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  1. Congrats! Big accomplishment.........MJ is looking suhweet too!
  2. Bung or plug? If you are looking for a plug Dorman 090-061 is supposed to fit
  3. I'm quite confident that price is missing a zero on the end as FB Marketplace won't let you post a price higher than what book value says it's worth. Looks pretty cherry without seeing the underside.
  4. Many people have had a very good experience with TriStarr, including myself.
  5. Fyi, you can get BFGs in 34x10.5x17s.........
  6. Happy Easter CClub!
  7. Super clean looking 90 Long Bed. Seller claims it's a Big Ton, complete with rear window sticker. But I only count/see 4 leaves on the rear springs. I don't see the overload spring so if I'd have to guess, those look like Rusty's spring packs as those do not have an overload spring. Seller says he bought the truck as it is, so 1) I guess he's just flipping it and 2) he doesn't know what he has or what it WAS. Somebody, including the seller, may have been able to find a Big Ton sticker and just slapped it on there. Aside from all of that, it does appear in excellent condition. http
  8. If Eaglescout is willing to write one up, I'd like to recommend a sticky on this subject of fuel tank dimensions and FSU's for the 3 different sizes with accompanying pictures. Even though new tanks and now FSU's are available, this info IMO is one of the most common subjects that I've seen in the 10+yrs I've been on this site.
  9. I don't know how I missed that the Sport was a mini grocery getter, when they were announced I just thought the Sport was a trim package. I've seen some around and thought "WTH is the big deal about THAT? It's a piss-ant!". Now I know.......
  10. https://www.fourwheeler.com/news/features/1988-comanche/?wc_mid=4035:21097&wc_rid=4035:34950555&_wcsid=12CEADA9231090A94F326B305BDD961CED30CEA5EC323062
  11. I still like the look of 15's, but when the time comes for new tires I am likely to go to 17" wheels because there are wayyy more tire sizes to choose from with metrics.
  12. Pretty sure it's dino, I checked it out after Cruiser posted it, the Traveller label does have synthetic in a gray label jug. On the Petroleum Quality Institute website it showed the 15w/40 dino has good zinc levels. About 10% less zinc than Rotella T6, but at $1.80/qt even being dino oil that's crazy cheap.
  13. Looks like an airport tug........pretty cool, Different for sure!
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