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  1. dasbulliwagen

    Comanche Limited

    Here's what I did with the rear shock setup as I explained above.
  2. dasbulliwagen

    4x4 swap

    I had a similar issue putting an 86 AX5 into my 87. I too ordered parts from rockauto. The 86 MC is different from 87 as the bolt pattern is different, and I installed the slave without the plastic cone on the end as I assumed the new one would come with a the new slave. I couldnt get full engagement because the slave wasnt pushing the arm in enough because it was too short without the nylon cone on the end. I finally figured it out and swapped the cone from the old one to the new one and all was good. That was several years ago, and now that slave cylinder is leaking!
  3. dasbulliwagen

    Comanche Limited

    The XJ Wagoneer doors fit, which is what is on my truck. The woodgrain can be applied to anything. Now if youre thinking about the SJ Wagoneer, then no, they are completely different.
  4. dasbulliwagen

    '92 Eliminator Resto

    I know the rear sway bar is Blazer, but what year Blazer? There are a couple different generations of those. Would be nice to narrow down the search. Thanks!
  5. dasbulliwagen

    Comanche Limited

    I finally got my rear Bilsteins on. The shocks were leftovers from a Ram 1500 kit where just the front lift was installed, but the ends are right for the MJ. I had bought weld on shock mounts but they were going to be mounted too high for the length of these shocks. As I was looking it over trying to figure out what to do, I realized the shock free length and the rear suspension at full droop were about the same, and if I used the original spring plates with the shock mount on them under the axle. This meant I would need another spring plate on the top (spring over axle) and get rid of the U bolts for straight bolts. I finally got all the parts together and got it working. Makes a big difference. I was temporarily running the modified JK shocks attached to the stock spring plates above the axle, and only had about 1 1/2" of spring before the shocks bottomed out. I was afraid I was going to bend or break the upper mounts if I ran it too long, not to mention not being able to carry any kind of load. Ill try to get pics sometime and load them.
  6. dasbulliwagen

    Axle plate

    If you zip tie it up, youll want to put it in about the three oclock position looking from the rear.
  7. dasbulliwagen

    Comanche SOA Parts needed

    I did a similar thing. Assembled it with the springs and U bolts, but not tight, and set it down under its own weight. Took my angle measurement off the t case output and then set the pinion angle and tacked it. Then removed one U bolt at a time and burned it in.
  8. dasbulliwagen

    Comanche SOA Parts needed

    I did spring over recently. I bought the 2.5" u bolts and some weld on shock brackets as well as the 3 hole spring perches that were made for the Dana 35. The shock mounts I bought didn't end up working for me due to the length of the shocks I had to put on it. They are Bilsteins but were made for a Ram 1500 2 or 3" lift kit. Proper length shocks might give a different result. I ended up putting the original shock mounts back in their original positions under the axle, installing new regular spring plates on top and used straight grade 8 bolts to connect them. It turned out to be the perfect setup for the shocks as the axle at full droop and the shocks at full extention ended up within a quarter inch of each other.
  9. dasbulliwagen

    Comanche SOA Parts needed

    My Dana 35 has 2.5" axle tubes. And I was under the impression that the 44 is 3".
  10. dasbulliwagen

    valve adjusment too tight / too loose

    I have no idea what the OP engines are, but air cooled VW's valve lash was supposed to be done stone cold. Not sure if that translates to water cooled engines, but just FYI.
  11. dasbulliwagen

    1986 v6 4x4

    My 86 V6 4x4 with a 5 speed had 4:10's. Those axles and trans got put into my 87. I also have an 86 XJ Waggy V6 4x4 NP229 auto, but I don't know what gears are in it yet.
  12. dasbulliwagen

    the new Jeep truck. it is what we all thought it would be.

    Our only hope for a real truck would be after they start building the Grand Wagoneer on the Ram truck chassis. That the waggy sells so well, they decide to make a truck version of it, kind of like the Lincoln or Caddy trucks that have always been short lived. Or they announce later that a 2 dr version of this will come later on. Time will tell.
  13. dasbulliwagen

    Bump Stop

    I agree with changing the length of the control arms to put the spring/ bumpstop in the correct position in relation to one another. Keep in mind pinion and caster angles when doing this.
  14. dasbulliwagen

    Checkin In Finally

    Awesome! Love it. We would love some pictures!
  15. dasbulliwagen

    Rim Question

    Actually, mine was with about 1 1/2" lift over the original 2wd setup. When I swapped to 4wd I used the 4wd front springs and an extra spring isolator. And in the back I used longer shackles on the 2wd leaves. So you might say 1/2-3/4" over an original 4x4 setup. The JK 32's rubbed a little in the front during off camber situations, but otherwise was ok. And the rear would rub at the top of the flares under heavy loading. I ran it like that for several years. I'm now at 6" with 32" m/t's on aftermarket wheels.