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  1. I did not... That's a good idea
  2. Jay21

    Spot the issue

    Nice one 😂, we decided that it was an insurance scam from the angle it went in
  3. I don't think mines a short bed but good to know
  4. Finding the right size center cap has proven to be a difficult task, I like the american racing brand but don't know the fitment, I know my rims are 15s but what other information do I need to get the right caps and where can I buy them from?
  5. Just for swapping tires If I get flat, I have no idea how much comanches weigh, also does this look like the base model ?
  6. Would a 2 ton jack be cutting it close? Should I look into a stronger jack? Also it's been awhile. There's been ALOT done since I sunk it, here's an update
  7. Thanks I'm still trying to figure this website out lol
  8. Trying to get some Jeep meets going in Orange county! Who's in?
  9. I'm in Anaheim 😎 let's get a couple more people together
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