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  1. Also chrome vinyl wrap can work wonders if used correctly on these old emblems.
  2. I just got great news. My dad got it running. He kept removing the distributor turning the oil pump screw ever so slightly and on about the 8th time of doing so it started. After fixing the leaks I did notice that I’m getting really bad blow but I guess that’s part of life of a well used 4.0
  3. Will try tomorrow. Thanks for the idea. Is it possible that something broke internally in my engine?
  4. Also it must be a problem with the distributor because the truck was running fine until I pulled it. The distributor is putting out spark. Maybe my injectors aren’t firing correctly?
  5. Ok my truck still won’t start. I have since put a new distributor and indexed it according to cruisers website. The truck is TDC on the compression stoke and I’m getting nothing. Somehow air is getting into the valve cover and after trying to crank the truck the top end of my engine has a pinging sound similar to if you just shut off a hot engine. What am I doing wrong? I really need this truck for transportation and input would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Correct me if I’m wrong but the distributor can only be installed correctly or 180 degrees out and there isn’t really any adjustment with the position of it?
  7. I believe so but not 100% certain. I tried to start the truck without the ear just the hold down bracket and all it’s doing now is cranking and it blows air out of the top of the valve cover. I tried to turn the distributor and rotor so it’s 180 degrees and it just cracks without any air from the valve cover.
  8. As predicted it was a malfunction on their site.
  9. Ok so I cranked the engine by hand and got it to top dead center. I used a screwdriver to gauge when the piston was at the top of its travel. The rotor is right at the number 1 plug at this point. Based on what I was able to research I probably didn’t lose time? So I should be able to just put a new distributor in the same orientation as the one in it?
  10. Also why did it break? I thought I had the distributor all the way seated but maybe it wasn’t?
  11. Ok so yesterday I replaced the Distributor gasket. The Jeep started I moved it about 10 feet back into its spot. Today I went to drive it to work and it started but it was marking a bad clunking sound under the hood. I shut it off to find that the distributor broke right at the mounting bolt. What I’m wondering is did my truck throw time when the ear broke off? What should I do in this situation? The local part store is going to take 3 days to special order me A new distributor. Should I just put the new distributor in the orientation of the old one?
  12. The Orings do their job. I didn’t even have a gasket on my distributor.
  13. Yeah I’m in the same boat with that. Had the truck in the family for 25 years and have been searching for a bumper for around 10. I’m looking into buying a a whole Comanche just for the bumper at this point.
  14. Just seeing this link. I randomly found it myself searching for different aftermarket options. It’s been a day and no communication from the seller. I purchased one but I’m doubtful they actually have them.
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