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  1. I will make it work. What do you want for it? Restoring the 86. To deep into it right now to cut corners.
  2. Hoping Eaglescout might be able to help. I am trying to find the antenna cable grommet. Willing to buy the entire cable if need be. Se attached pic. Need so i can put fender back on.
  3. Do you have cruise control? If so check the white vacuum break switch. Break not brake.
  4. Thank you for replying. Looks like I am going to order some 746's.
  5. Just found another set I purchased years ago. LBS/Hr cc/min Grams PSI Bar 0 280 155 710 20 210 151 53.5 3
  6. I have seen Cruisers site stating Volvo 746 injectors have been proven. I also looked at the date of post. In a spell of insomnia I got on ebay and bought a set of injectors. Now that I am wanting to install them I am worried. Are there any injector gurus that can help me put my mind to ease. I have searched the specs and wonder if theses will work. LBS/HR cc/min Grams PSI Bar (purchased) 0280150943 18.25 191.8 138 43.5 3 (Cruiser 746) 0280155746 19 199.7 143.6 43.5 3 This my daily driver / not a wheeler Any thoughts are appreciated. Jim
  7. Anyone know the part number or where I might be able to get a shift lever spring? I have a 1986 MJ tilt, column shift. The spring is broken. It prevents the lever from locking into place. I have been searching chevy, saginaw, jeep, comanche. There are a lot of them out there just want the right one. Thanks guys/gals Jim
  8. Item # Description Qty Price DK 6110 84 Jeep Comanche DOOR KIT, 10PCS - 1 $101.40 Sub-Total: $101.40 Shipping (Precision: FedEx Ground): $27.00 Tax: $8.99 Order Total: $137.39 www.ocautocarpets.com
  9. A single pair would negate the fader control. I am not an audiophile just like everything on my comanche to work. Is there any harm to the system if I use 4, 4 ohm speakers?
  10. Can anyone tell me where to find 8 ohm speakers for the Comanche. I google, find what I think I need but the impedance is always 4 ohm. Going to use factory RX-135 radio. Maybe Minuit can chime in.
  11. :wavey: Hey. Hope all is well. If need anything let me know. Perhaps I could help. :D Jeep on brother. :beerchug:

  12. Had a 87 XJ once. Ignition switch (electrical not mechanical one) went to start one day the key would not turn to start position. Tracked it down to the electrical switch it self. There were signs of over heated contacts. Replaced switch and drove away. Tore switch open for fun. Contacts inside were melted. Fast forward a few years. Driving same XJ and it just died. Coasted to side of road. Had to call for a tow. I was out of town so had it towed to a shop. They ended up having to run a new primary hot wire from starter relay to ignition switch. Fast forward years again. Bought my first MJ. 86 base. Decided to swap everything from 87 XJ to 86 MJ. 4.0 Aw4 Front dif. While moving wiring harness over I discovered where the firewall fuse box connector bolted together the factory primary hot wire had melted from the internal connector. Sorry so long. I would get a wiring diagram. Find where the power wire to the ignition switch is. Take a meter and see if you have power to switch. There should be a constant hot 12v wire there. If no power there vehicle will not start. Quick and easy check. Been there done that.
  13. Never experienced death wobble myself. Hope to never. Glad your son is Ok. Keep us informed of what they find. I hope this does not deter him from driving the Comanche.
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