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  1. Due to unfortunately events I need a entire fiberglass front clip and a stock front bumper. I'm located in Florida and will be driving up I75 to the North Carolina Tenesee Boarder in 3 days. If someone has or knows of any yards that have what I'm looking for along the way that would be awesome. I was able to find a fender locally.
  2. I just placed a order for a set of the boxes. When they come in within the next month or so I'll be sure to share pictures of how they look. My tail lights look like they have been hit with a sand blaster and anything will be better than what I have.
  3. Looking for a decent set of MJ tail lights that can be polished out to look good.
  4. I just got mine today. Looks really nice can't wait to install it. Thanks for the harness!
  5. Ok so I called Crystler with my Vin. What they were able to tell me is my jeep had a ac unit installed at the dealer about 6 months after it was purchased in Connecticut. Probably right before the original owner brought it to Florida. I don't imagine this being a common wiring harness to find? Here's what I'm thinking my truck has 315k miles on it and is starting to get tired. There is a 1991 Xj on Facebook with 140k miles for $400 with a slipping transmission. I know it won't be easy but I'm thinking about completely getting rid of the hacked up renix system and using the Xj as a donor.
  6. Yeah it's really upsetting. My dad owned the truck for 20 years and had 95% of his work done at a local shop. Everything I try and do on this truck ends up being a endless project.
  7. Ok, I don't believe I have a low pressure switch. Someone has changed quite a lot of my original cooling system. I'll send pics if what I have when I get home.
  8. Ok. So I'm missing a wire for the D and A plug on the C236. The bare wires were to the radio. I just put butt connectors in the place. And I did the same where the harnesses have been cut into. In the c236 plug what do the D and A wires go to?
  9. Now that I think about it should that black plug have more than just the two wires connecting to the 5 plug?
  10. With the brown fan speed plug unplugged it does nothing. With the black 2 wire switch unplugged it still melts the fuse.
  11. I'm not sure where the plug your referring to is. Maybe its allready been cut out and replaced?
  12. Ok I cleaned the connections and the resistor. The fuse is still melting. I felt the wires that go to the blower and the resister. Neither are getting warm if that helps narrow down my problem.
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