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  1. Thanks Brent! How the heck are ya?
  2. Thanks. It actually is a factory plug and play kit, plug it in and it enables the AUX feature in the radio. They were located in the glovebox from the factory, though...but that’s just silly.
  3. Lastly, I removed the factory cigarette lighter in favor of a dual 5.0 amp usb charger that also displays voltage and specific amp draw. The original lighter was in poor shape. And of course, the obligatory selfie while driving. Now that it’s all mechanically sound, it’s a riot to drive
  4. And, since there was an empty slot on the switch panel, I mounted the auxiliary input in that, added a Bluetooth adapter, and called it a day. I have a more permanent vehicle powered Bluetooth receiver to wire in when I feel ambitious.
  5. Finished the mini tonight. Had a 2 hour diagnosis issue for running crappy and throwing two check engine codes that turned out to be a broken ECM connector clip. Easy fix, though. Then the convertible top had a freak out moment. That turned out to be window position sensors being out of whack. But, it runs and drives awesome with a completely silent, perfectly and crisply shifting transmission, and no funny vibrations.
  6. Put a new rear main seal in because I’m not doing this twice. Clutch is a stage 2 that is almost new, so I left it alone other than cleaning it and the solid flywheel that was put on...that was a $500 performance kit lol. Transmission is in, engine is mounted, clutch and shifter reconnected. Feels crisp. I’m waiting for the new drive shafts and lower ball joints to arrive tomorrow, then I can button it up!
  7. I need the plastic trim pieces that are on the forward runners for the top. ill take pics when I can put the top back up when I’m done with the swap on Saturday morning.
  8. Pete, I actually need a couple parts off that.
  9. I’ve got no idea. They’re actually pretty good little cars. Easy to work on, too
  10. That was out due to the shift fork fingers being gone. I’m not even mad, this is funny
  11. Looks like a carrier bearing let go and the carrier smacked around inside the case
  12. We use standard plastic quick connects on the cooling system for our asphalt sleds to connect them to our cool down cart. Have had no issues
  13. Definitely wasn’t expecting to see this... a lot of effort went into shenanigans for the old trans
  14. Disassembled the car tonight
  15. Finished trans rebuild.
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