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  1. My 1994 2Dr Cherokee 4wd 31" tires AX-15 got 13-15mpg before I sold it in 2012 1989 2WD Comanche 215-70-15 tires AX-15 4.0L 3.55 gears got 18-21 before I sold it in 2015 1989 2WD Comanche 235-75-15 AW4 4.0L gets 13-14mpg mostly city. However, I am sure this one needs a tune-up
  2. Dude I keep sniping your stuff =P
  3. Well it wasn't exactly planned. I wasn't looking for one per se... =P Couldn't pass up a running 1991 in better condition than mine.
  4. It is an eliminator. Someone jacked the wheels off of it at some point. I will swap the salt shakers off my other truck onto this one at some point. Very early 1991, only 1991 Eliminator I have seen without the new style eliminator graphics.
  5. 1991 Jeep Comanche Eliminator 2wd AX-15 Red Manufacture Date 08-90 Location: San Antonio, TX Owned by: Yours Truly
  6. Sort of impulse bought this when I was in Dallas (It was in Wichita Falls). I had the van so I rented a dolly and it followed me home. Its a 1991 2wd 4.0 AX-15
  7. Easy. 1st gen Colorado (I have owned 2 S10s and an Astro and they suck but the Colorado is actually pretty decent) OR Round body 1500 with the LS or 95-99 square body 1500. Although I second 87MJTIM... Full size isn't really my thing. Recently picked up an 08 Silverado for super cheap, had it for 4 days before I turned around and sold it. Thought about keeping it over my minivan but the minivan beat it out.
  8. Sell to Mini! Plans may have changed short notice as I accidentally bought another comanche
  9. Definitely pre-97. But that is a good point. I don't believe there is a difference between 1987-1996 for the clutch pedal assembly but I may be wrong. I know I used a 1995 assembly on my old truck which was a 1989 but I don't recall if I had to make any modifications.
  10. I have most of an AX-15 swap at my house ready to go in the truck (maybe over Christmas). If anyone has a pedal assembly for a manual trans I am on the lookout for one. Thanks, Torq
  11. I had the 3.4 in my old van. Not a bad motor at all. Only thing I didnt like about it was that the cooling system was a pain to bleed. Plus they are hella cheap.
  12. IIRC it depends on if it is an early or late 1986.
  13. Excuse my language but holy $#!& 2020 may have a redeeming factor...
  14. I did so much stupid stuff in my college comanche... So much... Story 1: My roommate and I both had "crappy" cars so we used to run into each other at stop lights for fun. Story 2: Starter went out and as it was a manual I just left it not functioning for months and would just push it down a hill. Ended up changing that after finals in my friends apartment complex. Story 3: I loaded 2 motorcycles, a welder, and a toolbox in the back of it and drove 5 hours from my parents place back to college. Story 4: We used to drag race and "drift" in the school complex after hou
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