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  1. Very very true... I nearly shot the thing multiple times over that... or the rattling exhaust or knocking lifts/rods or the transmission and engine that were both about ready to go... Maybe I don't miss it so much afterall :rotf:
  2. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't keep an eye on Craigslist... all the "beaters" have been in the $3.5-$5K recently... If I can get one for the right $, I might... I also told the buyer of mine that if/when they decide to sell, I'd like the opportunity to buy it back if I could.
  3. Hey All...It's been a while...as is often the case when those of us decide to sell our Coman-che's (Dash added on purpose :fs1: )...I miss it, and wish I hadn't sold it, but that's the way it goes. I still proudly wear the Club T's and Sweatshirt and still pass out a card or two when I come across another Coman-che. The 98ZJ 5.9L has been pretty good, and the wife drives it most of the time now... no big issues at 145K, all small stuff really. And I still have the 99TJ, going to go back down to Johnson Valley in a couple weeks for my 2nd trip down there before the Marines close it down...here are a couple pics from last Aprils trip.
  4. The local shipping place wanted $8 for an empty box that would fit...and quoted another $15-18 or so for shipping, so I was hoping to get one at work, but since I'm in IT, not many PC's or Monitors shipped in longish, thinish boxes. Sorry, still looking.
  5. SuperWade2

    GC 5.9

    Aw Heck Eagle, I don't know that I ever broke 15mpg on my 4.0 MJ... I get that all day every day with my 5.9L...95% "around town". You can talk all the bad you want about the 5.9, but doesn't mean it's so. :cheers:
  6. SuperWade2

    GC 5.9

    I live comfortably :D D I don't do bad either...Just that damn mortgage killing me and getting in the way of Jeep projects! I got a big pile of bolt on parts that I have waiting to installed on my 5.9...Just waiting on the new Vanco 16" Brake Kit!
  7. SuperWade2

    GC 5.9

    How about an MJ with a 5.9L under the hood? That's my next project. You got too much time or money, or both Tim! :cheers:
  8. Hey JT....Good you see you on again.... you can't take it with you when you die...Goes for Cash and Comanche Parts... I'd sell it to someone you know will get use out of it if you can...if you can't find that person, get a tarp. But I'm the guy who sold out the MJ for a Family Wagon (5.9L ZJ) so my opinion probably doesn't count. :D Wade
  9. Not that I can see, no... the coin thing in front of the ebrake slot has screws on the bottom instead of being "melted" into the rest of the insert, but I don't see any additional cutout... I'm pretty sure I took this out of a 87 MJ Laredo at the Pik-N-Pull a while back
  10. Now that the MJ is gone :fs1: , I have a few things taking space in the Garage that also need to go... Original MJ Full Console Insert - Has the Molded Ebrake Plastic Cover, Coin Holder and Intact Mounting tabs $20 Shipped Nice 5 Spd Shift Boot $10 Shipped T-Case Bezel $5 Shipped Cup Holder (mounts to Full console) (I think Rugged Ridge, but not 100% sure) $10 Shipped 3/4" Coil Spring Spacers $10 Shipped
  11. that pic looks a little Range Rover ish...
  12. Welcome Nick! Enjoy the MJ! :cheers:
  13. Up near Vacaville,CA I think... Father in Law of a fellow 4x4Club member has a ranch up there and a collector of many vehicles. Vacaville, great maybe I'll see it sometime, it's the next city east. Do you know if he has other Comanches? Fiat...You interested in the SWB Roll bar it had on it? Talked to Son-in-law today (4x4Club Member) and he said the roll bar is going away for a Topper... might be able get it away for cheap if he hasn't dumped it already. I have his email and phone # if you were interested. Wade
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