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  1. Did you check the EGR valve and solenoid? From the symptoms you described, it sounds like it could be your problem.
  2. How much for the handle and the emblems?
  3. I am looking for a tailgate handle assembly. Anyone have one?
  4. Update on the Comanche Project: Since my last post, I have done a lot. The interior has come a long way. Here are some before and after pictures. Some things to notice in the before pictures include the vice grip window crank, the igloo cooler dual-purpose console/speaker box, the melted vent phone holder, and the Radio Shack CB with no wiring lol. Before: After: Next up: closed to open cooling system "upgrade" pictures. I am slowly cleaning up the engine bay.
  5. Is that why it looks so weird? Fixing this weekend lol. Thanks for telling me!
  6. I am looking for a long bed with no rust and as dent free as possible. (preferably black). The previous owner cut the bottoms off of mine and I want to replace it. If anyone has one they are letting go, please let me know! Thanks
  7. I am in need of two black doors in good shape for my 88 Comanche. Mine have dents / rust and the paint is rough. I am located in Charlotte, NC. If anyone has any they are letting go, please let me know!
  8. Thank you for the lead. Did he provide a phone number? Sounds good, just let me know if you wanna sell yours lol.
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