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  1. dasbulliwagen

    Wrangler axle swap

    YJ and TJ Wranglers (Up to 2006), yes, JK, JL Wranglers (2007 and newer), no. What are you looking to do?
  2. dasbulliwagen

    XJ Wagoneer headlights question

    Everything was good until last night, It was the heviest rain weve seen through the whole storm. Many local rivers and streams overflowed, covering or washing out roads. We are fine though, and my truck is fine. Thanks for asking.
  3. dasbulliwagen

    XJ Wagoneer headlights question

    Are the waggy headlights considered 4x6? I'm wanting an LED setup and there are a bunch for 4x6 but not in H4703 H4701. If the 4x6's work that would be awesome. I don't have mine here to measure, not that I would during this hurricane anyways. Thanks.
  4. dasbulliwagen

    COMANCHE Blueprint for body panels?

    here's the one I'm talking about.
  5. dasbulliwagen

    Project Four Eyes

    here's mine with waggy front end.
  6. dasbulliwagen

    Comanche Limited

    I gave my original 2wd driveshaft to a buddy of mine to cut it down to proper length for the lift. Turns out the 2wd slip yoke splines are different than a 4wd slip yoke splines, so I had to swap on my existing slip yoke and new U-joints and mounted it up for a test drive. Turns out it needs balancing. We tried welding back on the existing weights that were on the shaft already, just farther down, but its out too much to drive above35-40 MPH. I'm afraid if I do that too long, it'll screw something up. So we took it to a driveshaft shop for balancing. Hopefully have it back next week. With the huricane coming through it spotty right now who is open or closed. After I get that in, Ill mount up the new steering stabilizer, the new wheels and tires and fab on the new rear shocks. I have the old shocks and lower mounts on it right now, but there isnt much down travel on them. Then Ill need to lock over the CAD and install my Azzy's linkage. I also bought new carpet off of Rockauto. Ill be ckecking the floors out and adding sound deadening mat at that time as well. Bought new red reflective tailgate letters from Spencer at www.jeepsticker.com for whenever I get around to some paint. I'm thinking flat white at this point with black stripes to go with my other red Jeep emblems I have. Kind of a Trailhawk look, white black and red combo. More updates later!
  7. dasbulliwagen

    Tire swap?

    here's mine with the front unlifted. As you can see, the 32's fill the wheel well good.
  8. dasbulliwagen

    Tire swap?

    I had a set on mine for a long time with little to no lift in the front. I say little to no, because when I did my 4x4 conversion I added the 4wd springs and an extra isolator, so I might have had 1/2" lift, and used shackles in the rear on the original 2wd rear springs. They did rub, especially when backing up and turning, or under a heavy load, especially in the rear. But they were usable and I ran it like that for 3-4 years. I'm lifted now so the rubbing isnt an issue anymore. I'm also at 4:10 gearing, so that helped as well. I can't see running these with any less gearing, especially with a 4 cylinder like mine.
  9. dasbulliwagen

    COMANCHE Blueprint for body panels?

    Id be interested in the 1986 only 4x4 side graphic in the future. My next project will be an 86 to build for my daughter with a 3.4 / 4L60E swap. I just got some tailgate stickers from you recently. The first set got lost in the mail and you mailed a second set out quickly. This guy is for real everyone! Great product and great service! Thanks Spencer!
  10. dasbulliwagen

    About this here now Comanche Club forum thang ...

    We love you Pete. You have and continue to enable all of us addicts. I don't visit as often as I used to, but over the last ten years I've been here, this site has been an invaluable resource. Thanks so much for giving us our fix.
  11. dasbulliwagen

    Hurricane Florence

    I'm in dead center North Carolina. Mine is currently at the dealership where I've been working on it since June trying to get my lift finished up. I thought about bringing it home, but then I thought, with all the trees at home, it would be safer in the wide open parking lot at work. That and I don't have full coverage on it like I do my other 2 cars. So it should be safe right where it's at.
  12. dasbulliwagen

    4bt into comanche?

    I looked into this about 10 years ago. The cost and amount of downtime made it a no go for me. All the mods needed to make it fit and be safe in the unibody, lift kit to clear oil pan, trans, and every other unforseen item needed to make it work. I was realistically looking at close to $10,000 all in, doing the work myself. There are other, BETTER options available. And I hate to say it because I'm not a fan of GM products, but Id do an LS swap over this anyday of the week.
  13. Thanks for the input. I researched this a week ago and saw some of your posts about not needing the rear braces. I think Ill pull mine off and modify them so they don't interfere with my trans crossmember. That way I won't have to worry about its placement and I can properly set my rear pinion angle so I can drive it again.
  14. I didn't take pics of the braces, but they weren't flush to the unibody and they were both angled in toward the center of the truck. As for the driveshaft, I guess I'll need to take some measurements and compare it to known shaft lengths and go from there.
  15. dasbulliwagen

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    Got the front of my lift in. Still have a bunch of adjustments to make and I still have to set rear pinionangle and burn the perches on. I am having fitmentissues with the rear control arm drop brackets braces. They are the RRO ones. They are keeping me from property reinstalling the trans crossmember whichneeds to be done in order to set my pinion angle correctly. My other issue is the rear driveshaft. My 4x4donor vehicle is an 86 long bed with the NP207. I had to order a driveshaft from a junkyard for a short bed. But a short bed never came with a 207 transfer case. It must be shorter than a 231 case because it's most likely that's what the shaft is from because with the pinion near correct angle the shaft wants to fall out. I still have the long bed shaft and I guess I'll get that one cut down and use it if I have to. And another thing I noticed, the sway bar when angled down all the way hits the lower tank on my radiator. I have longer links to put on but I'm a little worried about it popping my radiator if flexed too far. I'll repost this to the tech section to see what of any suggestions you guys might have. Here are a few pics