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  1. My next post will contain the pictures. I ordered Packard 56 terminals from ebay, I got 6 for $5. They don't work exactly because they're too wide. I had to do a little mod to the power wire (12V from battery), as there is corrosion on the end and I'm going to end up splicing a little extra wire in there to get some slack. Tomorrow I'll get my dremel tool and try to shave a little off the sides, and then they should fit OK. I wouldn't be surprised if this is a Ford-sourced fusebox, as the connectors look nothing like the GM trucks I've worked with. Even a mal
  2. in the connector, look where the hole is (top center, second pin down). That's where the red wire in the background connects to. I was trying to fit in a male spade connector (see bottom of connector), it's almost the same size but it's not long enough to fit through. I think it needs to be at least 1". I doubt it's a Delphi because those have a hole, and this one is solid. I'm going to try to make a delphi one work.
  3. 87 2.5, the pin for the power wire corroded enough that it broke off the pin for the C100 bulkhead connector. I can't find any pins that fit it, which one works? I have an old connector from a GM truck but the pins are a little different in size.
  4. It's not fixed correctly, but it's fixed for "right now". The spade connector coming from the engine side has a bad connection at the bulkhead harness.
  5. Got a Q for the hive; My 2.5 renix had no power when key on. I checked the voltage at red wire @ ignition switch. 0 volts. Checked the voltage at the solenoid where the positive battery cable goes, and had 12.5. HMMM Checked all the wires with the fusible links and had 12.5. Checked the red wire entering C100 (fusebox), and had 12.5. Checked ignition switch again, had 0. Stepped away for a second, and it read 12.5. What the hell.... Anyways I've determined the red wire into H2(?) on the bulkhead connector is loose immediately after the spa
  6. Why bother? If the 2.8 sucks, just drop a 4.0 in there, or search for a TBI setup from the S10/Blazers of that day, grab the engine wire harness, ECM, throttle body, fuel pump, and associated sensors and it should all fit up no problem. Gives another few HP and a much better driving experience. Plenty of write ups of GM TBI all over the net, I've done one conversion and it's simple. One might have to do some wiring mods to make it work with the bulkhead connector. There used to be aftermarket kits available just for the 2.8s, might even be able to do a Holley sniper kit or simila
  7. I went with my dad to buy his Comanche (now mine) on 5/12/1988. Does that count? He was driving by the Jeep/Eagle dealer, on the way to the Dodge dealer as he wanted a Dakota and had just driven one the previous day. He spied this Comanche on the side of the lot, and stopped in to check it out. It was the last 1987 they had. They weren't able to work out a deal, but by the time we got home the phone was ringing and he and mom drove back into town and brought it home. I still have the main copy of the original keys. We had a summer party in 1990 an
  8. I tried exactly that. Numerous times. I've tried everything thus far. Going to do one more fluid flush and see if that helps loosen it up a bit. Shifts between 4H, N, and 4L just fine.
  9. Two lessons to be learned here: 1. Don't replace parts that don't need it AND 2. Anything one describes as a simple fix quickly becomes complicated. Nice job on the perseverance. I'd just sand that housing down and hit it with some good rustoleum.
  10. New fluid in, transfer case linkage adjusted. It's stuck in 4H. Can't get it to pop back into 2H. Any ideas?
  11. Because we have had this jeep since new. Never changed trans, or diff fluids.
  12. And it's out. 3/8 driver took it out. Fluid looks like a milkshake. Yuck.
  13. I guarantee it came from the factory like this. It's 8-point something. Nothing has bunged up. I tried to fit a 30MM on it and turn it, but not enough clearance between the housing and bolt to fit the socket correctly (snugly).
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