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  1. Yup, the boxes just said ES3096 but I KNEW when I researched the parts and ordered it was ES3096L so I checked my receipt and confirmed that. Just wanted to triple check before installing.
  2. Pete, not sure on the reverse threads, I know when I ordered the end joint I specified "left". I agree with Derf and Eagle to put the fixed end on the pass side since both the drag link and adj track bar have the fixed end there too.
  3. Kind of a crazy (stupid) question, but I'm getting ready to change out my tie rod today to the ZJ V8 unit and of course the stock unit has adjusting sleeves on both ends whereas the replacement unit has a fixed ball joint on one end and a adjustment sleeve/ball joint for the other end. Does it matter which end goes which way? I.e. does the fixed end connect to the drag link or to the steering knuckle?
  4. Ha! Thanks Dzimm.......hopefully it's not too far off the interstate. My main interest in it is the bed, I picked up a rust free short bed (just the bed) last year in...........Martinsburg, WV!, to salvage the wheel arches on to my truck when I get around to painting it.
  5. I'll be passing right by Martinsburg next week on my way to pick up my son from WVU for Thanksgiving break, I may seriously have to pull off and take a look at this.
  6. Derf, thanks for the info. Was also trying to confirm the spline count on the pinion gear for both the D30 & D44 if you happen to know that info. I believe the D44 pinion is 26 spline, not sure on the D30 pinion. New gears would be nice, but the budget and amount of usage my truck gets does not warrant that amount of investment, it's not a DD. The regear is more of a want than a need. I have 3.54s on 31" tires and it does fine. I did plan on getting new shims, bearings and seals. I messaged the seller about the "95b" and he said that is just an internal designation for what it came out of, in this case a 95 YJ.
  7. Piecing together the parts to re-gear in the not too distant future. Got my eye on a carrier/R&P combo that the seller says is from a YJ D30HP, which should work (the carrier is for 3.73s+, which I need). First question, I'm assuming that unit was 27 spline axles like in my 88? What is the standard pinion spline count? Second question, I have a factory D44 rear which is 30 spline axles, correct? What is the standard pinion spline count? Last question, the seller's description says "Jeep Wrangler YJ ..... 87-95 95b". What is the "95b" designation refer to??
  8. I always thought this was a popular photoshop job.........this is real Pete?
  9. I'm no expert, but I'm going to throw in my 2 cents here. I'm planning to regear my 354s soon, and I also am running an AW4 and 31" tires, and basically the same type of usage. I've debated this same question over and over. Why the push for 410s when his usage clearly is mostly on the road AND he said he doesn't not anticipate going any taller on tires? He's not towing or doing any heavy hauling. I've played around on the grimmjeeper.com gear gungalator and if IIRC 373s are closer to stock RPMs than 410s and he's running an automatic. He "should" get better MPG with 373s than 410s......marginal, yes, but every little bit counts IMO.
  10. Jeff, just put a pork butt on the Smokey Joe, fill the cooler with Bud Light and you'll be done in no time!
  11. LOL, thanks for indulging me........... sometimes I get caught up in saving a few bucks despite what truly makes sense because my MJ is only a weekend work truck and occasional DD when my son is home from college. Since I was left to ponder this on my own LOL (because it was a stupid question anyway) I thought it would be like putting 3 new tires on it but not a 4th just because it still has enough tread to pass inspection LOL. The piece of mind of replacing it all is worth it anyway.
  12. Interesting, had never seen anybody mention 28mm could be had "back in the day". My truck is a loaded out Laredo so not entirely surprised, particularly because it came with D44, tow pkg, heavy duty cooling, trans cooler etc. so somebody ordered it set up to tow and haul.
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