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  1. Sorry to revive such an old thread, but I have been googling for months with no luck searching for an answer to this exact same transmission bracket issue.... Nearly 7 years later. Did anyone ever figure out a solution? My buddy has a plate bending machine at work, we already copied his on paper and are thinking about fabricating our own at this point.....
  2. Yeah that's the gist I've been getting from them, good to hear that's what it actually is! I found it for a screaming deal, just need axle shafts, for $100. Hoping to find 4.56 gearing and some form of locker or LSD for it, I don't need it in right away so I've got a lot of time to sit on it and save to upgrade.
  3. Wow this is awesome! Thanks for the detailed write-up. You really are an artist with your metal work. Just found a super cheap killer deal Dana50 front axle I'm interested in buying, and its cool to see you having such success with one where so many people say they're not worth it!
  4. Sadly, there is more to the story than this last update. Drove perfect for about 100 yards, it was awesome.
  5. Today was a super productive day, I was very happy overall. I also got that picture of the door latch catch. So, without further "adoo"..... I cut up connectors and spliced wires today! And boy was it productive! My wiring diagram, listed in a previous post, was spot on. I also added the return signal to the ground splice. I ended up splicing orange to orange, purple to red w/line, and black to black, with the extra black line on the XJ connector also spliced into the ground wire from the MJ fuel unit. I have to admit, I was SUPER skeptical about it. Extremely skeptical. However, I am happy to say, that after doing this wiring, upon plugging up the battery and turning the key you can hear a quick humming from the rear of the truck, which has to the sending unit(there's no other electrical there yet)!! Bingo. Also shows my splicing was good. I need to figure out how to protect the ground wire splicing, because I messed up just a bit and left the shrink wrap too close to the splice as I was soldering..... and it shrank on the line . But, I digress. That was super awesome and inspiring. One more task completed! On to the next bit. I had ordered the wrong end yoke apparently for my driveshaft. For reference, my driveshaft is a 1310 ujoint size, and the yoke was a 1330 size. I ordered a 26spline 1310, and upon finally finding a 34mm socket to borrow, found out I needed a 29spline. So I returned the 26spline 1310 today to the UPS Store, and ordered the 29spline 1310 at a SCREAMING deal. Amazon had a "Used- like new" one in stock...... for $8.49. So $9 later it will be arriving tomorrow (love you prime), and I am receiving a big refund eventually . I am listing the part numbers with amazon links for anyone reading who also runs into this same situation. I'm 95% sure my axle is a dana44 out of a TJ. 29spline 1310 part number: Spicer 2-4-3801-1X 26spline 1310 part number: Spicer 2-4-8091X Ubolt kit for Spicer end yokes: Spicer 2-94-28X U-Bolt Kit So, like I promised in the previous update, I have a picture here for the mounted door latch catch. Not very exciting, but, you know! Progress! I also filled my transfer case with oil. I read in a lot of places to use 5w30 in the NP231, so I figured I would try it and see how it works out. I used Royal Purple. And an overall picture of tasks to complete: 1)Run wiring for rear lights, 2)Find a 91-95 fuel rail because I had the 6th person back out on selling me one, 3)Go through the engine bay and ensure that all bolts are bolted down and tightened properly, 4)Properly jerry rig my trans mount that popped loose, 5)Find door locks, 6)Snag a hood release bar from a junk hood(Vakarian). As always, thanks . Tune back in next time for more updates! Question: What color should I paint her?
  6. Finally, an update!: I've steadily been doing work and learning more and more about my truck and the swap that the PO had started. As I go things make sense, things don't make sense, then later clarify. All in all, its been a pretty rough but super informative journey. Learning a lot as I go, like, a LOT. So. Without further rambling, the good stuff! Along with mounting the gas tank, I also mounted my charcoal canister! On all the comanches/cherokees I've seen, the charcoal canister is ALWAYS in the engine bay right. I had this big square thing, that was obviously for that, but could not figure out why it was big and square, with a weird bracket, etc etc. WELL, on 00-01 XJ's, the charcoal canister was moved to somewhere in the back, above a tire or something idk exactly. So I finally figured out what the lines running to the back of my truck were for, so I mounted my charcoal canister under the driver seat. It sits above the gas tank/frame/cross member line, so it should not have any ground clearance problems. I mounted it by catching a number of bolts, including the bolt that holds down the driver seat and drilling my own hole through the floor. Eventually, I will get rubber boots for these in order to seal up the holes around the bolts. The seat bracket bolt is tightened down with its own nut, then the charcoal canister was placed on the bolt and tightened down with another nut, hopefully not hindering the seat bracket at all! So, to the next part! I also got my door latch catches from eBay (from jeepgraveyard). Exactly what I needed. I drilled a new hole through the side wall, and used 2 bolts with big washers and nuts to secure it, praying I didn't drop my wrench into the wall of the cab! It worked like a charm, and I can adjust if necessary. Again, I will eventually get a rubber boot to put on this in order to seal it against water. I forgot to grab pictures of it finished and mounted, will grab some ASAP and post up. But for now, enjoy this one (right side). Look at that glorious surface rust starting to go through the primer! To electrical! I found a suspect wiring harness in my box of random bits and pieces that came with the truck, And I noticed a connector I thought looked familiar! This turned out to be the headlight connector, and I realized that there were sockets for bulbs on this harness as well! Very lucky find, as I thought I was going to have to pull one at the junkyard! Plugged it up along with the battery (basically dead at this point), and had just enough juice left to power up the lights just barely! Very exciting moment. Everything finally coming together! And then, to send this post off with a GLORIOUS ending! I finally installed the lift pucks I bought of 89MJ, and oh boy oh boy it looks nice! I adjusted my control arms a wee bit too far forward, so I need to readjust and ran out of time. But for the sake of the photo (I duct taped the fender flare on for S&G's), the truck is beginning to look amazing! It is the perfect height for me to climb in comfortably, and sitting behind the steering wheel feels fantastic. My next projects will include: 1)Converting the wiring on the fuel pump, 2)pumping the gear oil into the transfer case, 3)making sure this seller shipped my fuel rail, 4)installing my new axle yoke when it arrives in the mail!, and 5)running the wiring for the rear lights. This wiring will be a little tricky for me, as I am keeping the original Comanche taillights instead of the Cherokee taillights, and I will have to figure out what wires go to which. As always, thanks for checking in!
