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  1. I have not changed the cluster out. Thank you for the info on the grounded out wire to look for. derf, thank you for the insight and a path to start at. I appreciate the help from you both and thanks for all the information.
  2. Okay so reading through this I am still a bit confused with solving my fuel gauge issue. The fuel gauge on my Renix JM doesn't move no matter the level of fuel and sits as shown in the picture below. What does it mean? The fuel pump works but could there be a loose wire or did the previous owner put an incorrect sending unit? Thanks for the help.
  3. This has been a wild and interesting ride for you. Has been fun assisting with the work and I'm immensely excited for it to pull into the driveway at my place to continue our work shenanigans. Keep up the great motivation, you are so close!
  4. Thank you for the information Minuit. Yesterday morning after starting the Comanche up and backing out of the garage I walked out and saw this. Looking of the radiator it turns out the hose clamp had shifted and was not seated correctly. So after that readjustment it stopped leaking and I moved onto the burping of cooling system. I jack the back end up and started her up pouring coolant into the reservoir. Took about 20 minus to stop bubbling and was staying around 190 degrees. Tires all have air and she will be taken out for a little t
  5. Well last night was a busy and successful night! She is not pretty looking and still has a little cosmetic work but she is able to be driven again! Ran a little rough at first from sitting i guess but its nice to have her back on the road. Plus I missed driving a standard transmission.
  6. I was able to get some work done this weekend before having to stop to catch up on homework. The front clip and headlights have been installed after noticing the highlight buckets changed on the later XJ. The second support / adjustment screw changed sides as you can see in the second picture. You have to swap the driver and passenger light bucket to work as they moved the screw from the outside on the Comanche to the inside for the later model XJ. After completing this I took my volt meter to the fuse box under the steering wheel to find a ignition o
  7. Not trying to blame anyone just wanted to make sure I was not being dumb. As with the current situation going on I can understand the delay but just wanted to bring it up as I was curious to browse the different options.
  8. I am curious and interested in buy some apparel but this numbers are not pulling anything up for me on Amazon. Any insight on the problem or how to find them?
  9. That is true Pete M, I didn't think of it that way. Just love all the insight, feedback and support that CC has to offer each other on our awesome trucks!
  10. I keep trying but after my first attempt to teach on a Wrangler where she couldn't reach the pedals it has been hard to get her out. I appreciate the compliment regarding my build threads. They are nothing special but glad to hear that they have been useful / helpful. Hoping to have the truck up and running by the end of this weekend. Stay tuned!
  11. Thanks buxmj! I was going to do what I could to keep it. Nothing major wrong and besides the body damage and it is a fun little truck to drive. My wife said she would enjoy driving it if it was not a manual. (she doesn't know how to drive it and it has been a struggle trying to get her to accept to learn)
  12. Have been spending time in the garage this past month and have finally made some great progress on the repairs. Lots of pictures showing the process. Got the damage panels off, removed the AC condenser and power steering pump. Took the Comanche outside and tired it to a tree. Using the winch on my buddies wrangler slowly bent the vertical corner support back into place. Use blocks of wood and hammers for adjustments while under tension with the winch.
  13. Interesting and thank you for the information eaglescout526. During disassembly it through me off as I had never seen or heard of it before. Thank you for the information jdog.
  14. Well Saturday Feb 15 was the day the Junkyard Gem made it into the garage to begin the repair process and now I have a nice deadline goal of April 11th to be completed before. There is a local autocross even that a few buddies of mine want to go check out with their cars (Mazda Speed 3, Integra and imported Skyline) and I want to go check out with the truck. So here goes the process for setting the truck up for the street and autocross because now is the best time to upgrade since it needs repairing First thing first was getting the hood off and pulling all the shattered pieces of
  15. So the truck has been sitting on the side of my driveway after towing back to the house. Started up the hill on my driveway and hurt two loud pops and all power was lost to the transmission. My initial thought was something inside the transmission broke but it was still shifting smoothly into all the gears. So towing the truck back up the driveway with the wife's 99 Cherokee it has been sitting as we researched what the issue could be. What we could gather is it could possible be that two of the flywheel bolts sheared off allowing the clutch plate to not engage. Tonight the truck should be bac
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