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  1. It’s clean original paint well taken care of. But it’s only driven for Sunday drives and he hasn’t changed the tires brakes, radiator hoses etc. so there is a lot there and with age gaskets dry out aswell so there’s no telling what needs to be resealed.
  2. Yeah the seller is out of touch with the value of it. I haven’t purchased one with that little mileage before so I’m not sure the value. He is asking $9500 for it. I was thinking $3000-4000 just because I would like to have a matching Cherokee Chief. So if I were to offer him $3000 it would be too much as far as the real value of the truck is? It’s a Florida rust free vehicle if that means anything.
  3. In a unrelated matter. I found a 1987 Cherokee Chief in the same color as my Comanche. However it has 35k original miles and is 2 hours away from me. It’s has spent the past 10 years in the garage. Original paint it even has the factory tires. That being said it needs tlc to be a good driver. As in sure everything rubber is dried out. The owner is reluctant to even sell it. What I’m wondering is what can I offer for it without insulting him but not overpaying for it because it matches my MJ.
  4. Ok excellent thanks. And yes I had all the plugs pulled along with the fuel pump relay unplugged. And I made sure it was WOT. I plan on doing a hot compression test along with one with oil to see if the numbers change.
  5. Looks like my Comanche only my chief has 10 times the mileage and has been repainted. It’s about two hours north. Very tempting. But $10,000 for a Cherokee is hard to justify.
  6. I have used a fabric/leather paint for automotive in the past with good results. This ones in tan but they have other colors aswell. It takes a lot for coverage however. https://www.amazon.com/Sand-Vinyl-Fabric-Spray-6-Pack/dp/B00KWGZ1DS/ref=mp_s_a_1_7?keywords=fabric+auto+paint&qid=1552166754&s=gateway&sr=8-7
  7. Make sure the vaccume lines are all connected with no cracks. I once had a crack in the line to the map sensor and that made me run a bit rich.
  8. Ok so I just got finished with a cold compression and leakdown test. 1-134psi 2-137psi 3-133psi 4-129psi 5-136psi 6-133psi I put 90psi into each cylinder and they all dropped down to arround 80 psi. I could hear some air getting into the oil pan but nowhere else. Dose anyone know what the factory spec for this engine is?
  9. I have replaced the valve cover with a aftermarket one with the better gasket about 100k miles ago. The Ccv isn’t hooked up to the air box anymore but is a chrome breather that sits on top of the valve cover.
  10. That and my budget would be $100 in seals/gaskets and a case of beer.
  11. Yeah I would like to build it. However it’s my only vehicle so I will need to wait until I have a vacation if a rebuild is in the works. Or maybe throw a junkyard engine in for $250 and take my time rebuilding it. Either way I agree I need to do a compression test and leak down to see the health of the engine. And every oil seal/gasket aside from the front crank seal is leaking.
  12. So my Comanche has 310k miles on it. What I’m faced with is fixing the many oil leaks it has or to just replace the whole engine. I know the oil has been changed religiously for the past 250k Miles. And 200k of the 250k mikes I’ve owned it have been on the highway. The engine gets decent fuel economy for a 4.0 with 4wd and 31” tires 16-18mpg. However it dose have some blowby. It also feels like the low end power on the engine isn’t what it once was. What I’m not sure is if it’s worth resealing the engine without rebuilding it. Maybe I should just leave it and add oil? Hopefully you guys can point me in the right direction.
  13. So my directionals radio hazards horn coolant temp sensor don’t work when the Jeep is in the run position. Everything will turn on and work if I turn the key back and forth a couple times and it will be in The run position. Once I crank the Jeep to start it the assesories go out. I took apart the top part of the Colum because it felt like the lock cylinder was binding. After taking it apart it appears everything mechanical in the upper part of the colum is moving as it should. I’m considering putting in a new ignition switch. Any suggestions on what I should look for?
  14. Would you do $20 on the manual shift boot shipped to 33967?
  15. $2500 is too little for this truck. I’m in Florida but I just sold a 1988 Eliminator last year for $2500 and it had 250k miles with a automatic. Someone will get one heck of a deal.
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