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  1. WahooSteeler

    Random 87 parts and bed

    Crew Cab with the driver seat out!
  2. WahooSteeler

    Random 87 parts and bed

    Don, I've been waiting to post the same question LOL! I thought maybe the truck was sitting down in a hole and the camera was playing tricks on me!
  3. WahooSteeler

    MJ short bed at junk yard

    No worries at all Jeff, you're doing me a big favor so it's whenever it works for you! I hate to say it, but the plan is to have the body shop cut out what I need to patch the rear fender well arches and scrap the rest or if somebody wants to make a step-side out of it LOL. So it doesn't really matter if it's a short bed or long bed and in some ways one already off the truck is preferable. That said, if you get to see that one and say it's little to no rust, I'm likely to buy the bed anyway to keep around "if needed".
  4. WahooSteeler

    MJ short bed at junk yard

    Thanks Tim......
  5. WahooSteeler

    MJ short bed at junk yard

    I'm in need of clean bedsides.........this is only 2hrs from me. Is this on Craigslist or somebody you know?
  6. WahooSteeler

    92 short bed - D44! York PA

    Thanks for the detail Krypto
  7. WahooSteeler

    3D printed parts

    x3 on Metric Ton
  8. WahooSteeler

    92 short bed - D44! York PA

    Krypto, I've been keeping an eye on this listing also. Says the HO motor only has 75k, but you're saying it's been worked hard huh? What about the extra bed, I'm interested in that too if it's as rust free as the ad says. Thanks for any info.
  9. Keep all the great pictures coming! Awesome!
  10. WahooSteeler

    Differences between 91/92 HO vs 93+ HO

    Got my eye on a 92 MJ rust bucket but with very low miles. My interest would be the motor and all that would be needed to go with it to swap my 88 to an HO motor, plenty of other good parts to sell off and recover some of the purchase cost. My question is, are there any reasons a later model HO from an XJ etc would be more desirable if/when I do the swap? I don't see myself ever doing any serious mods to the motor, my main interest in this particular one is it's got <100k on it and the HO's hopefully will continue to have parts available for years to come.
  11. Good to know. And I had to laugh, because my son and wife are somewhat OCD and he always says that it should be CDO.
  12. Thanks for the follow up. Nice to know there is an easier solution out there than drilling out the old rusted studs on the original retainers. Did you have to cut all 3 of the flair retainers or just the top center one? Did you happen to take any pics of them after you cut them? Painted flares look good too. Getting ready to do the same to mine. Any tips? What did you do to prep them and what paint did you use? Thanks!
  13. Jenk, what did you end up doing with the rear retainers? Did you make them work somehow? You would think the top center retainer would be the same for both vehicles, or that even the front flare retainers would be interchangeable but obviously logic was not Jeep/AMC's strong point in the 80s.
  14. WahooSteeler

    Bored throttle bodies

    I'd be down for a renix one when you get around to them. I plan on getting a set of battery cables too.
  15. WahooSteeler

    Random 87 parts and bed

    Finney, PM'd you on the bed........