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  1. Selling my comanche project. 100% bottom dollar is $1600. Almost all parts there to complete. CL Ad: I recommend you use the contact method in that ad to get a hold of me. I check here occasionally but that is faster. https://sanantonio.craigslist.org/cto/d/san-antonio-jeep-comanche-engine-swap/6785545725.html Build Thread:
  2. Torq_Shep

    The EAS build "Lucy"

    My 89 had that same pretty blue color. Debating it on my 1990 (that or sand...).
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    New member from N. Texas

    If you are passing though SA give me a holler!
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    Members Map... New and improved and functional!

    Added myself. Looks like a 3+ hour drive from me to any of y'all.
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    Torq's 1990 Eliminator

    New engine in place Lined up Drivers side motor mount mocked up and set in place Passenger Side motor mount mocked up Stripped the interior to find mouse nests, mouse carcasses, and floorpan cancer...
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    Torq's 1990 Eliminator

    And engine out... Exhaust folded in half when i pulled it off...
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    Torq's 1990 Eliminator

    End of weekend 1: Everything is disconnected from the engine. Might try and pull it out tonight.
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    Torq's 1990 Eliminator

    Stuff is happening...
  9. Torq_Shep

    Torq's 1990 Eliminator

    Anyway, I have all of the brake parts in to finish the WJ front end swap. However, I also have a line on a full engine dropout from a 2011 Regal GS in preparation of an engine swap. If I get motivated enough I may start over Christmas!
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    Torq's 1990 Eliminator

  11. Torq_Shep

    Torq's 1990 Eliminator

    Changed the master cylinder/brake booster to a WJ one. Somehow I messed up the distance for the brake light switch so I bought one for a 1980 C10 and built a bracket that bolted to the brake booster bolts on the firewall.
  12. Being that I have actually started working on my project Comanche I needed to start documenting it. This is my 4th Jeep and 2nd Comanche. I expect this build to be somewhat slow but extremely extensive. This will not be an offroad build per-se but I am planning some interesting stuff. Specs: 1990 Comanche Eliminator All factory skids AX-15 4x4 3.07s and open D35 rear 235/75/15s on TJ wheels In progress projects: WJ Brake booster WJ Knuckles and Front Brakes WJ Steering (UTK shortened factory tie rods) Minor Plans: Rust repair (floorboards and windshield frame) Vinyl flooring in cab Paint Job New window seals Fix rear bumper and tailgate (minor fender bender) Major Plans: 97+ Front clip Ford 8.8 LSD with discs out back (Gearing TBD) GM 2.0L Turbo LHU engine swap (This WILL happen, hopefully in 2017) First day home, Tires were super dry-rotted. Last registered 2013 Interior is decent. Needs minor work. New tires/rims. Probably temporary but they were cheap and allowed me to actually drive it. Seafoam treatment... Motor was missing. Seafoam treatment fixed that. And my old truck just for good measure. I really miss that thing. College tuition stole it from me.