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  1. Blaine.D

    Black Friday score

    Thanks, at that price you have to get it.
  2. Blaine.D

    Black Friday score

    Here's a photo of the price tag.
  3. Blaine.D

    Black Friday score

    I’m a little late on posting this. I went to tractor supply on Wednesday before Thanksgiving because the sales started on Wednesday and I been wanting to look in general see if they had anything good on clearance. Right by the service counter towards the back of the store. I saw a 10,000 pound winch with an unbelievable price tag. I took it straight to the checkout and bought it. The price was 99.99. I see if I can post a photo of the price tag on the box. Also got a winch clover there on clearance for 4 bucks. here's a photo online of the winch.
  4. I ended up a few weeks ago, finding one on Car-part.com and driving 3 hours to get it but it was worth it to get an oem 3 pane window. Also do not for the life of you go to Salvage Hunters of Rome ,Ga charged me $15 more than it was listed online for and it was exact same window confirm by item number.
  5. Blaine.D

    Dana 44 Rear Swap

    Just thought about this. Would installing a slip yoke eliminator be another good option to do instead of cutting the driving shaft or a 4.5 in lift kit?
  6. Blaine.D

    Dana 44 Rear Swap

    how much of a lift would you say I would need to keep the drive shaft at the current length?
  7. Blaine.D

    Window Rubber Trimming

    Sounds like to me the rubber on the window is old and not able to flex. My suggestion is to buy a door weatherstripping kit that includes all the pieces for both doors, prp makes one or buy the pieces you need Crown Automotive sells them by the piece.
  8. I was thinking about maybe doing a Dana 44 swap in the rear of my Comanche just something, I'm on the fence about. (I just trying to find out info on a Dana 44 swap and i do know you can do an 8.25) I got a 1988 pioneer Long Bed with a 4.0L 5 Speed 4x4 with a Dana 35 Rear Axle at stock height currently. I wanted to see what parts are required to swap over the Dana 44. I know if I do an xj axle I had to weld new spring arches. I got no problem cutting and welding to do the swap. Also what other vehicles would have a Dana 44 that could be swapped? What Parts do I need to get or modify to fit the axle? Thanks
  9. Mechanism inside the door. I forgot to put that in.
  10. Working on swapping in power windows and wanted to know if anyone had any recommendations for lubing the tracks.
  11. Blaine.D

    Parking Brake

    Thanks Dzimm
  12. Today I was reinstalling the parking brake on my truck and forgot where this spring under the bed mounts. Where exactly does this mount?
  13. My rear slider window one of the pane was broken (not the slider). I talk to my local auto glass guy about just repairing the broken pane and he said he couldn't repair it. Any ideas on repair? Also have anyone used this window here https://www.carid.com/cr-laurence/sliding-window-mpn-edv700s.html?singleid=78783648&url=88482808 and got photos of it installed on a Comanche? If you have it install what is your thoughts on it? Thanks
  14. Blaine.D

    Renix Relay Cover Clips

    Can you find them at the auto parts store?
  15. Blaine.D

    Too Much Sheat (Indiana) update

    Ok just pm me or post the pictures of the pieces and we can work out a deal.