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  1. I had a similar problem, check all the ground and double check the map sensor. Mine wouldn’t run without a new map sensor!
  2. For everyone still following this thread, this Comanche is very close to being road-worthy! I’ve got the new input shaft for the transfer case coming in tomorrow. I’ve got the bell housing and trans mount coming in for my AX15 in a couple days along with all new brakes, brake lines, and brake master cylinder. I just ordered a new slave and master clutch cylinder, and a new clutch hydraulic line. Big things are coming up for my Comanche, and I’ll keep you guys updated as I go! Thanks for all the support
  3. You’re the best, Pete! Thanks for the info.
  4. Would you happen to know what the size differences are? And what year they take places
  5. I'm posting an update about that transmission I posted a picture of. I got it! The story behind it is: the guy I bought it from had a friend who worked for Chrysler that got him a factory rebuilt AX15, and the transmission didn't fit for the jeep he bought it for at the time, so he left it to sit for a couple years (hence the rust on the shaft). The interior of the trans looks brand new from what I can see, it even has the back cover from when it was rebuilt! Since it didn't fit in the jeep he bought it for, he never used it or even put oil in it. It has no miles, and apart from a dirty exterior, is brand new where it counts! I'm making this update post because I have a question. Do different year model AX15's have different sized input/ output shafts? I'm making sure before I order anything just to make sure I'm not having to reorder and return a bunch of things. Thanks again for the info.!
  6. I’m probably going to go take a look at it tomorrow, but I’ve done my research and he told me the entire thing is aluminum! So I think it’s a sure fire AX15
  7. Great. I talked to the guy on the phone and he said it’s completely aluminum!
  8. this is a trans I’m going to look at tomorrow. I’m about 99% sure this is an ax-15, but can I get a confirmation on this? Thanks
  9. I was thinking the same thing! Thanks for the info. I may have found a somewhat newly refreshed AX15 for a decent deal. Keep your fingers crossed. Also, does the Peugeot Bell housing mat to the AX15 or do I need to locate a new bell housing?
  10. What is the name of the cherokee transfer case that mates to the AX15?
  11. I’ve found a couple that are within driving range for me that I’m gonna call about tomorrow! Should I go ahead and get a new transfer case that’s fitted to it or adapt the old one to fit an ax15? Where would I go to get the 23 spline input shaft?
  12. I visited a couple local junkyards and no luck! I'll keep trying though, thanks!
  13. Yikes. I don't know if I'm ready to throw that much money at it. I might have to keep looking.
  14. I think this is the route I'm gonna try! Thanks for the info
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