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  1. I might be interested in your Wj brake upgrade parts. By chance you got more pictures or a detail list of everything that is included?
  2. Thanks for the information y'all. I going to swing by the junkyard soon and get some wj parts to experiment with. Also appreciate the suggestion on getting the wildwood kit. My plan I'm thinking now is just get some parts from the junkyard and try a couple ideas and go from there.
  3. I'm losing my mind trying to sort out exactly what I need to swap over the Wj brakes and steering on my 1988 Jeep Comanche 4wd. From what I can tell I need the following things. Wj calipers pads etc 2002 ford explorer sport Trac rotors that are the correct wheel pattern 1/4 spacers for the 4wd wheel bearings. Wj steering parts etc Any advice from anyone that has done this swap is appreciated. I'm just getting overwhelmed with the 50 threads on 10 forums that pointing me in 10 directions
  4. Well it's about time for me to cut that filter open so next month I'll plan to do a filter change and show you guys the results for me.
  5. It's not a remote oil filter kit it's design for filtering coolant. The base has a certain thread pitch to make sure you don't mix an coolant filter with an oil filter. Generally I wouldn't recommend trying to put an oil filter in place of an actual coolant filter because both filters are design for completely different systems.
  6. Currently cleaning out my garage and going through my parts stash to see what I need to let go of so I can replace it with new goodies. Everything is open to offers and trades. I am more than happy to answer any questions or get more photos of a certain item. More will be coming as I go through more boxes. Single Diagram Brake Booster $5 obo 94+ Ax15 external slave cylinder clutch and pilot bearings $5 obo Automatic Brake Pedal Assembly $5 obo Gas Pedel $5 obo 2wd covers(grey is missing one mounting tab) Grey $2 Tan $5 Passenger seat weight module $5 fits 08-12 Jeep Liberty Dodge Nitro Also have the seat tracks for drivers side and passenger side $20 each or $30 for both obo. Adjustable balljoints DW-K7452 fits Hyundai Azera, Sonata, Kia Amanti, Magentis Optima Chrysler Sebring Eagle Talon Dodge Avenger Mistsubishi Eclipse, Galant Here's a link to my Ebay Listing that has the vehicle parts lookup and additional part numbers. https://www.ebay.com/itm/383964091667 $7 obo for the pair.
  7. I really do apologize for the long delay I realized now you ask that back in June and some reason I never got an notification of you responding to it. I swear Gmail hates me.
  8. The service intervals depends on your own truck. I heard of people changing them at every oil change all the way up to 3 years. I personally haven't change it yet since I done the mod I have done about approx 2k miles in 6 months. I plan on ether doing at my next oil change or 1 year from date of install. I will update when I change the filter and I plan on cutting the filter when I do. Also I will try to make a video about my results.
  9. Looking good and it was great to meat with you. Hopefully we can meet up again sometime. Would love to see your Comanche again.
  10. How did I get my Comanche? Cont. So I decided that this one was one I would be interested in. I wasn't worry about having to do work since I couldn't even legally drive until 6 months later. I remember that my dad and I were going to look at it one weekend. Then on Tuesday Halloween night 2017. My dad was running late home which isn't too unheard of it when working for a delivery company. Then my mom said we're going to go to ups to jump start his truck. So about halfway down our road the road goes down then a 90 degree turn. When we crest the hill I saw the truck that I been looking online at on a trailer hooked up to my dad's truck. To this day I'm still extremely thankful for my parents for getting my Comanche. I honestly can't describe how attracted to the truck I am with the time and work I done.
