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  1. WahooSteeler


    Dvitha, tons of good info here, following this thread closely. So in your first post you said you like to use "3 core all metal radiators from same year it comes out of". So does this mean you kept them as a closed system instead of converting to open, being that all of your trucks are pre-HO? If so, what is your opinion on staying closed vs changing over to open? I also found the Evans waterless coolant info very interesting. Being that XJ/MJ's are known to run hot, wouldn't this make sense for most people to do being that your experience is extremely positive? The higher cost of the coolant would seem to end up more than paying for itself by lasting 10yrs with fewer hose replacements, not to mention less potential breakdown costs. Thoughts?
  2. From the condition it appears to be in and with such low mileage, IMO it's not overpriced at all.
  3. WahooSteeler

    Comanche Barn Find & Rescue

    Why did the PO park it?
  4. WahooSteeler

    Name that. . . . toyota?

    The 55's are hugely popular because of the unique front end and bug-eye headlights. Super cool vehicle!
  5. WahooSteeler

    wiper motor

    In addition to the 4 bolts on the cowl, the wiper motor is bolted to a mounting plate that is part of the wiper linkage. There is a bracket mounted to the firewall that the wiper motor mounting plate attaches to with a 10mm bolt and has a fixed nut on the underside of the mounting plate. When taking the assembly out, slide the whole assembly to the passenger side and then rotate clockwise from the driver side. You should then be able to come up and out back towards the driver side. Logic says to reinstall reverse of how they came out but for me, putting them back in is easier by inserting towards the driver side first and then you should have enough clearance to get the passenger side in. All this can be done with both the firewall mounting bracket still in place and also the small plastic bracket that accepts one of the screws from the cowl cover. That said, you can probably save a lot of knuckle skin, cursing and head scratching if you remove both of those before trying to remove the wiper assembly. There are also plenty of vids on YouTube under "XJ wiper removal". Good luck!
  6. WahooSteeler

    AC evaporator drain

    fyi, that is to allow air from the squirrel cage to blow back in to the blower motor to help keep it cool.
  7. WahooSteeler

    '91 Comanche H.O. Build

    Yeah, I'm a wheater fan primarily, saw the Weller Antique hiding behind the BT too! I'm in VA and it's a control state but they are actually getting a pretty decent selection of stuff. Unfortunately the super popular and allocated juice you can only get by lottery here. That said, we might be able to help each other out. Let me know something you are looking for and if it's not available in VA I have some connections in other locations. If I am correct you are in TX and I know there are some bottles there that we don't see the light of day on in VA. Feel free to PM me......... Oh, and the MJ is coming along great too! (bourbon cheers)
  8. WahooSteeler

    '91 Comanche H.O. Build

    Ahhh..........a brown water fan I see!! Nice group of bottles. Love the EHT Rye, love ALL of EHT's juice. Is that Willett a rye or a bourbon? I've got one of their 3yr ryes, not my fave.
  9. WahooSteeler

    Comanche Trailer Wanted

    Don, there are a couple posted in the classifieds on Bonker's "Good Bad and Ugly" thread of C-list postings. Not sure where they are located.
  10. This is BleepinJeep's remnants from his Comanche crawler build...........
  11. WahooSteeler

    Cool photos at sunset

    What it really looks like........
  12. WahooSteeler

    Could be a dumb question, but...

    I have the factory window sticker for my truck, the Laredo package is on there, they were most definitely an option from '87 on. I can also tell you that I'm pretty sure the Laredo package did not automatically get you power windows. Surprisingly it was mostly trim items, not necessarily convenience items.
  13. WahooSteeler

    Instant Wheels to Tracks!

    Pete, I'm guessing this is only being developed for military use and Sgt. Hulka ain't worried about how sore your butt will be after driving one LOL!
  14. WahooSteeler

    Instant Wheels to Tracks!

    That may end up being the case, but as a government project and a pretty useful idea I'm sure they'll throw a helluva lot of money at designing and testing them to try to make them work AND be reliable. Would be pretty cool to see them go in to use.