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  1. Well after reading the wiring diagram (Thanks JMO413, that guide has been super useful!) I figured out my "dark Blue" wire was shorting somewhere, after pulling connectors I was able to to narrow it down to the rear part of the harness. The PO had run some extra lights and wiring down the harness so I pulled it all out (the harness too) and did some inspection. I found one of the two 2xDK B and 1x B connectors for the license plate ligts were connected! Since I had the harness out I solders up the ground and DK B bundles, plugged it all back together and now I have marker lights...and nop brake, turn signals hazards or the once working reverse lights. UGH... lectrical man it's a pain in tha ***! Oh well we had some yard work to do and I needed to drive the Jeep so I threw the steering wheel back on and loaded up some blackberry bundles we made last week (we have A LOT of blackberry bushes) to get them out of sight! As for the wiring I think I had a bad ground in the rear all along, I'm going to buy new hazard and turn signal flashers and hope I get my brake lights back. I am so deep into this I think I should cut to the chase and replace the turn signal/hazard switch/harness in the steering column just for peace of mind. I really want to get the lighting to work properly so I can start digging into other stuff like brakes, valve cover and cooling system < STUFF I KNOW HOW TO DO! Lol living on the learning curve is how you learn !
  2. Hi Blue XJ, any chance of drawing and posting a down and dirty wiring diagram? Even something drawn on a napkin works, I just need a visual of how the wires interconnect in relation to the switched power and the relays. I have doors from a 99 and plan to install them on my 89, thanks for the help!
  3. Anyone have a spare you’d be willing to sell? I’m tired of reaching into the abyss to pop the brake 😁
  4. No thanks I don't intend to use it, ever. Thanks for the offer though it's appreciated! Watchamakalit PM me with your list of wants, as I said I don't plan to reuse any of the CC stuff.
  5. Awwright I got my reverse lights working! Woot The sending unit was fine but the crimp-spliced harness wires were wet with oil so I cut em, soldered them and heat shrinked them, now I'm up and running. Still no running lights though oh well more things to check out, light switch, fusable links etc.
  6. I made some progress today. Had to take a break from trying to get the turn signals working, decided to eliminate the cruise control. I started at the throttle control on the manifold and worked my way back to the vacuum, then the wiring. Ultimately I discovered the big white connector: Is supposed to attache to my non-existant cruise control module, so out came the wiring, pass through hose et al. Removing that system made it easier to see the base system of the brake wiring, and got rid of a few more what does this wire do/go to. Super awesome. I also cleaned up the vacuum axle actuator lines that are no longer in use since the PO did an axle swap, so no vacuum, actuated front axle for me. More discoveries: The wiring to the reverse switch on the transmission isn't connected to the correct sensor/sending unit (I think. More research needed) need to sort tyhis out to get my reverse lights working. The transfer case position sensor has no wire leading to it (as far as I can tell) not sure that I really care I know where 4 low is. Overall this has been a productive a.m. I'm going to eat lunch, read up on the reverse sending unit and see what more I can do!
  7. I just ordered these from O'Reily's, $10 each new part number; 85898 This is a great site, plenty of useful topics, thanks!
  8. Thanks for the tips guys, After taking a closer look at the fuse "box" I noticed some kooky fuse behind it coming out of the back, along with the burnt out and missing fuse connections I figured the Jeep came with a "new" fuse box for a reason. Sure enough, somebody rewired this, why? and seemingly wherever looked good? In the process And finished! After the swap my heater blower, AC pump (no coolant so it's not cold), bed light, hazards, wipers, tach, all work as expected. Glad I did this early, I'd have been chasing my tail otherwise. Next up keep on keepin on the electrical tasks, once those are ironed out I'll deal with the mechanical issues since those, to me, are easier. I may skip to remove the heater box because when I turned on the fan a dust cloud of mouse nest filled the cab.. guess I know where that smell is coming from :-D !
  9. Thanks for the tips "J.E.E.P." and Eagle I should be able to get it out easier with these tips.
  10. Thanks for the response, it's an 1989, I have large hands and wrists so I may just drop the steering column to gain access.
  11. Add on question, what is the magic to detach the speedo cable from the gauge? I gather there is a clip to squeeze but from where or what angle?
  12. I'm still in the get to know you phase of this project and have been pulling out random wiring addins from POs. Now I am down to a few what are these under the dash. Does anyone have any idea of what these are supposed to connect to? Above, these are under the steering wheel, whats that big long white connector and what is the white clip in my hand? Random wiring from under the dash, what are these connections for?
  13. Hi folks, I'm Mark and I'm a long time wheeler. I had an 80's something Scrambler that went from daily driver to full on trailer queen. Eventually I didn't have time or energy to maintain it, a tow rig and trailer and keep wheeling it so I ended up sending it on to a new owner who did. Fast forward 10 years and I move in to my in laws home and lo and behold what did I see? A white, lifted MJ. After a year of seeing it I was talking to my neighbor and finally asked him about it. He said it was his sons , I made him a low ball offer and he took me up on it. So now I'm a Jeeper once again, and have something to tinker on. And boy howdy is this thing going to take some tinkering. From what the kid told me he swapped out the axles for 1999 axles, installed a 5" rough country lift and spring over in the rear. It has an Aisin AX-15, Manual 5-speed, and NP242J transfer case. I am not sure if these were stock in my rig or if a PO put the transmission in. It starts and runs, headlights work and the rest is sort of a sh*tshow. There is air-conditioning in the floor on the driver side (rusted hole) and the rocker panels look like a sharks grin. My goal is to go one by one through the list of issues and eventually get this thing safe and legal to drive on the road. Here's a glamour shot for you Anyways I found this site on the google and since the old forums I used to go to are now gone I figured this one seemed on topic and here I am. I look forward to getting to know you all and hope you can help me sort through the list. The List: 1. Get Transfer case shifter linkage installed (done) 2. Get fuel gauge working 3. Get speedometer gauge working 4. Get Tachometer working 5. Get tail and side marker lights working (Brake lights and turn signals too) 6. Replace valve cover gasket seal 7. and more....
  14. So I decided to go with the Azzy's linkage. Sine I have a basket case truck it seemed like the most versatile kit since it doesn't connect to the transmission or body mount points like the cable kits. And as it turns out I had o use the alternate installation method the kit offered, figures I always seem to get the oddball everything :-) Here's some Jeep porn shots for you, enjoy! Linkage from below Linkage from side under car Stock shifter on top, all photos in neutral.
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