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  1. Unfortunately I’d have to get my hands on one first but I could make it if I do. I’ll keep my eye out though. Maybe someone has one that I can borrow.
  2. Yup metric ton is available! I think I have updated the post for the most part but I will double check when I get back from vacation next week. Let me know if you want anything!
  3. PM sent for an EGR solenoid and EGR tube.
  4. Yup I can for sure. Strokermjcomanche is potentially going to lend me one so whenever I get my hands on one I can do it no problem
  5. Yeah I could do custom ones or ones for the club, that would be a cool idea. They’d probably take longer to make but it can definitely be done
  6. Awesome! Metal is no problem at all. That’ll be great!
  7. No it won’t damage the original. That would be awesome if I could borrow one! I am planning on also doing the 4.0 high output, 2.5 (thanks to eaglescout526), pioneer, xls, X and fuel injection (again thanks to eaglescout526). Can you think of any I’m missing?
  8. Yes they are, eaglescout526 is sending me a NOS one this coming week so I should have it ready very soon
  9. Haha I know the feeling! Ok whenever you’re ready let me know.
  10. Yeah I need to get my hands on an original metric ton badge but I can totally make it if I do. That’s one of the only ones I don’t currently have.
  11. For sure, I can pretty much do any combo of anything that you’d like!
  12. Yup that’s next on my list. I should have it done by next weekend
  13. 4x4 and 4.0 Litre badges are now available as well
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