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  1. Thanks everyone! I love the old school look. Wasn't my plan originally, but I'm extremely happy with the way it has gone
  2. i hope you tightened this waaaaaay more. looks good yes of course! My dad threaded the tie rod end on and stuck it in the pitman so i wouldnt get lost lol
  3. So I pulled the switches out of my Comanche and got the factory vent back in Unspooled the winch cable Took off my 8274 Definitely makes the bumper look funny I had to work but he pulled the Dana 44 out of the front of my Comanche and got the Wrangler's D30 under the front for me to install. Picked up a stock front bumper Pulled off the winch bumper Painted the stock bumper Here is the slight damage to the unibody. Broke a steering box bolt when i was reinstalling it. Ends up I was over tightening them by quite a lot. Anyways, new bumper turned out great Used the TJ's steering. Had to replace the pitman arm and the tie rod on it Got it on its own weight again and able to drive I took the lift pucks off and it sits pretty level without the weight of the bumper Luckily, I saved my RE adjustable track bar Now that my TJ is done, I need to take the internals from the rear axle and swap them in the rear of my TJ. My plan is to drive the TJ in to work with the Comanche's D44. Then I'll have the tech rebuild the Comanche axle and then throw it in. I'll keep you guys posted
  4. i was thinking if the exhaust is leaking at the manifold, the intake could be leaking too? havent had a chance to look at the EGR yet but i plan on replacing the vacuum line from the TB to the MAP not yet, i havent had a chance to do anything more on it
  5. Yes! Like I said, the previous owner went down your list and claimed he did everything. which i thought was strange. and he didnt do it right obviously because it drove like crap. I used your method to adjust his TPS and it was way off. But he had over tightened the sensor so much that it cracked the slots it moved in. After adjusting it it ran awesome and finally shifted, but it would loosen up due to the cracks. However, it wasnt until I adjusted the TPS that this stall with light throttle started happening. I then inspected the throttle body to be sure it was clean and the butterfly valve was moving properly. Satisfied, we replaced the TPS due to it being damaged, adjusted it again following your procedure, and it still stalls. That is when we went down your list and cross checked the work he had done. We did find some minor vacuum problems and I found some stuff i didn't exactly like. I threw my MAP sensor on his Cherokee and we drove it around for about 10 minutes without it stalling. I thought we had solved the issue. He purchased a new one and I installed it, only to have it stall immediately. My theory is that the engine cooling must have had something to do with it?? It happened every time its cold, but then very intermittently. I pulled off the intake tube again. I swapped my IAC on his Jeep and cleaned in the TB as much as I could. With my IAC, it still stalled. I will most definitely check the resistance from the flat 3 connector to the battery terminal. Do you think a leak at the manifold would cause this type of issue? My theory is if exhaust is leaking at the head, what's to say intake isnt either? and if its past the IAC and TPS it would be unmonitored and could cause it to lean out? I also just wanted to say thanks for all the help you give the Jeep community. I have had my Comanche since 2012 and I have been down your list with that and the many other XJs ive had
  6. no sometimes it idles down when driving. O2s ok. replaced all the vacuum lines. did find ANOTHER vacuum leak. it is much more powerful and responsive now. put the stock air box in. I did notice an exhaust leak at the manifold. I am only working on it a few times after work so I don't have a lot of time to spend. but i am going to pull off the intake manifold. clean it. replace the exhaust manifold. replace the gasket. and go from there. ill keep you all posted.
  7. Wow thank you for the information. I will have to do some 02 swapping. We also decided to put a stock air box in it and replace all the vacuum lines and the EGR system. It seems like the best option. Thanks for the info
  8. So I am working on a friend's XJ (1990, 4.0l, AW4) and I am at the limit of my knowledge. Here's some background: We bought this Cherokee from a guy who said he went down Cruiser's thread on it just because. When you would accelerate, it would build up to 2500 RPM then lag around there for 5-10 seconds before shifting. Other than that it was in great shape and rust free. We got it back home and I adjusted his TPS. It was way off and it had been over tightened, causing the adjustment to not stick because it wanted to go back in that cracked spot. Adjusting his TPS solved the shifting issue, but now there is a hesitation off idle. Say you back out of the driveway, put it in drive, and just lightly give it throttle it will stall. You can start it up again and drive it for a while problem free. Then all the sudden it will act up again, hesitating/stalling from a stop. Sometimes, if you just barely push the pedal, it will idle very very low and seem like it will want to stall out. Other times, not at all. You can power through the hesitation, however. We decided to replace the TPS due to the crack in the housing. I readjusted it. Reset the battery. Still no luck. Swapped my Comanche's IAC on his Jeep. Still nothing. Replaced the MAP sensor. Reset battery. Still nothing. Checked for vacuum leaks. Nothing. PO replaced cap and rotor. Distributor itself looks really clean inside. Maybe that was replaced? Checked fuel pressure. 32 PSI at idle. Checked all the grounds. Like I said, the previous owner went down Cruiser's thread and did most all of the stuff he said to do. Dipstick ground was refreshed. Added aux battery ground. Replaced ribbon ground cable on the back of the block with a normal, thick cable. Went to check the computer. Someone has had it out because it has junk yard grease pen on it and it wasn't installed properly. Checked the connectors anyways. I'm kind of at a loss at this point. I don't think it's a CPS issue because it doesn't have a no start issue. Should I look at 02 sensor next? Could EGR be giving us these issues? Thanks in advance.
  9. Sooooo I bought a TJ. I've decided I want to build the TJ as a "wheeler"/off road vehicle. My Comanche really does great on the trails, but I'm ready to start taking it easy on the old girl. I feel like the aftermarket support is so much better for the TJ, and I don't want to have to cut the crap out of my bed so it doesnt get trail damage. The plan is to swap the the front axle and internals of the rear on to my TJ and swap the TJ's D30/D44 internals in to my Comanche. Then I'll level it out, put it down to 33s and put the Hooligan Off Road flat fenders on the front. I live so close to work, it will be a good parts runner, daily driver, and work truck. Here is the TJ My dad and I did weld on the passenger sway bar link.
  10. Yea I definitely remember those days. I haven't had one since I did my long arm. Where are you at?
  11. Yea I definitely remember those days. I haven't had one since I did my long arm. Where are you at?
  12. definitely following this topic! looks really good. I don't think you took too much out of the bed at all
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