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  1. First year production has already sold out. I don't know how many units that is, but I'm guessing a few thousand.
  2. Maybe a worm gear hose clamp? I definitely would not put zip ties in the tank, I'm sure the gas will eat through those in no time.
  3. If you are running stock control arms, I would bet you'll be much happier just replacing the whole piece than fighting 30+ yr old bushings stuck in there. Aftermarket arms are very inexpensive.
  4. The key to getting a set is to make sure the seller has not just cleaned them up with new orings and filters, but has tested and flow-matched them for consistent pressure across all 6 injectors. There is a guy on either NAXJA or CherokeeForum that has been rebuilding them for years, Cruiser knows the guy I believe and can refer you to him but not sure if he is still doing them. Otherwise I would recommend ebay so you can see better feedback and a more detailed description to make sure they are flow matched. For me, Amazon doesn't give me as much confidence as ebay on things like this. Another
  5. Probably would have been just as informative to start a new thread and get comments from people who have done this in the last couple of years. Not bashing you at all, just a suggestion. That said, Bosch 746 injectors IMO seem to be the most widely used injector upgrade on the Renix 4.0 and I have yet to read a negative comment across many forums. Affordable, readily available, properly spec'd for flow rate etc.........best upgrade I've done. Instant improvement in smoothness of idle and acceleration. I believe I gained some mpg but I have not measured it in great detail, just getting more mil
  6. I'm sure the plastic is quite toxic and you could die if you smoked them.
  7. The seller is on one of the FB Jeep and/or Comanche pages, recently posted up pics that he had finished "restoring" it. Interesting side note, he actually lowered the rear with XJ shackles to achieve a more level stance. People were commenting that it looked great but suggested he give it some lift, he said he liked the stock height and no rake. As far as paint goes, I don't think a lot of MJ owners would spend the amount of money it would take to get a 100% proper paint job. I hope to paint mine in the near future and if it can save me $1000 or more in labor cost to not have to ta
  8. Looks like P4529229AC is the "current" number according to Summit and some Mopar parts sites.
  9. I still use it a lot but Craigslist has pretty much been taken over by FB Marketplace it seems........
  10. Searchtempest.com too, for nationwide Craigslist search, although you can see Craigslist through Autotempest also.......
  11. Following this thread for sure. I have new bushings and a new reman motor and they are super slow on low or high. However, they are very good while on intermittent even if I have it set on the shortest pause interval. I plan to add a ground very soon but it doesn't sound like that helps much, although I'll put one on anyway as that is literally the only ground I have not added per Cruiser's tips.
  12. I've been able to do the same by using Autotempest.com, nationwide search, and then click on FB Marketplace icon the same as looking on AutoTrader etc.
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