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  1. More pictures of the exhaust fit, the last post said I reached size limit! And, with all that put back together, I got it all bolted back up just as light was being lost for the day. Felt very successful and optimistic. Need to pick up some bolts/nuts for my exhaust flange between the header/downpipe, and I'm hoping that all of this will be my solvent for starting issues! I will try to get a camera setup to record the next time that I try to get the engine to turn over and stay running! Its super exciting to watch it fire and smell the sweet sweet victory that are exhaust fumes, and I'd love to share it here.
  2. Before exhaust things (I know I know, such a tease.) I also swapped out all my fuel injector orings. A few of them were leaking, and a mechanic friend advised I swap them out because they may be leaking. So I did, used some good ol' vaseline to make sure they slid in properly, and rocked and rolled. No more leaking. But look at some of these! They were nearly rock hard, was certainly a challenge getting them off. Now onto exhaust things! So after talking to more mechanic friends, it was decided that another reason for my rough start--->run for about 20-30 secs--->die might be due to not having an exhaust! Before today, my exhaust consisted of headers (yes, plural, another thing changed in the 00-01 XJ's), most likely deteriorated/clogged catalytic converters (yes, plural, haha ), and.... NOTHING! They advised me that the Jeep 4.0l does not run well with little to no exhaust! Upon more of my own research, running with too short of an exhaust can lead to cold air being sucked too far into the exhaust, and back into the engine warping valves or some other sciency talk I don't fully understand. Maybe you know more about this and can inform! So, I needed to build an exhaust for Elizabeth eventually, and in true jeep fashion loaded the parts cannon and pressed the bang switch. As seen in my previous post, I had the beautiful stainless steel header laying around already. So I googled and found a part number for a downpipe that would match the flange, and matched the bends. Now, not sure how many others have experienced this, but the pipe is actually a bit too short! It dips down, and hits the cross member! Now, if you were running the AW4 or other transmission that used the front set of mounting holes for the cross member, you'd be perfect. But, for the AX15, the crossmember sits too far back. So I'll be doing some finagling, and maybe you will be able to as well. In that case, here is the part number: Walker 55277. The local Advance Auto Parts had it in stock, and with Corona inspired shipping times I opted to pay the little extra and go pick it up immediately. There has to be some magic trick to getting the lower exhaust/intake bolts in/out. I scraped up my hands/arms and twisted in ways that reminded me of working on my little Acura/Honda to get them in/out. But alas, she was done and bolted back up in about 4 hours! This included taking everything apart, wirewheeling the faces down to make sure they were clean, and reinstalling everything with new gasket. Enjoy pictures! Yes, this is 2 separate headers. They brake in the middle, and go to 2 smaller catalytic converters. And yes, you are seeing not 1, not 2, but 4 o2 sensors. I will have to figure out how to get around that in the building of my new exhaust! The new header looks so lovely. Too bad it gets hidden by the awful intake manifold!
  3. So, I got my new harness extender from KSuspension for my viper coil pack, its real nice quality and fits the role flawlessly. It is rubbered/hopefully waterproof. They sell the entire swap for about $125 (pack,mount,harness), so I assume the rest is just as nice quality. So I "permanently" mounted it. Here's another picture because I'm so proud of my fabbed mount! You can see the harness. Along with the harness came my huge pack of hose clamps. They're the full wrap kind, not the ones with the slots. I got a 30pack of assorted sizes for $9 off Amazon (big mistake, long long shipping time with the Corona going around), instead of $9 at AutoZone for like 5 of one size. So got all my fuel lines clamped up, along with my coolant overflow bottle line. Lastly, I kind of refreshed my grounding points that I could see and know about in the engine bay, and also added a 10gauge ground to the battery for extra measure. I have been trying to test start, and have been troubleshooting everything slowly. I am getting a hard dip in voltage when starting, and after refreshing these the dip has gotten a little bit better, but not 100% better. I think I need to do a better engine ground. Those 2 relays on the wall next to the battery are for my headlight harness. I wired it in wrong I think, as my regular beams work great but my highbeams do not. Could also be a battery issue, which could also be an issue with my starting issues! While troubleshooting and double checking my sparkplug wire order, I managed to break my brand new spark plug wires. Dang it faulty manufacturing of my $25 wire set! (jokes). I did my best to repair it, as I've never done such a thing. I hope I did it correctly, it certainly looked correct. I crimped it down real good after the picture, don't worry. But onto exhaust things!
  4. Nice! Looks like it fits pretty nicely, good score!
  5. Thank you WesD, means a lot haha. It's been a journey for sure. I have had many moments of just sitting for hours and hours googling for weeks on end trying to solve a problem. But its slowly all come together. I can definitively say that I think if I were to 97+ swap another Comanche/Cherokee, I would NOT use a 2000-01 Cherokee. The amount of stuff changed for little to no reason, with little to no information available anywhere is just extremely frustrating. The amount of build threads I've read on 97+ swaps that just haven't had the answers I need is astounding, simply because the 97-99 don't match the 00-01 in many ways! I've read an equal amount of TJ/LJ/ZJ forums that have explained just as much as the XJ/MJ forums haha.
