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  1. Sorry to hear that, especially after a rough day at work. Getting these trucks fixed up and running consistent w/out issues is a lot of fun and a lot of cussing at the same time. I have to find a short somewhere on mine that is blowing the clock/radio fuse randomly. And still trying to eliminate the drip from the trans tail shaft, and........ Here's to a better day tomorrow
  2. Well, if anybody was wondering if you could just use a pipe bender to fab your own track bar, the answer is apparently yes!
  3. Thanks Jeff, that's the info I was looking for in how much the yoke would move in normal use. 99% of the time it is on the road and any off-road use would be trail running and not much extreme flex.
  4. Got the speedi-sleeve, actually a redi-sleeve from National, and I'm a little unsure of where I need to install it. If I put it on the driveshaft yoke it will only be partially down on the yolk and although it's certainly going to be on tight could it possibly slide out of position later. Or, do I put it in the Yoke opening on the tail shaft housing, but then is the yolk not going to be able to slide in?
  5. Have to comment on some of these......... The Eldorado being chomped by the PacMan Van is hilarious. The Ford Falcon in the tree is a well known internet pic, apparently that's where it ended up years ago after a flood. Surprisingly I have not seen the DeLorean pics before and I have to say both the limo and the 4x4 are both pretty cool IMO for the car being such a $#!&box. The Jeep locomotive is another well known internet pic and was built by a Saudi oil magnate, of course
  6. There actually is not a hole in the OE exhaust manifold/header for the intake heater. It is just a collector pipe that directs heat coming off the exhaust through the tube connected to it. Stock and aftermarket Renix exhaust manifolds/headers will (or should) have 2 bungs on it, one for the O2 sensor and one for the EGR. If your state does not require exhaust emissions to be checked then you can eliminate the EGR, which will open up more options for you including a stock HO exhaust manifold which was a better design than the Renix one. That said, most any aftermarket Renix header, and even a stock HO manifold, will require some grinding or finessing and usually on the intake manifold due to interference with the mounting flanges on the exhaust.
  7. Great info from Stroker and MJeff on the Speedi-Sleeve, which is mfr'd by SKF. Stroker, National still makes them also, the Redi-Sleeve. Link to the SKF site below and the 90+ seals and bearings they have specifically for MJ's, might be worth bookmarking for some of you! Also a link to simple installation video. They are $40-50 from the box chain stores, but Amazon has National brand for $25 and SKF for $31 and hopefully this cures the leak. FYI, part # for this is 99149 regardless of mfr. https://vehicleaftermarket.skf.com/us/en/search-parts?vehicleid=nam0-2238&tab=tab_1_automotive
  8. I've always had the idea of going with a 242 one day
  9. And in 3.2 seconds I answered my own question. Now to confirm the size needed........ https://www.skf.com/us/products/industrial-seals/power-transmission-seals/wear-sleeves/skf-speedi-sleeve
  10. I can live with it marking it's spot LOL! The seal that was in there when I first noticed it must have been going on for awhile as the tcase fluid was a bit low when I changed it out. Although, I've also spend a fair amount of time under the truck in the past year and routinely look for drips and leaks and did not see anything until recently. Anyhoo, when I changed it the second time it was still just a hair below full. FWIW, the output shaft had no play to it as I thought it could be an internal seal or bearing. Worst case I just check the level every so often but it's my son's DD for now so it's hard to get it in the driveway long enough to check. Jeff, so is Speedi Sleeve the name of the product Stroker was referring to?
  11. Great thread, thanks for all the pictures and detail! So cool that your wife and kids are heavily involved too, great memories being made. Keep it coming!
  12. Noticed a while back the tail shaft on my 231 xfer case had a heavy drip. Replaced the seal with a National brand and the leak remained. Replaced that one with a Timken and while it seems to be a little better, still leaking. I looked for cracks in the tail shaft housing the best I could while laying on my back with a flashlight and did not see anything. Thoughts?
  13. I checked each wire and fusible link going to the starter relay, all appeared OK. I also checked most of the harnesses in the vicinity and tried several times to start after doing so. Head scratcher........
  14. I thought for sure it was going to be ignition switch or NSS. When I get a chance maybe I'll swap the other coil back in and see what happens, I haven't thrown it out yet.
  15. Fired right up, let it run for a bit. Started it several more times, no hesitation, drove it, started a couple more times.
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