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  1. My next issue is will the condenser I currently have work with 4.0 radiator? I'm starting to think it will just be easier to put a square one back in. Considering the condenser, the electric cooling fan and other custom mounts I have on there that may be the best bet.
  2. I started a downtown cruise last night with a local Jeep group, Zoo City Jeepers, and just a few blocks in I started seeing steam, so I pulled off, and as I pulled off it blew! In the dark last night it looked like just the hose blew off, but after checking this morning, I found it blew the whole bottom tank off the radiator. It was only maybe 5 years old or so, but it was a cheap plastic tank replacement rad with a thicker than stock core. I want to go with an all aluminum one next, it seems prices have really come down on some of those. Mind you, that mine is the square shaped radiator that was used on the 2.8 and 2.5. Were the wide one's ever used on the 2.5, or was the square one the only one used for those. I ask that because I'm wondering about converting to the wide rad. That brings up issues with the core support and finding correct hoses. Let me know what you think so I can make a decision on this soon. Thanks.
  3. The later J trucks, the M715, and the early Gladiator were all on the same platform. Argument could be made for the half cab, the CJ8 Scrambler, and the CJ10.
  4. With the 5 speed it most likely has 4.10 gears in the axles, at least my 86 donor truck did with the 2.8, 5 speed. It won't be too bad to drive, and you probably won't use 5th gear much anymore. Around town you won't notice much. If youre OK with all that, do what you want with it and save up for a 3.4 swap down the road.
  5. I'm planning on a set of these for the WK2 later this year. Ive seen nothing but good ratings for them and I think they are USA made too.
  6. I had the black JK takeoffs on my truck, 2wd springs with longer shackles, and they were a bit too short at stock height and stock mount locations. The red Rubicon ones are about the same length as the black ones. I personally would not recommend them for 3.5 of lift unless you weld on new shock mounts higher up than the low original spring plate mount ones.
  7. A whole header and Y pipe kit might be an option. https://www.jegs.com/i/Pace+Setter/766/70-1208/10002/-1?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1JKnto7D6QIVAsDICh3z1QBbEAQYASABEgK6GPD_BwE
  8. I looked through the 86 registry, the second lowest Vin with number under 1000 shows a build date of November 85. And the July one just really seems to stand out. I know the AMC info isn't the greatest, but it really seems odd.
  9. Was the FI badge ever stock on a Comanche? I remember a badge exactly like that on the 85 Ford Ranger my dad bought new with it's injected 2.3.
  10. When they say everything, they mean the entire engine compartment and dashboard wiring on top of all the mechanical stuff.
  11. I finally made a permanent license plate holder. It took me a while to figure out which way I wanted to do it, especially with my XJ rear bumper and the Scarfab trailer hitch. I finally realized I may be able to mount it over top of the hitch. That would keep it centered up and below the top level of the bumper. I used a 2 1/2" U bolt, welded to a 1/4" steel plate with a light holder welded to it. Then I slid the U bolt over the hitch snout and bolted it down. This way it is removable if needed, and the 1/4" plate acts as a bumper guard when backing up to a trailer. Stupid me didn't take any pictures of the build process. All the plate bolt holes and light bolt holes are threaded, then the whole thing was primed and sprayed with bedliner.
  12. I was a Chrysler dealer tech for 13 years. If I thought there were going to be a bunch of issues, I wouldn't have bought one. The 14 and ups have the 8 speed, which so far has been a good auto trans, hasn't given many issues, and the 3.6 has been a good engine too. Ive seen several examples of 200,000 mile ones with very few if any issues. I know they have a couple of known issues, but after working on them so much, I don't see them as a deterrent$. I'm now at a GM dealer, and we get the WK2's through the used car dept regularly. the interiors seem to hold up good with regular use. I keep my vehicles for usually around 15 years, and if I thought I was going to have any kind of issues I wouldn't have bought one, especially a used one! I got mine off of a 3 year lease. The leasing dealer auctioned it, a franchise used car dealer bought it, and Then I got it. It was a leftover 15 model, leased in 16. They turned it in early last year, and then I got it last spring with less than 30,000 miles on it. Sticker was almost $45,000. I got it for 25 out the door. I love that I didn't have to take that $20,000 hit on it!
  13. 2015 Grand Cherokee Limited I bought a year ago. And my wife's 14 Hyundai Elantra, 6 speed manual!
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