  7. NOS as in nitrous? Definitely out of the question.... Lol.
  8. I need this bracket for my AX15 swap. Part #25 in the diagram. Shipped to 20002, Washington, DC, unless we can meet up close enough! Thanks!
  9. Quick Little Update: I found another source for my fuel rail. Had 1 person ghost me on the fuel rail, and had 2 others ghost me on the transmission mount bracket. Was supposed to be attempting to start for the first time by this past Friday, but that was delayed sadly. Waiting on another response for the transmission mount bracket. Its actually seeming kind of difficult to find, which I did not expect. Tempted to try and craft my own out of steel plate, matched up to Vakarian's Trailbreaker, at this point.
  10. So here's the brake line update.... Along with a bit more! Brake Stuff! So I got my stainless steel braided brake lines and assorted adapter pieces in the mail. That was pretty exciting. Here is a picture to show them off But I had an issue. I went to start screwing fittings into one another, and it turns out that the "brake adapter fitting" ends are actually too pointy to thread into the proportioning valve! This was an issue, and like all things, required a solution. The picture below shows the pointy interior of the 1/2-20 to 3/8-24..... Not being able to fit. Being a modern problem, this required a modern solution! I had to do this on both of the 90degree adapters. Was a necessary evil, I suppose. Super easy fix. But then I had another issue. I could not get one of my brake fittings out for the life of me, so I had to removed the hole master cylinder and table vice it and clamp some vice grips so hard it printed on the metal. Here is a photo of my drilling into it and sticking a bolt in so as to get more torque, and then the bolt snapping! Fuel Tank....ish Things! So I read somewhere that XJ fuel fill lines were pretty easy to modify/cut to fit the MJ gas tank, so I went ahead and ordered those lines. They came in, haven't had a chance to test the tank up and actually cutting them yet. A long while back, when I got my MJ gas tank, it came with the straps and the skid plates for the straps. When I went to loosen the nuts on the J-bolts..... well one twisted and snapped in half. So I had to figure out something else! On a Jeep forum somewhere someone suggested buying an eye-bolt, and cutting off the very tip of the curve in order to create a hook that was fully threaded. So, hopefully in the next couple of days, I will be able to mount up the gas tank and run my breather lines to the charcoal canister, hook up the fuel fill lines, and get the fuel sending/receiving lines fully run. Currently, the guy I was supposed to buy my fuel rail and transmission mount bracket decided he was going to stop responding and not sell/ship me those 2 items. The last 2 items I need to truly get the truck started for the first time. So, to send you off with viewing pleasure.....! I have photos of installed stainless steel braided brake lines! They were quite easy and simple with some teflon tape. Couldn't have been better . Hopefully in the next couple days I will be able to bleed the brakes. I have one of those pneumatic bleeder pump kits, but it was too late by the time I finished with the brake line install, so I couldn't run the air compressor.
  11. Got home super late tonight, as usual, but a glorious package was waiting for me when I walked in the house.... BRAKE LINES ! In the dark I ran them makeshift to test lengths and fittings screwing into each other. All but one coupling works! I need to get my trusty dremel out to fix that pesky problem. Pictures will come hopefully tomorrow if I can find the time! On an off topic note, I found a local guy who is interested in trading his 95 YJ (l4, ax15 trans) for my 06 Mustang (v6, t5 trans). Hopefully checking that out tomorrow. Got a 10 inch lift, sitting on 37s, etc. etc. etc. Super excited.
  12. How much lift are the " NOS XJ rear air shocks(Complete kit!)$100 If there is interest for a full air shock set I can part with my front set for a bundle of $200 " rated for? Stock height or more?
  13. Thanks! I can't wait either . Hopefully installing and bleeding brakes will be next! So my rear conversion to dial brakes was with 97 Ford stuff. Gotta figure out how to set up the parking brake now....
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