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  1. This seller is like the one down in Carolina with the red 4x4, they just keep reposting for sale at different prices and even RAISING the price hoping to find that "sucker". This truck has been listed for less than $28k before. The red one in Carolina is currently at $20k on Facebook, I've seen it listed several times for $15k. I'd have to think they know these prices are completely unrealistic but they don't care if it doesn't sell unless someone wants to give them crazy money they'll let it go. Oh well......
  2. I would love to have a camper for mine one day, although I've debated a small fiberglass 5th wheel would be cool to have also, i.e. a Scamp, Bigfoot or the super nice and $$$ Escape 5.0. Anyhoo, you being on the west coast you should have access to more options than most people on units that will fit an MJ. Granted, many of these will be brands or more likely models that don't exist anymore because the midsize truck camper market must not have been very successful. As has already been pointed out, small truck pop-up style campers are still readily available and the Travel Lite 690 seems to have staked it's ground as a survivor of the "hard sided" midsize truck camper. Capri is a brand that's apparently been around awhile and they are now offering hard sided midsize truck campers too. But you can also look for discontinued models such as the Northern Lite 610, which was fiberglass, CampLite 5.7 which was all-aluminum, Pastime campers, SixPac campers, the above Lance LS1000 and some other older brands had some 6'9" or "690" models that would fit between the wheel wells of a midsize truck. All that said, I've never owned a truck camper and I'm certainly no engineer. All of the info I spewed above is just from a lot of my own research while seriously considering the viability of a camper one day for my MJ. I will say though that, IMO, with the amount of lift you are talking about doing I personally would only consider a soft sided, i.e. "pop-up" style if you want a slide-in camper as opposed to the currently popular overland style raised tent. COG I bet would get sketchy real fast with hard sided camper on that much lift with that narrow of track width. Outside of pulling the bed and custom building something to the frame from scratch, I'd bet there's a compromise in there somewhere with an existing slide-in unit that probably could hit on most of what you want. I'd certainly be interested to see what you do if you pursue this.
  3. Officer you're lucky a person was not killed by this. That engine landed right where my friends usually sit in a circle when they come over. I can replace my, ummm, "pet" goat it landed on but sheesh, how could you guys let that maniac driver get away with that kind of behavior? That's just crazy officer!
  4. That's what caught my eye first too, then the rest. I'm thinking, animal sacrifice ritual and then burn it in the fireplace, mask the smell with the pine trees. Freaky no doubt......
  5. Based on the weirdness of the air fresheners over the fireplace, the skull and candles on the hearth........."Oh don't worry about it officer, I've got stuff that will clean that red liquid off the floor no problem"
  6. Actually Pete that is the Lance Squire 1000, or LS1000 and was made specifically for mid-size trucks in the 80s. It was well equipped and had a 7'6" floor (most then and now were 6'9") which is absolutely perfect for a long bed MJ. I believe it weighed @1200lbs. I am curious why an MJ, when properly equipped, would not be capable of carrying a lightweight camper. What made it possible for these to work on a Dakota, Ranger, S10 or Tacoma in the 80s but not an MJ? If you wanted to put a camper on any of those trucks you had a list of upgrades you had to perform to do so. I am going to assume all of those upgrades could be done to an MJ, so what was the limitation? Only thing I can think of is the unibody portion of the cab was not as strong as a full ladder frame of the other mid-size trucks, but if that was the case the metric ton package would not have been viable I would think. Curious to thoughts.......
  7. Saw it last night on FB marketplace. That truck is cherry and IMO priced dead on. Assuming no rust as advertised, I'd go as far to say it's a $10k MJ.
  8. I saw on FB Marketplace they had a full kit for $1700. $400 for the manifold isn't cheap but considering the sales volume of these is likely pretty low, hard to argue. Cheaper than a stroker for sure.
  9. LOL, not unless you wanted to get shot!
  10. It's pretty damn cool for sure. But to me, the chrome trim on the headlights, chrome camper mirrors and diamond plate throw it off with the rest of it painted sand color.
  11. And to clarify further, it is recommended NOT to shift in to 4 wheel LOW while moving.
  12. Holy cow...........glad she is ok! I may share this with my 14yr old daughter even though she does not drive yet. My 18yr son is actually very good about it, but my daughter is like most her age and completely attached to her phone. Can't say I haven't done it, so a good reminder that nothing is that important.
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