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  1. FrankTheDog

    Rear axle preferably 3.07s

    Good choice.
  2. FrankTheDog

    98 Cherokee

    It’s been for sale for 18 days now, it definitely isn’t perfect or it would be gone. Number one issue to look for is rust. Everything else is just parts swapping. Note everything that it needs. Check the brakes, u joints in the front axle and drive shafts. Bring a jack and lift the front wheels off the ground to check the wheel bearings. Check 4wd engagement. He knows it is a project so figure out everything it needs before you start talking numbers. Be informed. $1,800 isn’t bad if no ac is the only issue but start talking the price down after you figure everything out. I once found a 78 CJ5 in decent shape. The guy was asking $750. It was missing a starter and a battery so I brought those with me. I put them in and drove it around and offered him $400. He said $700. I said no, $400 and started taking out the starter and battery and putting them back in my car and he came back out and said ok because who else is going to show up with a battery and starter and give him his ask when you can't even hear it run. Be informed before you start haggling.
  3. FrankTheDog

    98 Cherokee

    From what I can see it has an airbag light on, turn the key on and try the horn. If the horn doesn’t work you will need a new clock spring under the steering wheel most likely. Bring an electrical tester, test battery voltage then start it and test charging voltage, should be 14 and change charging and 12-12.5 not running. If anything less than those numbers you’ll need a battery and alternator. It looks like it has less than 12 already. Make sure reverse lights work and that it starts in park and neutral. If any issues there it will be neutral safety switch. Easy enough fix. if you have a obd2 tester check it out to see if the monitors aren’t set and to see if any codes are pending. 98 is the best year, I have one with 457k on it. Bought it from the original owner at 209k for $1700 11 years ago. It is now rotten beyond repair but it still runs very well. I never treated it properly either, up to 15k between oil changes at times but not every time. Usually between 6 and 8k. Has same clutch since 214k but it’s starting to feel wonky. If it’s rust free, $1800 wouldn’t be a bad price in my area even if it did have some issues as long as it runs good.
  4. FrankTheDog

    Rear axle preferably 3.07s

    If it’s 2wd go with the 3.55’s unless you run very small diameter tires. If you’re running 235/75/15’s or larger you’ll like the 3.55’s better.
  5. FrankTheDog

    Let’s Get Hypothetical!!!... CJ5 Engine Swaps

    I have one of those T18’s also from behind an amc 327. It has a Dana 20 with a drum style emergency brake on it.
  6. FrankTheDog

    Let’s Get Hypothetical!!!... CJ5 Engine Swaps

    Novak will machine a T18 bellhousing for a 4.0 cps. I think just for the Aisin Warner style not the Chryco automatics with the round style cps.
  7. FrankTheDog

    opinion on first MJ purchase

    No struts, ever, those are bump stops inside the coils, look for a rubber end inside of the tube inside the coil. Like Pete says, shocks are to the rear of the coils.
  8. FrankTheDog

    what has 6 tires and climbs rocks...

    Looks like a mid engine 6V71 Detroit but not positive on that.
  9. FrankTheDog

    1987 XJ AW4 and transfer case. NW CT

    I have an AW4 and transfer case ( not sure which one, will edit) out of an 1987 XJ wagoneer 4.0 with 100k on it. Worked well when taken out. Asking $150 for it all. Located in NW CT.
  10. Oh my! Good thing it’s a 1,000 miles away.
  11. FrankTheDog

    Random Find

    99-01 XJ with the rear window, back half of the frame and bed of a Comanche grafted on. Cool build.
  12. FrankTheDog

    oh, snap! someone made my Charger/Magnum conversion!!

    Just found this, he built another one. Fintasia Link to his web site.https://fabulousfurnitureon28.com/
  13. FrankTheDog

    oh, snap! someone made my Charger/Magnum conversion!!

    I think this is the best looking Magnum of all. Steve Hellers Cro-Magnum. He did all body work and paint himself. The car is otherwise stock underneath the bodywork. Can you tell what cars went into the build?