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  1. Ditto on the shadow box. It’s more art than clothing. Nice score.
  2. Did you dump the gas out and try it with fresh gas?
  3. I have seen this truck and it is in really nice shape.
  4. FrankTheDog

    size 14 socks

    Don’t skimp on your socks, I did for years and my feet were a mess. I started wearing only wool socks about 4-5 years ago and my feet are in great shape with no more calluses or other troubles. Everybody says they must be hot but I find that they aren’t any warmer than the flimsy Hanes socks I used to get at walmart. They are expensive at $16-$23 a pair but they have lasted extremely well. Made from Alpaca wool. I have about 8-9 pair in rotation and the oldest ones look to have several years left on them.
  5. Go out to Montana, go to any parking lot. You’ll see a half dozen dogs in the beds of pickup trucks all ignoring each other. You never see that in the Northeast.
  6. I started wrenching when I was 16 in 1980 when I bought a 1970 Ford Maverick for $25. My dad only gave me two pieces of advice when I was first starting to work on it. Discs are easier than drums and only dismantle one side at a time so you can see how to put it back together correctly. It was drums all around and all the lines were rotten. I still have the brake pliers and stamped tubing bender I did the job with. Didn’t even use a manual. Just figured it out and did it.
  7. FrankTheDog


    I’ve seen the Shockwave at the Airshow at the Westover AF reserve base in Chicopee Mass. I have also seen Bob Motz in the truck he had before it burned up in 2007. 185 mph in a Peterbuilt driven by an F4 Phantom engine. Way cooler than 3 helicopter turbines.
  8. You could get an early 93 ZJ that came with an AW4. I’ve seen one. Only one. Probably very few left.
  9. Still taking up room in my garage. Anyone before it’s turned into irony aluminum?
  10. Nice 1960 Coupe DeVille
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