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  1. CRUISER'S MOSTLY RENIX TIPS CONNECTOR AND RELAY/RECEPTACLE REFRESHING OCTOBER 30, 2015 SALAD 29 COMMENTS I suggest unplugging EVERY electrical connection in the engine bay you can find, whether engine related or not, and spraying it out with a good electronics cleaner, visually inspecting the terminals making sure they haven’t retracted into the plastic holder, and then plugging it back together. There’s a critical 10-pin connector for the front lighting system located in front of the air cleaner and behind the left headlight assembly. Don’t mi
  2. CRUISER'S MOSTLY RENIX TIPS RENIX GROUND REFRESHING OCTOBER 30, 2015 SALAD 62 COMMENTS The Renix era XJs and MJs were built with an under-engineered grounding system for the engine/transmission electronics. One problem in particular involves the multiple ground connection at the engine dipstick tube stud. A poor ground here can cause a multitude of driveabililty issues, wasted time, failed emission tests, and wasted money replacing components unnecessarily. All the components listed below ground at the dipstick tube stud: Distributor Sync Sensor
  3. Make sure you don't use the Chrysler fluid in your AW4 auto trans!! Regular old Dex/Merc ATF. And, you only need to do a drain and fill using the pan plug. Takes about 3.8 quarts.
  4. I ran the blower and misted a mild bleach solution through the cowl grille.
  5. Yank the air cleaner assembly to gain easier access to the lower bolts.
  6. Yep. And the torque spec is different....
  7. The ground strap firewall to head is super important on the 4 cylinders. Complete Tip 1 first.
  8. Neither sender/sensor will cure an overheating issue. That radiator looks skanky. Perfect time to convert to an open cooling system. Get a NR2802 radiator from NAPA. It will have the cap on it.
  9. What year? What engine? Does your truck have dash gauges or idiot lights? If it's 90 or earlier, have you completed Tips 1 through 5 from my website?
  10. For some reason, that ground strap is much more critical on the 4 cylinder. Yeah, do the Tips. Did you inspect the intake bolts and those hoses though?
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