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  1. 15 hours to Atlanta and 15 hours back... I have done the drive twice. Don't really want to do it again anytime soon. Although to get out of Texas from where I live would take at least 4 hours in any given direction. 9+ hours if going north or west. 3.5 to Mexico.
  2. Long shot and I am not committed to this idea yet. I am looking for a straight shortbed within driving distance (7 hours or so) from San Antonio. Must be rust free, some dents are okay but needs to be close to straight with no major previous body work. The one I have on the truck has no rust but is dented all over, would be willing to trade it for a nicer one and cash on my end. Figured I would ask as it would save me some time doing body work.
  3. Absolutely agree... There are a lot of reasons to replace these tires. I know it is expensive but it is worth it for your safety. I once inherited a motorcycle with a 1983 front tire... Didn't wait too long to change that out =P
  4. I read the title and thought "eww gross" but this actually looks sick!
  5. Full cluster and idiot cluster have the same lens. With that being said if you want to pull apart an idiot cluster for a 91-95 I may be interested in the black gauge surround.
  6. I checked their website and unless I am blind they don't make them for the HOs?
  7. I am irritated as I have seen this topic before and cannot find it through search. Who sells a new sending unit for an H.O. shortbed (1991 18 gallon tank)
  8. So I replaced my brake booster in the 1989 and put the brake light switch on the new booster. I think I put it on the way it was supposed to go but it does not work like it should. If I get under the dash and push the switch up or down on the booster to brake pedal mount it will turn on the brake lights but it does not work under normal operation. Is there an adjustment procedure for the AMC style switch?
  9. So I am going to be polite but realistic. I had a similar project sale about 2 years ago. Clean 4x4 eliminator short bed. no rust but had been spray painted and needed to be stripped. Sold the titled rolling shell with taillights, tailgate, bumpers, and glass for $1200 Renix engine, AX15, NP231 I got $800 for Other misc stuff I got about $600 for (seats, center console, stuff I had bought) Selling as a package you will be lucky to get 2k. If you part it out you might get 3k. If the other jeep is in good shape you might be able to get a total of 5k but really
  10. Not yet... His just looks identical. Mine is an 89 2wd Auto.
  11. I know someone selling a panel for pretty cheap if you want one to just start with as a core. I would be interested in a rebuilt one if you can put the white trim on the sliders on.
  12. If you ever want to use the back seat it is not very fun imho... My first ever vehicle was a 1994 2-door. Yeah it was cool but it was not very practical.
  13. I have a 2wd AX-15 in San Antonio if you decide you want to ditch the BA-10 Looks a lot like my black truck. Super lucky you still have the eliminator wheels on that thing!
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