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  1. FrankTheDog


    I’m still waiting for this.
  2. FrankTheDog


    They need to make a two door with the same body length as the four door. 7’ bed at least. Make it useful. But it doesn’t seem like anybody wants useful trucks. I want another 92 long bed MJ like the one I had minus the rust.
  3. I don’t know how much time you have, but make sure you go to Niagara Falls State Park and also there is the Niagara Aerospace Museum at the airport. Bell was based in Niagara and they have a lot of cool stuff on the Apollo missions. Mostly all the small rocket engines for flight trim and other stuff. Plus other Niagara Great Lakes stuff.
  4. Get everything else dialed in and then make a nice crossmember.
  5. Looks like your going about a half hour away from my place. Lee exit on I-90.
  6. I would take advantage of the extra clearance and make a new crossmember that was flush with the rails. 2x4 square tube with angle iron on the ends to bolt in the stock holes. I bet that would get you pretty close with out looking butch.
  7. I’ve had 95,96,98 and 99 XJ’s as daily drivers for more than 3 years each and your normal high mileage wear issues were the only trouble I had with any of them. Things like alternators, starters, water pumps and brakes. Never had transmission issues with manuals or automatic’s. They were also run to 300-400 K.
  8. Eagle is a little over 9 miles from exit 41 off I-95.
  9. Do you want to be buried or cremated? ”I want to be turned into chum.”
  10. He better hope he doesn’t encounter any cross winds.
  11. I like that, Toranado and Airstream. I hope they modified the seating position though.
  12. 87-96 (steell)and 97-01 (plastic)are much different for fuel tanks. Trailer hitches for those years are interchangeable. 84-86 are probably the same for hitches and skids as 87-96 but I have no experience with them.
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