beams: Factory High Beams: After the Swap's High Beams: You will need: -3 relays -14 gauge wire (I recommend black, red, white, and green, to match the factory wiring) -Spade connectors -Wire crimpers -Wire strippers Here is a wiring diagram that my dad drew up: Sta
  6. Low beams work fine, but the high beams after running for about 10 min will begin to cycle on and off. On for 6 sec, Off for 8 sec, On for 7 sec, Off for 7 sec, so on and so forth. Headlights are factory output, no fancy dancy HIDs or H4s. I am already pretty darn sure its a headlight switch issue, but before i go diving head first into my dash (again) i wanted to ask the local panel of experts. Ftpiercecracker.
  7. Hey guys, I was going through some builds and saw some people with LED headlights. I started looking around and found them for a great deal on EBAY. $390 shipped http://www.ebay.com/itm/Truck-Lite-27450C-Single-Rectangular-LED-5-X-7-Truck-Jeep-XJ-YJ-Headlight-/360719948850
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