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  1. My rear slider window one of the pane was broken (not the slider). I talk to my local auto glass guy about just repairing the broken pane and he said he couldn't repair it. Any ideas on repair? Also have anyone used this window here https://www.carid.com/cr-laurence/sliding-window-mpn-edv700s.html?singleid=78783648&url=88482808 and got photos of it installed on a Comanche? If you have it install what is your thoughts on it? Thanks
  2. Blaine.D

    Renix Relay Cover Clips

    Can you find them at the auto parts store?
  3. Blaine.D

    Too Much Sheat (Indiana)

    Ok just pm me or post the pictures of the pieces and we can work out a deal.
  4. Blaine.D

    Too Much Sheat (Indiana)

    You got any of the rubber pieces that are riveted to the bed and tail gate?
  5. Does this work with the stock hard brake lines?
  6. Blaine.D

    Random 87 parts and bed in Sandy Level, Virginia

    Do you have the rubber bumpers on the bed that cushion the tail gate latch? The rubber pieces are rivet on the bed. Also would you be willing to sell them?
  7. Blaine.D

    WTB: Tailgate latch rubber bumpers

    Looking to buy the rubber bumper piece that is riveted to the bed part #55004883 and the ones on the tailgate if you got them part #55004888. Here's a photo of the one on the bed. Thanks
  8. What condition is it in and what your price?
  9. Looking for a drivers side switch panel for windows and locks for a MJ/two door Cherokee part #55002135. Updated and Edited 9/8/2018: I purchase the seal from Dzimm and I am still looking to see if anyone is willing to sell the driver's side window and door lock switch panel to me.
  10. Sorry for the long delay. I have been trying to get my truck ready for paint and cause me to delay working on the cruise control. Wiring Harness Install Step 1 Go to the engine bay and remove the plastic plug above the speedometer cable. Step 2 Go under the dash and route the hardness end with the servo connector, ground and vacuum line to servo through the hole. Step 3 route harness to the other side of the engine bay where the servo would mount. Step 4 the ground connector is located inside the thick wire harness there should be a female connector there for the cruise control ground. Step 5 connect the servo wire connector to the servo. Step 6 connect vacuum line to the servo. Step 7 connect the speed sensor to the harness. Step 8 connect control stalk wire to harness step 9 connect control module Step 10 connect the harness to the brake switch. You will need to replace the brake switch to the cruise control version that has two sets of connectors instead of one set of connectors. Step 11 connect to fusebox where it says IGN That's it later I will post how to install the stalk, servo and how to make a bracket for the clutch and brake disconnect
  11. You will need to drill holes for self-tapping bolts for the servo and mount it. Here's a photo hope this helps.
  12. Blaine.D

    Tailgate latch linkage bumper

    I guess no one got any ideas for a swapable replacement part.
  13. I been trying to find the rubber bumper piece on the bed that cushions the linkage. Part # 5504883 Can't find it and it is a discontinued part. Has anyone found this part on another make or model that you can still buy new or what is a good substitute for this part.
  14. Thanks, I was thinking I would have to but I wanted to check with others to make sure before I go out and buy one.
  15. Found this on amazon today, comes with light pods, d rings, and hardware. My question is have anyone bought and use this bumper or bought anything from EAG? Also if you do have this bumper did you have to cut the fenders to get the bumper on? I guessing you do have to cut fenders similar to other bumpers. Thanks https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0797H29B9/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=AD8AENOLLD9D9&psc=1