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  1. You can run 31's w/out a lift, but it's pretty tight. A 3" lift is better suited and you can run 32's. Anything bigger you'll get in to the need for different backspacing on your wheels. The main issue will be rubbing on the LCA's with either of those size tires. A common remedy is to use WJ LCA's as they have a curve in the middle to eliminate the rubbing. Aftermarket LCA's usually work also as they are not as wide/thick as stock MJ LCA's.
  2. What brand of belt did you put on? I had the forever screeching belt noise. I had replaced the idler pulley, then the fan clutch because it had gone bad, then installed a JY a/c compressor to get my a/c going again. Was hoping one of those was the culprit.......nope. Tightened it up a good bit as the consensus is 4.0L belts need to be above avg tight. A little better but did not eliminate it, then eventually back to really annoying and loud. Had a shop I trust spend some time with it, said he couldn't find anything wrong and suggested we try to putting a Gates belt instead of the Dayco that was put on there @1yr ago when the fan clutch was replaced at another shop. I also heard a "Gatorback" belt worked for many people so I got one off ebay. Anyhoo, I had the shop put the Gates on and other than an occasional squeal at startup, it's been quiet ever since and @1500+ miles of driving. Still got the Gatorback belt to try if the squealing comes back with a vengeance.
  3. WahooSteeler


    Yes, I have one on my passenger side.
  4. From the info provided and the single picture, it looks like a "go" in my opinion. If it is an automatic, you'll have the AW4 transmission which would be more desirable than the BA10 manual 5 speed in '87. Give it a good look underneath for rust on the floorboards and frame rails from the cab back.
  5. Looks good.........now of course we want to see them on the truck!
  6. Just curious, what brought you to this conclusion? Have you done anything else since your last posts? Have you flushed the heater core in addition to the rad?
  7. It's a Jeep! Hope this works out and we get to meet my friend!
  8. Dude, unless something major comes up, if you're there I'm there!
  9. That maroon bench looks to be in really good shape, you get that and clean it up and you'll make some $$ for sure. Nice haul...........
  10. Best bet is to start looking for a rust free bed. The problem with a body shop doing it is behind your flares it's probably worse than you can see now, as Pete pointed out. And specifically, if the embossed ridge around the wheel opening that the flare mounting brackets attach to are rusted out, you're talking some long hours for a talented guy to cut out, replace and reform those ridges.
  11. Yeah, I remember the thread about the Chinese parts but that it was difficult to get them. Not the answer I was hoping for on swapping older panels on. Oh well........no worries.
  12. I know I've seen this discussed on here before, but too tired (lazy!) to do a search tonight. So do interior door panels from pre-97 XJ/MJ's attach to 97+ doors without major issues? One day I'd like to have the full window instead of the quarter window for less possible leaks and noise.
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