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  1. I just had a nightmare it got stolen so I'll have to think about that 😢🚛♥️
  2. I found mine on ebay, they have many color options and let you set the exact model and year of your mj, let me know if you can't find it and ill send a link
  3. Ikr, I'll give full details when she's done
  4. On the truck is after sanding and polishing. My new tail lights came in, can you spot the difference? Got a dash cover too.
  5. Sanding and shining hasn't been done yet. Will post an update later tonight, my new tail lights came in, can you spot the difference? Top row costed $190.
  6. So I'll never need to use it then? Why can't I just use normal neutral for getting towed lol
  7. I see, this was very helpful, ill just stop to get into 4wd , what's the point of neutral in the bezel?
  8. whats the difference between four wheel low and four wheel high? Also can I be rolling then through the truck in neutral while still rolling then shift into 4wd or will that kill the comanche?
  9. Jay21

    Won a raffle

    Wooo won my first raffle, got a diff cover 😍. You guys should have came to the OC motor sport event. The red MJ is mine ♥️
  10. Since the MJs don't have much room in the truck and I have metal bars and the spare as the tail gate, I've been considering a top rack. What do you guys think about top racks on Comanches? Also where can I find decents ones under 150$
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