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  1. I'm really sorry to hear about this. He was a cornerstone to the community, and will be missed.
  2. CPS is same, flywheel is NOT. Gett a 97 TJ flywheel. other than that, you've got your bases covered.
  3. Price went up after Black Friday but I’d still say it was worth it
  4. PRECISETOOL YJQ-W1A Crimp Tool Frame+K40+K41+K42+K43+K709+K13-1 Positioner/Locator,Give 8 Impression Crimp,20-32 AWG https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076ZF9G44/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_PD4-BbDBPZ99Z
  5. Bought a Daniels knockoff of the AFM8 20-32awg pin crimper with set tools for $189 shipped on ebay. Was pleasantly surprised to find it to be identical in quality, function, and design to the Daniels kit, which would be around 750 for all the same pieces. have to send it off for FAA calibration for repair station in 2 weeks. Going to put it through the ringer this week to prove it will do the job.
  6. I'd never put the oil filter somewhere that makes a mess I have to clean up. Open underneath is a requirement.
  7. Jeff, I put a remote oil filter on mine behind the license plate on the bumper support. Can’t change the filter with the plow mount and the dual fan shroud. best $200 I’ve spent on it so far.
  8. …. I just realized that I've got a Milwaukee M18 fluid transfer pump on a cool down cart for our race sleds that I can use to flush the radiator...with coolant.
  9. I'm a reader. But I could not read this without losing where I was simply because the paragraphs are as run-on as they come. Need some more spacing to turn this from heavy reading into light reading. Easy to miss the point if it's hard to follow the thoughts.
  10. looking good! just don't let the bumper get too huge. approach angle and all...
  11. L.E.D.'s are great! But, as Pete said, heat output. We've converted the landing/taxi lights on my bonanza to LED, and to off-set for winter landings, are adding a late model incandescent nose gear mounted landing light. I would NOT choose them as a primary light source on a road vehicle. They are brighter, but have less heat output and do not have as nice of a splash pattern. I put the cheapest available replacements in my KJ. They work great. But, I'm not investing money in my KJ, either. It's rusty, and is a plow vehicle. As far as I'm concerned, the cheaper the better. It doesn't help that I've got to polish the headlights multiple times a year for them to even work well
  12. They like a light hand at the yoke, that's for sure. I'm told that the s-tec 3100 autopilot we are installing has a digital yaw damper that will take away the tail slight, but manual flight needs some light pressure on the foot pedals at all times to keep them from wiggling at the tail. We will see. I'm no pilot. That's the point of building my own plane...it will benefit me more than renting one to get licensed in.
  13. Thanks, It's a 1956 G35. E-225-8 engine, fresh rebuild on pressure carb, with a B215 prop. Big plans. We are returning her to service after 19 years of sitting inside. 1300 hrs on engine, technically. However, it has only 349 hrs on the engine after a complete disassembly and repair as necessary, which included everything but case bolts. Had they done case bolts, it would have been a certified overhaul. Engine came out of a gear-up g35. PO had it rebuilt and swapped when he returned her to service after 7 years of sitting in 1997 At that time, he removed the cracked Deshannon tip tanks and installed standard wingtips. He also had it painted, and had a speed slope 1 piece windshield installed. In 1999, he brought it in for a panel upgrade, and lost $ and interest after they had already cut out most of the panel structure and removed all instruments. So, there it has sat for the past 19 years, with multiple ferry flights in the meantime (3, we think...two were not recorded on flightaware but are in the books) Plans are: Remove and overhaul landing gear, gear door linkages. Strip and paint landing gear bays and gear. Replace gear motor, upgrade brakes and wheels to Cleveland, and overhaul/service gear box. Then re-rig IAW Beech instructions with new main landing gear cable. Remove ALL ship's wiring. Install Whelen L.E.D. position, strobe, tail marker, and landing lights...along with a nose gear mounted incandescent landing light for cold weather/snow condition landings. Install: Aspen EFD1000 Install the awaited Aspen certified backup when it comes out soon Avidyne IFD540 nav/com L3 Lynx transponder (ADS-B in/out plus Mode C and S xpdr display) PMA450B audio panel Future plans for IFD440 for nav/com2, will use SL-30 in the meantime EDM 900 certified primary replacement engine monitor with digital fuel sending units Dual yoke with clock Co-pilot brakes (mechanism in place, missing master cylinders) Custom panel Late model pilot and co-pilot seats Shoulder harness kit for pilot and co-pilot Aileron/flap gap seals Vortex generator kit Osbourne 20 gallon tip tanks (at a later date) The removed wiring will be replaced as the project goes on, since much of this equipment removes the need for the original wiring as is. There are 4 of us involved in the plane. it isn't going to be cheap to do, but spreading the load will help out alot
  14. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, New laptop arrived in the mail today. 19" HP with AMD9 processor, 8 gigs (expandable) Ram, 2TB hard drive with 256gb SSD primary, and touch screen. So, spent all day downloading pics from my old phones and getting my old computers working well enough to transfer data. I've been completely mobile for the past couple years...it's nice to have a laptop again. Anywho, attached are all the pics I've taken of what I did. they show blend door location, motor location, and connector location. I modeled the plug after Beechcraft inspection plugs. made it easy for future access. -Pat
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