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  1. Thanks dose that pull straight out or is there another method of removing it.
  2. One of my next projects thanks for doing this write-up will make my job much easier.
  3. Thank you for your response I now have turn signals.
  4. I did notice there looked like two flashers were on fuse panel, was the top right sliver one be the right one?
  5. I have a 1988 model I just bought, trying to work out the bugs so I can get it to pass state inspection. The turn signals will not blink, but the lights came on and arrows light up, also flashers work. Changed flasher just in case but not the problem also checked bulbs and sockets all good there. Grounds are good, not sure where the problem might be. Any ideas
  6. Date of first user 03198 Info in front door faded out
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