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  1. cruiser54

    Newest little project MGB

    SOLD!!!! What's next?
  2. cruiser54

    bad starter over night...

    So, it's working now?
  3. cruiser54

    Stock suspension height?

    19" rear and 18.25" front measured from axle hub center to fender flare lip.
  4. cruiser54

    Stock suspension height?

    I'll measure mine later and post back....
  5. cruiser54

    Heat comes and goes

    Still have the troublesome heater control valve installed? It's vacuum operated and prone to failure. Take it out. Plug the vacuum line, and splice the hoses together that were connected to it.
  6. cruiser54

    Alfa Romeo project progress

    Got a top!!! Nice used assembly. High end fabric. all bolt in. No glue and crap. Have yet to drive it...
  7. cruiser54

    bad starter over night...

    That's likely the culprit. Got a spare starter or a new or rebuilt one? If not, take yours apart and clean it out with brake cleaner. It comes apart easily. Fix your oil leak.
  8. cruiser54

    Random high idle kills me!

    VERY well done!!!
  9. cruiser54

    bad starter over night...

    How much oil is coating that starter?
  10. cruiser54

    Won't Start, Will Start.......

    I would complete Tips 1,3,4, and 5 as a matter of course, eliminating potential problem areas.
  11. I've always just gotten a connector of some sort and looped them until I could get it fixed. Simple to do.
  12. cruiser54

    Parking brake pedal refurb.

    You know what? That's probably all I needed to do.