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  1. Speaking of manifolds, I would like to see someone try a 99+ equal length manifold adapted to a carburetor. I feel that would have the best chance of flowing fuel evenly. Plus you get away from the 4.0 efi system limitations if you use the Fitech GO Efi system. But in the end you’ll still be spending much more for a marginal outcome then just by jamming a 5.3, 6.0 or 6.2 in it.
  2. When I first got mine in 2011 I wanted to do the update. I never did and now I wouldn’t think of doing it because there aren’t many MJ’s or pre 97 XJ’s around anymore.
  3. FrankTheDog

    Why Jeep?

    So that’s what mine is supposed to look like.But then I only have $750 into it.
  4. Also 5.0x5 is a JK,WK,WJ bolt pattern. CJ is 5.5x5. With adapters and 3.5” backspace the wheels will stick out ridiculously far. Your track width will be at least 6” wider with that setup.
  5. Pre instant camera days I saw a 1956 Ford Crown Victoria that had a Ford 427 side oiler with dual quads pulling an 8 ton equipment trailer. Later I saw it pulling away from a light like the trailer wasn’t even there.
  6. Just because it is electric doesn’t mean it has to look like an appliance.
  7. AW4 arrived with the Renix 4.0 In 1987, I have one with a NP242 but I’m 1,500 miles away.
  8. An hour and 23 minutes from Lafayette Park. 67 miles to my house.
  9. Hour and a half. I could meet you at the Canaan NY Loves truck stop if you’re interested.
  10. The only way I would buy another ZJ. Never had any luck with the chrysler automatics.
  11. Any offers? I don’t want to scrap it.
  12. My engine hoist story: Saw the hoist come up for sale and I knew the guy was into AMC/Jeep parts and I had a set of 401 heads and a single plane aluminum 4 barrel manifold that I was given by a neighbor who picked them up on a sidewalk in Queens when they were put out for garbage pickup. He agreed to an even trade. Hoist isn’t folding but it comes apart in under 5 minutes with 6 bolts and takes up less room when apart. Easily lifts a 4.0 with transmission and transfer case out. It’s done around 10 engine swaps between me and my friends plus it’s useful for lifting all kinds of heavy things. I also have the HF tranny jack and three engine stands that I’ve aquired over the years.
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