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  1. 3.54 D44 is sold. Still have the 3.07 D44.
  2. Transmission Tunnel Cover
  3. FrankTheDog


    When the Hurricane brushed by us in the beginning of August it took down a lot of trees, we were without power for 5 days. I live in a fairly rural area with a lot of forests and no close neighbors but at 2:00 am in the morning I could barely hear several generators and it sound like a bee hive. Could just barely hear it over my tinnitus.
  4. Same here can’t access messages from my phone which is my only computer.
  5. I have two Comanche Metric Ton Dana 44’s One has 3.07’s and has a leaky seal on an axle end. One has 3.55’s and I’ve never used it. Asking $100 apiece. No shipping 06021 zip code.
  6. It should be stamped into the wheel on the inside somewhere.
  7. I’ve pulled several 44’s out of XJ’s. They were all out of 87 XJ Wagoneers with the tow package. All were relatively loaded. I have only seen one renix abs and that was in a 89 limited. Close to 20 years ago.
  8. I’m moving to the city Mom!
  9. Friend lives in Crossville TN, where he lives it’s pretty Methy. My sister in law lives near Unicoi south of Johnson City. I like that whole area for the mountains and it seems like a decent area. If you move to Tennessee, join a church you’ll make a lot of connections and you’ll have an instant support group. My SIL complains that she doesn’t have any friends but she also doesn’t belong to a church. Want a lot of friends? Join a big church. Try out several to find the right fit. My friend in Crossville belongs to a church and it has been a big help and he’s helped out people too wit
  10. In that small of a space it would be more of a refrigeration unit.
  11. “Whatchya got there aint no bigger than a grapefruit.”
  12. New Hampshire, 93%, Manchester is over 100k population, Boston is a couple hours away. Southern NH doesn’t have many really big hills but it doesn’t really have hollers either. Most of the population is in the lower third of the state but the northern half has some really real mountains over 4,000 feet. A 5,000’ mountain in NH has the same climate as a 12,000’ mountain out west. Trees are really short over 4,000’ in NH. Most job opportunities will be in the southeast part of the state. The area of Maine that is near NH is a nice place also. Most of the jobs in Maine
  13. Wow, now that’s what you call “Stance”.
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