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  1. I decided to lift my mj in the front with rubicon express 4.5” lift springs. I been trying to compess them to fit on to the truck with no success. The springs are about 21” inches and I need to compess them to the size of about 15” inches. I have attempted spring compess eras and was able to get the coil spring to the size of 17” inches. Anyone got any tips or tricks to get the coil springs in? Thanks in advance
  2. Everything listed is still available and feel free to make an offer on anything.
  3. I’m in Franklin N.C. and I need to price shipping but the price for just the value cover is $40 obo. Shipping should be cheap since you are in state. Is there anything else you are looking for? I should be able to give you a shipping quote tonight Thanks
  4. Blaine.D

    88 MJ?

    It could be 88 because 88 did have those mirrors as an option.
  5. I will see what I can do but it's going to be a few days before I can hit the junkyard again. Is there anything else you might be looking for besides the female seat belt end. Thanks
  6. Sorry I don't have one available from my Cherokee but I might be able to find one in my local junkyard. Are you looking for a female end for a bench seat or a bucket seat? Thanks
  7. Console and Coolant Bottle had been sold. All parts listed in the first post are still available and open to offers.
  8. Passenger side front and rear door shells have been sold. Many parts are still available and open to any offers.
  9. Everything listed is still available feel free to make an offer or ask questions.
  10. Oil Pressure Sensor, Coolant sensor on the head for gauges, flashers, and wiper circuit breaker have been sold. Feel free to ask about any parts or make an offer.
  11. That fuse drove me nuts because I read none of the write up or threads that I could find on the delay relay said anything about the fuse. Then I finally read the manual and found out about the fuse. Also part of the reason why I did this write up is to let other people thinking about do this is to look at that fuse because I bet there are few people with the same issue.
  12. That could be a possibility but my truck didn’t have the fuse. So when I first installed it, the relay did nothing. Then by reading the fsm I realized it could be that fuse and look under my truck and saw I didn’t have one. I wrote that in the write up because someone could have the same issue as I did. Also it doesn’t hurt to leave a reminder to check the fuse when the relay is doing nothing.
  13. I couldn’t find a write up on this and decided to create one. More photos will be added soon and wiring information. This is one of the easiest and fastest upgrades you can do. Here’s information from the owner’s manual on this feature. . Photo Credit cruiser54.com List of Parts Needed 25 amp fuse Timer relay part #56000636 or 56009324 located under the steering column mounted to the dash. Photo of relay Connector for the relay if your truck doesn’t have it already. The Install Step 1: Look under your dash and there should be a plug in place already that has nothing connected to it. Looks like this. Step 2: Plug timer relay into the plug and Velcro or bolt relay to the dash. Step 3: Located on fuse box a spot that says HDLPDLY and add a 25 amp fuse to that location. Testing for a successful install Step 1: Turn key to on Step 2: Turn headlights on Step 3: Turn key to off Step 4: Turn headlights off If the Install is successful, the headlights will stay on for 30 seconds. Wiring Information Trouble Shooting Information Step 1: Make sure the module is fully plug in. Step 2: Check HDLPDY fuse and if the fuse is bad replace with 25 amp fuse.
  14. Door Sills have been sold. Feel free to ask or make an offer on any parts.
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