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  1. FrankTheDog

    HUGE setback

    15,000,000 people in New England 72,000 square miles. Wyoming 560,000 people. 98,000 square miles.
  2. FrankTheDog


    I bet even the renix fi is easier to work on than a 2.8’s carb. I never really had to work on any of my 4.0’s fuel injection of any flavor. They are super easy to work on.
  3. FrankTheDog


    You can avoid a lot of fuel problems if you run startron in your fuel. A little 2 stroke oil wouldn’t hurt either but not at full 50-1 mix though. Cut it to 100-1 or even 125 to 1. That’s what I do with all my small engines and equipment and I don’t have any fuel problems in anything. My 1980 Stihl 045 Super hasn’t had a carburetor adjustment sincs the 80’s and it still runs great. It also has been running Husqvarna 2 stroke oil since then too. Same batch, my father bought a few cases for his logging business and then had a stroke a year later so it never got used up.
  4. I put these crown leaf springs in my wife’s XJ in 2015, she put 100k on it in 4 years and the sag was negligible. We towed campers and utility trailers with it and I load all kinds of crap in it. We have put them in 3 jeeps so far and all had the same result. The current owners of two of them love the little bit of extra height and the slightly firmer ride. They handle very well with these springs. 4886186AA leaf assembly on Amazon. $88.98
  5. AMC didn’t have any problem dropping the GM 2.8 into the XJ and MJ. The odd fire V6 is a good compact engine that will give you room to put a 5 speed in and keep your driveshaft length decent.
  6. How about a Buick V6 with a SM 420 and swapping out the 4.27’s for 3.73’s? 1st and 2nd will be lower than your T14’s first gear and with going to 3.73’s it would be like adding an overdrive. Plus with the 7-1 first gear it will still crawl.
  7. Rode hard, put away wet.
  8. FrankTheDog

    Oil question

    In my 98 XJ I ran mostly white bottle and green bottle castrol, 10/40 summer and 10/30 winter. Oil change intervals were anywhere between 5-15,000 miles. Ran the big ford style filter in either wix or fram. I got the jeep with 209k on it and it has 453k on it now. Never been apart, never used more than a quart in 5,000 miles, mostly leaking. I would still be driving it if it wasn’t totally rotted out. I probably will throw the engine in a wrangler just to see how many more miles I can put on it. It’s on its third clutch in need of its fourth. Clutch was put in at 214k. I hate to toss that motor just because it has been so faithful.
  9. FrankTheDog

    Back to Work

    Never stopped working, most everybody in the shop has stayed. There have been a couple furloughs here and there mostly because of slow down in work coming in. Had one guy in our shop catch it but I work a different shift and different machines so no close contact with him.
  10. FrankTheDog

    Tool Talk

    I have a set of Armstrong ratcheting wrenches. They’re a long pattern wrench with a good box on the other end. My daughters boyfriend busted the ratcheting end of my 21mm by trying to bust loose the shackle bolts on his XJ. can't find a new one so I replaced it with a long pattern gear wrench. I wasn’t impressed with it.
  11. I think it runs and drives, it just needs a new transmission that will accept a transfer case, a transfer case, transfer case shifter and some driveshafts. Not just a transfer case and driveshafts.
  12. 6.2 diesel, not enough power to pull skin off of pudding. It must of wrecked the handling too.
  13. Like Eagle’s house mine was built in 1950 also. The bathroom is one of the few doors that we haven’t switched out since we moved here in 1998. It has the same door knob setup also. Brass in the hallway like most of the door knobs when we moved in and chrome inside.
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