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  1. Pete, I'm confused. For as long as I can remember and the 10+ years I have been on here, I've always understood that 1) 0-3" lifts required no modifications to steering or driveline components, and 2) based on #1, WJ arms were also perfectly fine to "upgrade" to if the truck is lifted 0-3".
  2. Heavily discussed topic on here. Do a search using "floor insulation", "sound insulation", "floor covering" etc..............LOTS of threads to read with lots of different products used and most definitely LOTS of different opinions LOL.
  3. I seem to recall I've read on another thread here awhile ago that someone was able to get General Spring to custom build them a set of MT packs with an official 3" of lift. Worth a call I'd say. I highly doubt they have enough volume to have Comanche MT sets made up and sitting on a shelf and likely just make them "to order", so adding some arch may not be a big deal or more money. That said, the Hell Creek 3" & 4.5" lift springs are rated at 1440lb capacity with a 4+1 leaf setup, whereas the MT packs are rated at 1700lbs with a 3+2 spring pack. The load capacity on standard MJ replacement spring packs (no lift) from General Spring is rated at 1280lbs. Maybe the Hell Creek 4.5" packs are a compromise for you unless you routinely haul or tow heavy loads and need the full capacity MT packs offer. Link to 9yr old thread of similar discussion........
  4. With the twist lock on the bulb base, it might be for behind the HVAC controls.
  5. That was just pure ignorance by any stretch. Have the tranny shop source you a decent AX15 or NVG3550 and rebuild that, can't imagine it would have cost any more and now you have a substantially better tranny with plenty of parts availability when the need arises.
  6. Jeep Driver, you don't get it and never will. Your YouTube video backs up what I'm saying because as you say in the video, "people are just effing idiots and I'm (you're) tired of dealing with their bull$#!&". Just because YOU say it works does not make it the end all be all. A square peg is not always the solution to filling a square hole. You rarely if ever are open to other approaches to solve common problems. I don't give a crap about "feelings", I'm talking about common decency and respect. I read most of your comments on here because, believe it or not, I AM trying to learn AND I respect your knowledge. But you have no patience for those that either don't understand the topic or potential solution, especially if they question you with something else they read, heard or experienced. I, along with most on here I believe, are not looking to have our hand held. But you show very little, if any, respect to others and what they do or don't know. Again, it's called common decency.
  7. I would expect that reply from you no doubt. Just watched the video. So let me get this straight.............since you posted it on YouTube, that makes what you say factual?? All you did was rant the same stuff you already said on your posts. I'm no mechanic by any means, but I'd argue that your "test" of idling in a garage is not a real world example. Truck is not under load and being driven in 90+ degree heat. To be clear however, I am not debating what you or yxmj are both trying to say. I am not taking sides. But if you're the engineer that Jeep/AMC/Chrysler should have hired 30yrs ago, why is your belt squealing? Why haven't you re-engineered that yet? You've got the whole round fan on a square box problem figured out by putting half moon cutouts on your fan shroud, holy $#!&, why couldn't Jeep figure that out? Again, I am not debating your opinion on the subject. I am commenting on, what I consider, your aggressive and abrasive attitude. Look, I generally appreciate people that are direct and straightforward, I like knowing where they stand or what they think without playing games or having to read between the lines. You POTENTIALLY have a lot to offer here. But IMO you are more concerned with proving you are right about something instead of simply sharing your knowledge. And when trying to prove yourself, you more often than not insult the other party.
  8. I should stay on the sideline but I just can't any longer. Jeep Driver, you insult people's intelligence on here ALL THE FREAKING TIME!!! Yes, it is clear you are highly knowledgeable about Jeeps and have an above average knowledge of mechanical workings. You were not born that way, you learned what you know. The majority of members here are doing just that.....learning. But almost every time someone engages you or debates you, you dismiss them as ignorant or uneducated. You are not just blunt and direct, you are rude. Granted, the written word on forum posts, emails etc does not always properly convey the attitude, tone or intent of the speaker's comments. But after awhile, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and sounds like a duck, then it's a duck! You may remove the "u" from duck and insert an "i" and that it is you Jeep Driver! And nowhere on this thread has anybody suggested or insinuated you were a liar in any shape or form. Get over yourself. Rant over................
  9. Well, considering a tire/wheel setup on that truck with that much lift is $3-4k, maybe they ran out of money! And for the record that model Hummer with the trunk (it would be blasphemous to call it a "bed") is the most useless design ever created.
  10. 757, as Keyav8r pointed out above, there is a lot of amperage running through the headlight switch regardless if you are running LEDs so it's a critical upgrade no matter what. They run @$15 on eBay and that might save you the $100-300 you would spend on good LED headlamps if you are satisfied with the increased output from your stock units.
  11. Manche757, I'm no expert but if you haven't done the headlight relay harness, that is generally considered a great solution to dim headlights whether you stick with standard headlamps or go LED. If you still aren't satisfied with the light output after that, maybe consider LEDs but they can get expensive and the really cheap ones seem to be just that....cheap. Certainly a subject that has been debated 100 times over on here so a search for those threads would be worth your reading. I have the headlight relay but have not installed it yet, definitely on the priority "to do" list in the next month or two.
  12. I bought mine online. The stock bulb is a 906. You can get LED replacements at any auto store for these. While you're at it though, you should absolutely install LED projector bulbs for your reverse lights. When I say it's like night and day, I mean it. There are tons of brands out there, mostly chinese made but look for ones that have the Cree brand chip in them, they are supposedly the best. Also, make sure they are the "projector" type, they have a little glass bulb at the end that helps disperse the light. Also, make sure the base does not have a flange at the top of it or it won't go in to the socket far enough. The brand I got on eBay was Genssi at Hornbrod's suggestion after he raved about them. LED selection in auto stores is getting better all the time so you might find these 1156 projector types local now. Speaking of Hornbrod, found a LED conversion chart once posted by him. This should help.......... LED Conversion Chart.pdf
  13. Manche757, factory pigtail should be in place. LED's really make a difference too.
  14. My eyes may be deceiving me and/or it could be the angle of the pics, but something is off. The pic from the passenger side the rear wheel seems very far forward in the wheel well. This is not entirely a new discovery as several people have noted their axle off center with factory springs or aftermarket springs. But when you see the pic of the driver side, it looks centered? Damn nice looking MJ though.
  15. The reality is, as every member on this forum should know, the seller has what is probably the rarest of rare factory parts for an MJ. Supply and demand will find a buyer at that price. It may take a while, but someone doing a restoration or just someone with deep pockets knowing the near impossibility of finding one of these will buy it.
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