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  1. I've already purchased on set of "maybe they'll fit levers"...……….and they didn't. Here's another set of maybe's: https://www.ebay.com/itm/For-Porsche-930-964-993-951-2x-Seat-Knob-2x-Retaining-Clip-Genuine-Brand-New/140621174010 Hard to believe no one makes these for the Jeeps...……..
  2. Sorry, I didn't make myself clear. I only need the plastic knobs for a '91 Comanche and a '98 Cherokee 2 door. I posted the picture of the metal stem from the Cherokee just for reference. And the Cherokee knobs are on the lower corner of the seat as shown in the picture. I haven't removed the knob on the Comanche to see if that stem matches the Cherokee (afraid it will finish cracking if I do).
  3. I need two sets of seat tilt release levers, one set for the Comanche and one for a 2 door Cherokee.. They may be the same lever or at least interchange but I don't know. Grey or black is preferred but I will consider any color if not cracked like mine.. Or if anyone knows where these can be sourced new it would be appreciated as I've had no luck finding them. Comanche levers are on the upper side of the back, Cherokee levers are at the bottom. I will need shipping to 88030 New Mexico. Thanks much -
  4. Thanks Jeremy. Radio is working fine by the way. I can now listen to rock music nearly as old as I am. So the MJ (tilt) hinge will not bolt to the XJ seat back/base? My seats are shot but don't want to lose the tilt. My other choice is a complete reupholster with new foam as well.
  5. Just forward tilt to allow getting stuff in/out from behind the seat. I've looked through the write-ups but if the answer is there I missed it. I'm trying to keep my truck as original as possible (no Dakota seats for example) and work with what I have. Or do four door XJ seats flip forward enough to do this? I could live with an XJ seat swap but the two door are hard to find, more of the four door seats around. Thanks for the help -
  6. Good answers and I appreciate them. Another question. Club members here are innovative and seem to have tried most everything. Has anyone ground the rivets off the hinge of an XJ seat back and poked around inside to determine if it could be converted to a full tilt hinge? I did this on an old truck seat years ago and found only a small metal stop which I ground off to allow full tilt. No, it was not as substantial a hinge as the XJ, but thinking it could be bolted back together after modifying. Anyone?
  7. Understood. I very much appreciate your response and will heed your advice. Do you happen to know if just the backs would interchange? I'm drawn to the one piece integrated style of the later seats (headrest is an integral part of the back, not a separate component on sliding rods.
  8. Anyone happen to know if the 97-01 XJ or 97-02 TJ seats bolt up to the Comanche seat tracks? And if the TJ driver's side tilts as does the passenger's side? Thanks -
  9. Anyone know if just the backs would interchange - in other words put an XJ back on an MJ seat cushion? In particular a back from the 97-01 XJ's.
  10. Thank you! Ground switching. I have minimal experience troubleshooting electrical issues on a vehicle but have already run into this before on the Comanche. I reasoned that it had to be negative switched - ground switched - but with no experience was not sure it was even feasible. This information in itself is a great thing to know for any troubleshooting on the vehicle.
  11. An additional thought: if the pins both go to the ground side of the bulb then what is the power source? Do the two pins both go the ground side of the bulb... or come from the ground side? In other words, are these what I call negative switched, meaning the bulb is hot but not on until grounded through one of the leads? Afraid I'm not very "electric" -
  12. OK, not as simple as I always want things to be. I'm an old guy and this quickly made my brain tired. Bottom line: I seek a new replacement switch that will work without having to replace the complete proportioning valve... for my use and anyone else ..in this situation to keep these old Comanches running (it would not require pulling the block, bleeding brakes, etc.). Any salvage switch is 20 year old plastic. Plus I live in a small town with no really good salvage yard. Would a single pin work? My take on the schematic and your explanation is that yes... both/either lead triggers the light.
  13. I would not even describe it as internal. there appears to be a bonding strap between the two pins visible in the cavity holding the pins. 1st pic shows switch without the actuating pin in place (remember, my switch is broken), the 2nd shows it with it in place as it would likely appear when engaged by a pressure differential. That same pin would at that point be contacting the body of the shuttle valve. Could this then ground either/both circuits to trigger the light?
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