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  1. I had unplugged the glove box light at the switch harness (inside the glove box). That might had been after I popped my last fuse. I'm going in to my work tonight and I'll pick up my multimeter. this sucks.
  2. I did pull the door switches. Inspected and cleaned them. I don't think there are power wires in this system. It is my understanding that they provide only ground to the circuit when the doors are opened. It's kind of a spring loaded plunger that connects the body of the truck to the wire terminals--but only once the plunger is forced out by the opening of the doors. There is one spade terminal on the passenger side, and two spade terminals on the driver's side. Unless I'm way off, then this is the way it works. And it made sense when you look at the action of the switches.
  3. No. No cargo light. I see the wiring provided by Jeep for it, though. Still neatly wrapped in the wiring harness for the dome lights.
  4. I have an on-going issue for a Month or two. I thought it was my clock shorting out or something, but now that I have a new one I've found that it wasn't the culprit. Here's the deal: I can't put a fuse in the DOME slot without instantaneous blowing of said fuse. From my understanding, that dome circuit stays HOT at all times, powering RADIO memory, CIGARETTE Lighter (I think), GLOVE BOX light, and DOME LIGHTS (when door is opened and the door switches close allow grounding to complete the circuit). I've checked connections and then even unplugged my Euramtec DOME l
  5. Back when I frequented junk yards a few years ago, I always checked these harnesses from XJ/MJ to XJ/MJ to try to nabb a good one. Seemed 99% showed signs of heat damage, and most were shockingly significant. I finally ran across a good one and snipped that bad boy off and kept it. It's a back up, kept safely in a baggie with extra fuses. bulbs, etc in my glove box. Yea, we need to relay this circuit for sure. Keeping an eye out for updates on this, Pete.
  6. Here's my take on your questions of ownership: The 86 you're looking at is a Renix, so you'll need to understand that you're not getting an ODB-II system. This means that you'll need to become familiar with a multimeter if you're not already. Troubleshooting is a bit more of a challenge than with newer cars that have a system of almost doing it for you. You say you have a garage, tools, eagerness to learn and ambition--CRITICAL TRAITS to have, my Brother! Exactly what I was hoping that you'd include in your message. Man, I didn't know much at all when I
  7. So, you maybe cut out your MJ lenses to fit and glue in the Wrangler lenses, is that what I'm seeing here? Maybe shot black paint on what still visible of the MJ lens housing? I'm diggin this.
  8. coolwind57


    My wife speaks 5 languages. I was doing pretty good at learning Spanish before we married. More and more I began accidentally slipping Bisaya into my Spanish as that's my wife's native tongue. Bisaya slowly began taking over what little Spanish I had learned. Just recently I introduced my wife in Spanish, but used "Asawa" instead of "Esposa" for wife. Dude looked at me like, "what the F is an Asawa??" I've said "Oo" instead of "Si" a few times too. Feel like an idiot when I do that. Asked a random dude in a convenient store check-out line to "spit on me" once.
  9. Looks like Eaglescout just sold me one, but I sure appreciate it.
  10. ...not tracking you on this one...
  11. Yea, I hear the quartz ones are brighter and clearer. Should be simple to repin/retrofit a harness to match. This site has all the wiring details: http://gojeep.willyshotrod.com/HowtoDashClock.htm I'm fine with rewiring in a molex connector set if needed. I trip over these connectors at my aviation school.
  12. I've seen no benefit. I feel I benefit by not having it. It is so much easier to see and to reach around in this area now. And no worries about a 30+ year old EGR inevitably interfering with drivability. I'd deleted mine back in 2018 and haven't looked back since. If there's a disadvantage, I hadn't be able to tell. Here's a pic of what it looks now: I had been doing some work on my header, repairing cracks, adding gussets. While in there, I cut the tube connecting header and EGR. Welded header at pipe opening. I removed, then cut off all of the stuff attached
  13. No I wasn't going to bother pulling it to get the part number. I'd like the ones with blue connectors if I get a choice. I'll re-pin any connector that doesn't fit my current harness. So allow me to revise my question: Anyone have a dash clock with a blue connector that they'd sell me?
  14. The clock I installed a couple of years ago began to lose some parts of it's digits a few Months ago. Now I'm blowing the fuse, which also kills my interior lights. So, who's got a good-working dash clock they'd be willing to sell me? There's a couple on Ebay, but I'd prefer to buy from one of you guys.
  15. I've got a set of these in my Aviation toolbox. Good stuff.
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