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  1. Here is their new motorcycle to put in the back.
  2. Rock crawlers don’t have the sustained high rotational speeds an over the road vehicle does and the heavy duty covers like ruffstuff has are close enough in shape not to be detrimental.
  3. Council Tools Hudson Bay axe or find an old Collins or Nordlund Hudson Bay axe on ebay or somewhere else. They are a light fast axe with a decent size cutting edge. My brother still has our fathers collins from the 30’s and I picked one up from the 40’s in beautiful shape.
  4. Knock on the door.
  5. FrankTheDog


    Definitely would want some unibody stiffeners on the frame before you do any real driving. Good idea to brace behind the front and rear seats and the tail gate opening too.
  6. I had a 93 Wrangler with an internal slave. We put 80k on it and the internal slave was never touched. Always worked good.
  7. I have an internal slave 2wd ax15 out of a 1992 comanche. I’m in Winsted CT. What town are you in.
  8. I have two of them. Unused spares. Both still have NOS Goodyear Wrangler tires on from 1987. How would I ship them?
  9. If you are interested in keeping stock looking wheels you can always use TJ Wrangler 8” wheels in either 15” or 16”.
  10. Efficiency be damned, it’s results we’re after!
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