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  1. I’m 45 minutes from there, rob is a stone’s throw. but thank God I’m in WI. Illinois is the biggest cesspool in the country.
  2. I get this reaction from most dark liquors. Because I’m allergic to oak, and they’re matured in oak barrels. so, I don’t drink them.
  3. Pete, I need a longbed that's close to dent free and absolutely rust free. Can you spare one?
  4. Export 2.1 renault through the entire production of MJ, and through 94 to 96 in XJ before picking the 2.5 VM up in 97
  5. The 2.1 Renault uses an AX5 manual transmission. It will NOT hold up to a bigger engine. You will need to do a conversion to an AX15 or NV3550 from behind a late model 4.0 with an Advanced Adapter transmission mount kit. Again it will NOT hold up. Period. I put a buick 3800 in my 86 in front of the AX5 that was in it. Admittedly I was a lead foot, but even when I calmed down a bit and started driving like a reasonable person, I ended up getting 1500 miles out of the transmissions tops before they'd launch the front counter-shaft bearing. In your neck of the woods, the best bet will be to purchase a jeep cherokee KJ with a 2.5 or 2.8 VM engine and manual transmission. Get the engine mounts from a 97+ XJ diesel and then mount the KJ engine in it. I'd go for the 2.8 turbo diesel and take it from there.
  6. I carry: front right pocket...small 4" CRKT spring assist knife, and a lead lined wallet phone front left pocket BIC pen, pencil, yellow highlighter in left breast pocket Two streamlight microstream USB and a snap-on slim #2 phillips/flathead invertable in right breast pocket Kimber micro .380 in waistband holster. If it's not those things, it's not in my pockets. And if it's not those pockets, it's an empty one.
  7. Sure, in about 5 months when I go back and get it out of storage to drop off and have it rebuilt. As it sits, I had someone who worked at the AMC plant in Kenosha 30 minutes away (who is a J truck fan) look it over, and advise me of what it has. Combine that with the old jeep dealership parts master who is a J truck aficionado advising the same thing, I'll go with their recommendations as to what is in the truck
  8. still wrong. This truck is now 2 owner and was ordered as it is. It’s never had custom work beyond the dealer installed service body.
  9. Not in an 83 j20. May be correct on transfer case, and I’d even say probably are. But it’s a t19 for certain, and it’s stock.
  10. Already gone. Traded it for the winter storage
  11. Thanks. 83 J20. One owner, belonged to local ski hill. They scrapped it, the owner of the yard saved it for me. 360 4bbl edelbrock t19 granny low sun bro’s 4 speed 4x4 with a Dana 44HD front and Dana 60 full floating rear and 3.73’s, factory buckets but plain Jane otherwise. I've got all the parts accumulated to put it back to a full truck and do a resto mod keeping the drivetrain and running gear. that was the first time it had been started in a couple decades.
  12. He’s not a jeep guy. heck, I don’t even own an MJ that’s assembled any more. just got this, though... IMG_1757.MOV
  13. Probably not going to take you up on either of those things... would like to have it land successfully when I’m done 🤣
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