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  1. On the top of page two I asked a question. I am glad to hear it's fixed. Years ago I replaced a turn signal switch in a Renault 18I Renix system next to steering column were two wires same color with M and F connectors not hooked up, I ASSUMED I pulled them apart while installing switch and hooked them together wrapped up the job tested opp. and parked, locked it up started walking away when I realized it was still running key in hand, guess who felt like an idiot having to tear it all back apart. Wires were not shown in diagram can only assume were used to run engine before final assembly. We all attend that school at some time.
  2. Yes, buy at most auto parts stores 1/2 inch wide roll so you have to use several strips and trim with X-acto knife
  3. Turn your bleed screw in till proper idle speed s achieved, you may want to clean that passage and screw before doing so, bleed screw has an O-ring on it to keep in position and seal
  4. A flat plug is anti tamper cover that is easily removed to access torx screw
  5. I would certainly try removing it, proper throttle adjustment would require this air bleed I would think, looking at bleed screw it appears to be on the verge of falling out, remove that plug and adjust idle to spec and see what happens you can always put it back
  6. SEM Sante Fe 15123 is a perfect match for the light beige or sand I believe Jeep called it
  7. Yep, put one in once,pain in the butt
  8. Yes sir, I've replaced hundreds of them and don't recall any difference except width
  9. Thats a good idea,I should measure volts, mine is original I believe so may just replace as it's 31 years old, sucked standing in pouring rain and sleet today to get at it, and of course lock tab broke off
  10. Quite a few made, for R.R. mail delivery so right side always worn out suspension wise, good used parts are scarce, no fun to drive, dangerous because you can't see to pass
  11. check park brake cable on R. side has lever pulled a bit and self adjuster is not sitting level, L. side is in proper position
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