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  1. OK I will go look and let you know if I got one.
  2. The air box (bottom and top) has been sold but I think I still have an intake air sensor. Just to clarify you are talking about the one on the intake manifold.
  3. 4.0l Renix fuel rail in good condition $20 obo + shipping
  4. Hood latches in good condition $20 obo + shipping for the pair.
  5. Switch and bezel for Comanches with automatic transmission in great shape with working switch. $10 + shipping.
  6. Recently got an Ax15 from a 1993 Jeep Cherokee that I been rebuilding to swap into my truck. I found a locally a 1996 Jeep Cherokee with the 242 transfer case. I know the spine counts are the same but I was wondering if this was a direct swap to mount the 242 Tc to the Ax15. Are the input shafts to a transfer case different between auto and manual? Any help is appericated
  7. Looks like to me its the a/c condenser because my truck's a/c condenser looks just like that.
  8. Speedometer gear is still available. Feel free to make me an offer on it.
  9. Just curious by any chance are there is still any of those performance ecu/ecms still floating around.
  10. I done this swap and I would recommend taking the finder off. Without the fender on, it was easier to position it in the right spot and drill the holes to install. If you buy a new reservoir, team Cherokee still has the filler necks available https://teamcherokee.com/washer-reservoir-filler-neck-cap-oem-cherokee-1997-2001/ . If you want I can keep a lookout for one in the yards around me and message you if I can find one that isn’t busted.
  11. Topper has been sold. Thanks for looking
  12. Bed liner has been sold. Thanks for looking
  13. Still got the topper and bed liner. Reduced the price of the topper to $100 obo. Feel free to make an offer. I am willing to meet halfway to a reasonable distance if that would help anyone on the fence about it
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