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  1. Make sure the intake manifold bolts are snug. Inspect these hoses closely.
  2. Nicely done. Have you checked the intake manifold bolts?
  3. Nice to know you've got my back!! LOL. Use that stuff!!!
  4. Fuel disconnects Quick disconnect part numbers The Napa part numbers for just o-rings *is: Napa 730-5018 3/8 Viton individual o-rings Napa 730-5017 5/16 Viton individual o-rings *Remember to re-use your old spacer between the 2 new o-rings!! Napa CRB 212305 fuel line repair kit 5/16 Dorman 800-750 trans line repair kit 3/8 Mopar repair kits: 83502745 fuel line repair kit 5/16 83504447 fuel line/Trans line repair kit 3/8
  5. I'm glad to see you guys are using my photos!! That's what they're there for.
  6. It's very common for the gasket to leak oil there. Heads rarely warp unless overheated badly. A good Felpro gasket should work just fine.
  7. No. They don't have to comply. We're talking simple punctuation here. Not grammar. They'll just get less input as a result of 2 things. 1-The posts are hard to understand and are therefore difficult to respond to accurately. This benefits nobody. 2-It's my choice, and the choice of others, NOT to bother hurting our heads trying to decipher unpunctuated and uncapitalized posts. Do what you wanna do to benefit yourself the most. I'm just stating the facts. Is it that much effort to use punctuation that it would be an issue for someone asking for free help from one of the best Jeep forums to be found? Don't strain yourselves......
  8. 2. Except where ya gonna put your temp sender? 4. Just put a head gasket in.
  9. Sorry, but I don't respond to posts/threads with no punctuation.
  10. 2. Except where ya gonna put your temp sender? 4. Just put a head gasket in.
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