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  1. So the truck has been sitting on the side of my driveway after towing back to the house. Started up the hill on my driveway and hurt two loud pops and all power was lost to the transmission. My initial thought was something inside the transmission broke but it was still shifting smoothly into all the gears. So towing the truck back up the driveway with the wife's 99 Cherokee it has been sitting as we researched what the issue could be. What we could gather is it could possible be that two of the flywheel bolts sheared off allowing the clutch plate to not engage. Tonight the truck should be back in the garage to take it apart again to figure out the issue. The truck had been sitting as the head gasket went on the wife's Cherokee and that was the higher priority.
  2. Been a while but time for an update on all the issues, troubles and skills learns. ►.......... WRENCH STATUS TRANSMISSION INCOMING .......................◄ As stated in my last post, the transmission had to come back out and this would be the first of many removals on this front. With the change to an external slave cylinder the clutch was giving me issue so that was the first thing to check. Found out that the factory transmission has significant changes compared to the plate I had been running with the external system from the Wrangler. The clutch on the left and top in the two pictures are the factory clutch from the Comanche. Once this issue was determined and resolved, back in the transmission went. Once all bolted in we started the truck up and shifted into first quickly followed by the shift handle getting really loose and moving all around. It acted like the internal selector for the shifter was free floating around the levers inside in addition to the clutch still not completely engaging. So back out came the transmission again and stood it on its front to not have to drain it so I could just remove the rear section. With the transmission here and discussing with my buddy we made two immersive discoveries. 1) The shifter length between a Wrangler and Comanche for the same transmission on different. [Wrangler on top, Comanche on bottom] 2) The transmission cover that secures the shifter are different heights. Thus causing the free floating issue as the shifter base was not seated properly. [Comanche on left, Wrangler on right] So with these two discoveries we began buttoning up the transmission. Drilled and tapped the for the breather line on the new cover and reinstalled the shifter rod. Bolted on the transfer case and went about reinstalling it. This past weekend on 11 Jan, started up the truck again testing it out and excited to drive the truck out of the garage. Well no go, transmission worked in 2 gear, 4 gear and reverse but 1,3 & 5 gear were a no go. After some research, we determined and remembered during the moments of our discovery, the shifter shaft was knocked off the saw horses supporting the transmission. This caused its orientation to be changed and I didn't realize that the set bolt was not centered. Thus it was bottoming out on the retention bolt keeping the transmission from going into gear. So with that discovery I spend the following day trying to remove just the transfer case to not have to drop the transmission for another time. Made a mess trying to drain the transmission fluid back into the bottle as it was unused fluid and found out its just easier to drop the entire transmission. So back out the transmission will comes again this evening to make the simple correction. Hopefully this is the only issue and the truck will be back on the road tomorrow.
  3. Yeah it sucked as i never seem to reduce my to-do list. But guess it means the wife can't be to upset on the extra upgrade parts added in to repair it. I lucked out as the buck's body was mostly above the hood so it could have been a lot worse. Hoping the journey gets start soon after the red comahce clutch issue gets resolved. Be sure more pictures to come as she is rebuild.
  4. Well Thursday night my junkyard gem became what one would expect to be found in the junkyard. At 5:45 p.m. a ten point buck decided to dart out and remodel the front end. So now its back into the queue for fixing and upgrading. Got to keep the deer and the rack. Neighbor joking said to mount somewhere outside on the property or on the front of the truck once fixed.
  5. Well the transmission has been reinstalled into the truck but something is not functional correctly. Before the transmission was connected to the truck it locked into place. However now there is an issue with the truck started and shifting into the gear the clutch springs won't disengage. So now I need to drop the transmission again and measure my input shafts. In addition to compare the clutch plate and retainer between the vehicles.
  6. Well that will be put on the to due list to check and repair for use in the Junkyard Gem. Thank you for the information Pete M!
  7. Pete M I am now really confused because the intermediate plate was non-magnetic but there was only four gears.
  8. I can't remember off the top of my head but will test after work today. Does it being magnetic or not determine something within the construction?
  9. That is very interesting! I will post picture of the shift knob because there was definitely no fifth gear in the transmission..
  10. Pete M below is the set of numbers off the AX-4. I am assuming that is the part number you are looking for. (not sure how to tag you so hopefully you see it) The numbers in the second picture are on the silver rectangle forward and left of the duck tape. If that is not what you need I will take another look. ► ........... Wrenching Update .......................◄ The AX-15 transmission is installed! Did notice an issue that I didn't check when out but the front drive shaft has a different style U-joint then was the transfer case will accept. Good news is the front drive shaft U-joints need to be replace so that should correct itself. Began hanging the exhaust to get it in place before lift the skid plate. Also had to drill out the lock cylinder in the wife's Cherokee as both keys have been lose for a week now. Thankfully that didn't take long and finished up the night there.
  11. Congratulations on MJotM! Keep up the nice work!
  12. I will take look for it when I get home after work for you.
  13. Here is the link that contains my post regarding the AX-4 being removed. I was able to canniblize part from it to be used directly on the new AX-15. The two transmission look similar in how they are constructed with the different plates bolted together along the transmission's length.
  14. ►............ WRENCHING STATUS .....................◄ Well it was a long night but the four speed AX-4 has been removed!!! Used a ratchet trap to help with the disconnection pull then man handled around on the motorcycle jack to slide it out from under the jack! Cannibalized a few parts off it [reverse light sensor and intermediate shift handle] for the AX-15 re-install. Had to make a quick modification to the bellhousing for the crank sensor as it came off my 88 Wrangler that has a carburetor . Started to just cut out a section for the sensor to fit through but was getting issues with the attachment bolts alignment, so after cutting the whole out for it, I just rip the plate off. The AX-15 and NP231 all bolted together and filled up ready to be installed. External slave cylinder was also cannibalized from the wrangler as well and installed into the engine bay. Tomorrow should contain pictures of the transmission back into the truck. Until next time have a great day / night everyone.
  15. ►............ WRENCHING STATUS .....................◄ With the dead line approaching for the trip this weekend, I am still fighting with the last bolt to release on the transmission. So with resisting my initial frustration of just using the logic of "Can't be stuck if liquid" by cutting the bell housing, I got myself a die grinder and have been trying to grind the bolt head down to allow removal. However, my portable compressor is not suited for the continuous task of running the tool so I have to wait for the tank to refill. Therefore, in that time I finished up the work on the AX-15 transmission that will be going back into the truck. The version of the transmission has an internal breathing vent which I didn't want to use as he has to vent through the shifter cover so I instead tapped it for a 1/8" NPT hose barb for a 3/8" hose. I forgot to take a completed picture before installing on the transmission. From there I wanted to double check the transfer case I had was going to mate up. Everything aligned and the transmission was having no issue shifting. With the time deadline I didn't try to clean the transfer case any, don't get made. From there some new headlights came in to replace the factory lights that finally died on me. Only the driver side went out on me but the they were terrible in my truck to the point where my wife would consistently ask if my lights were even on. Before anyone ask, no I have not installed the relay system yet but that is my first thing to do after this weekend. Been working on my wiring diagram to ensure everything is right and that I have time to not rush before tearing into that. But here is the new headlight installed. I enjoy the old factory look so I just ordered some cubie replacements with 60/55w H4 bulbs from Daniel Stern Lighting. Shall see how they work before the relay install and compare afterwards. From there that is what has occured last night, in between spending more of the time with terrible grinding wheel eating away at the one bolt holding the entire swap up. Here is to hoping that today allows the transmission to be removed and swapped. Util next time. ► .......... WRENCHING STATUS COMPLETED .................... ◄
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