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  1. Same cam 87 to 96. Maybe longer. No more torque anywhere than what a Renix had.
  2. Green brake booster Blue IAT sensor Purple Vacuum for the vacuum reservoir/dash vents/cruise control.
  3. Make sure the plug and receptacle at the TCU are the same color.
  4. Have you been to www.cruiser54.com and completed Tips 1 through 5 yet? Checked to see if any intake manifold bolts are loose?
  5. Just not worth it. Keep the Renix and get driving it. Easy. HO myth buster Renix in 90 made 182 HP. HO in 91 made 190 HP. That's 8 HP difference. HO only made more HP than Renix at higher RPMs and not a bit more torque. HO had a 58 mm throttle body versus a 52 mm throttle body on a Renix. That’s 20% more air available through the HO throttle body. The HO also had a better design header. See where I'm going with this? It’s only a 4% horsepower increase….. The whole 8HP was not mostly from the head, but from the bigger TB and better exhaust manifold. Put a 60mm TB from www.strokedjeep.com on your present manifold using the Renix head, eliminate the "crush" in your headpipe with proper re-routing, and go for it. HO stands for Highly Overrated.
  6. From my website: THE HISTORY OF THE 4.0 A GREAT STEP FOR RENIX OWNERS SEPTEMBER 24, 2017 CRUISER54 11 COMMENTS Thanks Nick for developing the REM. Our trusty old Renix systems will carry on even longer now. For the price of one or two sensors that didn’t need replacing, this tool pays for itself. See it here: http://nickintimedesign.wordpress.com/ I’ve had the factory DRB tool for years, but yours is actually easier to use and has a long lead on it so monitoring can be done from the driver’s seat. Factory one couldn’t do that. I appreciate your ongoing contributions to the Renix Jeep community. Keep up the good work. Pete
  7. Dependson the rearend that's in the Comanche. Dana 35 can use 94 to 98 Grand Cherokee rear disc set-up. Easy. Booster, I prefer the 99 to 2004 Grand Cherokee with master cylinder
  8. Also, get a wrench or socket on all the intake manifold bolts and make sure they're not loosened up.
  9. Convert to a dual diaphragm brake booster and rear discs.
  10. It's AC voltage at the CPS. Have you visited my website and completed Tips 1 through 5 yet? The C101 connector described in Tip 2 can cause the CPS signal to not reach the ECU.
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