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  1. For t-case I liked Permatex red gel gasket, 1/8 bead is all thats needed, no parts need dipped in atf that will just make a mess, you are going to fill it that is all that is needed
  2. I found one at Advance 11/4 ID x 11/2 OD x 1/8 that sealed but I know it's not right my Jeep dealer is only dealing with account customers due to this crap going on. My buddy owns a shop so I'll have to go through him to get from the dealer IF they have it in stock. NAPA isn't even taking walk in customers-SUCKS
  3. I bought a Fel-pro # ES72962 O-ring kit to fix my seeping filter base. The kit contained 5 O-rings the base only uses 3, of the 5 only two were proper size. The one that was not included is the one that seals the hollow bolt head to the base. My local Jeep dealer is limiting sales at the moment so does anyone know the dimensions of this outer ring?
  4. Years ago my fathers buddy had something similar was control for one of those musical horns
  5. With this truck being equipped the way it is could it possibly be a personal truck say for Jose Dedeurwaerder,?
  6. almost anything, love u tube
  7. Thank you, I should use some of this down time to bone up on this stuff, I just got Chrome recently, and it SO different from the old explorer, learned a little about bookmarks with this, now if I could figure out how to transfer all my saved web sites in "favorites" to "bookmarks" would be a good start, something I'll have to work on
  8. Please forgive my computer ignorance, Is there a way to save info found on the forum to my profile page or tag it in some way so when it's needed in the future I can find without spending hours doing a search?
  9. I got it running! Theres out I wasnt lined up with the correct cam tooth, just had to advance the oil pump driveshaft clockwise a tiny bit. I also found this picture which helped give me a better visual of rotor/dist placement at TDC. After doing the process so many times I guess I'm an expert in Renix dist replacement now. 😀😥☹🤷‍♂️ Now to replace my 98 XJ distributor....
  10. I bought these from Harbor Freight about ten years ago less than $150 and work great. I am not a big fan of HF but for something I don't use often can't see spending way too much $
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