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  1. Just as an update, all that stuff got installed. I wired the power doors up and the header panel was plug and play. here's some more recent pics! I even did an XJ rear bumper, as my truck was originally rear bumper delete.
  2. Happens all the time, I notice it while doing my weekly grocery shopping. The shampoo bottle is smaller, but not that much smaller that it is easily noticed, same with bags of Santitas tortilla chips. They were a 16 oz bag, now they are 11, in the same size bag, for the same price. I'm with you! if you need to raise the price, just raise the damned price instead of screwing with our minds! At what point do they decrease the size so much that the product becomes unusable? They have no problem raising tuition, or car prices, or real estate.
  3. I looked up Big Johnson Jeeps on Facebook, it goes to a shop in Texas. I assume that's not correct?
  4. dasbulliwagen


    Hyundai is doing the same thing. The Santa Cruz pickup has been in the works for a few years. It appears to be a similar setup as this Maverick and it isnt bad looking. I actually had a maverick 25 years or so ago. I bought it as a winter beater in Michigan. Other than the rust and a minor fender bender by the previous owner, it was a really clean low milage $350 car. 250 inline 6, C4 auto, 9" rear end. I had a car pull out in front of me and I T-boned them. Bad thing too was I was on a restricted license because of too many speeding tickets. The cop couldnt figure out whos fault it was, so no
  5. Yes, pull the fan out and inspect. theres probably stuff in there too. My donor truck had the HVAC housing full of mouse house. I completely disassembled and cleaned it all before I installed it in my truck adding AC.
  6. I agree with the 17's. JK stock 17's are right at 32" stock. I'm running stock JK size on aftermarket 17's with adapters at about 6" of lift. With the aftermarket tires I get minor rubbing on the lower edges of the fender flares. Though I ran stock JK takeoffs for a while with almost no lift. there was only minor rubbing in the front, and only rubbed in the rear under a heavy load. The front has settled at least an inch since I installed the lift.
  7. The 86 XJ Wagoneer Limited that I got all my conversion parts from was a cash for clunkers trade in. I was lucky I worked at a dealership where they let us take stuff off the cars. That Waggy was spotless in excelent rust free condition. I wish I knew then what I know now about them, I would have saved more stuff off of it. But yeah, that program really screwed up the used car market in the US. And junk yards were only giving $50 each for the cars, which was really low considering that scrap values at the time were high. I guess with the junk yards not able to sell engine or transmission parts
  8. Except that the prices are going up...
  9. If Dennis Collins is involved, youd better bet theres going to be a high margin in it for him. Why he mostly only works with CJ's.
  10. dasbulliwagen


    Whenever I need a set of tires for whatever, I go to tirerack.com and search for the size I want and then the customer reviews and ratings, then buy the best I can in my price range. I just bought a set of Cooper Discoverer AT3's for my Grand Cherokee, again based on all around ratings and cost. I havent had the opportunity to buy brand new for my Comanche yet, as Everything Ive put on it so far have been used or takeoffs, and were such a good deal pricewise that the ratings didnt matter. Right before the pandemic hit I put a new set of Continentals on my wifes car, using the same research. If
  11. If you can't find a new one, just clean that one up, paint it and reinstall. No one else will know the difference.
  12. Eagle, here are the specs for the Mopar Purple cam you helped me get years ago. I still haven't installed it as my old 2.5 keeps on going. Sorry I can't comment on how well it works yet.
  13. If your rear leaves are flat already, I would look into new ones, maybe some Metric tonne springs, especially considering youll be loaded with overlanding gear. At this point too you could go with rear lift springs and stay spring under, or go with some stock height springs and go spring over. I'm not sure one would be more beneficial than the other, but spring under does control spring wrap better, but that may not be an issue for you if sticking with a stockish drivetrain. I assume too by your signature, you probably still have a Dana 35 rear end. This would be a good time to upgrade to a be
  14. It probably too new to consider at this point, but I really liked GM's new 3.0 inline 6 diesel Duramax. It appears to be similar in dimensions to the Jeep 4.0
  15. The attaching clips for these are available from teamcherokee as well, youll need a pkg of them too.
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