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  1. Alright, I have the following for shipping/local pickup: - Non leaking 1991 Radiator. 95% sure it is a replacement, fins are in okay shape. - 1991 Charcoal Canister - Any of the accessories off of the 1991 engine except the compressor. Unknown condition but everything spins nicely. - Mechanical fan - Fan shroud - 1991 Steering box once I pull it - 1991 Clutch master once pulled The more annoying stuff I would like to charge a small fee just for my time to clean them out, find a box, and take to the shipper...
  2. I mean "down" in Moab is still like 22 hours from my house =P
  3. I am 95% sure that tag goes on a metal bar under the dash somewhere. The oval plug is likely the firewall plug for the transmission controller, the slotted plastic nuts are to hold your firewall sound deadener on, the plastic cap with the rectangle clip on it is for the relay cover under your hood (renix only), The other round plug I do not recognize and I do not recognize the other plastic cover...
  4. Say for some reason you prefer 12 hour time (why?), but you followed these instructions to convert to 24 hour time. Or maybe you are outside the U.S. where you use logical time keeping and you have a 1991 era clock that reads in 24-hr and you want 12 hour (again why?). Make a jumper wire and solder those it to the two pins we broke the connection on already. You could also choose to install a switch on this jumper wire and have a switchable 12/24hr clock. That would be kind of cool I guess.
  5. I managed to fry something on my clock display when I soldered it back together. However, I did use the damaged clock (don't worry the clock I used was already trash) to take some pictures on switching the clock between 12 and 24 hour times. Again this only specifically applies to 1991 era clocks but it may apply to other years. I will know more when I can desolder some more clocks. Theoretically... If you want to switch to 24 hour time on a 12 hour clock you should be able to do so without a soldering iron (multimeter recommended). #1 Locate pin 4 on the clock circuit. The front of the circuit board shows where pin 1 is, you need to locate pin 4. Do not get confused with the VFD pins. The inner 2 rows of solder pins are the clock circuit pins. #2 Above this solder pad you are going to score the circuit board to break the connection. I used a razor blade. #3 Check to make sure you have no continuity. #4 put the clock back together and it should work in 24 hour time only now.
  6. Okay I verified this with a breadboard earlier. My breadboard is cheap and I was having some floating high voltages screwing with me. What I have determined is that this display is kind of a pain in the *you know*. It could be addressed directly with an arduino (uno/nano) and a shift register or with a ATmega 2560. However, you would almost certainly need to use transistors for all 23 input pins to get voltage above the 5v DO on an arduino. Can it be done? Yes. Will it take up a lot of room and have questionable power requirements? Also yes. 1991 Jeep Clock Pinout.xlsx
  7. I have made really good progress on this! I have the pinout for the clock that I am 99% sure is correct. I am going to try and run it probably tomorrow night once I can get a hold of a second power supply (Tungsten tube needs lower voltage). Doing reading on controlling VFDs with arduino so I am hoping I can come up with something that will work as a stand alone. There are some issues to be aware of for anyone doing this. The first digit can only output 1 or 2. The 3rd digit can only output 0-6 and 8. Colon cannot be split to be a period. So if you are going to use this for AFR readout you may want to do AFR readout in Lambda instead of actual AFR (Which I actually prefer). I will also make a quick writeup on how to change it to 24 hour time by hopefully just extracting/cutting one pin on the clock chip. I am highly considering seeing if I can find a 7 segment addressable clock display that has the same dimensions and similar look as a secondary option.
  8. Comes with all accessories. Willing to sell harness. I have not pulled the engine yet but the best you would get is maybe firing off starter fluid as the truck does not have a tank or pump in it at the moment. $300 in San Antonio.
  9. Very very easy to convert to 24 hour =P I am almost done with my data sheet for the display but I need to check some stuff when I am back home tomorrow.
  10. In general yes. The front is the biggest issue and to my knowledge the front springs only changed with engine type. There were several options for rear springs that had various small height differences. You can also run WJ LCAs to help clear a 31 if you really wanted to run that. If you were closer I have a set of TJ rubicons with 31s on them in 16" size that are for sale.
  11. Window seal and brake release have been given away
  12. If anyone wants to send me clocks they don't care about being potentially destroyed I will try and pin out all of the years...
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