  11. Well this has been long over due the write up on my Beast 1988 Jeep Comanche. I will be working on getting this thread up to speed on the current state of my Comanche. Luckily I got plenty of photos and did post on my social medias about the truck so it just will take some time to transfer everything over. How did I get my Comanche? Ever since from a young age I had an interest in Jeeps. Since I was 5 we have and still own a 2006 Wrangler Tj Rubicon that I hope I will be able to buy from my parents one day. Around August 2017 I started High School and couldn't wait to get my permit to drive. I was looking at mods and parts for my dad's Silverado and the Wrangler because I though I would end up with one of them as my first car. Then my dad told me about the Jeep Comanche. Almost instantly I wanted to own one. So that began a 2 month search to find one. We found one in Atlanta Ga that checked all of my boxes of what I wanted. My list of requirements were 4.0 litre 5 speed manual 4x4 which is interesting because at that time I never driven a stick past second gear on our small road to our house. Here are some of the photos that the guy provided. Here are the exact words that the seller used. He made a website and posted the link on craigslist. Not going to link the website due to his personal contact number is still up. Registered, titled, and located in Atlanta, Georgia VIN #: 1JTML65P6JT243585, clean title, has never been in any accidents Mileage: <114,000 miles Original 6 cylinder, 4.0 liter engine, manual 5 speed transmission with floor mounted shifter, 4WD Silver exterior (factory color was black), cloth interior 2nd owner (non-smoker), I am the owner, not a dealer Engine runs well Plastic bedliner Lockable camper shell New/rebuilt alternator and belt New thermostat, but engine still runs hot (never overheats)(may need new water pump) Truck has operated and been stored in Colorado, California, Florida, and Georgia Full size spare wheel/tire Heater and fan work well New AM/FM stereo, with detachable faceplate, remote control, USB port Rear bumper mounted towing ball !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Death Wobble at speeds +45mph!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May just need the tires balanced Air conditioning is non-functioning Spare wheel/tire cable is broken Five small patches of rust, at bottom of each A pillar, passenger side forward cab roof, driver side rear cab roof, tailgate handle. No water intrusion detected. Needs new wiper blades Directionals don't flash Transmission shifter knob loose Passenger side mirror missing (just the mirror not the housing)
  12. Me? Nah I think I got plenty of them at the moment.
  13. Yes you did so I'll just going to copy it over to here. *X1 TRIM STYLE X1 - CLOTH BENCH -SA Charcoal 135 Zone 35-Washington 1AA U.S. Dealer Retail 4HA Special Scheduling Condition I 5KK First American Title Insurance CO. ALA SE Decor Group ALK Italia Package APA Monotone Paint BAY 105 Amp Alternator BCY 475 AMP BATTERY BGA Power Front Disc/Rear Drum Brakes CBA Straight Back Bench Seat CKJ Black Vinyl Floor Covering CSR Passenger Assist Handles DGB All 4-Speed Automatic Transmissions DGS 4-Speed Automatic AW4 Transmission DHN Command-Trac Part Time 4WD System DHT Elec,Shift-on-the-Fly,P/Time T/Case DJH 230MM Front Axle DMD 3.55 Rear Axle Ratio DRJ 175MM Rear Axle ERB ENGINE - 4.0L I6 MPI GAS GAC Tinted Glass Windows GBB Tinted Windshield Glass GCB Front Door Tinted Glass GEC Front Left Side Sliding Window GNA Rear View Day/Night Mirror GRZ Left Remote Mirror GSZ Right Remote Control Mirror GTZ Manual Remote Mirrors HAA Air Conditioning JAZ DO NOT USE - See JP, KA classes JCA 85 MPH Primary Speedometer JJA Cigar Lighter K3Z STRIPE/BADGE/MOLDING/COLOR KWX DK QUARTZ - BADGE - "INTREPID" - DECKLID LBC Glove Box Lamp LCJ DOME/READING LAMP B-PILLAR LMA Halogen Headlamps MB1 Black Front Bumper MBJ Black Powder Coated Front Bumper MDA Front License Plate Bracket MFF Black Grille MHB Bright Windshield Moldings MMC Rear Door Solid Window Insert MMG Belt Moldings MMJ DRIP TROUGH MOLDINGS - TYPE I NAA Federal Emissions NBK EVAP Control System NF5 Fuel Tank - 23 Gallon PB3 Intense Blue Pearl Coat QB3 Intense Blue Pearl Coat RA8 Delete Radio SBA Power Rack and Pinion Steering SCB Perforated Steering Whl w/Red Stitch SFA Standard Duty Shock Absorbers SGA Rear Shock Absorbers TAA All Tires TBC Compact Spare Tire TBM Tire Carrier Winch TNC P195/65R15 BSW AS Touring Tires WJK 15X6.0 Styled Steel Wheels WLY All Steel Wheels XBS Pickup Box YAA Build To U.S. Mkt. Specifications YGE 5 Additional Gallons of Gas Z01 Rear Spring Group I Z5A GVW/Payload Rating Z66 Left Front Group XV Z85 Right Front Spring Group XIV Build date 4/17/90 Body code JL62
  14. 1990 Jeep Comanche Base or Sport Truck. 4.0l Inline 6 Aw4 Automatic 4x4 188k miles A/c Remote Mirrors Cherokee seats and console swap column shift. vinyl flooring manual doors Current Owners are me and my Dad.
  15. Blaine.D


    Thanks for the tip. 👍🏼 By chance did you see any Cherokee that still have passenger side axle shafts?
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