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  1. take a look at Raybuck .com choices of fabrics and colors, I plan on ordering one soon
  2. combine the two then you got something
  3. the four landscape timbers in the back are the start of a new deck addition
  4. wonder if they flushed the block first
  5. $22.99 for complete kit on amazon, or maybe check out Azzys design works shifter also on amazon
  6. plenty of them out there, GLAD he didn't use a truck
  7. how are the plugs? are they black? does it blow black smoke when it does start?
  8. been there, take it slow and get on the mend
  9. I'm just picky about that stuff. I do like the second wrap my XJ broke the eye on top of the bushing, rode sort of squirrely till I found and fixed
  10. are the bushings not pressed deep enough? looks odd
  11. most autos have a band that applies to give you reverse
  12. then the "B" wire has a problem either a faulty door switch, headlamp switch or grounded wire
  13. Virginia the lamp will have power 24/7 365 even with key off pink is ALWAYS hot when it comes on you are switching ground, one of the two remaining wires is always ground the third wire is always switched ground from either door switch or headlamp switch regardless of how the lens is positioned it will always be in an on position, when lens is flat it will work from door or headlamp switch when tilted up or down it is grounded from constant ground and always on. this is sort of dumb because an off position would be nice if doors were open for long periods of time
  14. turn switch clockwise, turning counter clockwise till it clicks will turn on interior lamps
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