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  1. https://www.discounttiredirect.com/learn/wheel-torque#jeep
  2. I've searched every FSM I have and haven't found a winter or summer specific wheel nut torque. I've found online some steel wheel vs aluminum wheel lug nut torques. And, I've found winter and summer engine oils. I'm stumped. I was planning on driving from Arizona to Alaska this fall...........
  3. Country of origin on many parts? C>R>A>P> Chinese Replacement Auto Parts
  4. That's okay. We're from the Department of Redundancy Department. Check your intake bolts. IAC would cause stalling. Not a miss. No ticking noises along with the miss? MAP to throttle body hose integrity?
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if it does. How many other Tips have you completed?
  6. Simple and easy. NR2801 radiator from Napa. Heater hoses from a 97 to 01 Cherokee or just splice them. Factory thermostat. Throw the heater valve away and use a universal recovery tank as pictured above. I live in Arizona....
  7. Tracing can be done by getting access to the heater contol. You could run a new vac hose if needed.
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