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  1. Evolution '88

    Oh got the rare Fred flint stone engine lol anyway build is looking great, can’t wait to see the end product.
  2. March 2017 ● Newton's '89

    The paint is amazing , love the blue metallic. Front bumper fits like a glove for this build. Also overall the truck look like a brand new truck not a junk rust bucket when you first bought it. Thumbs up for making a forgotten mj to one you turn your head to see the amazing beautiful mj.
  3. California Fires

    100% on board people need to realize they can cause a major fire real fast happen in the smokies last year. Couple of teens lit a couple small fires and turn into hell for a lot of people and kill some. Pray for everyone going though the wildfires and recent hurricanes.
  4. Prerunner Build

    Free weight reduction compliments of Mother Nature. Lol anyways good luck with your project and hope to see another amazing mj truck on the road
  5. July 2017 ● DigitalBman's '87

    Will do taking notes for my future Comanche thumbs up for making one amazing mj even more awesome .
  6. October 2017 - USAFAGumby's 1989 Comanche 4x4

    Very nice blue paint and bumper taking notes for my future Comanche
  7. July 2017 ● DigitalBman's '87

    very nice comanche and i bet this one is awesome off road.