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  1. Then all you need is a lower valance/airdam thing beneath the bumper and the lower front part of the fenders to go on the end of that. All painted in that beautiful blue on the header.
  2. We had 6 in the front of a 1980 Dodge W100. 3 bucket seats with a truck four speed. 3 guys were driving, the owner ran the clutch and brake while being jammed against the drivers door, next guy over ran the steering wheel and throttle and the third guy shifted while having another guy sitting on top of him. It was a group effort. I was the fourth guy on the bottom and I had 1-1/2 guys piled on top of me. We went to the night club with two vehicles, the other driver got pissed off for some reason and took off leaving his passengers with no ride. It was close to 0 degrees F so there was no way for any of us to ride in the back. We laughed all the way back to our buddies house where are cars were. 15 miles or so.
  3. This is Steve Hellers Cro-Magnum at his store Fabulous Furniture on RT28 near West Hurley New York. He also built the red and gray one built above. He also built the Marquis-Desoto. If you’re ever in the area check out his store, lots of cool stuff.
  4. When you say manual lock conversion, what are you going to do? All you really have to do is either take the power door lock fuse out if there is one or unplug the wire. That would be the least invasive and it would still allow manual functioning.
  5. FrankTheDog


    This is the one my buddy sold several years ago.
  6. I bought my light rust moderately dented 100k 92 4x2 4.0 5 speed long bed in 2011 for $400 and sold it in 2017 with 4wd and one ton springs and a D44 heavily rusted and 200k for $500. I wasn’t the prettiest vehicle I ever owned but it was the most cost effective.
  7. Mark is now Detours of Maine. Get in touch with him and see if he’ll make you a new one. Also on Facebook as Detours offroad Hardware.
  8. FrankTheDog


    4 or 5 speed manual on the column? That’s a genuine anti theft device.
  9. Unplug the old engine harness and plug the 6 cyl harness in and see if it works. If it doesn’t, change the body harness too. The ax15 may have different connections than the ax5 and the wiring length may not work either. The tach will probably be off if you don’t change that out.
  10. I think they are, there is also a difference in the c clip rears, somewheres in the years 93-95 they changed.
  11. I’ve seen them several times at the Great New England Airshow at both Westover ANGB and Barnes ANGB in western Mass. It was cool to see.
  12. About once a month two C-130’s from CT Air National Guard at Bradley will fly over our shop. No matter what you’re running or how loud it is you’ll hear those planes, about 5 seconds apart. They can’t be more than a 1000’ high.
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