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  1. No off roading anytime soon, it’s a 2x4. The goal is to eventually make it a 4x4. So for now looking for height, but at the same time, not wanting to buy things twice if and when the time comes to make it a 4x4. Are there any 3” kits that offer a new leaf pack or are all AAL? I’d prefer to get all new springs. The bed of the truck isn’t leveled, so I’m assuming it’s time to start replace things.
  2. I want to put a 3 inch lift kit on the MJ to give it a little more height and have come across a few kits that don’t appear to be on the forum. I do see Rusty’s a bit, but most are going with the 4.5” kit. Do any of you run the following kits, do you recommend one over the other, or do you recommend a kit that I haven’t mentioned? Rough Country 62530 3” Suspension Lift Kit Skyjacker JC305BPHLT 3” Add A Leafs kit Rusty’s RK-300AL-MJ 3" Add-A-Leaf Kit Thanks in advanced.
  3. So safe to say the coils gave you about an inch lift? Do you know if the shocks would fit? What size tires did you run on it and was your 89 a 2.5L?
  4. Did you use the shocks as well? What did you do for the rear?
  5. Does anyone know if JKU springs and shocks will fit a MJ? I have new, stock 2018 JKU parts sitting in the garage and want to put a lift on the MJ, or at the minimum, replace the worn out parts. Obviously I’d need to add a leaf in the rear to gain any lift. Was wondering if anyone knows if these will fit and if it so, would I gain any height? Thanks in advanced.
  6. Do you guys have the "p" rated 215/75/15? I'm assuming you both have the wider wheel with the 4.0?
  7. It looks like the max tire width on a 6” wheel is 205. If I went with a wider wheel, would you go 225 or 235, or still stick with the 215? Would you go with a “p” rating tire to save weight?
  8. I have the OEM 15” x 6” steel 9 slot wheels.
  9. I should also add that the MJ doesn't have power steering, which isn't a big deal once you're rolling. But trying to parallel park is a workout!
  10. How much would a typical donor XJ run along with things that needed refreshing? I'm assuming this would not include an inline 6.
  11. I’ve thought about making it a 4.0L, 4x4, with a 5 speed manual. Just don’t know how much that would cost, time, and if it was worth while. If I did go that route, it would be years down the road.
  12. Shooting for the off-road look. I guess I wouldn’t need a true off-road tire for a 2WD. I do need something that will grip though. I have a steep, shared driveway that is a ¼ mile long, requiring one vehicle to pull off the road to allow the other to pass. It doesn’t happen often, but I have gotten the MJ stuck in wet grass on the driveway. So I’m looking for something that will grip when it start raining in the Puget Sound. Any reason to go bigger than a 235/75/15 or 30/9.5/15 with the 2.5L, or is it pointless? If I’m stuck to that size, I guess a lift would be pointless as
  13. I currently have 205/70/15. I love the KO2's on my wrangler, but they are a heavier tire. I was considering 235/75/15 or 30/9.5/15.
  14. Need a new set of tires for the MJ. It is a stock 2x4 with the 2.5L, 4 speed manual transmission. Wanted to go with a bigger tire and possibly a small lift to sit a little higher off the ground. At the same time, this is a 4 banger 2x4. I’m not trying to get crazy and lose what power the 2.5 has. Any recommendations on tire size and lift?
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