  6. I do not have the fuel pump resistor in the mix, actually. I saw it on a Cherokee that Vakarian and I bought (for a wicked future build), and just had no clue what it went to because nothing was connected to it! Saw it on the Comanche Facebook group a few weeks back, and it clicked in my head. I noticed in my last week of test starting bit by bit that the fuel pump is indeed very loud, so I may be sourcing one in the future if it bothers me that much. I assume over the engine and exhaust, I won't hear it at all . Is it necessary to the performance or longevity of the fuel pump?
  7. Excuse the terrible picture, but this was when I first did all the front grill building/wiring. was super excited, and it was dark. Enjoy! It looked super alive
  8. New battery and wiring. New Dodge Viper coil pack, and my mount I made for it from angle aluminum. Fits perfectly, looks great, and weighs nothing! Its also a great platform to be able to build off of should I ever need to. I used the stock bolts that held the OEM Jeep coil rail on. I am incredible happy with how it turned out. It looks amazing. It also makes troubleshooting/maintenance/possible upgrades in the future 100% easier than the OEM Jeep coil rail. If you haven't gathered, I highly suggest doing this. The wires and Viper coil pack ran me less than $50, versus a replacement OEM Jeep coil rail at ~$100. You may have noticed my Neutral Safety Switch just casually bolted to the AC compressor. That is going to be transferred to on of the Coil Pack bolts
  9. I finally put the entire front end back together. Including radiator, hoses, etc. The moment we've all been waiting for. I tried starting it for the first time I was super hyped, I Facebook lived it. No luck. Turned out the battery was super dead. Trying to jump it, starter just mad man clicking. So I swapped the battery. I replaced my terminals which were destroyed, and had to extend the wires because the new battery was backwards for the truck (I got it for free, bear with me!). I was hyped to try again! Facebook lived again, and now the starter was turning, but the engine was not firing (correct terminology?). So I narrowed it down to electrical of some sort. Fuel pump was good, sending fuel. I tested the ASD relay, it was not blown. I tested the Crank Position Sensor, it functioned correctly. With no easy way for me to check for spark with the OEM Jeep coil rail, I did the esteemed Viper Coil Pack mod. I made my own bracketry for it. I plugged it up. I was super excited to test start AGAIN . So I did. AND IT FIRED. EXHAUST FUMES WERE THE SMELL OF VICTORY! But it dies instantly. All my friends watching the live stream pinpointed fuel as the problem. They think I'm not getting enough fuel. So I pulled the rail off and cleaned it out real good with carb cleaner, and need to figure out how to clean my injectors out. Once that is over, I will be testing it AGAIN. Hopefully tomorrow. The website will not let me add photos, for some reason, on this post. So I will be throwing them in the next post most likely.
  10. In my usual fashion of scrolling Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist all day, I found a great deal on a new header and gasket. Funny story came out of that, apparently he was looking at this Comanche on Marketplace also! Small world . Luckily, I got to it first (sorry man if you come across this thread! Loved your XJ, hope that exoskeleton got installed and all that, it looked dope!). What's kind of neat, he showed me a little dent on the 6th exhaust port tube. I said I think its on purpose from whomever he had bought it from. In my favorite YouTube video I tagged further up in this thread, apparently you need to do that to have it fit with the newer intake manifolds. Correct me if I am wrong! But, on to the goodies. Pictures! (one screenshot from that video) I can not wait to get this installed, and think it is going to look great. It makes my exhaust building 100% easier, as I can now buy a bolt on downpipe and such versus welding and bending up myself! My old one was just plain cut. I imagine that the connection was rusted and someone before me didn't feel like dealing with it...
  11. So with the new fuel rail on, I had to finish up my lines finally. PSA: For those who are swapping in a 97+ engine+harness+whatever, and want to retain your original gas tank, you will need a fuel rail off a 91-95 I6. It will mount to the newer HO intake manifolds, but still has the receive/return lines versus just one singular line. As it turned out, I had cut my hoses just a hair short. So I had to buy barb fittings to get them to reach the rail. I also needed an angled fuel rail clip adapter thing (not sure its technical name, but it adapts the rubber line to the rail), as the power steering pump on the HO sits right in front of the return line outlet. Enjoy a finished photo of the lines Was a long time coming! That felt amazing. Lastly, I had to figure out my vacuum connection for the fuel pressure regulator on the rail. At the top center of the finished photo, you can see a rubber hose sticking off the manifold. This is purely a skeptical guess, but in the older HO system that port is used for the fuel pressure regulator vacuum hose. Apparently in the 2000 swap mine is it goes to something else. My initial thought was to modify my tubing into that rubber piece with some finesse, but then I remembered that I had capped off the vacuum line that runs to the cruise control. So, I ran it to that instead, albeit across the engine bay. In that last picture, you can see the dreaded Jeep OEM coil rail. That's a hint to the next project!
  12. THIS LOOKS LIKE SUCCESS! So, a couple months back, Vakarian and I made a hugely successful trip to one of the local junkyards. We managed to pull all the parts needed to fix his Junkyard Gem, my Integra's hood, and most importantly, my fuel rail and impossible-to-find AX15 transmission mount. I also grabbed the stock transfer case skid plate, which is kind of cool, along with many other odds and ends! Installed my new esteemed mount and fuel rail, and instantly felt 100% confident and on top of the world. Progress was made!
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