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  1. The bed liner is still available and I got a lwb topper for sale. I willing to make a bundle or trade for parts. Feel free to ask questions and make me an offer. Thanks for looking
  2. This was originally mounted on my Jeep Comanche long bed and I removed it about a year ago. I am asking $150 obo for it and willing to make a bundle deal with the bed liner I have listed on here. Feel free to make me an offer because I want them both gone. Due to size, it will have to be picked up or I can meet within a reasonable distance. Willing to trade for an Ax15 4wd Trans. Features Comes with a key for the handle to lock the topper lid sliding side windows and cab slider window Cons The topper has a few cracks on both sides below the side window and one on the top towards the front. (see photos) Thanks for looking and please feel free to ask questions or more photos.
  3. Headlight Module has been sold. Thanks for looking
  4. People still fight stuff out at my High School for me its not worth it to fight someone over petty stuff. I know one of the VPs and talk to her about it this afternoon. She got one of the SRO (School resource officer) and he took down info about what happen. He told he will be checking the cameras and seeing if they can figure it out. Its up in the air I did park close to one of the buildings but its up on a hill and the camera is at least 300 feet away from the parking lot so who knows. I personally don't like to complain, I just want to show up and do what i need to do to get my education. The part that i was most concern about was if someone else got hurt or their car got damaged. Well I am making a plate to go over the fairlead and I will post back on here with what I made. Have you guys not seen that bumper that was designed by the same engineers that made the Ford Pinto.
  5. If only I could get way with doing that. As I know of right now I don't think any of my friends did that. My best guess is someone was walking by and pull it to be funny because about a foot of cable was out because I have it hooked onto the dring on my bumper so it was probably an easy target for someone to be an a****** . I'm going to go to administration and see what are my options and if there are any cameras pointed at the parking lot.Other than that it's high school and somehow it's cool to screw with people's cars/trucks.
  6. I never heard of that happening but anything possible with electronics and wireless remotes.
  7. I don't if it does or not. The owners manual for the winch says in to leave disengage while not in use and on the instruction sticker on the winch. My thoughts is it may cause damage because why would Traveller/ who ever makes them go through the effort of putting that in two spots if it didn't matter.
  8. Well that's why I going to come up with a better solution. My best guess is someone looked at my truck and saw the cable hook on my d ring, decided it would be funny to pull it out. They probably be too lazy to fight the lock to pull it out more. So I doubt they going to take the time to do it. Yes but my winch you have to leave it unengaged when not in use to prevent damage.
  9. If anyone curious I am going to figure out a long term solution but for now, a cheap gun lock will do the trick. Only let about 2 inches out of winch cable then the locks stops it.
  10. Thanks Pete, I appreciate it and I will go check them out.
  11. Well I'm for sure getting one now since someone forgot that kindergarten rule of not touching stuff that you don't own.
  12. That might work I need to see what I can find online or make one myself.
  13. I was already thinking about getting one so if anyone got a good suggestion for one. I would appreciate it. Just was trying to see if someone had a cheap and easier solution to lock a winch cable.
  14. Well someone decided today to pull 10-15 feet of my winch cable out and lay in out in the parking lot. I would appreciate suggestions and ideas about how to lock my winch cable up so no one can walk up to it and do something like this.
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