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  1. check the intake and exhaust manifold fasteners to be sure they're snug. And check these hoses.
  2. Pressure bottle and cap failure and no availability of good replacement parts.
  3. NR2802 from Napa will go right in and give you open cooling system.
  4. My vote is pull the head, have it gone through or slap a good used one on and wait the year or two.
  5. If the PO used an HO intake gasket, you could very easily have a vacuum leak between the intake manifold and head. At idle, spray that area with carb cleaner to diagnose. Do the Tips!! And here's what you need to know about HO vs Renix: HO myth buster Renix in 90 made 182 HP. HO in 91 made 190 HP. That's 8 HP difference. HO only made more HP than Renix at higher RPMs and not a bit more torque. HO had a 58 mm throttle body versus a 52 mm throttle body on a Renix. That’s 20% more air available through the HO throttle body. The HO also had a better design header. See where I'm going with this? It’s only a 4% horsepower increase….. The whole 8HP was not mostly from the head, but from the bigger TB and better exhaust manifold. Put a 60mm TB from www.strokedjeep.com on your present manifold using the Renix head, eliminate the "crush" in your headpipe with proper re-routing, and go for it. HO stands for Highly Overrated. __________________
  6. I don't care what new gimmick Fram comes out with. I will NEVER support a company like that who sold such pieces of crap to unsuspecting vehicle owners and shops for so many years.
  7. The trans could care less. It goes into the gear the solenoids select.
  8. Do this while you're at it. CRUISER'S MOSTLY RENIX TIPS IMPROVING THE FUEL PUMP GROUND JANUARY 3, 2016 CRUISER54 49 COMMENTS The fuel pump and fuel tank sending unit ground at a sheet metal screw up behind the spare tire on an XJ, and behind the driver’s taillamp on an MJ. Not only is a sheet metal screw a lousy way to ground things, this ground path is long and travels through some connectors that are prone to corrosion and moisture. Locate the black wire on the HARNESS side of the fuel pump/sender 3 wire connector. Remove a 6″ length of the split loom covering. Strip back about 1/2″ of insulation from the BLACK wire. Take your new ground wire, preferably at least 14 gauge and 12 to 18 inches long as needed, strip it about 3/4″, and wrap it around the exposed part of the harness plug wire.Solder the connection. Tape it up and reinstall the split loom covering. At the other end of your new ground wire, add a crimp on eyelet. Attach the eyelet under a bolt that goes directly into the chassis. Be sure to clean the attaching point til shiny and apply OxGard to the contact surfaces.
  9. Exactly.... And what about adjusting the TV cable? That regulates the internal pressure of the trans. Low pressure = slow engagement and/or slipping.
  10. How in the hell can you make that determination on a trans issue when we know nothing about the basics? Fluid level and condition!!!!!
  11. CHECK THE LEVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dex/Merc ATF. .Easily drained and refilled. Buy a gallon. Pull the plug. drain. Install plug and refill. Adjust the throttle valve cable.
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