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  1. I havent been on here as much as I used to, so I'm catching up a little. While doing my 6 inch lift, I set the axle tubes on jackstands front and rear, so full weight is on the axles with the wheels off and they are all set at the same height as if tires were mounted. Then using the yellow tool shown above setting on top of the upper ball joint, I set the caster to spec which I think is 5-7 degrees positive. In this manner i could unhook one adjustable arm at a time and adjust it and reconnect and then do the other side. Its been a year or so since I did that and its been driving great with no issues. Once you get caster adjusted, then youll need to set toe again, assuming you don't have crossover steering. If you have stock steering, any caster movement or camber movement with change the toe setting. So do caster first.
  2. Local Jeep dealer MOPAR filter number 05012968AA. They still keep them on the shelf, at least at my local dealer they do. If not, they can usually have stuff in 1-2 days.
  3. I am by no means a full blown Country music fan, but Ive recently discovered Chris Stapleton. He has an amazing natural talent voice, and is a no frills, genuine singer songwriter. His wife Morgane who sings backup for him is amazing in her own right. Here is one with her on lead and him as backup. YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE
  4. Actually, I have yet to hook the speedo back up..... Its been several years now. I couldnt use the original cable due to length issues, but I bought a new one for the application, and it is sitting in a box behind my seat! I still have the original dummy light cluster. This question may be worth starting a new topic for.
  5. Any axle gearing higher (lower number) than a 4.10 on a 2.5 will make if feel slower, as there isnt as much torque multiplication at the axle. don't expect too much from the 2.5. Drive it like an old man, and it will last forever, just don't expect it to be a powerhouse and youll be fine. The advice given above is good. 3000 RPM is right in the sweet spot power band for the engine, and it would be happy there all day long!
  6. I agree with drop brackets and arms, but if you really are only at 3 inches, you probably don't need the drop brackets. Anything over 3 and I say absolutely yes, especially if you want it to ride good. Core4X4 makes a set of adjustable upper and lower control arms that are fairly affordable and very beefy. Also, you can order them in several colors. They also make an adjustable trac bar, but again, at 3 inches, you probably don't need it. The adjustable arms will allow you to set your caster over the factory adjustment, which I found to not really be enough even at 1 inch over stock. Again, most shops won't go through the hassle of adjusting it, even with adjustable arms, as it takes unbolting the arms at one end to adjust them. Call around to different places to find someone who knows lifted Jeeps. It might cost more due to the labor to adjust them, but it will be right in the end.....
  7. I used an 86 donor for all the swap stuff in my 87 2.5. Including the external slave bellhousing. The actual bellhousings for internal and external are the same, theyre just set up differently. I did have an issue with the clutch master, as I think the bolt pattern is different between 86 and 87. You won't have an issue with the CAD, especially with the 2.5. Just make it work properly or lock it over permanant, or buy a cable lockout to connect or disconnect at will. If your truck is a shortbed, youll need to have a rear driveshaft made or get the 86 one cut down. The 86 donor truck will also have the NP207 transfer case, which is weaker than the 231, but its a 4 cyl, and you don't expect to heavilly modify it, so again, you shouldnt have any issues. This is also a good time for some front end upgrades, like WJ control arms, ZJ V8 tie rod, bigger sway bar from ZJ or XJ, Dual Diaphragm.
  8. The 2.5 uses that sensor for proper fuel ratio with the TBI. When I bought my truck it had been sitting for 4 years. It ran like crap, but it ran. I did tune up and several bottles of fuel system service to no avail, it would still stumble at time and run rough.... until I replaced the O2 sensor. Once it kicked in with the computer, it started running great and has been fine ever since. There are several types of O2 sensor wrenches, some of which work better than others depending upon the sensor location. Try different styles on it, and again, it won't hurt to get it hot before trying, even if you do it with a torch or MAP gas torch. And PB blaster.... NOT WD40. Good luck.
  9. You can't just swap the gears and carriers without setting them up properly. The housings have minor differences and the gears need to be set up to the individual housing. Just swap the whole thing over and inspect/replace whatever you see is bad.
  10. I had the same issue. The Azzys linkage would not install. I bought new bushings for the OEM linkage and will be installing that.
  11. Another for Hyundai Kia. My wife and I are on our third, starting with a 97 Accent, 05 Tucson, and 14 Elantra. Just sold the Tucson to the Father in law to tow behind his motorhome. Ive had very few issues with any of them.... None on the Elantra so far at 50,000 miles. Just a couple of electrical things on the Tucson 120,000 miles (turn signals/ hazard lights blow fuses when its hot out). The Accent had a few but were easy fixes. Sold it at 170,000 miles. We test drove a new Santa Fe, but its really not that great looking and opted for a used Grand Cherokee. My mom just bought a new 19 Sportage AWD. So far so good!
  12. AND...... seeing as you have a 92, can you please go to the registry page and submit your VIN number. 92 models are few and far between, especially in the Great White North!
  13. For stock height, JK takeoff shocks can be easily modified to work and ride very well. They can usually be had cheap or free as well from guys lifting their wranglers. They work on front and rear. I had a set of black ones on for several years before I lifted.
  14. On my 87 when I converted to power steering, the idle up wire connector was already there and I just plugged it in and it worked. My biggest issue when I did it was finding the correct pulley for the pump, and the resevior. The pulley I found at the dealer under restoration parts, but the res was no longer available. I made one work from a Dodge Journey. Has the same size hose connections, all I had to do was figure out how to mount it.
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