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  1. WahooSteeler

    Ain't nothing free and dumb is expensive.

    We have a saying in my house "stupid should hurt"............well, in this case it did!
  2. WahooSteeler


    That's a 91 or 92 HO based on the coolant bottle and valve cover I see.........but you never know with Jeep owners that may have swapped something LOL
  3. WahooSteeler


    Lift the hood, how many spark plug wires go to the right side of the engine block? Did the seller not tell you what engine was in it? 2.5L 4.0L
  4. WahooSteeler

    Fuel Tank J Bolts

    Grommet: 52018823 Vent Valve: J5360058
  5. WahooSteeler

    Fuel Tank J Bolts

    Awesome..........thanks for the quick reply! I had literally just ordered new rollover vent valves and grommets from Summit and was able to add these to my order. $12!
  6. WahooSteeler

    Fuel Tank J Bolts

    Re Reviving an old thread since I'm about to order a new tank and don't have confidence my existing bolts will come off easy and be reusable. Paradise, to confirm did you just use J bolts then?
  7. WahooSteeler


    You can buy the plastic clips online for <$20, I think it takes 12 to fully secure the trim. I bought a bag that had 25 in it I think, so plenty of replacements.
  8. WahooSteeler

    Black interior

    Where are you located? Just saw a black dash from an XJ on Craigslist.........Oregon I believe. Black is hard to come by, gotta piece it together from different sources usually. https://corvallis.craigslist.org/pts/d/corvallis-xj-black-dash/6778631474.html
  9. WahooSteeler

    Buying a house...

    It's based on LTV, or Loan to Value, so it is a function of the appraised value and the loan amount/balance.
  10. WahooSteeler

    Pillar lamps

  11. WahooSteeler

    Spare parts and pieces

    What year is the Renix head off of? Assuming no leaks when removed? Thanks.......
  12. WahooSteeler

    Buying a house...

    Tried to avoid getting sucked in to this conversation, but alas I have a few suggestions to offer, some just additional comments on points already made: 1. As the Buyer, using a realtor costs you nothing. The seller is paying the listing agency the gross commission and the listing agency splits it with your agent's firm. This was pointed out by others but worth stating again. The seller's listing agreement determines how much gross commission they are paying to the listing brokerage company. A savvy seller will negotiate a reduced commission to the listing brokerage company in the event a buyer is not represented by an agent (realtor), but it is unlikely the seller will "pass on" that savings to you, the buyer. Data has shown over and over that using a realtor produces the most equitable sale for both sides. A good agent is going to do more than just help you negotiate a price. They should be on top of current market values, trends and if this property fits the goals and criteria you have as a first time buyer. 2. Even the most green agent will suggest getting a home inspection. It's the best money you will ever spend even if you decide NOT to buy the house. Despite the property being offered "AS IS", indicating the seller is not willing to make any repairs, the agent can make your offer contingent on the home inspection report being acceptable to you. This is one of your get out of jail free cards that your agent can work in to your offer. They are marketing the property as a "handyman special", but if the inspection report identifies issues that you are not comfortable with having to repair or that will likely be extremely expensive, you can terminate the contract, get your deposit back and walk away. 3. Lots of mention above about mortgage insurance. A possible way to get around that is a "piggyback loan". This was a popular loan product 10-15 yrs ago and lenders in your area may or may not offer them any more. Usually they require excellent credit and liquid assets, almost like you being "self-insured" for part of the loan. Essentially you get a "first mortgage" based on 80% of the value of the home, but also a second mortgage at the same time based on 10-15% of the value of the home. While you will pay a little higher rate for the "second mortgage", the difference in interest cost on such a small loan amount is almost always less than the cost of mortgage insurance for years and years until you have 20% equity built up. That said, depending on what the market value of the property could be after repairs and improvements are made by you, you very well could end up being able to drop mortgage insurance within a few years after purchase. Example: If your loan on the property at purchase is $65k and you make significant repairs and improvements, have your realtor come back and give you a market analysis for what the home may be worth then. If the realtor feels it is worth more than 20-25% over what you owe on your mortgage, you can ask your lender to have it reappraised and likely be able to drop the mortgage insurance. The appraisal will cost a few bucks but, again, worth it to reduce your total mortgage payment. 4. As far as finding an agent/realtor you are comfortable with, nothing better than asking friends and colleagues who might know somebody or somebody that knows somebody. Word of mouth is still the best advertising. Additionally though, you can call the local realtor association and ask them who the top 5-10 brokerage firms were in number of transactions for 2018, and if they will tell you the same for the top 10-20 agents even better. The association cannot/will not promote or refer any one firm or agent though. 5. The listing has been reduced by $13k, or @16%, in only 90 days on the market. I tried to look up the assessed value of the home, but was only able to find public records on the tax assessment on the land. It was noted as a "delinquent account" despite the property tax on the land only being $118. Those two pieces of info indicate a distress sale to me and why it is being sold "as is", i.e. they don't have any money. 6. Patience is key. As mentioned before, the first step you should do is meet with a couple of lenders and find out how much you would qualify for on a loan and what type of loan products may fit your situation best. You may only want to spend 1/2 of what you could be approved for, but you need to know what your buying power is first. You may be willing to buy a fixer-upper like this house, or you may be willing to just buy something for $X more that is "move in ready", give yourself options and choices. Being pre-qualified, or even better pre-APPROVED, will help you know where you stand and help you and your agent negotiate because you are letting the seller know you are serious and ready to buy. Good luck!
  13. WahooSteeler

    Pillar lamps

    I'd like to put my name in the hat for a pair of these after Cruiser please.........
  14. WahooSteeler

    AMC Jeep Factory LWB Long Bed Rubber Bed Mat SW MO

    Hornbrod is out of commission at the moment, but he was interested in buying mine, particularly the tailgate piece a few years ago. Deal never happened since I decided to keep them. If you don't get any takers soon, maybe message him so when he's better and back online maybe he sees it.
  15. WahooSteeler

    Fuel Pump Strainer