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  1. We bought one of those 10x12 outdoor gazebo things with mosquito netting. Netting has to be replaced every season pretty much but its great for summertime.
  2. I am willing to figure out shipping on any of it. However, shipping costs would not be included.
  3. What I have: Industrial Hobbies IH6000 Square Column 4-Axis CNC mill. This was a competitor to hobby grade Tormach mills back in the mid 2000s. This will need some work, one of the servos burned out, I have a replacement but it isn't an exact match as the originals are no longer sold. Additionally, the control board got messed up and I replaced that with a Mesa board and have it moving in 2-axis but I can't get the spindle to kick on. Will need some work to make it useable again. This thing has a mill vice, end mills, collets, etc that would all come with. I paid 4k for the machin
  4. Interesting. I hate string trimmers for this reason and the fact that I could never keep one running longer than a few seasons. Gave up and bought a Worx battery one. Its... Fine. I like the fact I don't have to start it but it doesnt have the cahonies of a gas one.
  5. https://www.harborfreight.com/stud-welder-dent-repair-kit-61433.html?cid=paid_google|*PLA+-+Top+SKUs+-+All+(Main)||61433&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=*PLA+-+Top+SKUs+-+All+(Main)&utm_content=&gclid=Cj0KCQjw38-DBhDpARIsADJ3kjmSuzhXDn6-t7tClQmyce7AwMbRCSq2LtWIK4H6Ny5TsoywD1UlU0kaAisPEALw_wcB
  6. I bought a HF stud welder. I would rate it pretty highly. Makes pulling dents way easier than welding screws to the body with the mig =P
  7. @Pete Mis the expert on bed removals. I just did mine but it wasn't rusty. With anything rusty, start soaking with penetrating oil like a week before...
  8. There is none. The only reasonable option you have for a 1991 is to send it to https://tristarrradiator.com/ for rebuild. There is a post somewhere of someone hacking together two MKS units to make a 1991 "new" unit but that seems a bit overkill. You could ask if they want to do 2 of the same style and I could send mine in as well =P Maybe get a discount.
  9. It should be a direct swap except there are some differences between the plug styles on the blower motors and there is a thermocouple (not sure it's purpose) that is different between 89 and 92. I hacked together a 1988 box and a 1991 box in my truck and those were the only 2 noted differences.
  10. Got my first Pfizer yesterday. Arm is very sore but otherwise okay.
  11. Been PM'ing with @derf about a number of things. We are in a similar field so he has been super insightful.
  12. Location is not super strict as I could reasonably leave it in Dallas area as well.
  13. I have PM'ed a few people about this but I wanted to open it up to a larger group. There is a chance that I may move in the near future and all work has stopped on my truck. Nothing is set in stone yet but I would be interested in getting a contact or two for a body shop in CO (preferably Denver area) that would be interested in taking my truck (with or without engine) and doing body and paint on it while I work on moving. If I left the engine in there I would want the engine pulled for paint work and would also be interested in having a simple health check (compression, bore inspection, etc)
  14. While not as involved as this I had a pretty nasty theft problem at my house when I first moved in. If it wasn't bolted down or in the garage it would get stolen. Even brazen enough to open the gate to the backyard and grab stuff from behind the fence. Wish I would have done it before $800 worth of my $#!& was taken though. I bought an 8 pack of Power Over Ethernet IP Cameras and a cheapo NVR from amazon for ~$500. Installed the cameras on a computer battery backup, bought 2 signs stating that cameras were on the property and placed one at the front door and one on the bac
  15. That is nice! someone grab this for sure!
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