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  1. Early to mid 90s dodge Dakota 4 cylinder 5 speed ax15 bellhousing. had to cut out drivers side for starter hump then weld in a piece to make up the difference. used the canary clutch, flywheel, pressure plate with the Dakota throw out plate and bearing. Shaved the pivot ball housing down 3/8”-5/8” and clearances the back of the throw out plate the same. used external slave ax15 xj master and slave from a 93-96, shortened push rod as necessary to release the clutch. That required a H.O. Pedal assembly swap and I did a dual diaphragm brake booster out of the donor for the pedal assembly.
  2. That’s for a soccer mom in an emergency in the suburbs of a state that doesn’t get snow. Montana? She needs a full fledged snow plow with angling and lift. Must be electric over hydraulic. Western, Boss, SnoWay. SnoWay would be my recommendation for a rookie. Has down pressure for scraping.
  3. Jeff, the metal on the stat were shavings from drilling out the bleeder. i had to do that once, and ended up having to go back in a few weeks later to replace the stuck open thermostat
  4. That was a mid continent vs getrag issue I imagine. Same issues as the mini coopers had...same trans in same year ranges
  5. ...I’ve heard of this happening, and routinely run mine for 5 minutes or so while doing the light disassembly to get to the coils. only pull plugs with engine at operating temp when the plugs are recessed. as far as removal of threaded section, put out the rest of the plugs in, disconnect the injector for that cylinder, drop in the rest of the coils, and run it until warm. Then try the extractor
  6. JeepcoMJ

    KJ CRD question

    Also, what died on your kJ?
  7. JeepcoMJ

    KJ CRD question

    The blades in the injector pump are a carbon/ceramic combination and will clog the injectors when it’s impellers explode. engines are good, timing is a must to keep up on. Water pump is driven off timing belt so do them when doing the belt along with all tensioner sand pulleys, thermostats suck and require removal of timing to do, though there is an aftermarket one to put a Chevy 350 serviceable thermostat in place. interference engine that tends to break rocker arms rather than bend valves, which is good since it should probably have an egr delete done and new lash adjusters and rockers due to heavy sooting in valve train. the kits for the injectors are cheap
  8. Thanks Brent! How the heck are ya?
  9. Thanks. It actually is a factory plug and play kit, plug it in and it enables the AUX feature in the radio. They were located in the glovebox from the factory, though...but that’s just silly.
  10. Lastly, I removed the factory cigarette lighter in favor of a dual 5.0 amp usb charger that also displays voltage and specific amp draw. The original lighter was in poor shape. And of course, the obligatory selfie while driving. Now that it’s all mechanically sound, it’s a riot to drive
  11. And, since there was an empty slot on the switch panel, I mounted the auxiliary input in that, added a Bluetooth adapter, and called it a day. I have a more permanent vehicle powered Bluetooth receiver to wire in when I feel ambitious.
  12. Finished the mini tonight. Had a 2 hour diagnosis issue for running crappy and throwing two check engine codes that turned out to be a broken ECM connector clip. Easy fix, though. Then the convertible top had a freak out moment. That turned out to be window position sensors being out of whack. But, it runs and drives awesome with a completely silent, perfectly and crisply shifting transmission, and no funny vibrations.
  13. Put a new rear main seal in because I’m not doing this twice. Clutch is a stage 2 that is almost new, so I left it alone other than cleaning it and the solid flywheel that was put on...that was a $500 performance kit lol. Transmission is in, engine is mounted, clutch and shifter reconnected. Feels crisp. I’m waiting for the new drive shafts and lower ball joints to arrive tomorrow, then I can button it up!
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