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  1. Questioning what I circled in green. Is that factory? 2 red wires merging into 1 connector, and then a lose red wire just hanging out on its own. Not sure what it goes to
  2. Like most projects, this one started out completely unnecessary. I was hunting for some random parts for my 1970 Ford Torino GT at at local junkyard that specializes in older vehicles when I happened to notice this mostly intact Comanche sitting there and asked Vic (Vics Classic Cars) what the back story to it was. I already have a daily driver, and also a 4wd truck, and a muscle car, so I certainly didn't need this Jeep. A week later, its in my driveway. Scuzzy got his name since he so desperately needs a deep cleaning. Step 1 today, Scuzzy got a bath. Over a period of 4 hours, he got a soaking in Mean Green degreaser, then a pressure wash, then cleaning nooks and crannies with a toothbrush, then more scrubbing with a brush and carwash sponge. So much mildew and crud. And that doesn't include the interior. Phase 1 interior cleaning was to attack the glovebox(s) with Meguires foaming cleaner, scrub, shop vac, and repeat several times. The drivers door window got stuck all the way down, so I pulled the door panel off to fix that and in the process vacuumed out the acorns and funk inside there. Other than the drivers side floorboard, it blows my mind how rust free this thing is. Here's the 1st picture I took of Scuzzy at the junk yard, then a before and after of cleaning progress under the hood. I'm new to this whole Jeep thing so I'll be asking questions along the way.
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    I just brought this home yesterday. 1989 Comanche Pioneer 2.5l, 5sp, 2wd. 1J7FT36E2KL629859 white with a blueish-gray cloth bench interior, will probably change colors once i clean it. ~200k miles. Rescued from a local junkyard here in upstate S.Carolina. Runs and drives. Looks to be 99% original and unmodified. The windshield is cracked and the drivers taillight looks odd, like someone replaced it with a...different taillight? Crawled all over and under it, only rust issue is drivers floorboard. A couple of odd wires hanging around but I don't see anything modified or out of place. I'll start a project thread here once I start digging in to it. Step 1: This thing is dirty as heck.. I've nicknamed it Scuzzy. Will soak it in degreaser and begin the detox this weekend.
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